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Catalina Cruz
Catalina Cruz

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Born: 9/14/1979
Aliases: Jenna Z, JennaZ

Country of Origin: United States United States OH - Ohio Cleveland (Half Slovenian)
Eye Color: Brown
Color: Brown
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 45 kg - 99 lbs
Measurements: 32E-23-33
Fake Boobs: Yes
Shoe Size: 6.5
Tattoos: Lower back; right forearm; right ankle
Fan Club Address: JennaZ P.O. Box 39624 North Ridgeville, OH 44039, USA
Winner AVN Awards 2009, Web Starlet of the Year.

Catalina was born and raised out of the suburbs of Cleveland, OH in the United States along with her only sibling brother. Her mother worked as the head coach secretary of the American pro football team, the Cleveland Browns for many years which made for an interesting childhood being around professional sports. Catalina attended and graduated from high school and went on to attend Byrant & Stratton Business School. She has had many jobs including her last, which was working for a Japanese International trading company as a secretary. Catalina realized she had way too much energy to sit
behind a desk and she always dreamed of running her own business. She put up some photos on an internet modeling website and that day she started to get fan e-mail and amateur job offers. She was overwhelmed by the responses she was getting from just two amateur photos she put up. She sent out some photos to a local modeling agency in Cleveland and started doing promotional mainstream modeling and building her portfolio which snowballed into getting published in many mainstream national and international fitness magazines such as Ironman, Musclemag, American Curves, Splat and others.

After meeting up with a Michigan photographer who introduced her to the world of adult paysites on the internet, she hasnít turned back since. Since the 90ís, One of her proudest accomplishments is taking a single girl site, formerly known as JennaZ and turned it into one of the biggest multi model adult websites on the internet today. Catalina has come to be known as the queen of fellatio in the adult world. Catalina was honored with winning AVNís Web Starlet of the Year award for 2009 and will be featured on Playboyís show E-Rotic featuring Americaís Sexiest websites. She now runs an array of adult websites and currently resides in Arizona.

She bills herself as a former fitness model gone sexually wild. Originally from Ohio, she currently lives in Arizona to be closer to her work. She started out under the pseudonym JennaZ in November 2000. When she first published nude photos, she was a C cup (32C-22-33) - her current breast size is at least DD. She then changed her name to Catalina Cruz. She does solo, girl-girl and boy-girl photos and videos. Catalina Cruz is known for possessing a talent for perfect fellatio and for having a very high sex drive.


Exclusive interview with Catalina Cruz
Catalina Cruz So when was your first actual porn shoot?
My very first real sex video was in 2000 for my website called ďStudying HardĒ. It was a girl/girl video with Lana. She lived in Ohio as well as I did then.How was that? Did it feel weird or really good?
I was very excited yet shy at first. I wasnít sure how to make ďmovesĒ on another girl at that point because it was my actual first time having full sex with another woman. I enjoyed making that video very much and Iíll always remember that day. I actually heard from Lana through e-mail just a couple months ago wanting an autographed copy of the video for her fiance. She never told him she made the video! :)

What made you decide to do porn?
I never thought Iíd ever be working in porn. I ended up going topless for an artsy photographer doing black and whites back in 1999 and I really enjoyed making beautiful photos and then everything just snowballed after that. I basically just fell into it after meeting a guy in Michigan who opened up my eyes to the internet.

Whatís your favorite scene?
I LOVE all the scenes I do for my Licensed to Blow website. I love scenes that are funny yet really erotic and I really enjoy oral sex.

How did you choose your name within the industry?
Iíve been told just about daily that I resemble Penelope Cruz with large breasts and with a little help from Jenna Jameson :) I was formerly known as Jenna Z.

Did or do you have a role model?
Salma Hayek has always been someone I admire. She does charitable work that increases awareness of domestic violence. One of my goals is to open a shelter for families that need help starting over.

How did your family and friends take it when you desided to go into the porn industry?
I lost some friends when I first started but to me they truly werenít friends to begin with. On another note, both my mom and dad have been very supportive and know all about my adventures. They know I work in porn but we do not sit and talk about it for hours:)

Of course we want to know some personal information, whatís your favorite movie?
I love a variety of movies. The Departed, Shawshank Redemption, Gia, What Dreams May Come, Knocked UpÖ I have a lot of them.

Favorite food?
I love cake batter flavored ice cream with snickers and strawberries in it. I love frozen snickers too.

Favorite site?
My daily websites are mainly CNN for news, google & yahoo, carnival cruise lines to see how many days are left until my cruise:) I would be lying if I didnít say my website is my favorite! I check Freeones often especially if I need to look up a model. You guys rock!

Are you close with your fans? And what do you do for them?
I have gotten very close with a lot of my fans over the years. Many have become friends by going back and forth through e-mail often. One member actual worked and did freelance with us for a few years. I interact just about daily with my fans inside my members area and through e-mail. I have done personal phone calls, met in person before, chat live on cam weekly and shoot constantly just for them for my website. I also schedule special live events on my web cam.

Do you remember your first kiss? And how do you remember that?
At a 6th grade birthday party, his name was Mark and I remember it because his braces hurt my lips.

What did you do before you started to work in the porn industry?
My very last job was for an International Japanese trading company in Cleveland, OH.

What do you do when you come home from work?
I have a home office too so they can be a good and bad thing but when I relax I love to get out in the pool and jacuzzi or just simply watch a movie or TV since right now it is blazing HOT here in AZ.

Do you have an active personal sex life? And does your work effect this?
Yes, I do. So far my work has had a positive effect on it because we fantasize more and get aroused from maybe a scene I did that day. I donít work for other companies so I donít get burned out working everyday on a different set so it is a little different for me.

Is the sex with your boyfriend different then when shooting for a movie?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on if we are making love or just straight up fucking.

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?
The man is on his knees with torso straight up. I was straight up as well but facing away from him. It was not doggie style because I wasnít on all fours. My legs were on his upper legs so he was supporting me while playing with my clitoris. It was wild and different. I think I loved it so much because I fantasized that their was a tongue below us.

What is your limit with making porn?
Obviously, No animals, minors, fisting, puking, really violent scenes etcÖ with me. You get the point. Just hardcore, sensual sex with consenting adults.

Did you ever do something you now wish you didnít do?
Marry my ex-husband shortly after high school.

Would you prefer lesbian or heterosexual sex?
I cannot live without men so I would have to choose heterosexual sex. Having a woman is a bonus for me.

Is there someone you really enjoy working with?
I enjoy working with Brandon Michaels doing boy/girl. We are so close that it doesnít even seem like work sometimes. I love that. I also love Will Powers. He is so entertaining to be on set with.

Whatís been your worst experience on the set?
I think the worst is when you have a couple people that donít really like each other on set together. Itís rare but it happens and it can make for an uncomfortable day.

And the weirdest or funniest thing you experienced?
Actually something that just happened at my very last shoot in LAÖ one of the assistants thought that my little yellow anal beads was a bracelet and she proceeded to put in on my wrist. I then explained to her that they were anal beads for my ass! lol We laughed very hard for quite awhile. Good times, I love my job!

And if thereís anyone you can choose to make a movie with, who would it be?
Mainstream I would choose Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise because it would make for a very interesting title. I would like to work with Tera Patrick, I love brunettes, hmmm maybe I am biased:)

Do you have any tips or advice to people who want to work in the industry?
Itís getting tougher and tougher to get into the saturated internet so make sure you work with people that know what they are doing. I am always getting e-mails over people that want to have websites and start an online business. It takes patience, drive and lots of people promoting you. If you are a model wanting to get into porn, be safe and check references. Itís better to go with one of the bigger adult agencies who know who is who and can help you get started safely.

You have a new movie coming out we can all wait for?
Iíll have six new dvds out this year. Licensed to Blow volumes #1-6 which every scene will be available on as well as in stores internationally too thanks to Adam & Eve.

And the last question; We all want to know how you see yourself in the future. Any plans?
Right now I am running other girls websites along with mine so I see myself adding more ďFantasy GirlĒ websites and expanding that name brand. I truly love this business so Iíll probrably always be around in some shape or form.

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