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Aspen Brock
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Aspen Brock

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Born: 9/5/1972
Aliases: Aspen Black, Tabitha Taylor, Tabitha Tyler

Date of Birth: September 5th 1972
Birthplace: Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA
Current Resident in California
Birth Name: Cleo Cameron
Height - 5' 6" Weight - 105 lbs
Eye Color - Brown Hair Color - Brown Breast 34 C Natural
Born:Cleopatra Cameron

Aspen Brock was a true hard-body whose tiny-breasted, all-natural figure was the picture of young-looking beauty. Aspen Brock sported one of the best backsides in the business.

Her parents divorced when she was two. Her father was wealthy and he moved to California but she stayed with her mother. Finally she moved with her mother and step father to Miami, Florida.

Different biographies and interviews about her tell different reasons to getting her into porn. She married with porn star Buck Adams and divorced.

Porn Star Aspen Brock's a petite, brunette fireball fox with a no holds barred let it all hang out attitude. She's never been one to ?hold back' in the shadows she commands full attention, with no make?believe actions to be seen.

On and off screen from one set to the next were rampant displays of near "out of control", sex crazed performances.

The next job was never hard to find her spirited appeal and sexual mystique sprung her forth into a high paced career like she never imagined.

Aspen Brock's stepped up to the task with her incredibly tight body and delivered the dreams to the hardcore fans. Surprising with an outwardly reserved look that such complete rage-like passion came from those innocent little brown eyes. The transformation seemed nearly unreal as the scene progressed from actress to action; there was no mistake about it you were in for a carnal treat.

Aspen Brock first got into hardcore in the late 90's. She took off quickly and drug no past with her living each day as it came. She slowed for no-one with no regrets and married then producer Buck Adams as a seemingly natural step up in the industry.

This high energy bunny scorched the set in over 45 titles during her four-year stretch in porn. Aspen was one of the most passionate starlets around, willing to take on any scene that came her way.

Aspen appeared in many anal, girl ? girl, interracial, gangbang, golden shower, and facial scenes, showcasing her passion for bawdy rampage. Aspen kept up the pace till mid 2003 with her sizzling, unique performances. With many accolades and tears she left a permanent impression on fans and the rest of the industry alike.

















During most of her hard-core adult movie shoots, Cleo Cameron (a.k.a. “Aspen Brock”) was strung out on heroin to cope with the shame she felt. “I tried to stay as high as I could,” Cleo remembers. “I was so disgusted with myself. The fact that I had this director saying, ‘I’m gonna make you a star,’ it didn’t matter. I knew how degrading what I was doing was.” Today, Cleo is clean, sober and the mother of two children.

“I really felt that this story had to come out,” says Anne Bissell, author of the book, Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor. She’s eager to tell “the true story…not the glamorized ‘Pretty Woman,’ Heidi Fleiss, Jenna Jameson b.s. that’s out there, but the real story, the real truth.” Bissell and Cameron have joined forces to start “Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous.”

Host: "...We see glamorized images of perfect bodies having carefree sex. On the other side of the door though is a much darker place, ruining lives and turning troubled young women into human wreckage. This is a story about two women who escaped and decided to help others."

Reporter: "Anne Bissell and Cleo Cameron look like typical working moms. But they're not. Anne used to be a hooker. Cleo is a former porn star. Together they're working to help other young women avoid the same destructive path."

Anne: "The sex industry is totally glamorized. People wear porn star t-shirts. We've made Jenna Jameson our idol. Young girls think they can make a lot of money doing this. It's glamorous."

Reporter: "Today Anne and Cleo run a self-help organization for sex workers [] who want to break free."

Anne: "It's based on a twelve-step program."

Reporter: "Anne says her novel tells the story of her life, which began in Denver, Colorado and took its first sad twist early on. When her father left her family, she says she was sexually abused by an older man, a sex addict with a taste for young girls. Burdened by poor self-esteem, Anne turned on herself."

Anne: "When I was eleven, I started taking pills and drinking to cope with things."

Reporter: "By 17, she'd become a prostitute."

Anne cries on camera.

Reporter: "Somehow Anne found the strength to walk away from the sex trade, graduate college, and find a job in the computer industry. But she was still haunted by her past and needed the support of others who shared her history. That's how Anne met Cleopatra, once known as X-rated actress Aspen Brock.

"Cleo claims she was also sexually abused, did a stint as a stripper, fought a nasty drug habit, and became an adult movie star. But with fast money rolling in, Cleo hoped to regain custody of a child she'd lost."

Cleo: "The first two weeks, I made something like $15,000. I thought I'd get an attorney now and be able to see my son."

Reporter: "Instead she picked up a heroin habit."

Cleo: "I felt like a shell of a human being."

Cleo found help at Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous.

Reporter: "Today Anne lives in Ventura, California with her husband Ray and son Brendan. Cleo has been sober for three-and-a-half years and she and her fiance Chris recently had a baby girl."

Cleo: "My son is back in my life."

Reporter: "Both women have done more than survive, they've prospered, but they worry about those who might never get the chance."

Anne: "In Las Vegas, there are a lot of women buried out in the desert. Their pimps kill them. They don't care about these women. You're talking about a real person with a heart and soul and we need to get back to the heart and soul of our own humanity."

Jay Allen writes:

It's always good when both sides of a national debate speak their minds so clearly and with such force of conviction. I hope this report sparks dialogue that makes people aware of the other side of Jenna Jameson's "autobiography."

RE the below, this is one of truest things I've ever seen on this yahoogroup: "Sexual dysfunction is a very common trait in sex industry survivors. We call it "The Split." This is a complete sexual shut down or disassociation between the body and the mind during sex. Others also describe this as turning a trick without getting paid."

I may someday write a lengthy book chapter about my own experiences with women of erotica who ended up with exactly the same problem(s).....the way I've put it is "when sex has become the same thing as a handshake," there's a great sense of loss there, and the women who experience it are much the worse for this. As are their lovers.

RE "Aspen Brock," I'm actually familiar with her, we spoke once and I've seen two of her films she sent me, "White Trash Whore" and some other gangbang film, while she campaigned to be in Carnal Comics. In White Trash Whore, they put a toilet seat over her head and rape her mouth, and I think they DP her on the toilet. Now I would normally have long since forgotten her and these horror-show movies were it not for the fact that I was 99% positive she was on heroin at the time. I could tell from her demeanor, body language, vacant eyes and voice slurs in the films, and I could tell from talking to her - at the time, I was dating and managing the career of a well known heroin-addict porn star and spending time with her on the road, so I knew all-too-well the manifestations. At the time, when Aspen was talking about doing a comic, I gravitated toward the notion even tho I was already wrapping up my involvement with Carnal. I had this urge to, I dunno, throw her a rope. I sensed she was in deep trouble - the other film of hers she sent me, she starts crying when they start the anal sex. There's tears running down her face, she's sniffling and wiping them off with her makeup smearing, while some guy pounds her ass and a black guy stands behind them yelling "I'm next! I'm next!" There's very little contemporary porn that sticks in my mind, but I recall poor Aspen Brock in those two movies, and how sad it made/makes me.

Who knows if her heroin addiction predated her porn "career" - I doubt it matters. Both things, heroin and porn, she had to "survive" them. I'm glad she's telling her story.

Jamie Ralph Gardner writes:

The second video that you had of Aspen Brock was Gangbang Auditions 3. You had a dub of it on one of your 6 hour speed video tapes. She does cry during the scene but the Director does show compassion toward her. Several times, he asks her if she is OK. He keeps telling Aspen that it's up to her what she wants to do. There is no black man saying "I'm next! I'm next!" It was a black guy that caused her pain when he was having anal intercourse with her. He was going slow with her. He didn't deliberately cause her pain.

Trancript of Aspen Brock sex scene from Gang Bang Auditions 3.

Aspen Brock: f---, OK, hold on.
Aspen Brock: Hold on
Gregg Allen: Slow
Gregg Allen: Go nice and slow guys. Are you OK?
Aspen Brock: Yeah.
Gregg Allen (inaudible)
Aspen Brock: No, I'm OK.
Gregg Allen: Are you sure?
Gregg Allen: You can back it up.
Aspen Brock No, it's OK, don't pull it out. Once you're in, don't pull it out. OK, alright.
Gregg Allen: Just relax, are you OK?
Gregg Allen: You talk to him. He's not going to move, you move. As much or as little as you like.
Aspen Brock: Oh God. No, no, don't pull out. Just keep going. Do you have a tissue where I can wipe this away?
Gregg Allen: Don't come out.

A guy uses a kleenex to wipe away her tears.

Mark Davis: Mine is small, it's not going to hurt.
Aspen Brock: Yeah, right
Mark (laughter).
Gregg Allen: He's a more sensitive lover then this lucky guy.
Aspen: Oh God.
Gregg Allen: Are you OK?
Gregg Allen: You can talk to him. You can let him know to slow down or go faster. Do what feels good for you.


Aspen Brock (laughter)
Gregg Allen: A 3 second grace period
Aspen Brock is no longer crying and she is calm.
Gregg Allen: There you go.
Gregg Allen: Let me see that pretty face.
Aspen Brock: I'm afraid I look like I'm crying though.
Gregg Allen: No, you look like your having fun?
Aspen Brock: OK.
Gregg Allen: Are those tears of pleasure?
Aspen Brock: Yes (laughter)


Gregg Allen: You like the asshole?
Aspen Brock: OH yeah.
Aspen Brock (smiling): I like it yeah.
Gregg Allen: Do you love it?
Aspen Brock: I like it yeah.
Gregg Allen: Yes, you have 3 cocks down you.


Gregg Allen: Oh, thank you very much.
Aspen Brock: Oh, damn it! (she sounds irritated)


Gregg Allen: Open up your mouth really wide. There you go.
Aspen Brock: Oh yeah. Oh yeah, f---! (she looks like she is in pain)


Aspen Brock: I'm a cum dumpster, fill me up.
Aspen Brock: I like it yeah.
Gregg Allen: That's a girl.

Jay Allen writes:

Your surreal transcript below backs up what a sad debacle took place that day. My pity for her is only increased by looking over the text - now I'm even more of a mind to contact her and offer to help her efforts to be heard.

Your definition of "compassion" seems akin to the Marqui De Sade's - compassion would have been giving that poor girl her clothes, a check and sending her home. What you describe as "compassion," I see only as "We need this footage to cash OUR checks so don't break her, and then who gives a f--- about her."

"Aspen Brock (laughter)" - some "laughter," that was a woman's last mental defenses crumbling before your eyes, like the rape victim who tries to "befriend" their attacker somewhat, just in order to psychologically survive the horrible ordeal - - - - that kinda crap is about as sexy as a snuff film.

From 2/14/00:

Buck Adams says: "My wife's [Aspen Brock] a heroin addict. Runs off for months on end, constantly coming home with needle marks all over her body. And one night, I'm real sorry, I couldn't take it anymore and I got drunk and I got high and I screamed and yelled at her. And she left the house. And now Buck's the big bad guy? What about robbing your parents house? What about screwing up your visits with your kid? And I'm the bad guy?"

Luke: "Wasn't she [Buck's wife] doing porn?"

Buck: "She was. And I think she's doing it again. What do I care? Go. Go be the hooker you can be, as Jim Lane said. Go do another five man anal gangbang. What do I care? I just don't need the s---. I don't need crap from anybody. I've just got so much money now that I just don't need it. I'm so sick of this."

From 2/17/00:

Ridley99 writes on RAME:

The first time i heard the name Aspen Brock was on this newsgroup, it was a thread that was commenting on the prevalence of suicide in the world of porn. In reading the thread i learned that a girl named Aspen Brock had been in a dirty Deb with Ed Powers and had given one of the most pathetic interviews ever, she basically states that her life is so f---ed up she might as well do porn as it can't get worse.

Since I stopped buying Ed Powers stuff a long time a go i never saw this scene so i can't comment.. The thread of the post grew very big and the whole suicidal porn star debate came up with the usuall names thrown around, but the gist of the thread was that Aspen was a prime candidate for suicide.

The Next Time i heard the name Aspen Brock was when she cried while being analed by Lexington Steele in gangbang auditions , once again there was an outcry. The consensus of the thread was that Aspen didn't seem emotional ready for what she was put through. I saw this video and finally got a good look at Aspen. First off, i didn't think Aspen was treated too bad, in fact the guys are kind of nice too her. And as for Aspen herself, she is a major hottie, a very pretty girl with a college girl look. Aspen immediately became one of my "A "girls.

The next time i saw Aspen ,she was once again being Analed by Lexington Steele in one of the up your Ass video's. The next time i saw her was in a Rodney Moore public popshot video, she seemed to be kind of loopy in this. The next time i saw her was in the vid: " Aspen, is a white trash whore 14," Aspen performance is low key. and the gangbang itself sucks , as Aspen spends 90% flat on her back, like a human love doll with no personality.

Now comes word from l-keford as told to him by Aspen's husband ( she has a restraining order ) Buck Adams who says and i quote: " My wife Aspen is a heroin addict. Runs off for months on end, constantly coming home with needle marks all over her body, and one night I'm really sorry, i couldn't take it anymore and i got drunk and i got high and i screamed and yelled at her and she left the house."

Its hard to take Buck Adams at his word, after all this is a man who has put enough drugs and booze into his body to kill about 4 brains worth of neural transmitters but others have stepped forward to confirm that Aspen is indeed a drug addict. This is very sad. Its almost as if the free fall that is Aspens life is being played out in front of our eyes. Once Heroin has you in its insane embrace there is nothing to do but await the inevitable crash The sad thought that more girls in porn have contracted AIDS through tainted needles rather than tainted dicks scares me.

To see a beautiful girl like Aspen self destruct is a terrible tradgedy. This is why female porn stars should have thier own unions and one of the first things they should demand is drug counciling as well as drug treatment centers. Girls in porn should have orientations, they should be told in a straight forward manner what to expect from the porn bizness Someone like Nina Hartley would be perfect to run this.. I am not blaming porn for Aspens Drug problem, I have seen enough Heroin addicts to know, that a drug Addict can not be easily explained, Rich and poor it hits them all. However the odds are that Aspen entered the word of porn for one reason and that was to get money to buy drugs or to come in contact with a culture in which drug use is prevalent. Either way, porn will be reponcible for what happens to Aspen. Accountability.

From 4/22/99

Suitcase Pimp Seeks Total Vaginal Control of Aspen Brock

Agent Regan Senter says that someone making believe that they are a family member of Aspen Brock is going around the industry trying to buy up all the product that she has done. Aspen Brock told Regan last week that she knows nothing about it, however other reliable sources have disclosed to Regan that it is just someone [a married Reseda real estate developer named M-rk H-ndel aka Kahn Tusion] who is [having sex with her]. So king dick is going around the industry trying to get her tapes off the market. As far as I know nobody is cooperating.

On Friday afternoon, Brock had no comment. She just wants this nightmare to end.

Regan says: "Aspen Brock has recently completed several movies for Anabolic Video and Diabolic Video. She did her first scene with me and we agreed to release it as a possible TV advertisement for Beautiful Models International and to give her adult photo and video industry publicity and quick fame far far beyond the normal channels of advertising in the adult film industry.

"After having sex with Regan on film, which is in sale negotiation, she did her first commercial company scene for Extreme Productions, a BJ scene. The next was for a great cool company called Dane Productions where she did her very first anal scene and she took it like a pro.

"Brock also worked for John Leslie, and I was told did an outstanding hot anal scene. Brock worked for Alex Sanders (shooting for CDI) and worked with Brian Sherwood. Sin City hired her thru Michael Raven and she did a great boy-girl scene with John Decker.

"I very firmly educated Aspen Brock (as I have done the same with Allison Kilgore) never date or get involved on a personal level with anyone in the industry or anyone you meet thru people in the industry. Then citing J.D. Ram, one of his last pitiful words was "the industry is like my family." Yes my friend if you try to make it your family, look where he is now [dead]. Then turn around and look at the famous (or for this reason infamous) Jill Kelly with the Cal Jammer suicide story. I firmly disagree with the personal and fratranazation that goes on in the industry including now the sex orientated web site crowd (which has become another division the adult/film/photo industry).

"To quote Sharon Mitchell in her introduction tape (with Nina Hartley in agreement) for talent (which by the way I show to almost all of my new talent following the demo tape of course): 'THEY (meaning the producers, fellow performers and crew) are NOT your friends they only want to get you for the best price so they can put another mirror on their mercedes.'

"Hey Luke how far has you "being friends" in the industry gotton you? We need to try to discourage and stop the fraternazation (not sexual activity) that goes on in the business.

"To me it would appear more morally correct for me, you, to have casual sex, commercial sex, ask for sex , accept offered sex than ANY casual social or romantic relationship with the girls. LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE! Stop trying to date them. Stop trying to get under their skin. Let them do their job and go home! Ok, you want to have sex with them, ok fine (whatever the pretext)."

Regan says Brock entered porn in early March, and in eight work days (for Dane, Annabolic and Michal Raven) earned $10,000. Senter says Aston met the Reseda real estate developer M-rk H-ndel on a porn set.

"Mark came to my talent and said, 'Oh baby, trust me. Don't do this sick porno stuff anymore. Follow me, I will take care of you. I will leave my wife. You will be my girl. I will give you thousands of dollars a week. You won't have to do this any more.' He impersonated an attorney and told company he was going to take legal action to take her tapes off the market. He promised her the world. He'd come to her hotel room at 7AM and stay until midnight. This lasted about three weeks. This guy pulled her off the market, promised her the world and didn't deliver."

Excalibur Films Biography:
Aspen Brock's a cute, rail-thin brunette stunner who's known as a starlet who wears her emotions on her sleeve. She's not one to pretend, whether on screen or off, and the result has been a string of incendiary and sometimes controversial sexvid appearances. Aspen Brock's pixie-ish good looks and incredibly tight body are the stuff of hardcore dreams, so she can always count on plenty of work when she wants it. Her wonderfully expressive eyes and cute little mouth give Aspen Brock an innocent appeal. Her often voracious, hell-bent sexual style proves such impressions quite wrong.

Aspen Brock first got into hardcore in 1999. The youthful wife of porn stud Buck Adams, Aspen Brock jumped right into the deep end from the very first. She strutted her stuff in a string of pro-am flicks, including a memorable scene in "More Dirty Debutantes 102." In that flick, Aspen Brock revealed her motivation at getting into porn, saying her life was so screwed up already that she might as well turn to hardcore. Such startlingly honest admissions struck some as worrisome, but Aspen Brock's carnal career couldn't be slowed down.

Whatever her reasons for getting into porn, there's no denying that Aspen Brock's appeared in some of the most sexually arousing and out-of-control scenes in recent memory. In "North Pole 8," her wild poolside group grope with Peter North, Barrett Moore and Jewel De'Nyle stood out as the flick's best. Aspen Brock took on T.T. Boy in a deliriously nasty tussle in "Please 3," driving the scene to an eye-popping finale.

For sheer heat, it's hard to top Aspen Brock's interracial workout in "Up Your Ass 11." She hooks up with Jake Steed and Lexington Steele in a fiery fling that shows her at her most unbridled. Lexington Steele played a part in another of Aspen Brock's more controversial scenes, her tryst in "Gang Bang Auditions 3." When Lexington Steele starts in on some back door boffing, Aspen Brock actually starts to cry. It's just the sort of thing that many find very troubling, but Aspen Brock showed no signs of slowing down ever after the experience.

With rumors constantly swirling around the industry, Aspen Brock's mental and physical well-being is always seemingly in question. Only time will tell what becomes of this gorgeous yet distinctly off-kilter starlet.

Aspen Brock is a wild sex kitten that burst onto the porn scene in 1999. This very petite brunette is the wife of well-known porn star and director Buck Adams. She was known to be very open with her emotions in a usually fiery way that was known to cause controversy. The controversy surrounding this sexy minx was not limited to just her emotional outbursts, but also included some of her scenes as well as her reason for getting into porn.

Aspen was known for her wild lust for hardcore sex at it’s rawest, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to watch this wildcat in action, she also sports a beautiful lean body and amazing good looks. Her eyes and face give a sense of innocence until you see this vixen start to get down and dirty.

One of her early scenes was in ‘More Dirty Debutantes #102,’ where she explained she got into porn because her life was already so screwed up that she might as well do hardcore. While appearing to be very sincere when saying such things she worried many in the industry.

This hardcore lust bunny appeared in over 45 titles during her four-year stint in porn. Aspen was one of the most intense starlets on the scene, and jumped into whatever scene was throw at her. She appeared in many interracial, anal, gangbang, golden shower, and facial scenes, proudly showing off her passion for raunchy activities. Another controversial moment on camera for this starlet was when she was shooting an anal scene with Lexington Steele, and she actually broke into tears. Even after this scene this hard-charging strumpet kept up at her feverish pace and wild ways.

Aspen lit up the screen until 2003 with her sizzling, unique performances. With many in the industry questioning her physical and mental well-being, this wild starlet left a permanent impression on fans and the rest of the industry alike.

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Best Of North Pole 2

Best Of North Pole 2

Best Of North Pole 2

Description: Legendary performer Peter North unloads his cream on some of the hottest babes ever assembled in one movie, including Jewel De'Nyle, April, Jeannie Rivers, Monica Mayhem and many more. It doesn't stop there! 16 of the best scenes from the mega-hit series. Sit down and cum along for a fantastic ride. This truly is some of the best of North Pole.

Starring: Peter North, Taylor St. Clair, Alexis Amore, April, Jewel De'Nyle, Trinity, Kimberly Franklin, Catalina, Monica Mayhem, Jeanie Rivers, Barrett Moore, Charlene Aspen, Bianca Jordan, Zoe Young, Aspen Brock, Sweet Nicky

Studio: New Sensations



Blowjob Training Camp

Blowjob Training Camp

Blowjob Training Camp

Description: Smash Pictures wants you to see haw a cock should be sucked. Watch young girls in training as they suck and f**k their way to the head of the class. PRODUCERS OF THIS TITLE ASSERT THAT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18 Runtime: 128 minutes

Stars: Aspen Brock, Leanna Heart, Lana Moore, Nancy Vee

Studio: Smash Pictures



Gangbang Auditions 3

Gangbang Auditions 3

Gangbang Auditions 3

Description: Three extremely beautiful and incredible nymphomaniacs show off their talents by each taking on five well-hung studs. Lots of anal sex, double penetrations, dick sucking, ass licking and sperm drinking sex! Runtime: 90 minutes

Stars: Aspen Brock, Daniella Rush, Cricket

Studio: Diabolic



Super Size Mellons

Super Size Mellons

Super Size Mellons

Description: Slutty fuck toy girlies give in to their dripping wet desires and take a deep dicking that is nothing short of spectacular. Cock crazed cuties get a pussy pounding that leaves their steamy slits red and raw. Anal assaults, cock sucking and load dumping will have your balls bouncing with glee. Runtime: 366 minutes

Starring: Aspen Brock, Shena Chase

Studio: Sunshine



Voyeur's Favorite Blowjobs

Voyeur's Favorite Blowjobs

Voyeur's Favorite Blowjobs

Description: Some of John Leslie’s favorite oral and anal scenarios get reedited by the master, along with two previously unreleased scenes - one featuring the gorgeous Jessica, and another with Serena South & Delilah. There’s also 24 minutes of extra footage on DVD.

Starring: Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Nacho Vidal, Jessica, Lisa, Frank Gun, Zenza Raggi, Leslie Taylor, Brandy, Marco Duato, Mike Foster, Roly Reeves, Carlos, Thomas Stone, Delilah, Serena South, Mario, Jazmine, Alexxxis Tyler, Reinhard, Ryan, Shilo, Aspen Brock

Studio: Evil Angel



Aspen Brock Complete Filmography:

California Cocksuckers 15 Sin City 1999
Cock Smokers 8 Extreme Associates 1999
College Girls Do 5 CDI Home Video 1999
Cumback Pussy 21 Elegant Angel 1999
Different Strokes 2: Public Pop Shots Odyssey 1999
Dirty Laundry Peter Bolle Video Productions 1999
Fresh Flesh 7 Odyssey 1999
Gangbang Auditions 3 Diabolic Video 1999
Gangland 5 Devil's Film 1999
Gutter Mouths 15 JM Productions 1999
Liquid Gold 3 JM Productions 1999
Max Hardcore Extreme 9 Legend Video 1999
More Dirty Debutantes 102 4-Play Video 1999
Nasty Nymphos 25 Anabolic Video 1999
Naughty College School Girls 2 New Sensations 1999
Nineteen Video Magazine 24 Dane Productions 1999
North Pole 8 New Sensations 1999
Perverted Stories 25 JM Productions 1999
Pickup Lines 41 Odyssey 1999
Please 3: The Asian Manifest Evil Angel 1999
Pretty Girls Sin City 1999
Rookie Cookies 3 Elegant Angel 1999
Sex Offenders 7 Wicked Pictures 1999
Slutty Little Cheerleaders Dreamland Video 1999
Strange Magic Sin City 1999
University Coeds 14 Dane Productions 1999
Up Your Ass 11 Anabolic Video 1999
Voyeur 14 Evil Angel 1999
White Trash Whore 14 JM Productions 1999
YA 15 JM Productions 1999
Adventures Of Pee Man Filmco Releasing 2000
After Dark Pleasure Productions 2000
Blowjob Tour Of Los Angeles 2 IMD Film & Video 2000
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 2 Pleasure Productions 2000
Fresh Creamed Teens 1 Premiere Pictures 2000
Hardcore Jr. Premiere Pictures 2000
Kelly The Coed 7: Sorority Retreat Heatwave 2000
Open Wide And Say Ahh! 5 Coast To Coast 2000
Pure Innocence Dreamland Video 2000
Virtuoso Sin City 2000
Voodoo Lounge Sin City 2000
Black Bastard 1 Anabolic Video 2001
Sexy Sirens Jill Kelly Productions 2001
100% Blowjobs 13 Jill Kelly Productions 2003
Teen Sluts CDI Home Video 2003
Watch Me Tinkle 4 Filmco Releasing 2003
Blowjob Training Camp Smash Pictures 2004
Nuttin' Hunnies 1 New Sensations 2004
Best Of North Pole 2 New Sensations 2005
Voyeur's Favorite Blowjobs And Anals 9 Evil Angel 2005

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