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Anna Ventura
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Anna Ventura

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Born: 10/22/1956
Aliases: Jasmine Du Bai,| Jennifer Du Bai, Jasmine Dubois, Carla Russel

Date of Birth: October 22nd, 1956
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Current Resident in Paris, France
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 116 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Breast: 36DD
Anna Ventura born in Barcelona, Spain on October 22nd 1956, became a porn star the old-fashioned way. She took her natural-born curvy snake hips; nature-given, thick, wet, pouting facial lips; surgery-free rack of top-flight titties; and all the holes that bad girls come ready-equipped with, and she put all that raw material to the use that nature intended. She did some things nature never thought of as well. Named after the freeway...

Porn Star Anna Ventura is another mid-80's porn star who stayed on the scene just long enough to leave behind a tantalizing glimpse of just what she was capable of. She was one of the most beautiful women to ever step before the hardcore cameras, and she made her name with just a handful of films. Anna Ventura was a luscious brunette love doll with a fabulously slim, trim, and curvaceous body. Facially, she resembled 'Charlie's Angels' star Jaclyn Smith, but, if anything, Anna Ventura was even prettier. She had a deep and dreamy pair of eyes that gave just a hint of the bad girl underneath.

Anna Ventura debuted in porn in 1981's 'Bad Girls,' and her scintillating portrayal as a debauched model garnered her instant star status. She scattered just a few more films over the next three years, but each one was a showcase of one of the most powerfully sexy women in the business. Anna Ventura's sexual skills were on a par with her drop-dead good looks, and her excitable and vivid screen trysts were always the highlight of any film she was in. In features like 'The Oui Girls' and 'Devil in Miss Jones II' Anna Ventura strutted her sensual stuff like few have ever done before or since. Anna Ventura's relatively tiny output makes each appearance all the more special, a nugget of pure sexual gold. Her final role was in 1985's 'Wild Dallas Honey,' a fittingly red-hot finale for a lusty lady whose name belongs right up there with the best in erotic film history.

Anna Ventura's Movies Reviews...

Bad Girls

Anna Ventura had teased a boy scout mercilessly. Now she has to pay for actions. Scoutmaster and big brother of the kid, played by Ron Jeremy, wants to be teased and to be satisfied. Anna is happy to comply, letting the Hedgehog cum all over her face after he finishes her up with a nice tittie fuck.

Big Tit Superstars of the 80's

Anna Ventura is one of the true anomalies of porn. Beautiful (and busty) enough to be a legit model or actress (she did show up in Hustler and other big name men's magazines), yet she chose to work in XXX. You may wonder why, until you see her drop her panties and desperately spread her legs while she sucks cock with sperm running down her chin! She just truly loved to fuck, as shown in rare loops like Mouth Job, Cram Party, and select scenes from her feature film career!

Contrary to what some blogs may say Anna is not a Realtor in West Virginia nor Houston, Texas so please don't contact the wrong Anna Ventura unless you are looking for a home possibly; but not to confuse her with the porn legend we know as Anna Ventura.

Wonderfully set in a high art / fashion review format is a venue featuring this vixen of talent in a new age set in South West European theaters to this day. Some say a delightful yet frightening compilation of exposure and sensation.









































From ace Cover girl to queen of the silver screen, she's the original "Bad Girl" who'll win your heart—and your hardon! (by Richard Milner and Paul Slimak )
Porn Stars Sept-Oct 1982.

PS: Are you the kind of person that looks very different on the street from on the screen?
ANNE: Extremely. In my everyday life I don't wear makeup and on the screen they put the makeup on. When I'm in front of the camera then it's a whole different person, my whole attitude change. I know girls who are always sex bombs, even when a camera's not around they're still performing. In my everyday life. It's just me. I'm not per-forming for anybody.

PS: What do you do when you're not working?
ANNE: Watch soap operas (laughing), play with my vibrator. and (childish voice) eat chocolate chip cookies, I like to suck the chips out of the cookies. (laughing)

PS: Great framing for a porn star!
PS: How did you gel started in the business?
ANNE: I just walked into a modeling agency, three years ago and told them I'd do "pretty girl nudes" and before I knew it I started doing girl-girls, and boy-girls and next thing I know. I starred In Bad Girls.

PS: So you never really thought about being a porn star?
ANNE; I thought !could never take my clothes off to perform in porno or screw on camera.

PS: And yet you went in and did nude layouts?
ANNE: Yeah—why, I don't know. guess Hike a challenge. I always end up finding strange jobs, jobs that a lot of girls would not do.

PS: You're not a 9 to 5 person.
ANNE: Not at all. I've tried it. to be behind a desk and work. It bores the hell out of me, and it's very bad pay.

PS: You said you would never do porno, what made you change your mind?
ANNE: The money! It took them two months to get me in Bad Girls. They even delayed the film, because they wanted me, they kept upping their prices and eventually it sounded good.

PS: They asked you to do it on the strength of your magazine layouts?
ANNE: Yes, and a new face in movies

PS: How many layouts have you done?
ANNE: Thousands. all of the major men's magazines. I'm bored with doing layouts. I'll do 'em once in a while. Out once I did it seven days a week.
PS: So what was it like being in your first film. in Bad Girls?
ANNE: I was very nervous, extremely nervous. I got the script the day I first walked on the set and I had a leading role and had to memorize my lines. It was tough and yet I pulled it off. I was very surprised. I was very pleased with my performance, for the first time.

PS: Was it unhook seeing yourself on the screen for the first time?
ANNE: Yes, it was funny. I'd never seen a porno movie. I ended up doing one before I ever saw one.

PS: Did you have to psych yourself up a lot to do the sex?
ANNE: Yeah, I was extremely nervous, because you know I never had to fuck someone with the camera rolling. I still get nervous.

PS: Are there any things you feel you really won't do?
ANNE: Well you know. I won't do any crazy things. like S&M. I won't take it anally. Just your basic fuck and suck.

PS: You do girl on girl?
ANNE: Uh huh.

PS: Do you swing?
ANNE: Oh no. I'm not a swinger.

PS: Are you involved with one person?
ANNE: Yeah, I'm like a one-man woman, that's it.

PS: Since you've done Bad Girls, how many other films have you been in?
ANNE: Well I did one with Fred Lincoln, Our Girls, Ted Paramour's Society Affairs, Jeffrey Neal directed some-thing, Wild Dallas Honeys.

PS: The new one with Fred Lincoln, was actually shot partly in Paris. right?
ANNE: Yeah, we shot in Paris for a week and now we're shooting in New York,

PS: Of all the directors you've worked with. who's your favorite?
ANNE: Fred Lincoln.

PS: Why is that?
ANNE: He's just a super guy to deal with He's understanding. he doesn't put any pressure on you. I mean he really takes care of you, he relates well to his actors.

PS: How'd you get the name Ventura?
ANNE: Well from my Oui layout. they named me Annie Ventura.

PS: Just wondered if you were named after the freeway!
ANNE: Thanks! I'm always getting off on wrong ramps, love to get on and off ramps—phew! (whistle). Especially the long ones (laughing).

PS: Weren't you called Jasmine Du Bai once?
ANNE: Yes. in Bad Girls. In all the other films I use Anne Ventura.

PS: When did you start wanting to be an actress?
ANNE: I never wanted to be an actress. It just happened

PS: What did you want to do?
ANNE: Oh get married, have kids and be rich. That's it. I wanted to take the simple way out. Me work—moi? I still don't even do dishes. Don't house clean either.

PS: Don't do windows huh?
ANNE: No. I have a maid.

PS: What do you see as the future for you in this business?
ANNE: Well. when I grow up... I want to get into the production end. I'm working for magazines, right now I work for Oui Magazine as Contributing Editor, And I want to learn more about production and maybe one day I'll direct my own film, work my way up slowly. That's what I want!

PS: When was the first time you made it with a girl?
ANNE: I was eighteen. !

PS: Tell me about it.
ANNE: Well, she was a very close girlfriend of mine. Unfortunately she has since passed away. We were very. very clone to one another. and I Could never have another relationship like that. I spent the night over at her place, and she just started coming on to me and I was scared the first time. But then I saw that there's nothing so bad about it, if you actually care about the person. Today I couldn't just have a nonchalant affair with a girl. I'm mainly into guys.

PS: You mean you couldn't have an occasional box lunch?

PS: But you do it in the movies.
ANNE: In the movies I'm paid for it, it's a performance, but on my own. no.

PS: Do you have a rich fantasy life, do you like to imagine sexual fantasies.
ANNE: I've just about done 'em all. One of my greatest fantasies came true when I was going with a guy, and on New Year's Eve I felt !Ike wallowing in a bathtub full of champagne. Sown went out and bought $600 worth of champagne and filled the bathtub and bought two long straws and we were fucking in the champagne and drinking the champagne out of the bathtub--Great! I had a blast. It's an expensive fantasy. but it was fun! Very romantic you know, pop the bubbly?

PS: Did you cum together?
ANNE: Sure. It was very romantic.

PS: What was the first time you ever had sex with two guys at once?
ANNE: I haven't yet.

PS: Not even in the movies?
ANNE: Nope.

PS: You've never made love with two guys at the same time? Do you want to?
ANNE: Sure. The scenes I have in movies, they're very simple. Basic. I don't think I've even done a scene with two girls and a guy yet. I've had an aged with two girls and a guy on the set of a movie. We all got really fucked up. There was this actor and the other girls and we were all drinking and having a good old time and then we started getting into it. But that wasn't in the movie. It would have been a good scene.

PS: Did you ever do it in a Public Place?
ANNE: I've done it in a Plane. 3, 3 Car, on a boat.

PS: Tell me about some of those—tell me about the plane.
ANNE: Oh well, on the way back from Pans, I woke up from an hour's nap and I was horny as hell, and Jamie Gillis was sitting next to me and !asked him if he was a member of the High Flyers' Club and he said no. I took him into the bath room and we occupied it for about a half an hour. And I initiated him into the High Flyers' Club. Get this, Anne Ventura initiating Jamie Gillis into something? Now that, that took me by surprise. And one time I was water skiing and I got tired of water skiing no I jumped the driver's bones in the boat. And you couldn't see anything but the boat rocking back and forth, right? People were driving by wondering what the hell's going on in there?

PS: Where was that?
ANNE: Last summer at Lake Havasu, in California.

PS: What do you think of New York?
ANNE: I loved. I don't know if I'm ready to move here. I still love L.A.—that's my home. New York is fun. I've met alot of good people.

PS: Is it true that your own friends and relatives don't know that you're in the porn business?
ANNE: My friends do, but my family doesn't.

PS: Are you afraid they'll find out?
ANNE: No. Alter three years I doubt if I'd be kicked out of the family.

PS: You think you could go on forever like this and they would never see you on a poster or in a movie?
ANNE: Well, I don't want to go on forever. My face has been splattered all over the place. And none of them have ever recognized me.

PS: They don't see these movies?
ANNE: No, they are very much against them. I'd be killed, I'd be literally killed.

PS: Not literally?
ANNE: Ah ha, (laughter)... well, you don't know.

PS: The way the laws are in California now, when you're paid to do a sex scene in a movie they consider it prostitution. What do you say to that?
ANNE: Bullshit I'm an actress. In Corning Horne, Jane Fonda does sucking and stuff. and I'm sure there was some fucking going on in those scenes. And the law is any type of sexual act, even if It's just caressing the breast. which you see in any Hollywood film.

PS: You believe in marriage and monogamy. love forever until death, but since you're not married do you believe in playing around?
ANNE: I'm not supposed to. My boy friend keeps calling me up and saying "Are you being good?" I'm saying "Well, yes.- and everyone on the set says I'm good, So I must be being good.

PS: Do you over want to be a "legit" actress?
ANNE: It's funny, we all say "legit-What is a legit actor or actress? Who has the right to define legit what is legit? I receive letters from people saying that after watching my films they tried things I did in my movies and they thanked me. I feel I helped somebody out, by showing them something. I think that's "legit.'' As an actress you learn and you grow sexually, and the people who see it learn, too.

PS: You were a very live wire at the shoot. You seem to get a big kick out of flashing around and getting everybody turned on. You weren't always like this?
ANNE: And I'm not, normally. In every-day life. I'm not like that. I'm completely different. But you put a camera in the room and there's people to work with. I like to develop every good atmosphere and make everybody feel good. When I'm having a good time, it makes a shoot go a lot better. Then everybody works together.

PS: You sound very mature you sound a lot older than 22, you know.
ANNE: Thank you. I've learned a lot. But I've got a helluva lot more to learn.

PS: Tell me about the scene With the boy scout in Bad Girls.
ANNE: Oh. that was so much fun. He got so nervous. In a way I guess you'd call me a P.T.

PS: Prick teaser? ANNE: Yeah, right I tease and than when It comes down to the nitty gritty I back. I like to tease. and I blew him away, I made him very nervous. He was very young and he was going crazy when I kept hiking up my skirt to show my bikini panties. After Bad Girls I swore I'd never do another film. because it was just something I thought I didn't want to do. And then I did Fred Lincoln's new movie. We just finished shooting.

PS: Tell me something about this new movie.
ANNE: It's a good production. Good people working on it. It is just a fantastic film; I haven't seen it yet, but I believe it's going to be good.

PS: Does your boyfriend know you make these movies?
ANNE: Yes he does.

PS: And what does he think about it?
ANNE: He thinks it's great, except for the sex! (laughing) He did say he doesn't want to know anything about the sex. And it's funny because he has my Bad Girls tape.

PS: He watches that? ANNE: Oh yeah, he jerks off to it. I know in one way he doesn't like the idea that I'm fucking someone else. but. still he gets off on the idea. Because if he didn't he wouldn't have bought the tape.

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Bad Girls

Bad Girls

Bad Girls

Description:From the makers of 800 Fantasy Lane, Sex Boat, F ...And Lots Of It and Ultra Flesh! The masterpiece of tease, introducing four stunningly beautiful girls never before seen on the adult screen in the greatest tease movie ever. A fresh erotic spin on the all-girl road trip follows four comely, young gals traveling through the Rocky Mountains disrupting everything in their path with their sexual antics. From teasing a poor scout who hitches the ride of his life to stiffening a lonely wood cutter's (John Leslie) equipment, our vacationing vixens are just out for fun.Witnessing the women's promiscuous behavior, a horny scoutmaster (Ron Jeremy) brings their attention to a group of locals who take them hostage and aim to have their way with them. The girls match the "bad boys" stroke for stroke and escape with the help of the local scout master (But not until after Pia Snow seduces him). Starring the voluptuous Pia Snow and featuring Jasmine Du Bay and Victoria Knoll. Runtime: 83 minutes

Stars:Ron Jeremy,Desiree West,John Leslie,Pia Snow,Lee Carroll,Anna Ventura,Richard Pacheco,Victoria Knoll,Jennifer Wright,Donna Ferguson,Erica Johnston,Leslie Winston




Never Sleep Alone

Never Sleep Alone

Never Sleep Alone

Description: What heppens when the pursuit of hedonistic sensuality blazes out of control? Find out when you experience the intimate indiscretions of Dan and Lisa, a married couple who take sex to the limit and love to disaster in Never Sleep Alone. From the forbidden carnality of notorious underground sex clubs to New York's most private penthouses, Dan and Lisa taste every insatiable pleasure and torrid sex act ever conceived. Along with sex superstars Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm and Joey Silvera, every second of this arousing piece of erotica burns with nonstop sex. Soon you'll discover what happens when you Never Sleep Alone. For some people, it's always an easy rule to follow.

Stars:Ron Jeremy,Joanna Storm,Sharon Mitchell,John Leslie,Joey Silvera,Honey Wilder,Sharon Kane,Anna Ventura,Tigr,George Payne,Michael Knight,Alan Adrian

Studio: Caballero



Oui Girls

Oui Girls

Oui Girls

Description: Touted as "one of the best erotic films ever made" (as most classic re-releases coincidentally claim to be), Oui, Girls after a quarter-century's shelf-time is now significantly displaced. Granted the inevitable progress of pornkind, however, this DVD does well to preserve what made it a winner in 81.Packed with industrial stars (many of whom are making contributions still), the re-mastered video is one all ought to examine especially the late Lisa DeLeeuw's affair before the disc-ending, mirror-walled orgy. Good acting, erotic fucking, hairy balls and hairier holes, QG is easily one of the Q.G.s of American pornographic cinema.

Stars:Lisa DeLeeuw,Joey Silvera,Tiffany Clark,Sharon Kane,Anna Ventura,Billy Dee,Paul Thomas,Michael Morrison,Brooke Bennett

Studio: TVX



Wild Dallas Honey

Wild Dallas Honey

Wild Dallas Honey

Description: When ram-rodding rodeo star Randy West is released from prison, his fantasies are filled with an explosive Texas-sized homecoming celebration with his luscious lady Honey Wilder. When this lusty longhorn finds out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon to a wealthy businessman, sparks fly and the couple splits only to start an outrageous sexual saga!

Stars:Brooke West,Sharon Mitchell,Randy West,Honey Wilder,Anna Ventura,Eric Edwards,Tigr,Hope Stockton

Studio: Caballero



Wine Me Dine Me 69 Me

Wine Me Dine Me 69 Me

Wine Me Dine Me 69 Me

Description: You couldn't ask for a more celebrated cast of adult performers than what this show offers! Join Seka, Annette Haven, Anna Ventura, Serena and the alluring Pia Snow in a fabled foray into frenzied fornication and fast-paced frolics! Runtime: 83 minutes

Stars:Annette Haven,Seka,Ron Jeremy,Candida Royalle,Jamie Gillis,Angel Cash,Serena,John Leslie,Pia Snow,Anna Ventura,Cyndee Summers,Tawny Pearl,Nancy Suiter,Hershel Savage,Chris Anderson,Luis De Jesus

Studio: VCX



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