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Born: 9/18/1976
Aliases: Susie, Keki D'aire, Kiki D'aire, Kiki Daire, Kiki Daire, Keki Dare, Kiki Dare

Birth Name: Jennifer Bearden
Date of Birth: September 18th, 1976
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee
Current Resident in Laguna Hills, California
Assumed Aliases: Keke D'Aire | Kiki Dare | Jennifer Bearden
Height: 5' 1" Weight: 106 lbs Waist: 26 Hips: 36
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Breast: 34F

Kiki Daire was Born Jennifer Bearden September 18th, 1976 in Memphis, Tennessee this starlet from humble conservative upbringings of country music land.

Porn Star Kiki D'Aire is a scrumptious sex kitten who has been a fan fave from the moment she first hit porn screens in 1999. A blonde bombshell in every sense of the word, Kiki sports one of the most curvaceously come-hither figures in the business, a 34F-26-36 collection of amorous assets that never fails to please. With her cute, button nose, dark and penetrating eyes and lusciously full lips, Kiki's got one of the most alluring faces in porn, as well.

Kiki was born in Tennessee, but was living in Florida and working as an exotic dancer when she got the urge to try her hand at porn. She did one quick scene, a lesbian liaison with a Tampa stripper that was immortalized in 'Lesbian Virgins 4.' Kiki then took a step back to decide if she really wanted to be in porn. Once she had ditched her anti-porn boyfriend, it turned out that the answer was yes.

Kiki moved out to Los Angeles with her sights set on hardcore stardom. She started working steadily from the moment she hit town in 1999, her fabulous figure easing her way into scene after scorching scene. Among her best flicks is 'Freshman Fantasies 19,' where she and Mr. Marcus engaged in a feverish one-on-one romp. Her back door blast with Nick Manning in 'American Nymphette 2' is another heated humdinger.

'Beyond Reality 6' finds Kiki in the middle of a frantic group scene with Joel Lawrence, Brooke Adams and Ava Vincent. She enjoyed a delirious DP with Ian Daniels and Cheyne Collins in 'Club Sin,' and sizzled her way through a lesbian threesome with Keisha and Gina Lynn in 'Buttslammers 21.' Frankly, it's hard to even come up with a short list of Kiki's best scenes, since just about every one finds her in prime form.

1. Favorite city to visit and also favorite place to live?

Kiki Daire: I love the energy of NYC. The beauty of Paris. And to live, I miss a few places where I've lived.

2. Favorite Meal?

Kiki Daire: Homemade Mexican food.

3. Favorite Song?

Kiki Daire: Not really sure... there's a bunch... depends on if you want an old or new song.

4. Favorite Movie?

Kiki Daire: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

5. Favorite Video Game?

Kiki Daire: I don't really play them.

6. Favorite Car?

Kiki Daire: One that runs... and is paid off. (laughs)

7. Favorite website?

Kiki Daire: I read Perez Hilton every day.

8. Favorite Television Show?

Kiki Daire: Big Bang Theory.

9. Favorite Actor?

Kiki Daire: Don't really have one.

10. Favorite Adult performer?

Kiki Daire: So many great people...hard to come up with just one.

11. Favorite actress?

Kiki Daire: Love Angelina Jolie.

12. Favorite Restaurant?

Kiki Daire: Depends on the city...

13. Favorite sports team?

Kiki Daire: The New Orleans Saints

14. Favorite clothing brand?

Kiki Daire: So many to choose from!

15. Favorite Magazine?

Kiki Daire: I like Allure

16. Favorite Book?

Kiki Daire: Wow, I haven't read much since finishing college.

17. If you could have dinner with ANY three people in the history of time who would they be and why?

Kiki Daire: Cleopatra- Buddha- Constantine. Each one comes from a very different time, yet has had a profound effect on the world.
Kiki D'Aire continues to be one of the most enticing and alluring women in porn. Her somewhat thick set of curves are enough to satisfy any man or woman, and her vivacious sense of sexual fun penetrates each scene she appears in. Truly, she's one of the industry's ultimate superstars, and with over 150 flicks to her name she's got the carnal catalog to prove it.






















sb: Mistress Kiki it is an honor to get Your first interview as a Mistress. Please tell us a little about Your background. Where are You originally from?

MK: I am originally from Memphis, TN. I grew up in a rather southern Christian environment so it's no wonder that I found BDSM.

sb: i sure can believe that! Those types can be very close minded. How Were You introduced to The Scene?

MK: I was introduced into the scene when I was around 18. My girlfriend at the time gave me hot wax/frozen banana treatment for my birthday and I've been interested ever since. From there I did mostly play in the bedroom and some performance art. I spent some time traveling as a feature dancer and kind of lost touch with the scene. When I landed back in LA mostly full time, I started performing with a domme in clubs. Later, I decided to work with Mistress Tara.

sb: You are lucky You met Mistress Tara. She is incredible! So The Den Of Iniquity is the first place You have worked as a Mistress?

MK: Yes it is. The one in Los Angeles.

sb: How old were You when You started Professionally?

MK: 24.

sb: Please describe Your style of Domination?

MK: I'm very much into sensuality and intimacy. I tend to be very loving with sub missives, yet completely un-accepting of disobedience. Since I am a switch, I have experienced wonderful people such as Earnest Greene teaching me what it means to be an obedient submissive myself.

sb: What is Your favorite type of scene?

MK: My favorite type of scene changes constantly. As a top, I enjoy foot worship, nice red bums and forced feminization. As a submissive, I like rope bondage, verbal humiliation and hot wax.

sb: Please tell me the most intense scene You ever did?

MK: I once had a slave that I did puppy training on in public at a dance club. I made him walk on all fours and bark at strangers. Whenever his bark was not loud enough I spanked him with a rolled up newspaper.

sb: Very cool! So You enjoy public humiliation?

MK:. Public humiliation is always fun! I've been known to dress men in feminine clothing and take them to clubs.
sb: . How about cross dressers? Do You enjoy these type of scenes?

MK: I grew up with tons of gay men and drag queens, so I happen to truly get into cross dressers. I find it very sexy.

sb: Do You enjoy water sports?

MK: Water sports are fun as well. It reminds me of the way animals show who is boss.

sb: That's a great analogy! Do You enjoy money slavery which seems to be a very popular fetish now?

MK: Of course! What woman wouldn't want that?!

sb: Your legs and feet are absolutely exquisite. Do You enjoy foot worship?

MK: My feet are the one erogenous zone everyone seems to forget about. I absolutely want my feet to worshiped and pampered.

sb: Do You like heavy corporal?

MK: I haven't had too much experience with heavy corporal yet, so I'll let you know as soon as I know! I do know that I feel quite satisfied when I leave nice red marks!

sb: What is Your favorite implement for this?

MK: Right now, I'm really into the cane.

sb: Nice choice! Please tell us about the facility You are at the fabulous Den Of Iniquity.

MK: We have a very well equipped, beautiful play space that is discreet ,clean and centrally located in West Hollywood. It's really fabulous!

sb: Do You have any personal slaves?

MK: i am looking for a few good ones right now!

sb: Well prepare to be deluged with applications after everyone sees Your pics here.:). What is Your favorite type of clothing?

MK: I have a weakness for lingerie, vintage lingerie and corsets.

sb: What is the greatest thrill You get from Domination?

MK: The greatest thrill is getting someone into the sub space and seeing the glazed look of pleasure in their eyes. Also exploring fantasies is a rush.

sb: Do you session with novices?

MK: I will gladly session with novices. Resistance is futile.

sb: i can believe that You can be quite persuasive.:). What other Mistresses do You admire in the scene?

MK: I admire Tara for her style of teaching, I admire Pandora for her fashion sense and admire Tina Tyler for beauty as a woman.

sb: Great choices! If someone gave You 10 million dollars how would You spend it?

MK: WOW, that's tough. I would definitely buy property, add to my portfolio and further my wardrobe for starters.
sb: i know You are very famous. How many videos and adult films have You done?

MK: I have done about 20 fetish videos that are for sale as well as 100s of adult films.
sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts?

MK: Gift certificates to trashy lingerie, versatile fashions, Skin two. I spend a lot of time working on computers, so I am always excited by gifts of time from experienced PC people. Manicure/pedicure gifts, dog training are wonderful.

sb: Have You attended any interesting parties lately?

MK: I've been so busy with the Holidays that I am looking forward to the first party of next year!

sb: What is a really kinky scene that You haven't done yet that You would like to do with a slave?

MK: I would very much like to have a submissive house girl that sleeps at the foot of my bed in her collar and leash every night.

sb: Do You also work with Women and couples?

MK: Women are so beautiful that i would never turn one down for a session. Any couple that came to Me wishing to session would be considered.

sb: i know You have traveled extensively. What places do You enjoy visiting the most?

MK: I enjoy NYC, Las Vegas and every so often I like to go to parts of Florida.

sb: Why do You think so many Mistresses experience "burnout"?

MK: I'm at the beginning of my journey so no burnout yet! I think that sometimes though we all have to take a little time to be just a woman/man. There is something to be said for sitting around the house in your underwear watching TV.

Kiki D'Aire Interview - Aug 2002

After trying for a long time to work our schedules out, Kiki and I decided to just do an email interview.

You know, we started this once before, then the guys at your booth cut us off.

Yes, they did. They wanted me to sign some things for the fans at the AVN show, so we had to do it this way instead.

You've been avoiding me and now we're doing this interview via email Tell the truth, you're just avoiding the topless interview/blowjob requirements aren?t you?

Who me? No way! I can get topless if you want? There see?

Very funny. Where are you from?

I'm from Tennessee.

What were you like growing up? Outgoing? Shy? Popular?

I didn't really fit in any one group. I was a smart kid with a serious rebellious streak. You know a nerd with a leather jacket.

Were you sexual at an early age?

From the time I figured out how to take a diaper off I was a nudist. I had my first sexual experience with a girl around age 19

Who was your first?

My across the street neighbor. We were playing school in her playhouse and I definitely learned my lessons! That was my first taste of a girl.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be surprised by what you're doing now?

Most of them know. Some of them were surprised and some weren't.

Does your family know? What was there reaction?

My mother and I don't speak but she has known since I was a dancer. My father knows but we have a silent agreement not to talk about it.

When did you get into porn?

I did my first scene like 3 years ago and then a couple years later I moved to LA and jumped right in.

What were you doing?

I was a dancer.

Is it true that you danced in the same club as your mom?

Yes, I did. We worked the same shift for around 6 months and then I graduated to nights.

I heard she got you fired?

Yep, Mom got tired of competing with her daughter for money. Plus I was one hell of a hustler. She was more interested in her beer.

How did you make the transition?

I started featuring on the baby circuit as a nobody and decided I wanted to be a somebody. At the time I was meeting a lot of photographers and videographers and soaking in all the information I could. I happened to be in Florida when an ex of mine was shooting a movie for Jim Gunn and I decided to do a scene. So I did. From there I danced for awhile and then I decided I was ready to really make a go at porno.

What was your first movie?

Lesbian Virgins 4, I think.

Who was it with?

It was with a girl that we picked up at a strip club in Tampa. I was terrified because I had never used a strap-on on a girl and I was doing it in front of a room full of people.

When you were finished, did you know you wanted to do more?

Yes, I did. At the time however I had a boyfriend that was hell-bent on me not doing porno so I spent some time dancing and getting him out of my life.

How many movies have you made so far?

Oh wow, over 250.

Any favorites?

My Violation and Club Sin are definite faves.

Who are your favorite guys to work with?

I like guys that aren't afraid to talk dirty to me. I love Evan Stone, Lee Stone and Ian Daniels to death. They are such sweeties. Brian Surewood is always a blast to work with as well.

Who are you favorite girls to work with?

You know I haven't done an extreme amount of girl/girl scenes but I love Nikita Denise and Zana. Inari Vachs is on my wish list!

Do you like girls off screen?


When did that start?

I just always had been attracted to women. Right now the closest thing to a relationship in my life is my girlfriend Montana Gunn. We've been joking about getting married at the AVN show this year.

Are there any guys/girls you haven't worked with, but want to?

Inari Vachs, Jessica Drake and Nina Hartley.

Do you have any tats or body piercing?

My belly button was pierced until my idiot surgeon sewed my bottom hole shut.

How tall are you?





Nope and quite happy about it. I don't get the whole natural thing. I don't care if a chick has implants if they look good on her and they make her feel sexy.

What is your ethnic make up?

French and Cherokee.

You have done interracial scenes. Have you had anyone tell you that these will hurt your career?

When I first got in I was told that interracial was my choice and if I was ok with it, they could only help.

Do you think they have hurt at all?

No, I don't.

Is there anything you won't do?

I'm not really into gang bangs right now. Unless they involve lots of women!

So what do you have coming up?

Right now I am spending lots of time touring and working on websites,

What will fans see there?

They will see me doing all the bad things I'm known for as well as the only fisting pics I have ever done!

Have you had any bad experiences on set?

Well, every performer has a few stories, but I?m not the kind to dwell on those.

Do you follow things that are said about you on the net? Any comment on that?

I happen to love Jimmy d's sense of humor and often read his site. I also read Gene Ross. Honestly, not everyone is going to like me and I'm at that point in my life where I have more important things to worry about. I will say that sometimes I get pissed when I read people saying that I am fat. I'm a size 5. THAT"S NOT FAT!

I know you were upset that you didn't make my top 20 this year, want to yell at me for that?

YOU COCKSUCKER!!!! Just kidding, you know I love you Rog!

Haven't I see you in a cheerleader uniform? Do you have one of your own?

Pussy man made me wear a cheer leading outfit. And no I don't have one of my own.

What do you look for in a girl?

The same things I look for in a man. I want to be companions not a possession. I want kindness, honesty, a great sense of humor and I definitely want them to be successful in their own life.

Is cock size important?

The perfect cock size for me is just average. I like them small enough to fit in my butt nicely, but big enough that I feel it.

OK before we go, I have to ask. Why did you diss me in Vegas?

I didn't diss you! The company I was working for dissed you. I would have loved to finish the interview right then!

So I can be pissed at them. Anything you want to say to the fans?

To the fans, I'd like to say thank you for all the support you've given me these past couple years. You guys are the best. And remember that all women deserve respect just as you do. Demand respect and give it back and your life will be richer.


Adult Rental's Interview of the Week
By: Johnny Maxx
I Was A Stripper With My Mother!

Q: What is your ethnic makeup and what were you like growing up?

A: I am part French and part Cherokee Indian. I was a smart kid with a serious rebellious streak. You know a nerd with a leather jacket.

Q: Do your friends and family know what you do?

A: My mother and I don't speak but she has known since I was a dancer with her in a club. My father knows but we have a silent agreement not to talk about it. Most of my friends know, some of them were surprised and some weren't.

Q: You and your mom danced together? Strippers?

A: Yes we did. We worked the same shift for around 6 months and then I graduated to nights. It was awful though my mom ended up getting me fired. She got tired of competing with me for money, I was one hell of a hustler. She was more interested in her beer.

Q: Were you sexually active as a youngster? What was your first experience?

A: I was always interested in sex, in fact I was a nudist since I figured out how to take a diaper off lol. My first sexual experience was with a girl actually when I was 12. She lived across the street from me and we were playing school in her playhouse. I definitely learned my lessons! That was my first taste of a girl.

Q: So you like women!

A: Definitely! I have always been attracted to women. Right now the closest thing to a relationship in my life is my girlfriend Montana Gunn.

Q: What do you look for in a woman?

A: The same things that I look for in a man. I want to be a companion not a possession. I want kindness, honesty, a great sense of humor and I definitely want them to be successful in their own life.

Q: Did you watch porn before you got in the business?

A: For sure, when I was in my teens I saw my first porno it was called Emmanuelle and it really turned me on! From then on I always had a fantasy of being in an adult movie! I loved that series it was so hot!

Q: How did you start shooting?

A: When I got fired from the club I was working at with my mother, I started feature dancing on the baby circuit. I was a nobody and decided that I wanted to be a somebody. I was meeting a lot of photographers and videographers and soaking in all the information I could. I was in Florida when an ex boyfriend of mine was shooting a movie for an internet company and they talked me into doing a scene. So I did. After that I danced for awhile and until I decided I was ready to really make a go at being a porno queen!.

Q: Do you remember your first scene? What was it and who was it with?

A: My first scene was a girl/girl movie Lesbian Virgins 4. It was with a girl that we picked up at a strip club in Tampa.

Q: What was it like?

A: I was terrified because the scene called for me to use a strap-on and I had never used one before. Imagine doing your first film and doing something new to you in a room full of people! It was a little scary but it went well!

Q: Was your first experience a good one? Did you have a good time?

A: Yes, I certainly did! After that first scene I knew I wanted to do this full time! However, my boyfriend at the time was hell-bent on me not getting into the business so I spent some time dancing and finally got him out of my life which opened the door for me.

Q: Who are your favorite performers to work with Male and Female?

A: I like guys that talk dirty to me. I love Evan Stone, Lee Stone and Ian Daniels to death, they are such sweethearts! Brian Surewood is always a blast to work with as well. I haven't shot a lot of girl/girl scenes but I love Nikita Denise and Zana. I really want to shoot with Inari Vachs she is yummy!

Q: What do you dislike most about the industry?

A: The thing I hate most about the business is the rumors and gossip that is said and written. It used to bother me a lot but now I am at a point in my life where I have more important things to worry about and try to not let it bother me. I do get pissed sometimes when I read people saying that I am fat. I'm a size 5. THATíS NOT FAT!

Q: Do you prefer Real or Enhanced Breasts? Large or Small?

A: Well since I have implants I really do not care. I don't get the whole ďall naturalĒ thing anyhow. I don't care if a chick has implants if they look good on her and they make her feel sexy.

Q: Is penis size important?

A: To be honest, the perfect cock size for me is just average. I like them small enough to fit in my butt nicely, but big enough that I feel it.

Q: Ever have one too big?

A: Working in this business I have most certainly had some huge ones and they hurt! It really doesnít feel that great when itís too big!

Q: Have you had any really bad experiences on set?

A: Every performer has a few stories to tell, and I have had some not so pleasant experiences. Iím not the kind to dwell on those bad things, I choose to think of the good ones instead!

Q: Do you have anything you would like to say to the fans?

A: I want to say thank you for all the support you've given me these past years. You guys are the best. Also I want to tell them to remember that all women deserve respect just as you do. Demand respect and give it back and your life will be richer.


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Big Titty Committee

Big Titty Committee

Big Titty Committee

Description: Fuck those chicks on the itty bitty titty committee, these are the real deal and they're from the Big Titty Committee. Four whole hours of big titted babes totally down for sex.Runtime: 91 minutes

Stars: Harley Raine, Kiki Daire, Eve Lawrence, Kaya Cox

Studio: Caballero



Hollywood Babes

Hollywood Babes

Hollywood Babes

Description:Hot and hardcore sex hungry babes!From the town with all the action, comes the nastiest sluts and whores you can imagine! Runtime: 103 minutes

Stars: Kiki Daire, Mia Sergia

Studio: Gold Team Productions



Pantyhose Factory 16

Pantyhose Factory 16

Pantyhose Factory 16

Description: Featuring high definition scenes of more dirty girls devouring cock to get the job modeling their legs, and more, for The Pantyhose Factory! Sucking cock, fucking, these girls truly come in to their auditions, knowing what it takes to get the job!Runtime: 97 minutes

Stars: Kiki Daire, Angel Marie, Cali Lee, Gerald Saunders

Studio: Spungy Gunk Films



Pyrex Sex - Kiki Daire

Pyrex Sex - Kiki Daire

Pyrex Sex - Kiki Daire

Description: Kiki Daire and her huge tits, and sweet ass are back! These are her first scenes back into porn, and in high definition! Watch her fuck her pussy good with pyrex dildos, and get off good! Runtime: 48 minutes

Stars: Kiki Daire, Gerald Saunders

Studio: Spungy Gunk Films



Tits of Persuasion

Tits of Persuasion

Tits of Persuasion

Description: Two hours of luscious pillows of bouncy, jiggly, voluptuous knockers to provoke and persuade, in this titillating hardcore feature! You've just got to see these massive mammaries in motion! Runtime: 122 minutes

Stars: Kiki Daire, Allysin Embers, Kiyana Bradley, Tia Gunn

Studio: Smash Pictures



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18 Young And Tight 2 Dreamland Video 1999
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Adult Video News Awards 2003 VCA 2003
Adventures Of Frick And Frack Filmco Releasing 2001
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American Bukkake 11 JM Productions 2000
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Celebrity Porn Stars Exposed Taylor Wane 2004
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Chunky Slumber Party Skin Tight 2002
Club Sin VCA 2001
Cock Smokers 17 Extreme Associates 2000
Coed Cocksuckers 17 Zane Entertainment Group 2000
Coed Covergirls 3 Jet Multimedia 2003
College Girls Do 5 CDI Home Video 1999
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Creme De La Face 32: Over 500 Served Odyssey 1999
Creme De La Face 33: Twins, Tarts & Tushies Odyssey 1999
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Strap-On Sirenz 1: Anal Operators Ignite 2003
Strap-On Sirenz 2: Penis Envy Ignite 2003
Struggles Of Kiki Daire B & D Pleasures 2002
Suck 'em Fuck 'em Squeeze 'em Tease 'em 4 2006
Sugar Daddy Sweethearts 1 Philmore Butts 2000
Super Quick 2 Kick Ass Pictures 2000
Supersize Tits 1 Totally Tasteless Video 2003
Supersize Tits 2 Totally Tasteless Video 2004
Supersize Tits 7 Totally Tasteless Video 2005
Taboo 2001: Sex Odyssey Metro 2001
Taped College Confessions 11 Rain Productions 2000
Teenage Fantasies Amazing 2001
Terrors From The Clit 2 Extreme Associates 2000
Thar She Blows Video Team 2003
This Cunt's For You Legend Video 2001
Thou Shalt Not Steal California Star 2001
Three Vivid 1999
Tits That Saved XXX-mas Big Top Video 2003
Tits! Phoenix Releasing 2003
Titty Fuckers 4 Wildlife 2001
Titty Mania 3 Heatwave 2001
Titty Mania 9 Heatwave 2002
Total B.S. 2 New Century 2001
Trailer Trash Nurses 3 Legend Video 2001
Trashy Jill Kelly Productions 2001
Tushy Girl Video Magazine 2 Seymore Butts Home Movies 2001
Under The Influence Adam & Eve 2003
Underground Sex School 101: Learn 'n Your ABS's Underground Video 2000
Valley Heat Metro 2001
V-eight 7 Visual Images 2002
Video Virgins Gold 7 New Sensations 1999
Violation Of Kiki Daire JM Productions 2001
Violation Of Violet Blue JM Productions 2002
Watch Me Tinkle 3 Filmco Releasing 2003
We Go Deep 19 Sean Michaels International 2003
White Panty Chronicles 13 Rain Productions 2000
White Trash Whore 19 JM Productions 2000
Wild Honey 3 Pleasure Productions 2000
Window Vivid 1999
World's Luckiest Jock Vivid 2000
Xtra 9 Score 2003
YA 21 JM Productions 2000
Young and Natural Midnight Video 2003
Young Whores First TriXXX CDI Home Video 2002

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