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Carmella Bing

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Born: 10/21/1981
Aliases: Carmela, Carmela Bing, Carmela Richards, Carmella, Estelle, Mellons, Mrs Bing

Birth Name: Carmela Richards
Born: October 21, 1981 Salem, Oregon
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 129 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 38F
Waist: 26"
Hips: 34"

Carmella Bing was born in Salem, Oregon on October 21, 1981. Her heritage is a mix of Italian and Hawaiin (or Tahitian). Her mother was only 15 years old when Carmella was born and her father (24 at the time) soon disappeared from Carmella's life. Carmella found the attention from men she craved at a young age by sleeping around. She describes herself as a slutty kid who's grown into a nympho.

At 18 Carmella began dancing and became an escort. In 2004 after she had moved to Las Vegas, Carmella ballooned up to 195 pounds on her 5'10" frame. She spent months working the weight off and ended up getting her breasts enlarged as they shrunk. By November 2005 Carmella was ready to start making porn movies and appear on sites. She was hoping to become a porn star to raise her price as an escort. Being the horndog she is, she loved fucking on film and has decided not to leave the industry.
Carmella Bing is often billed as a busty Latin girl, a statement that is only partly true. The busty part is certainly accurate - for a while she performed under the name Mellons, and if you've ever seen Carmella, for instance in Big Fucking Titties #2 or Big Tit Anal Whores #3 you will have no questions as to why. And she is undeniably a girl, as she proves over and over in each scene she's in. But Latina? Well, her Myspace profile says she's Hawaiian and Italian, but other sources say she's got some Tahitian and Native American mixed in there too, so unless she speaks Latin, that part appears to be wrong. Information on Carmella's origins is hard to come by, though - various sources say she's from all over the place. In interviews she has claimed to be from Portland, but elsewhere you'll find California and Nevada listed as home ports.

So who is this mysterious beauty? Well, she's Carmella Bing and that's all we can say for sure. Interviews with her are a mass of contradictions, but we can say for certain she's the star of Bang My Tasty Twat #1 and Double Decker Sandwich #8. She says she went to college for a while in Portland, Oregon and that she moved to Vegas and started escorting and doing bachelor parties when she was 21. Davia Ardell introduced her to an agent, and from then on in, she was a sure thing. At an Amazonian 5'10" and sporting a set of 38F breasts, Carmella was nothing if not noticeable, and people noticed. In May, she said she had done maybe a hundred movies, which means they will be hitting shelves in droves over the next couple of months. One of the ones already out is her venture into Hustler territory in Taboo #7 - a venture that puts her one step closer to her goal of being a Hustler contract girl.

Well, even if you can't separate fact from fiction, one fact is indisputable: Carmella is hot. But you know what! Screw the facts. Just watch the movies. Check out her performances in Juicy Juggs, or watch her costarring with big-bust queens Gianna Michaels and Alexis Silver (as well as her friend and corrupter Davia) in Francesca's Juggies #4. If you're looking for something a little less jug-centric (to be fair, she has a nice ass, too), you might want to take a look at Jack's My First Porn #6 or Fuck Me Good #3. On the other hand, if you're looking for a Carmella Bing movie, why would you want something less jug-centric? Enjoy the jugs, that's what we say.

Carmella during a recent interview with Luke said some of her highlights as:

"I love the attention. I love the publicity. I like doing a Google search and seeing my name everywhere. I get to meet people I've only seen in movies. People recognize me. When I go to Vegas, I'm all the Seamless [strip club] billboards, the strip magazines, LA Weekly, Vegas Weekly, two-for-one drink cards, taxis.

"It's funny to go back and everybody says, 'Hey, you're Carmella Bing!'

"I come from a small town [Salem, 45-minutes drive from Portland].

"The July edition of Busty Beauties just came out. I said that I admire my mom.?

I told her about that and she's really happy.

"I've busted my ass. I'm proud of what I've done. I don't have a lot to show for it. I know it'll come back in time. ?

"I have brand new three cars. I've got myself into a situation where I have so much that I'm not able to afford it all at one time. You get yourself into a higher standard, your lifestyle is more expensive. I've got a rental car. I spend about a thousand bucks a week on clothes. If a director tells me they want something, that's what they're going to get. I love accessorizing my outfits."

"I was a dancer from the time I was 18. I was going to college at Portland State.

I moved to Vegas and started escorting at 21.

I did bachelor parties, not so much privates, but when I was with my girlfriends, and they'd say, 'Let's go out to the clubs.'

It was cool. We'd hang out with guys and they'd give us money to gamble.

"At bachelor parties, we'd get our double whammies out and lick each other and it was so much fun.

If you can party and have fun and get paid, what better life could there possibly be?

"I met Davia in Vegas through one of the VIP hosts. She has a porn star feature at Ice.

"I'm not a big drinker. I don't do drugs. I smoke a little pot every once in a while.

I'm laid back. All I want is to be normal.

I've got to be outrageous for a little while to be able to kick back and be normal.

All I want is a house with a white picket fence and have my boyfriend become a fireman.

That's what he wants. Have kids and be a family. That's the ultimate American dream."

Carmella Bing's Interests are:
General - Im NOT interested in hooking up for any reason. So for all the "Mr. Right Now" guys, dont waste your time. This is strictly promotional. Although I do enjoy replying back to fans and friends. I hope to keep you updated with all of my new releases, and hot pix!

Music - Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, Gorillas, Weezer, 50Cent, Rob Zombie, Korn, Blondie, LL Cool J, Pussy Cat Dolls, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Jack Johnson, Cypress Hill, Limp Bizkit, Sublime, E-40, T.I, Snoop Dogg, Lowdown, ZZ Top, Amerie, Papa Roach, Beonce' Knowels, Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Red Stripes, Evanesence, Nelly Fetado, Fergie, Paris Hilton, Ying Yang twins, Rick Ross...

Movies -,, Rub my muff, Whore, Rack em up, Big fucking titties, Taboo7, Big titted anal whores3, Goo 4 two 3, Top gun, Juggies4, Juggernauts5, DP wreckage...&; Many more to cum
Television - FAMILY GUY!!!, Desperate Housewives, CSI Las Vegas, Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, South Park, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Ren & Stimpy, Drawn Together...
Books - The Di Vinci Code, Illustrated Edition.
Heroes - Wonder Woman, Betty Paige, Stripperella, Aeon Flux, Angelina Jolie...
Groups - RANK'd, MODELS/ACTRESS INC., 18+ Adult Erotica Story Zone & Chat, Carmella Bing, CHRISTIAN CAGE - PROFESSIONAL PARTY CRASHER, FREAKJUNGLE.COM, New Mexico Dungeon, Dub Steve For President!









































Interview with Carmella:
Hi Carmella, how are you doing today? ---------------------
***I'm fabulous. Thank you. I was doing a little landscaping in my backyard. Literally. You can take that as an innuendo if you'd like. LOL...

Can you tell us about your MySpace page? ----------------
***Well, even though I swore I wouldn't become a MySpace whore, I signed on just couple months ago. I just got into it. I can't not have a bangin' a$$ page. Thank god MySpace moderators are cool. I didn't get deleted for a naughty pic. They simply erased it and notified me. :)

Didn't you work for Hustler? What was that like?------------
***Yes, I love Hustler. Mike Covacs and Thomas Zupko are my favorite directors. Hustler Taboo 7 is now available at a porn shop near you! I cant wait to see how the Zupko shoot came out. That was my favorite costume ever, and we distroyed it. :)

Where do you work in Vegas? What is is like?---------------
***No, I live in Vegas. I was working in LA, staying with my former agent while scheduled. I'm very happy to be at home relaxing.... Ahhhh.......

I read a recent blog where you called a guy a "fat whore #*#&ing pencil #*#^ cheap skate fugly #*#@." What did he do to pi$$ you off?--------------------------
***Oh, man. This dork was so persistent. Sent me a picture on my comments of a kitten with a gun in its face saying "send nudes or ill shoot the kitten!" I took that really personal. That was out of line, ya' know?! But no, dude this kid is probably 13 years old or just a cheap jerk. I don't care how lame their excuse is, unless I know them personally, I'm not sending anything but messages. All new releases and links will be on my page.

What is your relationship with LA Direct? -----------------
We no longer work together.

What's the best way for a director to book you?----------
***I'm taking some time off right now. I just want to relax. If I was contracted by (hint hint...) Hustler, I'd would be interested in getting back into the industry. I mean sh!t, I've only got 5 movies and a couple sites out, I've been booked solid since November 05. You'll see my face on new releases for at least a year from now. If directors are looking to book me, I will be available in a couple of months, just email me (

I also read that your hometown is LA. What do you think of LA?------------------------------------------------------
***I hate LA. I cant say why because I will be brutally honest. Just wanted to note that it had nothing to do with my agent or where I stayed. I live in Vegas.

Can you tell us something sweet about yourself. Feel free to brag.-----------------------------------------------------
My #ucking t!ttie$ are sweet. But you know what would be even more sweet? If I held them against you....

That would be sweet. What is your favorite charity?-------
***I think there could be some kind of cure for cancer by now. I have cancer in my family (both sides). Which no one in my family has ever smoked yet have these issues. I've smoked for 10+ years and I'm afraid I'm going to die. God that sounds so selfish. I have not been diagnosed with any kind of illness, and for that I am fortunate. I don't have a favorite charity. Cancer research, heart heath, and blood donations are very important me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?--------------------
***Retired from talent and onto my websites and production company.

Who is your favorite performer to work with on video?------
**I really enjoyed working with Christian. He is so tall, I wear 9" stilettos and he still has a few inches on me. I'm 5'10". As far as females I loved working with Sandra Romane. Shes a naughty girl! We had so much fun on a live ( show. It was really hot...

Have you ever considered a transition to any other careers?--------------------------------------------------
***I've already transitioned, over time I just make bigger and bigger investments.

Are you close to launching a major website?----------------
***Yes, I'm working on content for the site. I was thinking about making it a free site just until I get the content I need. You know, like cool pix, schedule with appearances, features, panties for sale, that kind of stuff... Should be up within a couple months.

What is your favorite hobby?------------------------------
***I just love being close to the water. Swimming, Boating, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Surfing... Mostly the Northwest (Oregon or Hawaii).

Can you tell us something surprising about Carmella?--------
*** I'm really down to earth. I'm not a snob. And I don't do domination, I have - but I'm not good at it. I guess I have that crazy look or something.

Well, it was good interviewing you. Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans and friends?-------------
*** I am so happy to see so much feed back I such a short time! I promise to you to always keep it hardcore! This is what gets me off, Its not the f*ck that excites me. Its when I look into that camera lens and I say "you," yes you. "You like that don't you?" Knowing how hard your beating your self, that you want to come for me. And when you do that energy is in me. Tha'ts what I strive for. I love to know Im getting you off. That's f*cking hot!!!

Well sweetheart, I am so happy that you did this interview with us. Thanks again. You have been wonderful.---------

Click Here for Carmella Bing All Movies Shop

Big Fucking Titties 2

Big Fucking Titties 2

Big Fucking Titties 2

Description: It's all here for you big tit afficionardos. All shapes and sizes of massive knockers are wobbling in all their glory as these busty babes get down and dirty. Tit jobs galore as they press the flesh just for you. Massive milk bags are jiggling and wobbling as they fuck, suck and take it in the ass. Grab a handful now! Runtime: 120 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Adrianna Nicole, Candy Manson, Carmen Hayes, Kala Prettyman

Studio: Acid Rain



Big Tits Boss 5

Big Tits Boss 5

Big Tits Boss 5

Description: Big Tits Boss is a focus on powerful women with big tits in the professional environment. Enjoy the hot and steamy hardcore action presented to you by Reality Kings. Nothing but the hottest big tittied women! This is dedicated to all the sexy women with big bouncy tits who are super freaks and just happen to be powerful (CEOs, Lawyers, CIOs, CFOs, etc). Runtime: 160 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Abbey Brooks, Audrey Bitoni, Jessica Bangkok, Priya Rai, Robyn Truelove

Studio: Reality Kings



Carmella Bing 1

Carmella Bing 1

Carmella Bing 1

Description: Carmella Bing is so hot in her black corset. Yet, we're glad she is wearing nothing else, which is great because she is already ready to spread and play, enjoying playing with that big clit as she rolls around on the couch. Runtime: 40 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing




Gianna Michaels Vs Carmella Bing

Gianna Michaels Vs Carmella Bing

Gianna Michaels Vs Carmella Bing

Description: Two busty super-sluts go toe to toe, putting their ball-draining skills to the test! This is one contest where everyone leaves a winner! Runtime: 231 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Gianna Michaels

Studio: Legend Video



Hot Sexy Plumpers 30

Hot Sexy Plumpers 30

Hot Sexy Plumpers 30

Description: Thick plumped BBWs get fucked! Huge bouncy titties! And meaty Asses! Can you handle all this ass? Huge tittied, chubby cocksuckers! These babes have some serious meat on them bones! We don't have time for skinny, waif - type girls! No, we want them chunky, with big asses and big titties! This is a must - see! Runtime: 179 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Alix Lakehurst, Anna Kay, Camelia Davis, Dors Feline, Scarlet Rouge, Simone

Studio: Sensational Video



Hustlers Chubby Chasin

Hustlers Chubby Chasin

Hustlers Chubby Chasin

Description: Junk in the trunk and more cushion for the pushin'! That's what these voluptuous vixens have to offer. So go ahead! Grab on to her round apple bottom and suck hard on those DD tittes. One thing's for sure - when she's got a little more to love, she's got a lot more to fuck you with! Runtime: 114 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Emma Cummings, Jenna Presley, Lisa Daniels, Topanga Fox, James Deen, Van Damage, Nina Mercedez, Taylor Kurtis

Studio: Hustler



Moms A Cheater 12

Moms A Cheater 12

Moms A Cheater 12

Description: You thought your best friend's mom was a goody two shoes? Well, think again! Watch hot, sexy MILFs run around like wild whores fucking like wild animals and cheating on their loser husbands! Enjoy! Runtime: 169 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Mackenzie Star

Studio: Incredible Digital



My First Sex Teacher 13

My First Sex Teacher 13

My First Sex Teacher 13

Description: Education was never quite like this! And staying after class was never so hot! Come and check out even more hot teacher-on-student fucking in My First Sex Teacher #13.

Stars: Carmella Bing, Brenda James, Emma Starr, Joclyn Stone, Kylie Ireland

Studio: Naughty America



Porno Movie 5

Porno Movie 5

Porno Movie 5

Description: Do you know what you're watching? It's a Porno Movie, of course. The perfect title for this movie! No guesswork, nothing to think about. Tells you exactly what you want to know. And these girls show you just what you want to see! Runtime: 132 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing

Studio: Simon Wolf Productions



Rack em Up

Rack em Up

Rack em Up

Description: Satisfy your big breasted fantasies with these hot whores sporting bomb ass tits made for jizz jerking. Get lost in bouncy mounds of oversized mammary and bang away at these silicone sweethearts till your steaming jizz covers every handful of their mountainous melons! Runtime: 125 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Brooke Haven, Eva Angelina, Mika Tan, Stacy Thorn

Studio: Tightfit HD



Racked And Stacked 2

Racked And Stacked 2

Racked And Stacked 2

Description: God in his infinite wisdom blesses some women with colossal jugs or astronomic asses, and the foxy sluts of Racked And Stacked want to share what the good lord gave them - with everyone they can! If whopping un-restrainable boobs and salacious oversized butts sound good to you, then you're in the right place. If you prefer bony bitches, move along jerk! Runtime: 134 minutes

Stars: Carmella Bing, Veronica Rayne, Jen Stefani, Megan Reece, Rico Montana

Studio: Pink Visual



Carmella Bing Complete Filmography:

2 Girls For Every Guy 2 Acid Rain 2006
A Big Tit Christmas Brazzers 2010
Anal Asspirations 7 Diabolic 2007
Anal Buffet Evil Angel 2008
Anal Recruiters 2 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Anally Yours... Love, Carmella Bing Hustler 2007
Angels of Debauchery 7 Evil Angel 2007
Ass For Days 8 Diabolic 2009
Ball Honeys 4 Bangbros 2005
Bang My Tasty Twat Platinum X 2006
Bang My Tits Sensational Videos 2007
Best of Roxy Jezel and Carmella Bing Acid Rain 2006
Big Fucking Titties 2 Acid Rain 2006
Big Fucking Titties 4 Acid Rain 2007
Big Fucking Titties 5 Acid Rain 2007
Big Mommy Boobs New Sensations 2006
Big Tit Anal Whores 3 Platinum X 2006
Big Tit Fixation Tom Byron Pictures 2009
Big Tit MILF Mafia 6 Magnus 2011
Big Tits At Work 5 Brazzers 2008
Big Tits Boss Reality Kings 2007
Big Tits in Sports 2 2009
Big Tits Round Asses 4 Bangbros 2007
Big Titty Freaks Exquisite 2009
Big Wet Tits 6 Elegant Angel 2008
Bitch Demolition
Blow Me 14 Demolition 2007
Blow Me 19 Demolition 2008
Boob Bangers 5 Evil Angel 2008
Breast Worship 2 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Brianna Love Is Buttwoman Elegant Angel 2007
Brianna Love Oversexed Red Light District 2006
Brunettes Eat More Cum VCA 2006
Busty Beauties - Delicious Tits Hustler 2007
Busty Beauties - Flotation Devices Hustler 2007
Busty Beauties - More Than a Handful 2 Hustler 2006
Busty Beauties 23 Hustler 2006
Busty Housewives Elegant Angel 2008
Carmella Bing Loves Cock Hustler 2009
Cleavage Teravision 2008
Craving Big Cocks 14 New Sensations 2006
Cum Out on Top - Gianna Michaels vs. Carmella Bing Reality Kings 2010
Curvaceous Vivid 2007
Curvy Cuties 4 Loaded Digital 2009
Curvy Girls 4 Elegant Angel 2009
Curvy Pervy Girls Spice Studios 2008
Devil in Miss Jones - The Resurrection Vivid 2010
Don't Make Me Beg Evil Angel 2009
Double Decker Sandwich 8 Zero Tolerance 2006
DP Wreckage 4 Maximum Xposure 2006
Exposed Hustler 2006
Finger Fun Acid Rain 2007
Finger Fun 4 Acid Rain 2008
Finger Fun 5 Acid Rain 2008
Francesca's Juggies 4 Le Wood Productions 2006
Fuck My Tits 3 Elegant Angel 2007
Gag on This 14 Acid Rain 2006
Girls That Like To Get Wet Hustler 2010
Goo 4 Two 3 Zero Tolerance 2006
Hardcore Whores 2 Platinum X 2006
Hot Sexy Plumpers 30 Sensational Videos 2011
Housewife 1 on 1 5 Naughty America 2006
Hustler's Beaver Hunt 7 Hustler 2006
Hustler's Best Breasts Hustler 2009
Hustler's Superstar Brunettes Hustler 2010
Hustler's Taboo 7 Hustler 2006
In the Army Now Vivid 2008
i-Rock Vivid 2008
Jack's POV 9 Digital Playground 2007
Jack's Teen America 19 Digital Playground 2005
Juggernauts 5 Mayhem 2006
Juicy Juggs Torrid 2006
Just Tease Elegant Angel 2009
Licensed to Blow Adam and Eve 2007
Load Warriors Evil Angel 2008
Masturbation Nation 5 Tom Byron Pictures 2009
Meet the Twins 14 Overboard Video 2007
Mikayla Mendez - Sexy Bitch Wicked 2008
MILF Internal 3 Hundies 2007
Moms A Cheater 12 Incredible Digital 2007
Multiple Chicks On One Dick 2 Lethal Hardcore
My First Porn 6 Digital Playground 2005
My First Sex Teacher 12 Naughty America 2007
My First Sex Teacher 13 Naughty America 2008
My Gigantic Toys 3 Devil's Films 2008
My Wife's A Tramp Penthouse 2009
Naughty America - 4 Her 2 Naughty America 2007
Naughty Office 4 Naughty America 2006
Naughty Staff 2 Twistys 2010
Only Handjobs 4 Loaded Digital 2006
Oral Antics 4 Loaded Digital 2005
Porn Fidelity 6 Kelly Madison Productions 2006
Pornstar Athletics 2 Reality Junkies 2009
Pornstars Like it Big Brazzers 2008
POV Casting Couch 22 Legend 2007
Pure Carmella Porn Fidelity 2007
Pussy Cum Cocktails Hustler 2006
Rack It Up Diabolic 2007
Real Wife Stories 6 2010
Rub My Muff 10 Demolition 2006
Seance Private 2009
Sex Fiends 5 Platinum X 2007
Sodom 4 Sin City 2007
Sorority Bash Gang Bang Demolition 2009
Spread 'Em Wide Open Fifth Element 2006
Suck 'Em Fuck 'Em Squeeze 'Em Tease 'Em 7 Big Top 2007
Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2 Elegant Angel 2008
Taboo - Treat Me Like A Whore Hustler 2011
Taboo Fetish Fanatics Hustler 2010
Tasty Titties 4 Demolition 2009
Teen Summer Gang Bang Acid Rain 2008
Tit Worship 2 Exquisite 2007
Top Guns 5 Mercenary Pictures 2006
Top Heavy 4 818 XXX 2007
Voluptuous 2 Sin City 2010
Welcome To Boobsville Adam and Eve 2009
Wet Food 2 Evil Angel 2007
Whore Acid Rain 2006
Xaviers House Of Tits Big Top 2008

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