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Gina Carrera
Gina Carrera

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Born: 10/5/1963
Aliases: Bang Bang, Gina Carrara, Gina Carrerra, Julie Colt, Julie Winchester, Misty Raines, Victoria Wilde

Ethnicity: Latin
Aliases: LaGina Valentino, Laguna Valento, Lagina Valentina, Gina Valentina, Terry Clark
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Career Start And End: 1984 - 1987 (3 Years In The Business)
Gina Carrera (AKA Julie Winchester, Julie Colt, Misty Raines, Victoria Wilde, Bang Bang) is an American porn star and bondage model born October 5, 1963 in Fort Worth, Texas. Gina's real name is Julie Winchester. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Gina began in mainstream adult films in 1984 and appeared in 103 films. She hit the porn scene at the right time as the industry was moving from 35mm loops to video classic features. It should be noted that Gina Carrera never altered her body with surgery. Gina Carrera's last video appearance was in 1995.

An Industry-Insider on Gina Carrera

Though she was by far & away not the greatest actress, Gina Carrera was a porn starlet to say the least. In an industry whose reputation is based more on looks than actual talent, Gina’s on camera appearances reinforce the ideal. Her part in ‘Space Virgins’, had to be rewritten as a telepath because after 2 days of shooting, she simply could not deliver the dialogue with any believability…..even by porn standards.

But enough about her weakness…..let’s talk about her strengths. Gina was an incredible beauty that looked like the perfect California dream. She had a tight body, wonderfully ripe perky tits, a darling ass, and one of the most photogenic muffs to ever grace the blue screen. Her blonde locks framed a gorgeous face complete with alluring eyes, and a bright smile. She was also a sexual flamethrower on screen!!!!

She first got into hardcore in the early 80s when the video boom was just taking off. As video began to take over 35mm, many of the actresses were finding the transition difficult. New blood was needed and Gina was among the crop of new starlets that would make their mark on videotape. Not to say that she didn’t do some great 35mm work also in features like ‘Stiff Competition’, ‘Beyond Desire’ & ‘New Wave Hookers’ to name just a few. But she really impacted the industry & fans alike in many of the ra’s video classics like, ‘Pleasure Spot’, ‘New York Vice’, & ‘ Sexavision’ among others. She was a real rarity of sorts in the biz, as she vocally preferred sexing with men on & off screen as opposed to women. She retired from the industry in the early 90s with a long list of credits to her name.

Gina Carrera is an alluring blonde vixen who starred in scores of films during the video explosion of the 1980's. Gina Carrera's an intoxicating beauty with a stare that bores right through you and a body that will never bore you. Gina Carrera had one of the tightest bodies in 80's porn, a breast-heavy concoction of sensuous curves topped off with a mop of curly blonde locks. Gina Carrera broke into porn in 1984 and quickly began cranking out tape after tape full of white-hot sex.


An Interview with Gina Carrera
I recently caught up with Gina Carrera after a reader requested information about her. I found that she is now going by Julie Winchester, which is her real name, and runs her own website . Julie, always known for her athletic build, still has it going on these days and I would highly recommend her site to any serious fan. Julie was gracious enough to answer all of my questions and I really appreciate her willingness to be interviewed.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, I only stayed there a short time until my mother took my sister and I and got out of Texas and took us to Oregon, and from there Arizona, so of course I grew up a little in all these places, eventually we moved to LA and I felt like this was the place I really belonged so much excitement and glamour etc. I was about 13 when I first got my taste of LA, we stayed for several years

What was your early childhood like?

My early childhood consisted of lots of chaos and moving around my mother always on the hunt for the right husband (she finally found him, THANK GOD)

Gina Carrera

When did you lose your virginity? Who was it with?

I lost my virginity at 16, I had done the usual fooling around before that but I had met this older guy at an under age club and I thought he should be the one, It wasn’t anything special, I remember he was missing a finger, I know this isn’t relevant but since I’m taking a walk down memory lane it’s all coming back, the funny part is he has turned out to be a VERY well known plastic surgeon here in Los Angeles I’ve seen him on many TV shows

Did you hold any other jobs before your career as an adult entertainer?

I dropped out of high school in my sophomore year I was told if I was going to do that I would have to get a job, I did, I worked at a cleaners, fast food places an apt operator, a lot of small time stuff.

How did you first become involved with adult entertainment?

I met a guy I really liked and moved in with him, he lived on the beach in Santa Monica CA. He was my boss at a copy place I was working, I quit and he took care of me for awhile, I got restless I mean, how many days can you go to the beach and that’s all.. He had several men’s magazines in his closet and while he was at work I would look at them and get very excited, I loved the pictures I loved how they made me feel, I loved how wet they made me when I would look at them, it was a turning point in my life for sure!! I got a local newspaper and found an ad for nude models wanted, I called the guy he came out to our apt. took several pictures and submitted me for many jobs, I got most of them, that photographer became a very good friend of mine and I eventually left my boyfriend and moved in with him, it wasn’t a love thing but we did fool around sexually, I wouldn’t let him fuck me but he would masturbate me all the time!!

Gina Carrera

So did the second guy get you into the film business as well?

I got sick of him, and found World modeling Agency, booked many more jobs, men’s magazines mostly at that time I wasn’t interested in doing Porn, I had been shot too many times and there wasn’t that much print work I hadn’t done. I got used to having a lot of cash and Jim South the top porn agent then, and now I believe, asked if I would be willing to do something called a loop, I struggled big time but decided to do it, it was brutal for me, but I got through it I felt very sleazy, once the word got out I got offered several starring roles and began to really make a name for myself, and I got a lot more comfortable with my sexuality and being in front of the camera.

What was the first porn film you appeared in?

Stiff competition was my first starring role.

How many films did you appear in?

I probably made close to 100 movies, a lot of just scenes in most of them.

Have you ever watched yourself?

I had never viewed my own movies until years later, I get a kick out of watching them sometimes, I did some really silly roles, some hot and some not!!

How long were you active in the adult film business?

Despite what some might say my career was only about 2 years long in porn.
Gina Carrera

Why did you leave the porn industry?

I left porn because I met someone that I fell in love with and he would have no part of that part of my life. I was more than happy to leave porn behind.

What did you do after you left the industry?

I began to strip at bachelor parties and made a lot of cash doing that as well.

You have also been involved with female wrestling. How did you get involved with that?Gina Carrera

I started the wrestling at the same time, the lady that owned the company I worked for called ” BODY LANGUAGE” also wanted to start a female wrestling company we did and today she owns and operates Double Trouble Productions, who I still work for to this day.

You did a lot of fetish stuff after leaving the industry as well. Tell us about that.

All of the other fetish stuff I was doing in the meantime, lots of bondage, foot fetish, tickling, peeing, pussy fighting, yes I said pussy fighting. You name it I’ve probably done it. I really enjoy most of the fetish work I do it’s a lot more creative than just fucking.

You offer a lot of different services on your website. What are some of the things you offer to your fans?
I do do private sessions as well as custom videos for my fans. I do have a site to view for free (my real name), and I’m working on building, where you can see all my work, fetish, single masturbation, and some guy girl interaction, trust me there’s lots to have fun with, this should be up and running by next month early April.

Gina CarreraSo in a sense you never really quit doing porn? How much longer do you plan on entertaining?

I’ve never left the adult business just mixed things up a lot and I’ve enjoyed every minute and hope to be around it for a couple of more years at least.

How old are you now and how do you keep in such great shape?

I am 44, I work out everyday and live a healthy lifestyle.

Still sexy at 44?

I’m still a very sexual woman and I always will be, but now it’s on my terms not some director’s.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I hope that you will visit me on my sites and let me know if you’d like to work with me (or) play, it’s been fun visiting the past and I hope that you have learned a little more about me, and most of all Thank you for being fans, I forgot to mention I did have a short stint in music, and made a CD that I’m very proud of , you can check that out on my site as well, Much Love!! Julie Winchester, AKA (Gina Carrera)

Gina Carrera Complete Filmography:

Animal in Me Standard Video 1985
Bachelorette Party VCA
Back to Back 1 4 Play
Back to Class 1 Dreamland 1987
Billionaire Girls Club K-Beech
Black Silk Secrets VCA 1989
Erotic Starlets 11 CDI / Cinderella
Fuck My Face Hollywood
Ginger Lynn and Co. LBO Entertainment
Ginger's Private Party Vivid
Girls Together Gourmet/GVC
Girls who Dig Girls 17 Wet Video
Golddiggers Intropics Video
Heart Throbs Caballero
Heartbreak Girl Gourmet/GVC
Hindsight Metro
Holiday for Angels Intropics Video
Hollywood Harlots Video Exclusives
I Love a Girl in Uniform VCA
Legends of Lust 2 - Christy Canyon CDI / Cinderella
Midnight Zone Intropics Video
Oral Ecstasy 4 Wet Video
Oral Ecstasy 5 Wet Video
Oriental Jade VCA 1985
Prescription for Passion Vidco
Prime Cuts - Butt Stick Project Metro
Rear Entry VCR Productions 1984
Spreading Joy VCA 1984
Studs 'N' Stars VCA
Wilder at Heart Classics Home Video 1991
With Love from Ginger Hollywood

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