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Bunny DeLaCruz
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Bunny DeLaCruz

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Born: 6/30/1984
Aliases: Bunny, Vixen 34JJ

Profession: Porn Star
Country of Origin: United States
State: California
Place of Birth: Long Beach
Date of Birth: June 30, 1984
Aliases: Vixen 34JJ
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 75 kg - 165 lbs
Measurements: 44JJ-34-45
Career Status: Active
Born: Tia Zimmerman

Fake Boobs: Absolutely NO
Shoe Size: 6
Tattoos: "Taste the rainbow" above clit; lower back; back of neck

This Beach Blonde all American California girl packs a lot into her small frame. Starting off in the gentlemen’s clubs of southern California offering lookers on a treat of curvy splendor. She leaves little to the imagination, as she is 100 % woman and non surgically altered at just over 38JJ her breasts are something to gaze upon. Big girls have dreams to she says, and I am one big beauty with a lot to offer. I look forward to meeting many fans and making new friends along the way and I truly enjoy every aspect of the business to this point.

Many of my girlfriends have joined me in the business as they like what perks it offers. I even got to make a scene or short with a good friend of mine in California named Steve, he is such a fun person. I like the fact that sex can be creative and fun, it sure doesn’t hurt that the movies make the money they do. I can see myself remaining quite active for years to cum : )

I have taken on quite a few roles since switching to adult film in the fall of 2007. I have really taken quite a liking to the girl on girl scenes, as I know my way around the female body best. Some of the girls in the dance scene were a bicker some lot, always liking for a fight or some trouble to start. I feel to this day they were envious of my natural big boobs and easy going attitude of I have it and I am flaunting it! I look forward to one day running my own show, a nice strip club down by the beach where the locals can catch a big wave or the glimpse of a beautiful bodacious babe.

I look forward to traveling more in the near future as I have taken a few jobs to shoot in some exotic locations as they pop up. I find other cultures and scenery quite appealing but always will love southern California. Anywhere or any country there is a beach I will go, at least once.













Bunny De La Cruz Interview
By: Severin
Published: March 7th, 2008

So I’m nearly void of the correct words to describe Miss Bunny De La Cruz. She’s a torrent of contradictions, all of which kinda make me want to flick the bean. Bunny is a totally cute blonde adult actress from Long Beach, whom I had the pleasure of shooting some stills of last weekend. Let me just run down what happened for you

Shock, horror…Bunny was ON TIME! I could have shat myself, because that never happens. Things were looking up! This girl has some integrity! Then, she opened her cute little mouth and let me know that she’s feeling really low with the flu, but came anyway because she’s always good on her word. I was floored. This is totally not porn star behavior. But, at least we’ll all get to keep our Saturday afternoons! Her nose was all stuffy and pink, but I thought that was really cute. Bunny was ready to go, make-up on, and pulling out several sweet little outfits for me to choose from before I could finish unpacking the lights. Contradiction number one, Bunny is a porn darling, but she takes herself seriously enough to act respectful and keep her word. Cool.

Contradiction number two: Bunny may look like a sweet little kitten, but this fox is really a wise owl, and she’s not down to take any shit. We got into a conversation about her life and the shit she’s been through, and I was pleased to find out that her integrity extends past her professional life, into her personal one. In her personal life, she’s not really the dating around type. She confessed to me that she really prefers to be monogamous, but that at the moment, she is keeping things open in order to accommodate her job.

Speaking of her job, are you in the know? Bunny has appeared in several DVDs, including Thick Ass White Girlz 2, Voluptuous Cum Suckers, Older Women With Younger Girls, The Squirters 6, Gigantic Brickhouse Butts 5, Big White Thunder Butts 1, Big Butt Tease 2, Giant White Greeze Butts 3, Chubby Squirters, Pound Cake, Chunky Chicks 38, and Scale Bustin’ Babe’s 30. You know what I’m going to say here…go check out to get her really good shit. As for magazines, well that’s the field she’s conquering next. She’s recently shot layouts for Voluptuous, Gent, Juggs, Plumpers, and my personal favorite…BIG BUTT! (Look for her in the September 2008 issue). Bunny has made it her personal mission to be the best sought after BBW model on the web and in the world, and so far she’s doing a great job!

Now, more personal data…Bunny is bi-sexual. Really bi. Not just gay for pay. She’s been in many many serious relationships with women in her time. She’d go so far as to say that she prefers women. Now, a good stiff cock is always in her cards, due to her profession. She’s never going to turn one down. But when she’s tired and horny at home…she prefers to batten down the hatches with another babe. Does that turn you on? I know it does it for me…but that may be because I am a girl. I know it’s rare to find a sexy bitch like Bunny who’s a real girl-lover. I mean, Ellen DeGeneres can’t get all the hot chicks, right?

Contradiction number three: Bunny is significantly smaller than her huge personality might belie. She’s tiny. I mean, I’m only 5’7”, but I had to look down on her even with her massive stripper heels on. Guess what I saw when I looked down? Beautiful green eyes, perfect white-blonde hair, and the most gorgeous 44JJ tits I’ve ever seen. GOD were those tits a sight for sore eyes. I had to give her a hug, just so I could press my own up against hers and see how it felt. In fact, I gave her several hugs that day, and she was accommodating every time. Usually with a cute little giggle and a flash of a crooked smile. She’s barely 5’2”. Seriously. If it weren’t for her gorgeous 48-inch ass and pleasingly thick 35-inch waist, I’d go so far as to say she’s quite petite.

We got into business rather quick, after sorting through all the legal documents making it legal for me to film her sexy ass. I picked a sassy cut out bathing suit for her to wear, and the cutest two-piece ever. She slid into the cover outfit, and rubbed some lotion on her perfectly thick thighs. I watched her, pretending I was taking notes for her interview. Really, I was eternally distracted by her lovely head…as she calls it. Yeah. Bunny thinks the sexiest part of any person is the head. Not the sloppy wet dick sucking skills they may have acquired through long afternoons under the bleachers. Not the quick tongue flicking required to get off a well-seasoned cougar. No. Literally their head. Strange way of putting it, I know. But understandable. She likes the eyes, smile, and overall composition of a lover’s face. Things must be proportionate. In fact, she’s willing to put up with all manner of nonsense down below if the head is in order. Bunny loves the eyes most. She loves that look she gets when a lover is really interested in getting down to some fucking naughtiness.

As for real filthy behavior off camera…you can expect only the most inventive. Bunny doesn’t let her lovers go cold. She doesn’t let them get bored. She comes up with some of the most awesome fantasy environments I can think of! Bunny told me that her biggest fantasy is to have an orgy in a fire station and get fucked on the big red truck. She loves firemen, and would be willing to put aside her girly preference for one night of insane orgy action at the station. She wants to rub her ripe pussy on the fire pole and get her ass licked out while being held down over the secondary steering wheel of the engine. God forbid the loser who actually sets a fire and distracts her lucky lovers from their fantasy fun. Bunny wants to film the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be a great premise? Bunny does station no.5? I can see the cover right now.

Fantasies aside…what kind of real stuff has she done with her lovers? Well, the kinkiest thing she told me was about the time she has a girlfriend who was gagging for some extra-curricular activity. Being the loyalist she is, Bunny was a bit wary. Christmas came along, and Bunny though, fuck it, I want to make my lover as happy as possible and I know the one thing that would make her happiest, so I’m gonna do it. The holy day came along, and blasphemy-McGee over here called upon a good friend who came over, lingerie in hand, for some all girl fun. Bunny introduced her lover to her guest for the evening and proceeded to hand her lover a video camera. The festivities ended with her lover completely satisfied and in possession of a digital copy of the action, her guest left sticky and comfortable, and Bunny slept well that night. Spent, and happy in the knowledge that she gave her honey what she really wanted for Christmas. Now, how many of you regular Joes can say that about your wives?

Contradiction number four: Bunny is Caucasian. I know the last name might confuse some of you, but she’s really not a Latina. Fate would just have it, that this is the name she’s chosen for herself. She thinks it fits. She finds it sexy. This is what she’s going with, and if you don’t like that…then well…go fuck yourself. Watch one of her 23 films and fuck yourself to them. You won’t really care that the name is misleading by the time you’re finished.

Let’s just pretend you made it to the big time, and managed to score yourself a night alone with Bunny. Want to know the best way to turn her on? Yeah I bet you do, so I’m going to tell you. She likes sweet kisses on her neck. Kiss and lick her collarbone. When she starts to respond, reach down and squeeze her tits. Hold her tight, and grasp her with your whole hand. When you can tell she’s breathing hard, reach down in between her legs and test the snatch. It’s going to be pink and hot, trust me. I took some close-ups of that shit. Why don’t you finger her a little? I would. When you’re ready to really take things home, flip that bitch around and take her from behind. She likes to lie down on her tummy with a pillow under her hips for support. Once you’re sliding in and out of the sloppiest slippery slit you’ve ever had, make sure to thrust long, deep, and hard. Pull her hair a little. Leave a few pink slap marks across her fat butt cheeks. Do this, my friends, and you’re sure to elicit the ever sought after female orgasm. Whatever you do, know this…Bunny likes to reciprocate and is totally down to try whatever new and crazy shit you may think up, as long as you let her do that same to you. Take that as you want.

So there you have it. Don’t wait until Easter to eat the sweet parts off this cute little white chocolate Bunny. Head on over to and hit her up. Maybe if you beg enough she’ll get off the fence and start a real website of her own.

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Bunnys World

Bunnys World

Bunnys World

Description:This is Bunny's World, and we're all just living in it! She's round, with curves by the pound, and she sure knows how to get down!Runtime: 149 minutes

Stars:Bunny De La Cruz

Studio:Sensational Video



Heavy Duty 3

Heavy Duty 3

Heavy Duty 3

Description:Mr. Niche went out to find the cutest chubby girls he could find, dolled them up, dressed them in the sexiest get-ups and turned them loose on the horniest studs in the valley. The results are amazing!

Stars:Bunny De La Cruz,Elizabeth Rollins, Vanessa Lee

Studio:Mr. Niche



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BBW Heavy Tits #9 Channel 69 2008
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Big White Thunder Butts 1 Evasive Angles 2007
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Bunny's World Sensational Video 2011
Chubby Chasers #12 Filmco 2010
Blonde Women Black Men #4 Mile High Xtreme 2010
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Chubby 'N' Fucked Score Entertainment 2011
Chunky Chicks 38 Channel 69 2008
Giant White Greeze Butts 3 Evasive Angles 2007
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Voluptuous Biker Babes Adam & Eve 2008
Waist Watchers 3 Zero Tolerance 2008

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