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Arcadia Lake
Arcadia Lake

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Born: 9/3/1957
Aliases: Arcadia, Arcadia Blue, Michele Lake, Michelle Lake, Arcadia Small

Born Michelle Carpenter
September 3, 1957(1957-09-03)
Died September 13, 1990(1990-09-13) (aged 33)
Height 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Michelle Carpenter better known by her screen name of Arcadia Lake (September 3, 1957 September 13, 1990) was a pornographic actress, best known for her portrayal of Tammy in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas.

Little is known about the non-adult film life of Arcadia Lake. As with most pornographic movie stars, she chose a pseudonym, partially to protect her real identity, also to foster a more memorable identity for herself and her career. Most sources generally agree, however, that her birth name was Michelle Carpenter.

Her ex-husband said that before her adult film career Lake had been a drug addict. She met porn star Eric Edwards in the late-1970s, who later claimed that she "was the first person I thought I really loved." Feeling that the government was not doing enough to help her, Edwards guided her through a detox program to stop taking methadone. Her resolve to get clean from drugs impressed and enamored Edwards and, after a year in the program, she managed to overcome, at least temporarily, her addictions.

From 1980 to 1981, Edwards and Lake were married, and she presumably took his legitimate last name of Everett, although the details of her marriage, as with much of her life, remain unknown.

Having gotten her clean from drugs, Edwards' next goal was to get her steady work. Edwards, who had been working in the pornographic industry since at least the late-1960s, naturally saw her most promising future in pornography. Some biographies claim that her first film was the 1978 classic Summertime Blues. The Internet Movie Database, however, lists her as performing in several earlier films, including Small Change, Pussycat Ranch and Insane Desires. Find a Grave lists her first adult film with Edwards as Bella (1974).

No matter what the case, Summertime Blues was her first important hardcore pornography performance. In the film she plays a high school girl who gets introduced to sex by actors Edwards and Jean Jennings. It was in this film that she developed her classic look, the innocent teenager who, when she finally got to her action scene, turned out to have considerable skill. She took the name Arcadia Lake from a resort of the same name.

Lake quickly built on this reputation, appearing in numerous films after 1978. The Internet Movie Database lists a total forty-one films but does not, however, differentiate between compilations and original productions. The Internet Adult Film Database lists 52 titles, of which eight are identified as compilations. Often paired with then-husband Eric Edwards, her scenes encompassed all facets of the pornography industry including anal sex, lesbian sex, facials and her de facto specialty, oral sex.
Reputation as an actress

Kay Parker described Lake as "one of the all-time most beautiful sex kittens to ever appear in" pornography, adding that she had been "destined to become one of porn's all time greats."Photography Director Carter Stevens said she had "the most beautiful, clear porcelain skin" complexion he had ever seen. Atomic Cinema described her as "the most intriguing star of 1980 1981."Excalibur Films called her a "starlet in the making" and claimed that her "fresh-faced beauty and school-girl figure helped her become one of the top choices to play innocent young ladies drawn into the world of sexuality."

Despite these reviews, her personal life was not as promising as her career. Although her scenes with husband Edwards were described as "wonderfully sincere," there were serious marital problems. Lake quickly relapsed back into drug use while working in the industry, and Edwards blames her for his own addiction to hard drugs, especially cocaine. Edwards claimed that he was so addicted to cocaine that he "struggled to stay alive." In the end, Edwards believes that Lake left him after he ran out of money, heading out to find another sugar daddy.
Role in Debbie Does Dallas

Lake was well-known for several scenes, including a threesome with Edwards and Kandi Barbour in the 1981 film Young Wild and Wonderful. She also demonstrated her considerable oral sex skills in the special feature Honey Throat in 1980. Many consider her finest film to be 1983's Arcadia's Fantasies, which showcases her in five separate scenes, including a final, four-way sex orgy.

Her most famous role, however, came in 1978. In one of her earlier roles, Lake played the most innocent of all the cheerleaders, Tammy, in the iconic pornographic movie Debbie Does Dallas. Lake plays her classical role, the innocent girl who is most resistant to the rapidly blossoming sexuality of the rest of her friends. Taking a job at a record store, she resists the advances of store owner Tony (played by actor Tony Mansfield) until convinced by her friend Lisa (played by Georgette Sanders) to try what the other girls are enjoying. True to form, Tammy is reluctant at first, but eventually joins Lisa in orally gratifying Tony. Although she does not perform intercourse in this scene, she is seen, briefly, fully nude in a shower scene in a locker room at the beginning of the film.
Later life and death:
Lake reportedly appeared, apparently uncredited, in one non-pornographic film, The Story of O: Part 2. Most sources cite Lake's final year in the pornographic industry as 1984. Both the Internet Movie and Adult Film Databases, however, have her final film listed as Behind the Brown Door in 1986. Whatever the case, little is known about her life after adult films, much like her life before it. Having left Eric Edwards, she returned to being a drug addict and reportedly died of an accidental drug overdose in 1990.


Arcadia Lake aka Michelle Carpenter worked frequently throughout the late 70's and early 80's. She was briefly married to porn stud Eric Edwards, but the pressures of porno stardom proved to be too much for the match to bear. She died of a drug overdose in 1990.

Edwards says that Arcadia Lake "was the first person I thought I really loved." He met her in the late '70s and spent a year getting her off the Methadone program. "The government was no help. She was a drug user and wanted to get clean. After a year of detoxing, she finally came clean. I loved her for having the strength to do such a thing. I was a doctor daddy type."

Eric found her work in porn. "She got back into drugs and that destroyed me. I wanted to be where she was because I loved her so much. She left me when my money was gone for another 'sugar daddy.'"

Eric blames Arcadia for introducing him to drugs like cocaine which took him several years to get over. "Down in the gutter, I struggled to stay alive. Whenever I'd done too much coke I realized it would be stupid to go in front of the camera. At least I had that awareness. Sometimes I'd refuse a role because I was so strung out from cocaine. I remember times I passed out and woke up thankful to still be alive.

Lake first performed in 1978's Summertime Blue where she portrays a high school girl who is introduced to sex by Edwards and Jean Jennings. Arcadia did another famous threeway in Young Wild & Wonderful with Eric and Kandi Barbour. She had a small part in the non-explicit film The Story of O.

Lake appears in five scenes in Arcadia Lake's Fantasies and displays her oral skills in Honey Throat. She retired from porn 1984.

Arcadia Lake Complete Filmography:

Amanda By Night Caballero 1982
Babes in Joyland Command Cinema 1988
Babylon Pink Command Cinema 1979
Back Door Girls LBO Entertainment 1983
Bella Arrow/AFV
Between the Sheets Caballero 1982
Charli VCX 1981
Coed Fever Caballero
Debbie Does Dallas VCX 1978
Debbie Does Dallas - 20th Anniversary Edition Arrow/AFV 1994
Honey Throat Cal Vista
Indecent Exposure TVX
Irresistable 1 Essex Home Video
Love-In Arrangement Video X Pix 1981
Misbehavin' Video X Pix
Neon Nights Command Cinema 1981
October Silk Command Cinema 1980
Passion Toys LBO Entertainment
Robin's Nest Caballero
Secrets of a Willing Wife Video X Pix 1980
Summertime Blue VCX
Super Sex Essex Home Video
That's Erotic VCX 1979
That's My Daughter! VCX 1982
Young, Wild and Wonderful VCX

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