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Gia Paloma

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Born: 6/27/1984
Aliases: Gia

Starting Year: 2003
Hometown :Diamond Bar, California, USA
Measurements: 34C-25-38
Height: 5'1
Weight: 115 lb (52 kg; 8.2 st)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Ethnic Origin: Italian

Paloma grew up in Walnut, California and is of Italian ancestry. Her stage name comes from Gia, a 1998 movie in which Angelina Jolie played model Gia Carangi, and Paloma, the Spanish word for dove and the name of Pablo Picasso's daughter. Paloma originally worked at a Starbucks before doing porn. She got into the business because she needed money and also to get back at an ex-boyfriend. Known for her aggressive double penetrations and edgy sex scenes, Paloma has made her mark for her willingness to try anything in her videos. In particular, Paloma is the first pornographic actress to receive a donkey punch on film.

Paloma overdosed on cocaine in January 2005 in which her pulse increased to over three times a "normal" rate. She recovered quickly and returned to signing autographs at an Anabolic booth the next day, followed by an appearance at the AVN Awards (where she received a trophy for "Best All-Girl Sex Scene").

Paloma was a contract director for a company called New Boundaries in 2005. She signed a performing contract with Extreme Associates while still in the middle of her directing contract. She ended her contract with Extreme Associates in May 2006. Paloma has directed four titles so far, three were included in her series Nasty, Hard Sex and the collaborative title with her ex-husband, Coffee Ron, entitled Domestic Disturbance.

Gia Paloma ended a four year run of adult performances in February 2007. She now works as a full-time make-up artist. She has a short appearance in Charlie Band's Decadent Evil 2, in the opening credits, and a full role in John Lechago's Bio Slime as a character by the name of Annie. Both are non-sex roles in feature-length horror movies. Paloma is working with Doug Sakman for his upcoming horror-porn featurette titled Evil Head.

Gia Paloma wed Extreme Associates director Coffee Ron on October 2005 but divorced him. She later married Naughty America director, and ex adult performer, Tommy Pistol in December 2007.


* 2004 CAVR Female Performer of the Year
* 2005 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Video) Ė The Violation of Audrey Hollander (with Audrey Hollander, Ashley Blue, Tyla Wynn, Brodi & Kelly Kline)
* 2005 XRCO Award for Best Girl/Girl Ė The Violation of Audrey Hollander









































Interviewed by Roger T. Pipe

[Roger] > We are here with Gia Paloma in the Extreme Associates booth. Thank you Gia.

[Gia] > You are quite welcome.

[Roger] > How long have you been in the business?

[Gia] > I have been in the industry since October of 2003 so two and a half years.

[Roger] > And this is our first interview?

[Gia] > Yes it is.

[Roger] > Have you been avoiding me?

[Gia] > No, thatís not it. I feel like I live under a rock and only come out to get ass fucked.

[Roger] > Why would that make it bad for you to come see me?

[Gia] > Well if that is what you want, letís set that up.

[Roger] > You have been with Extreme for a while now.

[Gia] > Yes, I have been under contract since May of 2005. That was the same month I got my new titties.

[Roger] > I have many photos of you showing them off at XRCO. You seem quite proud of them.

[Gia] > My doctor did a wonderful job.

[Roger] > Letís talk more about you. Where are you from?

[Gia] > I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Walnut, California. Now I live in the Valley.

[Roger] > At what age did you discover the wonderful world of pornography?

[Gia] > I was nineteen. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, was very horny but scared to go out and have sex with strangers. I figured, what could be better than getting paid to get laid. I have loved it ever since.

[Roger] > Did you contact an agent?

[Gia] > Jim South is the man. Open up the LA Weekly and there you go.

[Roger] > What were you doing before porn?

[Gia] > I was a barista at Starbucks.

[Roger] > Nice. Have you been back since?

[Gia] > I have and itís kind of funny. The people I worked with never thought I would make it. On my last day my boss told me that if it doesnít work out I would always have a job.

[Roger] > Do you think they have seen your work?

[Gia] > No. A lot of them are very good boys and girls who probably havenít watched any of my movies.

[Roger] > What about the people you grew up with?

[Gia] > Itís hard to say. I moved around a lot. I donít even know.

[Roger] > Do you think the people you went to school with would be surprised?

[Gia] > For sure. I have heard from some people on MySpace from kids I went to high school with and they canít believe it.

[Roger] > Were you a really good girl in school?

[Gia] > I had a long-term boyfriend, but I was the party girl. I was the girl that all the boys loved and all the girls hated.

[Roger] > Did the boys love you because were you cute or because you were putting out?

[Gia] > Well there is a funny story that goes along with that. I was thirteen when I had sex for the first time. I had never given a blowjob. I gave the worst blowjob of my life. The guy told me to treat it like a popsicle. I donít suck popsicles though, I lick them. So I just licked his cock.

[Roger] > Iíll bet it still worked for him.

[Gia] > You know I think it did.

[Roger] > Who was he?

[Gia] > He was the older brother of one of my friends.

[Roger] > How much older?

[Gia] > Six years older. My mom actually taught him in elementary school. I was in Girl Scouts with his sister and he was my sixth grade camp counselor.

[Roger] > That is a pretty hot story. How long after that first time did you wait to try again?

[Gia] > Thatís when I discovered my first addiction. I was still in junior high and we had uniforms. It was June of 98 and I was walking between classes. All of a sudden I felt the breeze blowing past my pussy. I had never really noticed that before. All I could think about was having a cock in me after that. I called him right up and had to have more.

[Roger] > Was that first time an OK experience?

[Gia] > It was great and it kept getting better. I slept with thirteen guys before I found my boyfriend.

[Roger] > So you were a very popular girl?

[Gia] > (She laughs) I learned quickly.

[Roger] > You had sex with thirteen guys in school so somewhere around one hundred and thirteen guys probably claimed to have had sex with you.

[Gia] > Exactly.

[Roger] > Since youíve been in the business about how many movies have you done?

[Gia] > The last time I checked, it was around a hundred and sixty five or so.

[Roger] > Do you remember your first movie?

[Gia] > I do. It was with Juan Cuba and Rick Masters. They did a DP on me.

[Roger] > Are those the kind of guys you were attracted to and used to fucking?

[Gia] > Oh of course. (Long pause) They are both very sweet, total gentlemen. I had never done anal before and they helped make it good.

[Roger] > So your first scene was also your first anal encounter?

[Gia] > Yes.

[Roger] > None of the guys in school went after that ass?

[Gia] > My boyfriend tried, but he was scared. Itís a very large and intimidating ass.

[Roger] > It isnít that large. Itís more inviting than intimidating. I canít believe no one tried. Iíve been trying to fuck your ass since I sat down here.

[Gia] > Maybe he was thinking that once he stuck it in he wouldnít be able to get it back out.

[Roger] > That could be. Iím sure he was happy to put it in other places that are less painful for you.

[Gia] > Who says that it hurts?

[Roger] > Did it hurt the first time?

[Gia] > No.

[Roger] > Who was it, Rick or Juan?

[Gia] > It was Rick.

[Roger] > At least they didnít start you out with Mandingo.

[Gia] > No. Thank God. I might have been a Jill Kelly girl if they tried that.

[Roger] > So you started porn with fourteen sexual partners in your resume.

[Gia] > Yes I did.

[Roger] > Thatís not a lot. Itís more sex with guys than I have, but Iím just not as big a slut as you are.

[Gia] > Youíre such a good boy.

[Roger] > Of those hundred and sixty titles, what are some that the readers should look out for?

[Gia] > Definitely ďDawn of the Head.Ē Itís an amazing movie. Itís from Evolution Erotica and was directed by Ivan. I am a huge horror fan so all of his spin offs excite me. He pays a lot of attention to detail and the chemistry between the performers. I also shot a scene for Jim Powers in ďFilthy Things 2.Ē We were in a USC frat house, surrounded by over 200 frat boys. There was beer flying everywhere. Dave Hardman and I were getting it on in front of all of them. It was crazy. Also ďFuck the SystemĒ for Rob Rotten over at Metro. It was one of the last scenes I shot before my contract. We shot it at the Anarchy Library with the Smut Peddlers playing behind us.

[Roger] > When the scene was done, did the frat guys get to bang you?

[Gia] > I wish. My roommate kept saying ďwe have to go.Ē I really wanted to bang them. They helped me in the shower instead.

[Roger] > Letís talk about ďDawn of the Head.Ē You played the head of the ZIPS. Without giving too much away, the zombies must be covered in semen. How does a nice girl like you become the head of a group that goes around semenizing faces?

[Gia] > Trial and error my friend.

[Roger] > You had two great scenes at the end of that movie.

[Gia] > Yes I did.

[Roger] > The movie was nominated for Best Feature and you are one of the reasons why.

[Gia] > Thank you.

[Roger] > You handled the dialog really well. Is that a part of the business that you like?

[Gia] > Ever since I was a little kid and I was going to church, I always did the plays and musicals. I always had big roles and itís fun for me. I love role playing of any sort. Whether itís a script or just ad libbing. I love to pretend.

[Roger] > So we can take this interview right into a little role playing of our own? Itís too late for me to use the ďIíll make you a starĒ line.

[Gia] > But you can make me a bigger star.

[Roger] > I have some trophies back in my hotel room.

[Gia] > Oh baby. I like trophies.

[Roger] > How tall are you?

[Gia] > I donít know. I thought I was 5í2Ē, but when Iím around people who are 5í2Ē I seem to tower over them.

[Roger] > Measurements?

[Gia] > 34d sometimes dd, 25 and 30.

[Roger] > Before the implants you were not a flat chested girl.

[Gia] > No, when I got into the business I was a natural 36d.

[Roger] > I remember. There is a special stain in my office for each breast.

[Gia] > (She laughs) Well thank you. What about the new ones?

[Roger] > Weíre working on that. It appears that they are closing up the booth, so letís wrap up. Do you have a web site?

[Gia] > Yes, I will start feature dancing at the end of this month.

[Roger] > Have you danced before?

[Gia] > I danced for one month and I dance all the time when I get drunk. You can check out the site to see all of the tour dates. You can also order movies and see pictures of me at

[Roger] > Favorite guys to work with?

[Gia] > Mark Davis. I love, love, love him. Rob Rotten, Kris Justice.

[Roger] > Anyone you want to work with?

[Gia] > Rocco. I want to work with Rocco.

[Roger] > Thatís all we have time for, so thank you Gia.

[Gia] > Thank you Roger.

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All the Way In 3

All the Way In 3

All the Way In 3

Description: These chicks are ready to take it All The Way In and they won't spare an inch! Here's four hours of ass cramming, throat banging, pussy stuffing hardcore that you won't want to miss!

Stars: Eva Angelina,Gia Paloma,Katja Kassin, Luci Thai, Michelle B., Selena Silver, Aria, Dakota, Jasmine Lynn

Studio: Acid Rain



Artcore 2 - Toilet Girl

Artcore 2 - Toilet Girl

Artcore 2 - Toilet Girl

Description: It's time again for another installment in this award-nominated series (Venus Awards - Germany, AVN Awards - USA). Toilet Girl is a non-stop sexual assault of the body, the mind and maybe even the soul. Science fiction themed, the sex is incredible. A brutal collision of gonzo and feature, Toilet Girl will leave your sexual senses satiated yet salivating for more. Enjoy this Artcore sensation, it will likely flush all your normal thoughts down the drain.

Stars: Gia Paloma, Teagan Presley, Mike Horner, Mr. Marcus, Scott Nails, Heather Hunt, Porsha Blaze, Alberto Rey, Brian Surewood, Jessica Darlin, Lani Lei, Tony T., Seth Dickens

Studio: Anabolic



Butts 2 Nuts

Butts 2 Nuts

Butts 2 Nuts

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Stars: Gia Paloma, Caily Taylor, Francesca Sin

Studio: No Boundaries



Gag Me Then Fuck Me

Gag Me Then Fuck Me

Gag Me Then Fuck Me

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Stars: Gia Paloma, Stacy Thorn, Tory Lane, Rita Faltoyano, Lee Stone, Tina Fine, Benjamin Brat, George Uhl, Kurt Lockwood, Sascha Libido, Otto Bauer

Studio: Acid Rain



The Dark Side

The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Description: The black hole is here! Witness the power of The Dark Side with Marco Banderas. Mercenary Pictures pulls the wool over your eyes and takes you on a journey from which you may not want to return! Runtime: 180 minutes

Stars: Annette Schwarz, Gia Paloma, Ice La Fox, Mika Tan, Lacey Duvalle, Lexington Steele, John Strong, Marco Banderas

Studio: Mercenary Pictures



Totally Anal 5

Totally Anal 5

Totally Anal 5

Description: All butt and nothing but! These dirty little sluts love nothing better than to squat on a cock and cram it all the way up their ass! Watch as they ride those cocks hard and fast, letting every inch of that meat plunge deep into their hot and willing cavities! Runtime (Stream, Download): 87 minutes

Stars: Christina Bella, Dora Venter, Gia Paloma, Anita Armani, Niki Montana

Studio: CDI



True Whores

True Whores

True Whores

Description: True Whores are a special breed. They don't just grow on trees. Sometimes it comes naturally and with others it takes years to groom a successful ho. The first requirement is a willingness to submit to a double cock pounding, and of course they must all stand in the firing line of huge cumshots and lick up the gooey mess, as illustrated in this four hour flick. Runtime (Stream, Download): 208 minutes

Stars: Ashley Blue, Ava Devine, Gia Paloma, Jayna Oso, Luci Thai, Nikky Blond, Rio Mariah, Taylor Rain,

Studio: Pure Filth



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All About Ass 17 Legend Video 2003
Babysitter 17 Notorious 2003
Bang My White Tight Ass 10 Pure Filth 2003
Big Wet Asses 1 Elegant Angel 2003
Chunky Pizza Party Skintight 2003
Double Reamed And Creamed Mayhem 2003
Gag Factor 14 JM Productions 2003
Girlvert 5 JM Productions 2003
Kelly The Coed 17 Heatwave 2003
Liquid Gold 8 JM Productions 2003
Pink Eye 5 Notorious 2003
Secrets Exposed Smash Pictures 2003
Sodomized Mayhem 2003
Sole Man 1 JM Productions 2003
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Rubber Masquerade 2 Sunset Media 2007
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Sick Chixxx Sex Z Pictures 2007
Slutty and Sluttier 2 Evil Angel 2007
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Sperm Drains Red Light District 2007
Suburban Sex Parties Critical X 2007
Tastes Like Cum 2 Juicy Entertainment 2007
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279 More Pop Shots JM Productions 2008
All About Anal 5 Sex Z Pictures 2008
All in the Family Multimedia Pictures 2008
Amorous Sexcapades Wicked Pictures 2008
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Bitch 3 Demolition 2008
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Double Ass Meat-Injection Sweet Pictures 2008
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Horat Pink Lotus Entertainment 2008
MILF Hookers 2 Rapture Entertainment 2008
My Friends Are Fucking My Mom 1 Mile High 2008
Nut Busters 10 Anarchy 2008
Perversions 1 Critical X 2008
Pornstar Anal Sluts DNA 2008
Possessed By Sex Mile High 2008
Sex Gallery Adam & Eve 2008
Sinful Fucks Sin City 2008
Smoking Interviews 3 Julie Simone Productions 2008
Spunk'd 8 3rd Degree 2008
Sword Swallowers XXX Sale Pictures 2008
Take It Off Anarchy 2008
Team Squirt 4 Vivid 2008
Teen MILF 7 Avalon Enterprises 2008
Those Fucking Neighbors 2 Hardcore Next Door 2008
101 Natural Beauties Video Team 2009
Anal Adventures Rosebud 2009
Ass The New Pussy 3rd Degree 2009
Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr vs Annette Schwarz Evil Angel 2009
Creamy Faces Metabolic 2009
Games of Love Wicked Pictures 2009
Joanna Angel's Totally Screwed Out of a Shower Club Jenna 2009
Totally Natural Nymphos 11 Totally Tasteless 2009
We DP The Babysitter Filmco Releasing 2009
Young Tight Pussies 2 Filmco Releasing 2009
Devil in Bed Wicked Pictures 2010
Bondage Girl-A-Go-Go JM Productions 2011
Charlie's Devils Zero Tolerance 2011
Dirty Fuck Dolls Barracuda 2011
Fresh Bluebird Films 2011
Graphic DP 3 Evil Angel 2011
Hot Sex 2 Evolution Erotica 2011
ASSministrators ASSistant Wicked Pictures 2012
College Coeds Take On All Cummers Filmco Releasing 2012
Playgirl's Hottest: Leather And Lace Playgirl 2012
Triple "D" Her Totally Tasteless 2012
Two In My Butt Hustler Video 2012
Whole Lot Of Ass Filmco Releasing 2012

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