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Avy LeeRoth

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Born: 2/12/1979
Aliases: Amy Lee Roth, Avey, Avey Lee, Avi Lee Roth, Avy Lee, Avy Roth, Mrs. Roth, Pixie

Birthday:December 12, 1979 Almendralejo, Badajoz, Spain
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Years Active: 2003-2008
Measurements: 34B-27-35
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 114 lbs. (51 kg)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brunette
Tattoos: rose on left shoulder; left calf
Ethnicity: Hispanic

Avy Lee Roth is a caliente, poca chica (or hot little girlie in English). This Latin beauty was born in the early 80’s, and emerged on the hardcore porn scene in 2003. This temptress has luscious 34B-27-35 curves on her 5’3” frame. Distinguishing marks include a colorful rose tattoo on her left shoulder.

Rumor has it that Avy is a singer for her own band when she isn’t working hard on screen. This rumor could be due to this seductive sex kitten’s claim to be David Lee Roth’s illegitimate daughter since her start in the business. The former Van Halen leader singer hasn’t brought lawsuit against this sultry vixen yet, so it appears that there may be some truth behind her claim.

With appearances in over 40 hardcore porn flicks, Avy has proven her ability to take on most sexual situations. Many of her scenes feature her taking double pussy penetrations, showing just how flexible this tiny girl can be. This Spanish flower brings a heated lust to her performances and is up for anything for the camera. She is definitely an up-and-comer to look out for in the coming years.


Avy Lee Roth Interview

I sit down with her Sunday, April 17 at the Naughty Talent Open House.

Avy grew up in Spain. English is her second language.

Avy: "I wanted to live in Los Angeles or New York because I was obsessed with rock 'n' roll."

Duke: "Are you really David Lee Roth's daughter?"

Avy: "It's a secret.

"He knows already. He didn't deny being Avy Lee Roth's father. He had so much crazy sex in New York he doesn't even know."

Duke: "Do you admire him?"

Avy: "I love him."

She's done over 100 porn scenes since entering the industry in December 2003.

Duke: "What do you love and hate about the porn industry?"

Avy: "I love the money. I hate gonzo. When it's really violent and aggressive, I don't like it because we're crossing some limits from sex to violence. We can control that but there are some guys who don't. One night when they're with their girlfriend, they might kill her. That's what happened with the guy from Australia, Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS. He was with a prostitute. They say it was a suicide. People say that he asked her to choke him and she did it so hard that he died."

The only rock group I've seen in concert is INXS. It was the summer of 1986. The concert was in the San Francisco Bay Area. I took the daughter of my boss. It was a magical evening. I was 19 and would remain a virgin for two-and-a-half years.

Avy: "There are many fans who watch [rough gonzo videos]. I don't want someone to take a wrong step... I don't watch aggressive sex."

Duke: "How has your time in porn affected you?"

Avy: "It's changed a lot. It's made me more stressful. I said, 'That's not going to happen to me. I will remain the same girl.' But I've become more stressed. I became more tolerant. I try to be more patient with people. In my private life, it's really hard to get a relationship. I'm married. Even for my husband it is not easy have a wife in the business."

Duke: "Does he want you to quit?"

Avy: "He doesn't ask me to do it, but I can tell. I can feel the energy. He doesn't like it. It's really hard on relationships. Either you are going to date a porn star or you are going to be with somebody who belongs to the real world. That's not easy.

"But you need the money. I consider myself a good actress. I'm funny in my movies.

"It changed my life in many respects.

"I like to say that [her husband] is a rock singer. He's not famous. He's had a band in Hollywood for seven years.

"He didn't know [Avy was a porn star] until I'd been in the business for a month. It was really hard to tell him. He was ashamed of me. He knew I was doing girl-girl. I had to tell him I was doing boy-girl.

"At the beginning, I told him I was going to make-up parties. He'd see me running out with my make-up box. It wasn't a make-up box. It was filled with lingerie and stuff.

"Then I told him I was doing girl-girl. He said, 'That's fine. I'd like to go there.' After that, I said, 'Hey honey. I done my first boy-girl.' He said, 'Oh no.' It was a nightmare. We got into arguments every week. I was like, it'll take some time but he'll like it."

Duke: "How long are you going to do it?"

Avy: "As much as they book me, or as much as I get tired. I don't know. I want to direct. I would love to make a line. I love office and stuff. I love fetish. I'd love to make a series about having sex in an office with sexy outfits with all music too. Working in sepia tones or black-and-white. It's more artistic than porn."

Duke: "How is sex different in America?"

Avy: "In LA, the guys are like girls. You go to clubs and the guys are like fags. They want to take care of their hair. 'Do I look great or not?' They're like f---ing fags. They don't go straight for a girl. In Europe, guys dress nice but they don't care. If they see a girl, they'll go up to her and say, 'You're hot. Do you want to come up to my place?' They have sex. In the morning, they prepare for you tea and they pay for your taxi.

"Here it is hard to get a cock on the weekend. Guys are like girls. Girls got to chase guys in LA, in f---ing America. Girls are so desperate to get a cock, they're all like little bitches. Guys know girls are easy.

"In Europe, guys chase the girls. Here, girls chase the guys. Here, when I go out with my husband, all the girls, even they know he is my husband, they try to f--- him. They don't respect anything here. There are sacred things in life. They don't care."

Duke: "Do you care if your husband has sex with other women?"

Avy: "I'm jealous."

Duke: "Does he have sex with other women?"

Avy: "Maybe one or two friends that he has. I can not complain. I'm having sex with guys every week. I'll go, 'Hey, you're going to have fun with your friends.' You have to be more tolerant. Sex is just sex."

Duke: "Why did you marry him?"

Avy: "Because I was in love. He's all that I've got. We argue and everything. He makes my world come down completely, any time we have a bad day. He makes my day bad.

"Guys judge you so easily. When they find out you're a porn star, they automatically think that you're dumb. 'She's only good for sucking cock.'

"Let me say something to these guys: We have feelings. We do this because it is an easy way to make money. Sometimes you don't have other options. You can work for five hours making a movie and then you can come back home and read a book. I read a lot of books. I do yoga. I read a newspaper. I watch the news. We're not dumb. I can talk to you about anything you want right now, better than some girls who don't do the nasty or who work 40-hours a week.

"I have time to go to the beach. I can get up at 2pm. But that doesn't mean I'm dumb because I'm in a profession where sex is involved."

Duke: "How has it affected your self-esteem?"

Avy: "That's a beautiful thing. Sometimes you get a taste of what it is like to be a Hollywood star. You don't make as much money. You don't get recognized as well.

"We are like the warriors of sex. We are part of the revolution. Once the world understands that sex is something good..."

Duke: "Have you experimented much with drugs?"

Avy: "Oh yeah. In the past. I've tried everything. Last year, after two years sober, I started doing cocaine for three months. That's when I understood that that wasn't good for me. I started going to AA again. I had to leave some friends. I had to break up some relationships that weren't good for me. I start again from zero on being sober again [since last August].

"Drugs can open your mind. It's good to try once. It can open your feelings. Ecstasy can open your feelings. You know yourself better, how kind and loving you can be when you are on Ecstasy. But that's fun for a while. You can not do that every day.

"Cocaine is fun. I have great conversations on cocaine -- about the universe. When you are ok coke, you can talk about anything. But you know how hard it is when you go to bed and your heart starts beating fast and you can not go to sleep and you've got to take Valium. That upsets your system. It's horrible. I don't want to go through that again. It's horrible. With the overdose. With having problems with people because you can not control yourself."


On Set With Nautica Thorn, Avy Lee Roth, Denis Marti

Nautica Thorn Nautica Thorn Denis Marti Denis Marti Nautica Avy Lee Roth Avy Lee Avy Nautica Thorn Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Nautica Avy Lee Roth Avy Lee Avy Nautica, Denis, Avy Nautica, Denis, Avy Nautica, Denis, Avy Nautica, Denis, Avy Nautica, Denis, Avy Nautica, Avy Nautica, Avy Nautica, Avy Mallory Knox Mallory Mallory Mallory Mallory Mallory

I drive to Denis Marti's LFP set in Bel Aire (at Giorgio's house).

He looks like a soccer player.

"Everything I say can be used against me, right?" he laughs.

Nautica Thorn smokes a cigarette while we chat.

Denis grew up in Sardegna, an island off Italy. Three years ago, he moved to Prague.

Duke: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Denis: "Many things. Like every Italian, a soccer player. Then I wanted to be a writer. I studied literature at a university [got a degree in English and Spanish literature]. Then I realized that I was not a good writer."

Denis speaks Italian, Sardegnian, Spanish, Czech and English.

Duke: "What did your family expect from you?"

Denis: "They expected something like a university career.

"My father works in a factory as a department manager and my mother directs a professional school.

"I have a younger sister."

Duke: "Have you gotten her into the industry?"

Denis: "Oh no. Why would I?"

Duke: "Have you tried to talk her into it?"

Denis: "No."

Duke: "Would you direct her in a scene?"

Denis: "No."

Duke: "Would you work with her in a scene?"

Denis: "No."

He laughs. "I'm a normal boy. I have nothing against it. It's her life. I'm not like, 'Oh, she's girl. Therefore, she can not do it.' She has her job."

Duke: "Do you think there's something wrong with incest?"

Denis: "Yeah."

Duke: "How did you get into the porn industry?"

Denis: "I met this girl in Rome about six years ago. We had a one-night stand. She turned out to be working for a [porn] production company in Italy (ETM, the distributors of Rocco Siffredi's movies). She said they were casting for guys and asked me if I wanted to check it out. I was curious. I checked it out.

"The guys were all having a hard time doing the scene. I was like, this must be terrible. I don't want to do this.

"I was not there to do it. I was just there to see.

"At the end of the day, they said, it's your turn. I said, I'm not here for the casting. They said, come on. Try it. Don't be shy.

"I did it. It was easier than I thought. Then they started calling me..."

Duke: "What were you doing before you got into porn?"

Denis: "I was a publishing advisor. I was reading new novels and poetry."

Avy Lee Roth walks up. "Take those pictures off your website," she commands. "I look awful."

Duke: "I'll take new ones."

Avy: "I liked the interview. You printed every word I said."

Denis has done over 1,000 sex scenes (about 40 in America).

Duke: "What do you love and what do you hate about your work?"

Denis: "I love the freedom, especially now that I'm directing. I have control of the production. I hate that the relationships between people are sometimes superficial. That happens everywhere. When you work with people, sometimes it's just work and you don't go deeper. It's difficult to have a sentimental [romantic] relationship when you do this."

Duke: "Do you mainly date people inside or outside of the industry?"

Denis: "Mainly outside."

Duke: "How do they feel about your work?"

Denis: "They accept it. But deep inside they don't like it."

Duke: "Do you have trouble sustaining a relationship for long?"

Denis: "It becomes difficult. Relationships are difficult regardless of what you do. It's not like it makes me crazy. I'm happy with my life."

Denis says he's never been married and has no children. He's never dated a porn star for long. "It's never happened. I don't know. Maybe they don't like me?"

He laughs.

Duke: "Could you give me a psychological profile of the type of girl who works in porn?"

Denis: "I don't think there is one. Every person is different."

Duke: "How does your family feel about your work?"

Denis: "They would prefer I was doing something else."

Duke: "What pays better? Doing pornography or reading poetry?"

Denis laughs and tosses off a latin phrase that poetry does not provide bread.

Duke: "Do you still write poetry?"

Denis: "Yes. That's one of the things I like most about this job -- it gives me time..."

When he was younger, he published in some literary magazines in Italy.

Duke: "When are you going to come out with your first book of poetry?"

Denis: "When my dick stops working."

Marti writes poetry in Italian, Sardegnian and Spanish.

Duke: "Which poets would you compare your style to?"

Denis: "Pablo Neruda. His appreciation of the beauty of nature, and that includes women."

When I compared Marti's body of work to Neruda, I noticed a stunning similarity -- they had both produced a lot.

Pablo's collection España en el Corazón reminds me of Denis's masterpiece 2 Dicks In 1 Chick #5.

Marti reads Neruda in the original while I cannot, despite taking Spanish for three years in school.

Nautica tells Denis he has soft hands. "I haven't worked a day in my life," he says. "I went from studying to porn."

Denis tells Nautica and Avy that the most important thing for them to remember while doing their scene with him is "eye contact" (presumably with the camera).

Nautica has been in porn since late 2002 and done over 100 movies.

She's half Japanese, a quarter Puerto-Rican and a quarter Hawaiin.

She finds out that Denis is not circumsized. "I have a hard time," she confesses. "Maybe it was just that guy."

Giorgio walks into the kitchen holding a DVD. He asks to come with him to watch his movie The Passion of the Reefer.

"It's a porn?" Nautica asks.

"No," he says.

"It's not a porn?" she asks.


We follow him into the livingroom.

A topless Wally Wharton, attired like an angel, dances in the company logo.

Denis says he doesn't write any poetry dedicated to porn girls.

Duke: "Do you do double-anal?"

Marti looks at me.

Duke: "You know. Rub your dick against another guy's dick while you're both inside her anus."

Marti: "A few times."

Duke: "Do you prefer to rub your penis against another guy's penis or rubbing it [alone] inside a woman?"

Denis: "Inside a woman."

The credits roll. I read "Michael Esposito as Donnie Motherf---er."

This is a reference to the Esposito of Gentlemen's Video who buys a banner ad above. This Esposito is not in the movie but the movie's director, Jeff Coldwater, hates Michael and named a character with Tourettes Syndrome after him.

Giorgio shows us his favorite scenes. One closes with two guys driving off into a setting sun that dips below the horizon. "Not bad for porno people," he says.

He forwards through the scene selection. "I want to show you the scene with me."

Denis, Nautica and I are his couch captives.

"This scene is shot in film," Giorgio narrates. "Super-16. Can you see the difference?"

Denis, Nautica and I flee to the changing room. Avy has a suitcase filled with lingerie, most of which she doesn't want to wear. Holding up some red stuff, Avy says it makes her look too fat. Other stuff is too old. Other stuff she's worn before and she doesn't want fans feeling ripped off seeing her on one boxcover in an outfit that she uses again in today's scene.

I know many fans lose their boner when that happens.

"I don't want the fans to say Avy Lee Roth only has one dress for movies," she says.

Each outfit that Nautica lifts up, Avy says it is "old, old, old."

Next pair of lingerie, she says: "No! They make me look bad."

Denis: "Then why do you have them in your bag?"

Avy: "They make my ass look big."

Denis: "That means they make you look like girls."

Nautica: "It makes you look like a woman.

"It makes you look like a whore. A professional whore. Not a low-class whore."

Avy didn't bring a copy of her HIV-test. This causes 25-minutes of phone calling until one of Avy's three agents faxes it to the set.

Nautica has cool-looking Marlboro cigarettes for girls and brings us outside for a drag.

Duke to Nautica: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Nautica: "I wanted to be everything. I wanted to be a veterinarian but when I saw my dogs get their first shot, I couldn't do it. I can't poke people.

"I grew up in Hawaii."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you grow up with in America?"

Nautica: "The really bad ones that like to watch porn and smoke weed and drink instead of going to school 'cause school sucks. School is for losers."

She starts giggling.

Duke: "What kind of student were you?"

Nautica: "A really good one. I got As until [9th grade] I met a bunch of friends and we hung out at my place and cooked breakfast and watched Asia Carrera."

Duke: "Did you graduate highschool?"

Nautica: "No. I moved out here."

Duke: "How did you get into porn?"

Nautica: "I was a dancer (at the Body Shop on Sunset Blvd and Cheetahs in Las Vegas). I graduated to doing porn. I'm a high-class whore."

Duke: "What do you love and hate about the porn industry?"

Nautica: "I love all the new cocks and hate all the old ones."

Duke: "What else?"

Nautica: "I like just having sex. I think I'm a nympho. My boyfriend of four years, we just broke up, we had sex every day."

Duke: "Did he know you were doing porn?"

Nautica giggles: "He kinda found out."

Duke: "How?"

Nautica: "I told him I was sucking dick. He's like, oh, ok. I hope you're getting paid for it."

Duke: "Why did you guys break up?"

Nautica: "I was f---ing around on him. I thought we might as well break-up."

Nautica still lives with and fornicates with this guy she broke up with.

What kind of breaking up is that?

"The kind that I can go and have other cocks."

Don't you do that anyway?

"Yeah. Technically, I guess we're still together."

Don't you get enough sex at work? Why must you have more?

"Because I'm different off-camera. I'm very sensual."

As opposed to on-camera, when you are un-sensual?

"I'm much more of a whore."

Avy Lee Roth drags on her cigarette. "I can't believe I'm getting so old."

She's 25. "Since I got married, I've become an old lady."


She blogs:

I wont be performing on camera anymore for personal reasons, meanwhile I'll be doing make up, main stream, modeling, tv etc ... it was great for the past 3 years ... almost 4 alredy, I'll still be attending parties, promoting radio etc but that's all about, sending all my love to fans and the rest of you guys muahcsss!!!!

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