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Claudia Ferrari
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Claudia Ferrari

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Born: 2/16/1977
Aliases: Angel, Angel Madrid, Christina, Claudia, Hana, Hanna, Magalie, Romana, Tina Crystal, Vanessa

Date of Birth: 2/16/1977 Budapest, Hungary
Starting Year: 2002 (approximately 25 years old)
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Measurements: 36CĖ27Ė36
Height: 5'7 1.70 cm.
Weight: 59kg 130Lb.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Ethnic Origin: Hungarian

Another Bombshell story out of HungaryÖ Is there something in the water they askÖ We must conclude based on the facts, pure devotion and desire to succeed, get ahead, and the ever infamous line ďjust do itĒ has worked well for the growing number of starlets coming from this magical wonderland of Hungary. There is no shortage of beauty offered in this little vixen, many dreams to come true across the many fans she will influence.

Dreams of something more was the driving force for this doll to strive out and delight the crowds. Quoted as saying ĒI visioned the same as many others a nice car and a big house, near to an American dreamĒ. I put my assets to work for me as you would say, money where my mouth would be or something like that.

The market seems always in demand for a fresh ďfaceĒ and I feel that is the easiest of steps to deliver. I enjoy sex just as much as the next person (maybe more so) and it made sense to utilize a skill I know well makes for a natural talent and simple transition to money.

Where I grew up I quickly found the Industry was not geared for the large scale (similar to Hollywood) style of acting or productions, so I ventured where the flow would go.

I have most recently branched out into dance shows and adult burlesque style shows in Europe with my favorite being in the Italian scenes. Striptease is quite fun as your audience varies and I love to dance, club and ultra modern music really is a fun atmosphere for me. The Vegas scene would be a great attraction for me as I see a lot of great successes move through that area. The nightlife would be quite a blast as well, as I see on tv and hear from friends.

The current travel is quite tough to develop any kind of personal life but I remember to enjoy the run while it lasts as in any show biz style career your only as good as your previous gig and hope the last one leads to another future opportunity. My boyfriend likes my work choice (more so when Iím doing girl/girl scenes of course but he is well supportive in whatever I do. That is why I tend to opt more for the striptease these days as it lends more to my smooth at home life, and the money seems to be just fine. I really do visualize him throughout the scenes with other men, more of a psychological place to go to help set the mood and balance the emotions as well.

Not as an excuse or anything but the porn has really helped me to bring a bunch more passion home with me and opens up quite a ďpandoraís box of funĒ for my boyfriend and I. He trusts me a lot through my choices and meets with some of the actors and actresses as I choose work, not as a manager but more to feel involved I feel.

This business is more stressful than challenging, it all depends on the director or direction of the scene, where timing is crucial, some have it some donít. I really like the scenes best when there is some skilled acting involved, while sex is fun the production is that much more exciting for me. The atmosphere is my real turn on, lightsÖ camera .. orgasm for me!, the public feel of it really stimulates my senses well.

When the adult biz slows down I plan to work in hospitality and restaurant type of vocation. I have plans for pubs, cafťís and other public initiativeís. Looks, donít fail me now, I say and I will be in this for the long haul or until something better comes along.



Claudia Ferrari My name is Claudia Ferrari, I was born in Hungary, Iím 25 years old and I work in adult movies

C. Ferrari : Because I wanted a big car, a nice house.. and porn was the way to achieve that. So I started out about two years ago.

Just for the money?
C. Ferrari : Yes, the main reason is money. Of course, I like travelling and I like sex too.

Sex in third place?
C. Ferrari : Well yes, thatís how I see it (laughs)
So why porn and not something else? Youíve got the looks to do all kinds of things.
C. Ferrari : Well, in Budapest itís practically impossible to make mainstream movies, for example. The actors donít make any money.. and that makes porn a lot more attractive.

Are you happy in this profession?
C. Ferrari : Yes, I do adult films, but in Italy I have my own show. In Milan and in Rome I dance and do striptease.

Did you start out as a stripper?
C. Ferrari : No, I started out in porn and when Iíd made a name for myself I found there were a lot of opportunities in striptease. I got bookings from bars and discos and now I do somereally amazing shows.

Is that kind of work easy to do?
C. Ferrari : No, itís not easy, itís hard.

Would you rather do something else if you had the choice?
C. Ferrari : Yes, but where I come from it wasnít worth it. I worked in cosmetics and I never had any cash. This job means you can earn good money.

Do you plan for the future or do you spend the money youíve worked so hard to get?
C. Ferrari : I plan my future. I have a pub in Budapest, and Iíll be opening a restaurant soon.

So you can be the manager when you retire from porno?
C. Ferrari : Yes, thatís the idea. And there will be shows in both places.

Will you do live shows in your own club?
C. Ferrari : No, no, I hadnít thought of that, but itís a great idea.

So howís your love life? Do you have a boyfriend?
C. Ferrari : Yes, and Iím very happy.

Is he involved in adult movies?
C. Ferrari : No, heís in the army.

And what does he think about your job?
C. Ferrari : Well, I try to stick to girl / girl scenes (laughs)
C. Ferrari :to watch your films?
C. Ferrari: No, not at all. Thatís why Iíll only carry on for a couple of years and then retire.

What do you like best when youíre having sex?
C. Ferrari : I like sex in my private life. Porn is a job, and when Iím having sex in front of the cameras I try to make sure everything works as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

You donít really like what you do, do you?
C. Ferrari : Sure, sometimes I do, but I donít do things if I donít want to, or at least I try not to. A few years ago I used to do DPs but now I only agree to do them once in a while. I try to work in big-budget productions and when itís necessary Iíll do DP or anal, but I have to say that I feel more comfortable with vaginal sex.

Would you like to give up porn and work in mainstream movies?
C. Ferrari : No, I never considered it. I love doing my striptease shows, I really enjoy that, and I feel great dancing for a live audience. I donít have that dream of crossing over to mainstream movies. No.

You have clear ideas about your work. Tell me would you like to do a sex scene with a mainstream actor?
C. Ferrari : Yes, my choice would be Keanu Reeves.

Tell me about your sexiest fantasy.
C. Ferrari : My fantasies are all about sex in my private life. Iíd like to have a threesome with my boyfriend and another girl.

What about a threesome with two men?
C. Ferrari : No, with a woman.

Are you a jealous person?
C. Ferrari : No, Iím not the jealous type.

And what does your boyfriend say about this fantasy of yours?
C. Ferrari : Well, nothing. Heís a soldier and heís very strict.

ďThe solider and the porn star.Ē Sounds like the title of film.
C. Ferrari : Yes, but itís not a film (laughs)

Does working in porn make you happy?
C. Ferrari : Well most of the time I feel great. I like scenes where I have to act, I really enjoy them, but like I said, I want to move on some time in the future.

Could you define porn in a few words?
C. Ferrari : Porn is my job.

Which actors do you feel most comfortable with?
C. Ferrari : With Lauro Giotto: heís amazing.

What do you think the actors that have worked with you remember you for?
C. Ferrari : I donít have any particular specialty that Iím passionate about in porn. In my private life I do. You see,
when youíre filming, the director will tell you over and over again what you have to do, and you wind up feeling tense.

And in your private life?
C. Ferrari : In my private life Iím a passionate lover and I think thatís the best specialty of all at least it is for me.

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Asses Up 2

Asses Up 2

Asses Up 2

Description:The first volume was so good we had to follow up with more. More hot euro-babes who love hard cock in their pussies and ass and then beg to drink cum! Covergirl Claudia Ferrari spreads her ass and takes it deep - so cute and yet so nasty! Asses Up! #2 from Badass Pictures, specializing in hardcore anal.Runtime: 124 minutes

Stars: Claudia Ferrari, Vanessa Hill

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Cum Catchers 2

Cum Catchers 2

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Lex Drill's Anal Thrills 2

Lex Drill's Anal Thrills 2

Lex Drill's Anal Thrills 2

Description: 100% pure anal! This deep-ass excavation will leave you aching for more! DVD Features:Behind the Scenes, Interactive Menu, Large Photo Gallery, Chapter Selection, Sub Chapter, Playable Worldwide, Running Time: 140 Minutes

Stars: Claudia Ferrari, Ashley Long, Katsuni

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Private Gold - The Millionaire

Private Gold - The Millionaire

Private Gold - The Millionaire

Description:We brought you the best-selling and multi-award winning movies Private Gladiator and Cleopatra, but prepare to be amazed by The Millionaire! It's one of the most ambitious projects ever to be undertaken in the history of adult cinema and Private has done it! The filming of this two-part adventure took over seven months to complete, transporting the cast and crew across three continents. We created sets of stunning luxury, historical settings of pure authenticity, helicopter rides, vintage cars, a forty foot millionaire's yacht, breathtaking villas and mansions, showing you how the real millionaires live! Private Tropical director Alessandro Del Mar is the mastermind behind this groundbreaking project, handpicking eleven gorgeous temptresses to help him create this exciting adventure of luxury, passion, intrigue, danger and hardcore sex all interwoven into a non-stop adventure in paradise! Helen Morris discovers the secret that will lead to the location of millions of dollars worth of Nazi treasure that was hidden during World War II. The location will only be revealed when four pieces of a treasure map are found. The only problem is that they are hidden in different places around the world. Part one takes you to Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Rome and the Caribbean paradises of St. Martin and Santo Domingo. And in each place some of the most beautiful girls on the planet get their asses filled to the brim with thick cocks. So fasten your seat belt because it's going to be a very horny ride! Runtime: 101 minutes

Stars: Claudia Ferrari, Simony Diamond, Jessica May, Lucy Lee, Silvia Lancome, Stacy Silver, Cindy Lord, Elen Nevaril, Alexa May, Delfinn Delage, Tina Crystal

Studio: Private



The Best By Private 148 - No Fake Boobs Allowed

The Best By Private 148 - No Fake Boobs Allowed

The Best By Private 148 - No Fake Boobs Allowed

Description: Natural boobs are a treat for hungry mouths, natural big boobs are also a treat for your eyes. Grab a handful of delicious, natural tit meat free of artificial additives! Orgasmically organic!Runtime: 117 minutes

Stars: Claudia Ferrari, Anastasia Christ, Claudia Ferrari, Jane Darling, Laura Lion, Krystal De Boor, Rita Faltoyano

Studio: Private



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