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Sunrise Adams
Sunrise Adams

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Born: 9/14/1982
Aliases: Sunrise

Country of Origin: United States MO Missouri St. Louis
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 55 kg - 121 lbs
Measurements: 36DD-24-36
Fake Boobs: Yes
Shoe Size: 7.5
Tattoos: Lower back; above outer left ankle; band of roses and thorns around right bicep; star flower on the back of the neck below left ear; lower back in a shape of wings and form of flowers; Chinese characters on the top of left foot
She is the niece of the well-known porn film star Sunset Thomas. Adams, though born in St. Louis, was raised in near poverty in rural East Texas. "I grew up in Pickton, Texas (pop. 90), with no phone, one TV channel and no one to play with for miles." (Hustler, May 2005) A self-described "curious and wild" tomboy, in the 6th grade she tattooed "horny" on her knuckles using a sewing needle and ink from a pen. She lost virginity at the age of 14. In high school she excelled both athletically and academically. She not only played basketball for her school, but was also the only girl ever to play on both the Junior and Senior varsity football teams for the Como-Pickton school district. Graduating early at age 16, she enrolled at a nearby community college during her last two years of high school. Once she was 18, her aunt Sunset Thomas -- already a famous porn actress herself -- came to visit, arriving in a tractor and trailer at the Sonic Drive-In where Adams was employed. With little debate, Thomas convinced her niece that the adult film industry could also be her path to money and fame, and even came up with a stage name complementary to her own. Leaving behind small-town Texas for the bright lights of Los Angeles, Adams officially began her porn career on January 8, 2001, when she appeared with Ed Powers in More Dirty Debutantes 186. Like most actresses new to the pornographic industry, she was encouraged to try sexual acts outside her prior experiences. Her first sexual encounter with another girl was with Cherry Rain in Cockless 3 (2001), which she found she enjoyed. Adams also did anal scenes in her very early films -- including her first ever with Powers -- but after a particularly rough session in Vince Voyeur's Initiations 8 (2001) ended up requiring stitches and recuperation time to heal, she has since adamantly refused to continue that practice on film. An instant hit with fans, Adams signed a two year contract with Vivid Entertainment in August, 2002, officially becoming a "Vivid Girl." The terms required her to appear in 8 movies per year for the company. On September 17, 2002, Adams underwent breast enlargement surgery, despite Vivid's objections, which preferred her youthful figure and natural breasts. In 2002, Vivid tapped Adams to star in Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge as well as future films in the series. It was an apt choice considering the blonde actress' Texas heritage and football background, though she claimed the role was difficult due to her life-long loathing of cheerleaders. Adams is particularly well-known for her oral skills and lesbian scenes. Nominated for Best Actress by AVN in 2003, she won the award for "Best Oral Sex Scene - Film" in 2004 for the movie Heart of Darkness. She has made a number of films with brunette star Faith Adams, her "almost namesake," and actually claimed to have been "married" to Faith for almost two years. On August 2, 2004, Adams -- along with fellow Vivid girl Savanna Samson -- appeared on Fox News's "The O'Reilly Factor" talk show to promote their book How to Have a XXX Sex Life. Adams has also parlayed her fame into comedy and personal appearances, as well as business ventures. She appeared on the cover of the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game, Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood, portraying herself, and was a spokeswoman for Pony Sports. She also appeared in the skateboarding movie Grind (2003). An active investor in real estate, she has several homes in California and Texas, and hopes to own a chain of apartments. She has also been working on a business management degree via an online university. In late-2004, not long after renewing her Vivid contract for 10 more years, Adams abruptly left the adult film business. She soon after was employed at Countrywide Home Mortgage in Fort Worth, Texas. Adams was also a promotional model featured on the sign for the Las Vegas nightclub Tangerine at Treasure Island and on their web site. On November 15, 2006 it was announced that Adams would be returning to the adult film industry.


Interview With Sunrise Adams
- 1/10/2004
Las Vegas, NV
The niece of famous porn star Sunset Thomas, Sunrise Adams has gone from being an up and coming starlet to one of Vivid's most popular contract girls. We caught up with Sunrise at the 2004 AVN Expo in Las Vegas for another chance to find out more about her and what she's been up to. How are you?
Sunrise Adams: I'm good, thank you. I'm glad you guys could be here and join us...and hopefully, you're having a good time.

Q: We're here at the Vivid booth, and you're taking a break from signing...are you done for the rest of the morning?
Sunrise Adams: I am done for the rest of the morning...actually, I've been waiting on you guys!

Q: Now, you've been in the business for what...about two or three years now?
Sunrise Adams: Three years. The 8th of January was my anniversary.

Q: How long have you been a Vivid Girl?
Sunrise Adams: It's my second year being a Vivid Girl.

Q: And your aunt is Sunset Thomas?
Sunrise Adams: Yes, Sunset Thomas is my aunt. We're kin!

Q: Do people ask you that a lot?
Sunrise Adams: They do. I'm always being asked about her. We are in adult, but that's pretty much all we have in common, aside from the fact that she's my aunt. But a wonderful woman.

Q: Can you tell us how you got in the business?
Sunrise Adams: The way it all started was my aunt got in the business when she was 18, and she told me how it was in the 80's...and she's only a couple years older than me. So it always filled my head about going and having free love and free when I turned 18, I showed up to work in Texas and they asked me if I was ready to go, and I said "Yeah". And here I am!

Q: You were in a lot of gonzo flicks before you became a Vivid Girl. Was it your goal to become a contract girl or did you prefer working as a freelancer?
Sunrise Adams: I did enjoy very much being a freelancer. Vivid actually got in contact with me after a couple of months in the business and I turned them down. I never thought I was going to have a contract. But I'm very honored to be here with them, I love them, and I'm going to be with them until I retire.

Q: Any plans for that something you have planned in the next 5 to 10 years? Do you plan to stay in the business directing or writing?
Sunrise Adams: Well, right now I'm getting my Business Management degree. I just bought my second home, and hopefully I'm going to buy multiple other properties. And that's pretty much what I want to do until I pass away. But I've always wanted to do this (porn) just to have fun. I've always loved porn, and I've set my goals: I'm going to retire when I'm 31 from this business...from actually being in front of the camera...and I might direct or produce or even own a part of Vivid in a couple of years! So, only time can tell!

Q: Were you actually born and raised in Southern California?
Sunrise Adams: I was not born in California. I was actually born in Missouri, but raised in Texas. So I'm a Texas girl.

Q: Before you became a Vivid Girl, were there any favorite companies that you worked with?
Sunrise Adams: I think all the companies I worked with are my favorites! I walk through these halls today, and all these people know me from way back...they still love me, and they're the coolest people I've ever known. So most of the companies are pretty good...aside from a choice few.

Q: Before you started doing adult features, was acting something you've always wanted to try? Or do you prefer just to give a sexual performance?
Sunrise Adams: You know, I could give a hoot about acting. I'm not an actress. I've never tried to be an actress. I like to fuck and that's what I do. I don't want to be an actress...that's not me. I can't act!

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
Sunrise Adams: I do have a significant other. He's not in the business, and he's a cool guy. I don't see it lasting forever, but if it does...good for us. But as for right now, it's working.

Q: Sunset Thomas, your aunt, has been making a lot of mainstream appearances. Is that a goal of yours as well?
Sunrise Adams: I think it's Vivid's goal to make us more mainstream. I've done Howard Stern, I've done lots and lots of news and press conference things, I have done mainstream movies and TV appearances. She's (Sunset) in a little more than me...but here I come, so watch out!

Q: Do you have any favorite Vivid flicks that you've been in?
Sunrise Adams: Some really good videos that I've done would be Heart of Darkness, Portrait of Sunrise...which is my all-time favorite. Aside from that, I've done the Debbie Does Dallas: The all of those are really good.

Q: Do you have a website?
Sunrise Adams: Right now you can reach me at I do not have a website. I know nothing about computers...I don't even know how to turn one on!

Q: Now that you've been in the business for three years, do you have any advice to new girls who may look up to you and want to have your kind of success?
Sunrise Adams: The first thing I would really want to say to anyone getting into this business: I grew up knowing what I was going to do. I had always known the pros and cons of what this business could do to you. So the first thing is that you would really want to ask yourself is if this is something you're prepared to have with you for the rest of your life. Do you really want your children and grandchildren looking at your pornos? Are you ready for all the ridicule that's going to be judged upon you? And if you have your head on straight and you know the business, it might be fun...but it is a business and if you have a goal out there, then get into this business. But if you have any doubt at all, or if you think you can do just one or two and no one will see it...that's a lie. My first video...people in Texas, where I'm from, saw within a few months of it being out. And I lived in the middle of nowhere! So really just look deep down inside of you and make sure this is something you really want to do for yourself and then go from there.

Q: That's good advice, and we appreciate your candor. Thank you so much for taking time for us this afternoon.
Sunrise Adams: Thank you! It was nice talking to you too.

Sunrise Adams Complete Filmography:

April in January Jill Kelly Productions 2001
Babes In Pornland 2: Teen Babes Puritan International, Ltd. 2001
Barefoot Confidential 14 Kick Ass Pictures 2001
Barely Legal 18 Hustler Video 2001
Blow Hard Vivid 2001
Bring 'um Young 5 Anabolic Video 2001
Cherry Poppers 19 Zane Entertainment Group 2001
Club Kink Jill Kelly Productions 2001
Cockless 3 4-Play Video 2001
Down The Hatch 6 Diabolic Video 2001
Exposed New Sensations 2001
Finally 18 3 West Coast Productions 2001
Grrl Power 6 Kick Ass Pictures 2001
Hearts and Minds 1 New Sensations 2001
I Love To Swallow 2 Sin City 2001
Initiations 8 Anabolic Video 2001
Kung-fu Girls 1 Kick Ass Pictures 2001
Legal Skin 2 Smash Pictures 2001
Love Machine New Sensations 2001
More Dirty Debutantes 186 4-Play Video 2001
Nasty Nymphos 31 Anabolic Video 2001
Naughty College School Girls 17 New Sensations 2001
Naughty College School Girls 18 New Sensations 2001
Naughty College School Girls 20 New Sensations 2001
New Breed 6 Pleasure Productions 2001
Nineteen Video Magazine 43 Dane Productions 2001
North Pole 27 New Sensations 2001
Old Dicks And Young Chicks 7 Odyssey 2001
Oral Adventures Of Craven Moorehead 9 Celestial 2001
Oral Consumption 4 Anabolic Video 2001
Panty Droppers 1 Zane Entertainment Group 2001
Panty Hoes 5 New Sensations 2001
Perverted POV 2 Diabolic Video 2001
Play Maids K-Beech Video 2001
Puritan Magazine 35 Puritan International, Ltd. 2001
Risque Sin City 2001
Screaming Orgasms 3 New Sensations 2001
Sexorama K-Beech Video 2001
Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3 New Sensations 2001
Shay's Sweet Revenge Dreamland Video 2001
Sleep Walker Metro 2001
Specs Appeal 2 Kick Ass Pictures 2001
Teen Tryouts Audition 9 Devil's Film 2001
Threesome Dim-Some Elegant Angel 2001
Try-a-teen 1 Visual Images 2001
University Coeds Oral Exams 6 Dane Productions 2001
Up Your Ass 17 Anabolic Video 2001
Will Power Metro 2001
Young As They Cum 2 New Sensations 2001
Young Dumb And Full Of Cum 7 Zane Entertainment Group 2001
Young Stuff 2 Sin City 2001
Young Stuff 3 Sin City 2001
18 And Natural Dreamland Video 2002
Bachelor Party Girl Metro 2002
Bedroom Eyes Jill Kelly Productions 2002
Blowjob Fantasies 14 Metro 2002
Burnin' Love Dreamland Video 2002
Club TropiXXX Surfer Pictures 2002
Counterfeit Sin City 2002
Dark Sunrise Dreamland Video 2002
Deep Throat This 2 New Sensations 2002
Escort Metro 2002
Finally Legal 4 Amazing 2002
Flash Flood 6 Coast To Coast 2002
For Women Only 1: Girls On Guys Simon Wolf 2002
Forever 18 2 Dreamland Video 2002
Good Things Vivid 2002
Gypsy Curse Simon Wolf 2002
Heroin Wicked Pictures 2002
Hooray For Hollywood Metro 2002
Hot Dripping Pink Simon Wolf 2002
Hot Showers 2 Hustler Video 2002
Kittens 12 Coast To Coast 2002
Liar's Club Sin City 2002
Love And Sex CDI Home Video 2002
Love Untamed Jill Kelly Productions 2002
Mr. Nasty's POV Zane Entertainment Group 2002
My Dreams Of Shay Dreamland Video 2002
My Perfect 10's 1 Jill Kelly Productions 2002
On Location With Simon Wolf Simon Wolf 2002
Patriot Dames Scarlet Tower 2002
Pickup Lines 72 Odyssey 2002
Pink Crush Dreamland Video 2002
Pin-up Girls Ultimate Video 2002
Play With Fire Simon Wolf 2002
Please Cum Inside Me 9 Evil Angel 2002
Portrait Of Sunrise Vivid 2002
Pussyman's Decadent Divas 18 Feline Films 2002
Pussyman's Teenland 1 Feline Films 2002
Real XXX Letters 1 Purrrfect Video 2002
Real XXX Letters 3 Purrrfect Video 2002
Road Snatch Matt Zane Productions 2002
Sex Under Hot Lights - Brand Spanking New Playboy 2002
Sodomania: Slop Shots 12 Elegant Angel 2002
Sorority Babes 2 Dreamland Entertainment 2002
Sunrise Adams Exposed New Machine Publishing 2002
Sweetwater New Sensations 2002
Thief Of Hearts Simon Wolf 2002
Thumb Suckers Dreamland Video 2002
To Completion 3 Rosebud 2002
Up and Cummers 100 Evil Angel 2002
Virgin Stories 18 Dane Productions 2002
XXX 6: Girls Next Door Sin City 2002
Young Cream Pies 2 New Machine Publishing 2002
Young Sluts, Inc. 5 Hustler Video 2002
18 Wild and Horny Dreamland Entertainment 2003
Blonde Party Girls Midnight Video 2003
Club TropiXXX 2 Surfer Pictures 2003
Cotton Candy Vivid 2003
Cum Cravers Pure Filth 2003
Dawn of the Debutantes 5 4-Play Video 2003
Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge Vivid 2003
Don't Mess With Perfection Vivid 2003
Eager Beavers Vivid 2003
Face Down Ass Up Vivid 2003
Filthy Rich Vivid 2003
Hawaii Heat Surfer Pictures 2003
Heart of Darkness Vivid 2003
Hitman Digital Playground 2003
Maximum head Vivid 2003
Nailed Vivid 2003
New Love Vivid 2003
Newbies Python 2003
Only The Best Of Models Metro 2003
Photo Club Vivid 2003
Rug Munchers Sin City 2003
Savanna Scores Vivid 2003
Savanna Takes Control Vivid 2003
Set On Sunrise Vivid 2003
Sorority Sluts Sin City 2003
Sunrise: Extreme Close Up Vivid 2003
Tricks Vivid 2003
Vicious Streak Vivid 2003
Where the Boys Aren't 16 Vivid 2003
White Hot Vivid 2003
100% Blowjobs 29 Jill Kelly Productions 2004
Adult Video News Awards 2004 Hustler Video 2004
Barely Legal All Stars 3 Hustler Video 2004
Best Of Dayton Raines Jill Kelly Productions 2004
Contestants Vivid 2004
Debbie Does Dallas: East Vs West Vivid 2004
Gathering Of Thoughts Vivid 2004
Hold Still Vivid 2004
Jenna And Friends New Machine Publishing 2004
Jenna Haze's Redline Don Goo 2004
Key Party Vivid 2004
Last Girl Standing Vivid 2004
Maneater Vivid 2004
Mind Reader Digital Playground 2004
Over Her Head Vivid 2004
Pink Slip Vivid 2004
Ring Me Up! Vivid 2004
Sentenced Vivid 2004
Skin Trade Vivid 2004
Sorority Hazing Jill Kelly Productions 2004
Sunrise Adams The Early Years Purrrfect Video 2004
Sweet Grind Madness 2004
Teen Angel Vivid 2004
Telling Tales Vivid 2004
Where the Boys Aren't 17 Vivid 2004
Wrong Girl Vivid 2004
Young and Filthy Sin City 2004
Young Hot And Horny Girls 2 New Machine Publishing 2004
And The Envelope Please Tawny Roberts Vivid 2005
Best Butts In The Biz Jill Kelly Productions 2005
College Call Girls 2 Triple Threat 2005
Fresh and Natural 2 New Machine Publishing 2005
Girl Next Door (II) Maximum Xposure 2005
Grudgefuck Vivid 2005
Kick Ass Chicks 22: Superstars Kick Ass Pictures 2005
L.E.G.S. Adam & Eve 2005
Les' Be Friends Vivid 2005
Lick Clique Vivid 2005
Monster Tits Vivid 2005
Nuttin' Hunnies 3 New Sensations 2005
Real Sappho Letters Purrrfect Video 2005
Scorpio Rising Vivid 2005
Sex Addicts: They Can't Control Themselves Simon Wolf 2005
Sunrise Adams' Redline Don Goo 2005
Take That Deep Throat This 2 Northstar Associates 2005
Top Ten Hottest Women Jill Kelly Productions 2005
I Love Sunrise New Sensations 2006
Incredible Expanding Vagina Vivid 2006
Service with a Smile Vivid 2006
Smother Sisters Vivid 2006
Two Cocks, One Pussy, All Three Pretty Juicy Vivid 2006
Erik Everhard Fucks Them All Digital Sin 2007
In Your Dreams Simon Wolf 2007
Off the Hook Vivid 2007
Pay or Play Vivid 2007
Star 69: DD Vivid 2007
Sunrise Adams' Guide to Best Blowjobs Vivid 2007
Sunrise Adams is a Sex Addict Vivid 2007
Vivid's Private Reserve Vivid 2007
Heart Breaker Vivid 2008
Jawbreakers Killer Porn 2008
Only The Best Of Teens Metro 2008
Perverse Vivid 2008
Slit Happens Vivid 2008
Sounds of Obsession Vivid 2008
Butt Floss Chronicles Vivid 2009
Dreams of Sunrise Vivid 2009
Virtual Vivid Girl: Sunrise Adams Vivid 2009

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