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Naomi Russell

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Born: 9/25/1983
Aliases: Nyomi Russell ,Naomi

Birthday: September 25, 1983
Born: Naomi Devosh Dechter
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Years Active: 2005-2009
Nationality/Heritage: Israeli/Slovak
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 32B-25-39
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)
Shoe Size: 8

Naomi was born the daughter of a Rabbi and was home schooled until the age of 13 a model learner and quick wit would get this girl in many doors left closed to many others. She took odd jobs with in the legal and medical fields until her adult film career began a few short years later at the age of 18.

The first scene she did was in August 2, 2005, in the film Cum Fiesta. Her specialties include fetish work, and films that focus on her large posterior. In this respect, her work and her appeal can be compared with the contemporary American star Brianna Love.

Her most notable asset is undoubtedly her fine fine ass, large bubbly and ready for sexy fun from any angle. Despite building a relatively Large fan following she has managed to remain elusive in her private personal life.

She took a special flare of interest within the fetish kink that followed her moves throughout film after film some 140+ to name the bulk of her prowess. Finely tuning and perfecting the enactment of oral sexual delivery and gratification, she comes off literally a true pro.

She has starred in many three some, anal, double penetration, interracial, and multiple-partner scenes with both sexes. Her performances usually focus on anal sex, though she does often spend most of her time on camera either performing fellatio, or playing with her posterior. Her first anal scene was in Naomi: There Is Only One.

She was noticeably absent from the 2007 AVN Awards show where she won the Best New Starlet of the Year award. Her absence was unprecedented as no other porn star, in AVN history, to win this award, had been absent from the show to collect it.

In an interview with AVN after the no-show, she explained that her absence was due to her having things to do back home and she didn't see what the big deal was. In this same interview she also mentions how the porn industry helped her discover anal sex and her love for it; her career inside and outside of porn; her enjoyment of girl/girl scenes and her resentment of persons criticizing her weight loss as she explained her weight gain upon entering porn and that before this she was by nature an athletic and lean person.

Naomi is always a welcome sight. The girl is simply hot as hell and she loves to fuck. Naomi is no stranger to the BangBros Network and we've featured her here on the blog before. Check out her Big Mouthfuls and Ass Parade previews for some previous pics. In this shoot, Naomi hooked up with Preston near the pool. She's always up for showing off her hot bod and it looked great in the mid-day sun. After some sexy posing in the great outdoors, Preston and Naomi moved up to the room. She loves to tease almost as much as she loves to please and she was still showing off her tits and ass for the Big Mouthfuls camera. Then she got on her knees and gave Preston a great POV blowjob before he bent her over and started fucking her doggy style on the floor. Most bubble butt girls love to be on top and Naomi is no different. She really got off riding Preston's big cock and she was doing all kinds of crazy gyrating motions with her hips and ass. Her moans were really loud and it was a pretty damn hot cowgirl scene. They did some more doggy before Preston shot a huge load of cum in Naomi's mouth. Down the hatch it went! Naomi is such a hot peice of ass, she's always welcome on set. She did some sexy nude posing outdoors for the Big Mouthfuls camera before her and Preston headed to their room. If bubble butts are your thing, Naomi Russell has one of the hottest asses to ever grace the net and she loves showing it off. If you saw her previous BangBros movies, you know how much Naomi loves fucking on camera. She gave Preston a great POV blowjob then he started slam fucking her from behind. Naomi loves to be on top so she can grind with her big round ass and she really got off riding Preston's big fat cock.

In recent interviews she claimed her favorite career involvements were in the legal field as an analyst work specializing child welfare and labor. As for a few hobbies I have are rock climbing, water-skiing, bike riding as I like the outdoors a lot. On the flip side I am very quiet extremely enjoy my privacy and cherish my alone time at home. As my public divorce came to be it seemed to consume a lot of my time and was never able to finish my law degree, I will one day finish the degree not as a mission but for myself as I love the feeling of being thorough and completing what I start.

My early thoughts on the porn business were of curiosity first. I researched the industry as a means of release from all the stresses of my personal life and divorce proceedings. I am very liberal and extremely open minded, I was taught to 'think outside of my box'. My Slovak / Israeli background was a determining factor guiding my European - free willed form of being.

I suppose, I'm not in it to be an actress or memorize 100-page scripts. I just don't. I'm a very bottom-line type person and I only beat around the bush if I feel it's necessary, in order to elaborate the bottom line. So, for me, I want to give the person what they want. I want to have them feel good; I want to share pleasure, share sex with them. I kind of feel like a lot of times, it's so unnecessary [plot-driven scripts] and it's hard for me to justify putting energy and being motivated to do it. So, therefore, I find myself not being as adequate at it as other people. I prefer not to take it away from people that want to do it. I prefer to do something that I know I'm comfortable doing.

I consider myself intense, not necessarily extreme. Because pretty much, I love passion. I love doing really intense, passionate scenes. I'm more interested in things like that. I guess I do things differently. I don't do a lot of things that people do that would be considered extreme. My style isn't extreme. Like, I don't necessarily stuff the biggest dildo in me, but if I put it in halfway, I feel that it's just as erotic because it's the action of putting this humongous dildo in you. You know what I mean? It's more the action of doing something than actually doing it. I don't always perform exactly what they may want, but I always try and make the scene feel good and have a good scene.

(July 2011) Attending Pasadena City College.

Awards she has won:
2007: AFWG: Starlet of the Year
2007: AVN: Best New Starlet
2007: AVN: Best POV Sex Scene with Tommy Gunn - Jack's POV # 2
2006: CAVR : Starlet of Year









































Interview Date: 5/8/2006

Since her first scene shot back in August 2005, Naomi has taken the adult film industry and turned it on its ear. Appearing on numerous box covers and she even appears in a DVD devoted exclusively to her and her scorching sensuality. It's a fact: Naomi's appearance in an adult film means the movie will sell well. Her performances guarantee that her huge fan following will buy and rent her DVDs making her the hottest commodity in adult films today. Naomi, a 22 year-old half Slovakian, half Israeli native of Southern California, discusses with XRentDVD's Big D her recent success, why her stage name makes her unique and what famous person she wants to seduce.

Big D: You have been the hottest porn star to open the year 2006. On XRentDVD alone, your name is searched for more than anyone. That includes girls like Tera Patrick, Teagan Presley, Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane, Belladonna and even Jenna Jameson. How did you get so popular?

Naomi: Wow. That is such a compliment. I had no idea. I don't know how I got so popular. I really don't do anything other than go to sets, have sex and enjoy myself. I'm not really one to point out what I am good or bad at something so it is hard to say.

Big D: You've been in the business for a short time and have really made an impact in that short time. How did you come to the decision to go into porn?

Naomi: It's kind of a plethora of things but I have always appreciated porn. I was a legal analyst before I got into porn. Porn is considered incriminating and very demeaning to other people. I have been in pornos that weren't that way and I wanted to be in films that weren't harmful to others. I wanted to make films that people could enjoy themselves. I am really very sexual and wherever I go people would look at porn as if it was a bad thing. If there were a couple people in this world where I can make them feel comfortable through sex I think I can do that through porn. I think porn allows that. It allows people to speak openly about it.

Big D: You mentioned that you have always been a very sexual person. Did your career choice to go into porn quench that thirst or feed your need for more sex?

Naomi: I don't think it is either one. What I meant by being a sexual person is not that I need sex or I don't need sex. It means that I enjoy sex and I am very comfortable with it. Sex is part of who I am as it is with everybody. I am a very free spirit. For me I love to express it. I think porn allows me to show others that is okay to express your sexuality. That's what I love about it.

Big D: You were pretty reserved before you got into porn. Having a boyfriend for over four years and only being with him before making the jump to porn. How did you make the leap and come to the decision that making adult DVDs was what you wanted to do?

Naomi: It was eight years altogether but it was four years we were married. I actually left him simultaneously as I got into porn. I haven't been with anyone romantically since because I am in porn. I have my family and friends and I have porn for sex and that's as far as the relationships go.

Big D: So why only go by one name? In the history of porn there are over 18 Naomis; 20 if you count it spelled Naomie, 21 if you count directors. Why not have a last name to help stand out?

Naomi: It's really simple actually. My name is Naomi and that is my real name. I was going to use my real name and my real last name. My real last name is incredibly hard for people to pronounce so I just went with Naomi. I am not sure if this matters but of all the girls that have gone by Naomi, I am the only one whose real name actually is Naomi.

Big D: It seems like you have recently replaced Julia Bond as the 'Box Cover Queen' lately and it seems like you work 24 hours a day. How often do you work or does it just seem like you are a workaholic?

Naomi: I pretty much work almost every day. It is not planned that way. Normally I plan to work four days a week. Producers will call my agent and they will want me to come and work on one of my days off because they have a movie that needs to meet a deadline or something like that. I usually give in and I end up working something like six days a week.

Big D: How do you keep that kind of a pace and still perform well in your scenes without a break?

Naomi: Generally it is fine for me. I have always been the type of person who is used to just going, going, going and is doing a lot. Recently it has been a little bit difficult because my personal life has been spreading me thin because I have been taking care of my mom. It's a pleasure to be able to work so much. I welcome it. I try not to look down on working every day.

Big D: Your first anal scene was in Naomi: There Is Only One. How did you go from never having done anal, not even in your personal life, to do it on camera in the film?

Naomi: To be really honest with you, on or off camera really doesn't affect me. I am very comfortable and I am not shy at all. The person you see in public is the person you see in private. I am not really a shy person so it really didn't make that much of a difference for me. I think the biggest factor was that anything was going in my butt at all for the first time in my life. Whether it was on camera or in private did not matter it was more who it was with. It was something I had never really thought about and then they made the suggestion. I really adore John Leslie. He is the most suave, sexy, wonderful guy so I said, 'I'll do it for you, John.' So I did it.

Big D: John Leslie rarely speaks in public or comes out of hiding as far as the public goes but made an exception to talk about Naomi: There Is Only One. What do you think makes that movie so special that someone like John Leslie wanted to produce a movie dedicated 100 percent to you?

Naomi: I really can't put my finger on it. I actually have not seen it nor have I seen any of my movies. I heard on Adult Video News (AVN) that movie was one of the top five sellers in March. I am flattered by that. It's hard to believe the hype about myself because I am just being me. It's kind of funny all the attention but it is definitely appreciated. I think a big part of what made that movie so great was John Leslie's aura. He is so great because he has the most wonderful mixture of perversion and sex and class and love and masculinity and art. You can't get a better combination. He exudes it and we feed off of it. If there is anything that I can attribute the movie being so well received it is because of John Leslie.

Big D: Since you speak so highly of John Leslie, who are some of the other directors that you have worked with and would enjoy working with again?

Naomi: I love Olivie who is with BangBros. Chris Streams who does stuff for Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree. I really like working with Justin Slayer who is with Evil Angel. I sometimes am not really good with names and that is not to say that if their name escapes me it takes anything away from the person or how they direct. I want to say some people but I know them by their real name and not their stage name so it is hard to say. There are so many that I think very highly of and I would hate to leave someone out.

Big D: Since you named off some of the directors with the hardcore gonzo studios, sounds like you like that style. Have you had the opportunity to work with Jules Jordan yet?

Naomi: Yeah I have. I think highly of Jules Jordan but he is not my style. He is more of the fishnets and hardcore type. I am hardcore but my hardcore is erotic. It's not hardcore like give me a whip. My hardcore you could use a whip but it would be different. It's not costumes and purple fishnets. It's just sex. My hardcore would be if you could just put sex on a platter and it is erotic and hardcore. I adore Jules and working for him but his style is a little bit different for me. Pretty much anyone with Evil Angel is great. Christoph Clark is great and so is Nacho Vidal. I love both of those guys. They are very sexual people. You can feel it on the set. If you wake up in the morning and you are moving slow, when you get to one of their sets, you know their sexuality is going to get you on that scene and you know you'll have a good time.

Big D: You mentioned that someone like Jules Jordan is great to work for but is not really you style. If you were in their shoes and could direct your ultimate scene, what would it be?

Naomi: If I was directing I wouldn't follow a particular style. I would want each person that is cast to have their individual sexuality to be brought out or to be enflamed. Everybody has a different style of sexuality and I would want to encourage each one of those to show it on camera. That would make for an awesome movie. Whether it is girls who like getting beat up or guys that like making a girl cum five times in a scene. That is the type of porn I would want to direct. As far as being in a scene my favorite type of movie is when it just flows. For me, I pretty much go with any style. I am not too much into the real cheesy stuff like girls in fishnets or patent leather shorts. Normally if that have that kind of a taste in wardrobe will have that kind of a taste in sex and it is kind of cheesy and not very erotic. I really, really love eroticism. If you could embody sexuality as opposed to fucking, that is what I would want to do.

Big D: One of the DVDs we have at XRentDVD that you have done is in our squirting category like Cunt Gushers. Also in Erotica XXX #10 you squirt in your scene with Mr Pete. Were you a squirter before porn or did you discover it after you got into the business?

Naomi: I've squirted in my personal life. You have to realize when you have been with someone since you were 13 as opposed to being with a bunch of different people it is not like a new sexual encounter. So when you have been with someone for a long time, each time you have sex you fine tune and fine tune and you find this spot and you find that spot. You become in tune with your own sexuality. You know when the guy is hitting the right spot and where and how high or how low and the momentum will just take you. For me, I would cum and squirt all the time in my personal life. When I started doing porn it was only a matter of if the guy wanted that. Some guys don't enjoy the girls getting off. Sometimes when the girl gets off they get turned off. That kind of sucks because then you can't continue the scene. Some guys love it when the girl gets off. You allow his dick to find that spot and you get to cum and squirt and both of you get off.

Big D: How do you find that chemistry with the guys? Is it just after working with the same ones you establish a chemistry? Who are the guys that you get excited knowing you will be working with them?

Naomi: Two come to mind right off the bat. Those two guys are Mr Pete and Manuel Ferrara. I also like working with Mr Marcus. Those three are the first ones that popped into my head. Tony T is another of those guys that I like to work with. Whenever I hear I am going to be working with them I know it will be a good, fun scene. Those guys all have that same similar style. They like to do the same things I like to do which is exacerbating the sexuality of the person they are with. You know how there are certain people that you can stand next to and you just get horny? You are feeling the sex. Those guys have that. Manuel Ferrara. All you have to do is look at him. Mr Pete just has that personality. Tony T, you just know how he feels. They have a certain masculinity to them to where they are so comfortable with themselves they allow the sex to flow. You can sense the comfort with themselves and because of that they are not thinking. They are just having sex. I think that is probably the biggest difference than brings a good performance out in me.

Big D: In looking at your face, you strike a resemblance to the porn star Tracey Adams who was really big back in the 1980's. The cover of Sailing Into Ecstasy, you look like you could be twins. Do you see the resemblance and has anyone told you look a little like her?

Naomi: I don't know who she is but I get told a lot that I look like an 80's porn star. I don't think it is an insult. I am fine with it. I don't think people say it in an insulting way. It's not like I am trying to be an 80's porn star. When people say something to you that they like and they say you look like someone, I take it as a compliment.

Big D: Being in the adult film industry for under a year now you have done quite a few scenes. What are some of the best scenes you have done that you would suggest the guys reading this rent or buy?

Naomi: Of course the John Leslie DVD, Naomi: There Is Only One. I haven't seen it but I hear good things so I guess I should say that. (laughs) To be honest with you, I've done so many scenes that it is a little hard for me to pin point the name of each movie. I would say that 90 percent of the time when I do a scene I feel comfortable in recommending it as one of my better scenes to hit the market. I think it all comes down to what type of person you like in your sex. When I shoot for Digital Playground, they are more mechanical and not very emotional. If you like really hardcore, screaming and fucking you may like more of my Evil Angel movies or BangBros or even Red Light District. I would hate to suggest one movie and then the fans do not like it because they prefer a different style. Different companies film differently. It's hard for me to pin point just one or two right off the bat. Sometimes when I shoot I do not know where it will end up and what movie it will be in. Sometimes I am told what the title is and they change it to something different by the time it comes out. Sometimes I don't expect to be on the box cover and then I end up being on the box. Sometimes I don't even know.

Big D: How does that make you feel to show up on a ton of box covers?

Naomi: It's very flattering. Like I said, I never go to a scene expecting to do a box cover photo shoot. I will open up AVN or Buttman and I will see I made all of these covers. It's flattering. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel that people enjoy me and enjoy my work. These people enjoy me and can get off on me. It makes me feel good knowing people can get off by watching me. I can't be there for all of them.

Big D: How far do you think you will continue on this path? Do you have aspirations to do something outside of porn or possibly stay in porn and direct?

Naomi: I would definitely like to stay in the industry as a performer for at least a few more years. After that I would really have to think about it. I would be good on set as a director or even a photographer. I am really good at analyzing things. I am not so good at being a director or anything like that. I would probably really have to analyze how capable I would be of having a position like director. Of course I would love to do it but at the same time I would have think functionally how successful would I be in that aspect of the business. I haven't really analyzed that yet because I am not in the position to do that yet. Obviously it is because I haven't been in that long and I have to give myself more time to figure out whether or not I am capable of doing something like that.

Big D: First job?

Naomi: Legal Analyst and medical assistant. I was a legal analyst in the day and a medical assistant at night. I got promoted to legal litigator and I quit my second job. I started when I was 16 as an assistant and I was an apprentice.

Big D: First concert?

Naomi: I've never been to a concert. I've never been to a party. I've never been to a bar. I've been to two clubs in my whole life. Both of them were in Europe.

Big D: First car?

Naomi: 1998 Chrysler Seabring convertible.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Naomi: I like Hip Hop and Jazz. I don't like the Hip Hop that is all poppy and Top 40. I like Notorious B.I.G. I think that is in my CD player at home. In my shower I have Amy Grant. In my car I think I have Notorious B.I.G. and Eve mix CD. Kind of contrasting styles. I love Mariah Carey. I love Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. In music I like stuff that has a lot of heavy soul and undertones to it. Something that you can kind of feel in your gut when you listen to it as opposed to some of these little melodies. Not that there is anything wrong with little melodies it is just that I prefer a little more soul in my music.

Big D: Favorite food?

Naomi: I don't have a particular favorite food but I love food in general. I eat all the time. I eat big portions because I can't get enough of it. For breakfast I had a pot roast dinner with pancakes and ice cream. Last night I had fish and potatoes and three bowls of Captain Crunch. I just love to eat period. I love fruits. I love sweets. I love milk. I can't even think of my favorite food. I just love all food so much. I can't say I don't like them because I haven't had them but I choose not to eat organs. You know like liver or brains, intestines or tongue or anything like that. It's just a little hard for me mentally to eat an organ. Even though muscles make up meat it is just hard for me to eat organs. I have a great appreciation for flavor and taste.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Naomi: I don't really know. I know when I was younger I would just flip through channels at my house and at my friend's house and see stuff on TV and watch it. I was fascinated by it even when I was young. It wasn't a sexual thing it was more I was interested in it and was fascinated by it. Growing up where I grew up, (South Central Los Angeles) there was something very nonchalant about it. (laughs) I don't remember the title but I do remember watching porn all the time.

Big D: Favorite position?

Naomi: You know what? I don't particularly have a favorite position. I have found that depending on the guy and the shape of his dick and the style that he fucks, there are a number of different positions that feel better than others. Some guys can do missionary great but can't do doggy to save their life. Sometime it is the complete opposite. I like to say that I like whatever feels good to the guy. When a guy is feeling it and is getting into it and the scene is flowing, it just naturally feels good to me.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Naomi: I would definitely choose to go to a sporting event. The main reason would be because I have never been to one. The second reason is because I am quite a boisterous person and I don't really go to the movies anyway. I watch movies at home but I don't go to the theaters. You have to be quiet, you can't talk, you can't get up, you can't do this and you can't do that. When you are at the ballgame you can get up, you can scream, you can get loud, you can get excited. I love sports. I used to pay basketball and I love watching football. A ballgame is kind of more me all the way around.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Naomi: My refrigerator. How do you live without food? Think of how hard and inconvenient it would be to go back and forth to the grocery store. In today's day and age we don't have farms where you can just go and get food. You would have to go to the store every day because you have no way of preserving it. I think it would be very hard to live without a refrigerator.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Naomi: I really don't have one. I like movies but I have a few favorite TV shows instead. I love Seinfeld and also Law & Order. Sometimes I like that show Bones. I just watched it a couple and it appeals to me. I have loved Seinfeld since I was a little kid. I can watch the same episodes over and over again. It is just so relative and I love Kramer. It is so well put together and it is so simple yet it has so much that goes into it. You can watch it and read into it so many different things from it. I love to laugh.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Naomi: I've never been on a vacation before but I have worked in Miami about seven times. Before I got into porn I had never been outside of L.A. I do like Miami. I think it great there. I don't know if it is because it is the only other place I have been but it is beautiful and it is warm and there is water. How much better can it get? Warm air and water. You can go swimming and hang out naked half the time. You can eat on the beach. It's like the perfect life.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Naomi: I would love to meet Bill Clinton. In fact, I would love to have sex with Bill Clinton. I would love to be with Bill Clinton and have dinner with him. I'd especially like to do that before he dies because he is getting old now. I have always kind of adored him. I love politics. I really respect him for being human even while he was in the office. I appreciate how he handled the whole (Monica Lewinsky) situation. I appreciate the fact that he was human and he did it as opposed to being this mechanical weirdo, Godly person. Don't get me wrong, my dad's a rabbi and I am a Jew and I have nothing against God, but these Godly and righteous people that are in power right now... I appreciate him for the different aspects that he enlightened into other communities. I am turned on by a man that has power but is comfortable with it and doesn't feel the need to show it off. He just comes out and says his opinion and people respect it. I like that about people that people can respect that.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Naomi: Hawaii and Israel because that is where my family is from. Possibly some other tropical islands. I've always wanted to go to some different islands.

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Naomi Russell Complete Filmography:

Movie Title Distributor Year
10 Man Cum Slam 14 Kick Ass Pictures 2005
12 Nasty Girls Masturbating 5 Madness 2006
3 Blowin' Me 1 New Sensations 2007
All-Star Overdose Jules Jordan Video 2010
America's Next Top Porn Model Sex Z Pictures 2006
Anal Addicts 29 Northstar Associates 2007
Anal Hell 1 Pure Play Media 2007
Angel Perverse 3 Evil Angel 2006
Angel Perverse 4 Evil Angel 2006
Angels of Debauchery 5 Evil Angel 2006
Aphrodisiac Hustler Video 2006
Apple Bottomz 3 Zero Tolerance 2007
Are You a Buttman Maximum Xposure 2006
Ass 2 Mouth 4 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Ass Addiction 1 Digital Playground 2006
Ass Cleavage 7 Zero Tolerance 2006
Ass For Days 1 Diabolic Video 2006
Ass Fucked 6 Mayhem 2006
Ass Masterpiece 2 Pure Play Media 2006
Ass Parade 5 Bang Productions 2006
Ass Worship 9 Jules Jordan Video 2006
Assassin 5 Metro 2008
Assault That Ass 8 Red Light District 2005
Asspocalypto Adam & Eve 2007
Asswhole 3 3rd Degree 2006
ATM City 3 Acid Rain 2006
Ball Honeys 2 Bang Productions 2006
Barefoot Confidential 40 Kick Ass Pictures 2006
Barefoot Maniacs 2 Twisted Pink 2005
Belladonna: Manhandled 1 Evil Angel 2006
Belladonna's Fucking Girls 4 Evil Angel 2007
Best Of Incumming Diabolic Video 2009
Big Ass POV Score 2006
Big Booty White Girls 3 Evil Angel 2005
Big Booty White Girls 4 Evil Angel 2006
Big Bottoms Up 1 Red Light District 2006
Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 1 Evasive Angles 2006
Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 2 Evasive Angles 2005
Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 4 Evasive Angles 2006
Big Butt All Stars: Naomi Evasive Angles 2006
Big Butt Smashdown 5 Evasive Angles 2005
Big Cocks In Her Little Box 1 New Sensations 2005
Big Mouthfuls 11 Bang Productions 2006
Big Mouthfuls 8 Bang Productions 2005
Big Phat Wet Ass Orgy 2 Evasive Angles 2006
Big Wet Asses 15 Elegant Angel 2009
Big Wet Asses 7 Elegant Angel 2005
Big White Wet Butts 4 Evasive Angles 2005
Big Young Buns POV Evasive Angles 2006
Black And White Shane's World 2006
Black Bros And White Ho's 3 Doghouse Digital 2006
Black Cock Addiction 1 Evil Angel 2006
Black Dicks in White Chicks 12 Red Light District 2005
Black Inside New Sensations 2006
Blow It Out Your Ass 1 Elegant Angel 2007
Blowjob Ninjas 5 Bang Productions 2008
Bodacious Booty 1 Evil Angel 2006
Bomb Ass White Booty 4 West Coast Productions 2005
Booty Quake 1 Candy Shop 2006
Bottom Drawer Penthouse 2007
Bring Back the Pussy Juicy Entertainment 2006
Bring Your A Game 3 3rd Degree 2007
Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted Hustler Video 2006
Bubble Butt Bonanza 1 Hush Hush Entertainment 2006
Bubble Butts Galore 1 Pink Visual 2006
Bubble Butts Galore 6 Pink Visual 2007
Butt Bang Bitches 3 Silver Sinema 2011
Butt Blassted 4 VCA 2006
Butt Junkies 1 Acid Rain 2006
Butt Licking Anal Whores 2 JM Productions 2006
Butt Licking Anal Whores 3 JM Productions 2006
Butts 'N' Sluts Score 2006
Chica Boom 34 Kick Ass Pictures 2005
Chicks Gone Wild 2 Smash Pictures 2006
Chunky Butts Metro 2007
Cock Smokers 53 Extreme Associates 2005
Cock Starved 3 New Sensations 2006
College Invasion 10 Shane's World 2006
Colors Vivid 2006
Control 3 Digital Playground 2006
Coochie Cuttas Evil Angel 2006
Crack Addict 5 3rd Degree 2006
Crack Her Jack 5 Evil Angel 2006
Crack That Ass Teazeworld Entertainment 2010
Craving Big Cocks 9 New Sensations 2005
Creamy On The Inside New Sensations 2006
Cuckold Fantasies 5 Roman Video 2006
Cum Buckets 5 Elegant Angel 2006
Cum Catchers 3 Smash Pictures 2005
Cum Drinkers 1 Sin City 2006
Cunt Gushers 1 Red Light District 2005
Deeper 3 Digital Playground 2006
Deeper 8 Digital Playground 2007
Defend Our Porn Evil Angel 2008
Destination Dirtpipe 1 Elegant Angel 2006
Dicks and Dildos Sin City 2006
Dirt Pipe Milkshakes 1 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Double Anal Pounding Evil Angel 2011
Elastic Assholes 4 Jules Jordan Video 2006
Erotica XXX 10 New Sensations 2005
Euro Domination 9 Evil Angel 2006
Evil Anal 2 Evil Angel 2007
Evilution 1 Evil Angel 2006
Face Fucked 2 Hustler Video 2005
Fantasstic Whores 3 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Fantasy All Stars 4 Digital Sin 2007
Female Gardener Vivid 2007
Fetish Dolls Adam & Eve 2007
Filth and Fury 1 Mach 2 Entertainment 2006
Filth and Fury 3 Mach 2 Entertainment 2007
Filthy 1 3rd Degree 2006
Fine Ass Bitches 2 DVSX 2005
Fishnets 5 Zero Tolerance 2006
Fresh out the Box 1 Mercenary Pictures 2005
Fuck Dolls 7 Red Light District 2006
Fuck Me: Naomi Harmony Films 2007
Fucked on Sight 1 Evil Angel 2007
Gang Bang 5 Red Light District 2006
Gangbang Auditions 21 Diabolic Video 2006
Gluteus Maximass 1 Venom Digital Media 2007
Good Whores Take It In The Ass 2 Venom Digital Media 2006
Graigslist Sex Z Pictures 2006
Great Big Asses 2 Venom Digital Media 2006
Hand to Mouth 4 3rd Degree 2006
Hannah: Erotique Digital Playground 2007
Hellcats 10 Evil Angel 2006
Hellfire Sex 10 JM Productions 2007
Hit Me With Your Black Cock Metro 2007
Home Schooled 4 Fusxion 2006
Hot Ass Acid Rain 2007
Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 30 Lethal Hardcore 2005
House Pets Tight Fit Productions 2005
Housewives Gone Black 3 West Coast Productions 2005
I Got 5 on It 2 Black Ice 2007
I Like It Black 6 Video Team 2006
I Love Naomi New Sensations 2006
I Was Tight Yesterday 4 Lethal Hardcore 2005
Incumming 10 Diabolic Video 2006
Inseminated By 2 Black Men 9 Kick Ass Pictures 2006
Interracial Original Entertainment 2006
Interracial Hole Stretchers 4 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Interracial Lust 4 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Intimate Invitation 1 Triangle Films 2006
Intimate Invitation 4 Triangle Films 2006
Intimate Invitation 7 Triangle Films 2007
It's a Daddy Thing 1 Elegant Angel 2006
It's a Daddy Thing 2 Elegant Angel 2006
It's a Secretary Thing 1 Elegant Angel 2008
It's Huge 6 New Sensations 2007
It's Not You Vivid 2006
It's Too Big 1 Wildlife 2007
It's Too Big 2 Wildlife 2008
Jack's Big Ass Show 2 Digital Playground 2006
Jack's Big Ass Show 4 Digital Playground 2006
Jack's POV 2 Digital Playground 2006
Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 3 Acid Rain 2006
Jesse's Juice Digital Playground 2007
Jizz Junkies Platinum X Pictures 2006
Keep 'Em Cummin' 2 Vouyer Media 2007
Kick Ass Chicks 53 Kick Ass Pictures 2008
Killer Klub Girlz Penthouse 2007
King Dong 2 Nectar Entertainment 2006
Land of the Amazons Adam & Eve 2006
Lesbian Lip Service 2 Digital Sin 2008
Let Me Breathe Evil Angel 2006
Lethal Latinas 3 Lethal Hardcore 2005
Lick Me Stick Me 3 Legend Video 2006
Liquid Ass-sets 2 3rd Degree 2006
Lord of Asses 7 Extreme Associates 2006
Mademoiselle Digital Playground 2007
Make Love To My Ass Adam & Eve 2006
Many Shades Of Mayhem 3 Tight Fit Productions 2006
Masturbation Mayhem 1 Pandemonium 2007
Meat My Ass 2 Northstar Associates 2006
MILF Next Door 4 Reality Kings 2008
Mope Squad 1 Vouyer Media 2006
Mouth 2 Mouth 5 Diabolic Video 2006
Mr. Pete Is Unleashed 7 New Sensations 2005
My Wife's Friends 2 Vicious Media 2006
Naomi...There's Only One Evil Angel 2006
Nasty Dirty Girlz Fifth Element 2006
Nautica Thorn: All Access Hustler Video 2007
Neighbors Penthouse 2007
Oral Supremacy Shane's World 2006
Overflowing Assholes 2 Red Light District 2006
Perverted POV 11 Legend Video 2009
Porn Fidelity 6 Juicy Entertainment 2006
Porn Week: Los Angeles Vacation Shane's World 2008
POV: For Your Eyes Only Tight Fit Productions 2006
Pretty Pussies Please 2 3rd Degree 2006
Puff Puff Give Black Ice 2006
Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 1 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Pure Sextacy 1 3rd Degree 2006
Pussy Party 17 Pure Play Media 2006
Pussy Party 19 Pure Play Media 2006
Pussy Play 4 Demolition 2009
Pussy Worship 2 Adam & Eve 2006
Racial Tension 1 Jules Jordan Video 2006
Reality Teens 4 Evasive Angles 2005
Rock Hard 5 Powerhouse 2006
Round Mound Of Ass 1 Sudden Impact 2007
Rub My Muff 13 Demolition 2007
Sex Fiends 3 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Sex Slaves 1 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Sex To Die For Penthouse 2007
Sexual Freak 3: Shay Jordan Digital Playground 2006
Sexual Freak 5: Hannah Harper Digital Playground 2007
She Got Ass 9 West Coast Productions 2005
She Likes A Fist In Her Wet Ass Sweet Pictures 2008
Sick Girls Need Sick Boys 2 DVSX 2006
Slick Penthouse 2007
Sodom 3 Sin City 2007
Sperm Receptacles 2 Red Light District 2006
Squirt-Stravaganza Digital Sin 2008
Starlet Hardcore 1 Bang Productions 2007
Stiletto Penthouse 2007
Swallow My Squirt 4 Elegant Angel 2006
Teagan's Juice Digital Playground 2006
Ten Little Piggies 7 Red Light District 2005
This Butt's 4 U 1 Jules Jordan Video 2006
Throb 1 Digital Playground 2006
Training Academy 1 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Truly Nice Ass 8 DVSX 2008
Ultimate Asses 6 Red Light District 2006
Vamps Penthouse 2006
Visitor Vivid 2006
WCP Ass Magazine West Coast Productions 2006
Wet Tight Fit Productions 2006
What's Up Your Ass New Sensations 2010
White Butts Drippin' Chocolate Nuts 6 Evasive Angles 2006
White Crack 4 the Big Black Wildlife 2006
Women Seeking Women 19 Girlfriends Films 2005
Young As They Cum 19 Digital Sin 2006
Young Harlots: The Governess Harmony Films 2007
Young MILF Titties Rapture Entertainment 2008
Your Ass is Mine 2 Adam & Eve 2006

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