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Gia Darling
Gia Darling

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Born: 7/30/1977
Aliases: Gia, Gialicious

Birthplace: Valencia, California
Years Active as Performer: 1998 (Started around 21 years old)
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)

Won the Transsexual Performer of the Year AVN Award in 2006

Gia was born in Guatemala, but there's no trace of it left, to listen to her; she visits there every year, but the star of Transsexual Heartbreakers #34 is a California girl through and through, from her blonde hair on down through every inch of her curvy, tan body. Adopted by a single mother when she was just a wee tadpole, she has been living in Valencia, California since she was three years old -- she has houses in California and Guatemala. She was raised Catholic in a conservative Latin family atmosphere, but she doesn't seem to have any of the guilt that often comes with such an upbringing, and she's involved in a number of charities in Guatemala that help gay, bi, and transgender kids. Gia has been living as a girl since she was little; "I've always like girly things -- when I was little I'd rather play with a doll than a truck every time, and I think of myself as a straight woman now." Her favorite color is, of course, pink.

Gia Darling says she's always been a shy girl and a homebody, but the star of the saucy Gia Darling Salutes America is vivacious, outgoing and flirty, and she's certainly in charge at work. When we were talking about Up Close and Virtual With Gia Darling, from Goodfellas, she told me, laughing, that she only did very special projects with studios other than Gia Darling Entertainment: "I have an ironclad contract with Gia Darling -- that bitch won't let me perform with anybody else!" She's big on respect, and she likes guys who see her as a person and not as a sex object (well, at least not ONLY a sex object).

Gia's been in the business since 1998, when she was working as an assistant to Roy Alexandre; when a T-girl failed to show up for a photo shoot, Roy convinced Gia to step in and sub for her, and the ball was rolling. Not long afterward, Gia made her film debut in Transsexual Beauty Queens #1. She's been starring in movies for ten years since then, and she credits her longevity in part to her time as Roy's assistant. "That job was the best thing ever. I got to see all the girls who came through and learn from them what to do -- and what not to do -- to survive; I learned how to use the industry to my advantage." She went on to star in a few future volumes of Transsexual Beauty Queens, including #3, #5, #7 and #8, but she had bigger things in mind for herself.

Part of her survival strategy was forming her own company, Gia Darling Entertainment. Although she only performs in the Transsexual Heartbreakers series, she directs other projects and series, like Italian Transsexual Job and Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventures. I asked her which ones were her favorites, and she said that she enjoyed them all so much that she couldn't possibly pick just one. "Transsexual Cheerleader Search #1 and #2 were fun. And we used a real boxing ring in Gia Darling's She-Male Championship Boxing -- that was great. But they're all great -- we do parodies, dumb jokes, in-jokes...Tranny Watch was so much fun too, with all the overacting. The cool part about making my own movies is doing my own thing -- that's what makes it genuine and real."





















Gia says about herself:

ďLet me start by saying that I am a twenty something year old transsexual girl and I stand at 5 foot 7 inches and weigh in at 124lbs. I live in sunny L.A, California, I have blond hair brown eyes (at times blue) wink. I have been living as a female since I was 15 years of age and I have loved every minute of it. There is nothing I would change even the bad times I had to deal with in school and in life I think they had allot to do with who I am now and I must say I am very happy with my life now! I am an aspiring model and actress (aren't we all in LA) wink. I love doing and being involved with anything that has a camera and a wonderful location! But my dream job is to be a television hostess for some fun travel or music video show or a wild on location reporter.

In addition to TV my other passion is cosmetic surgery and after seeing my idol Cindy Jackson on TV I discovered that I had a chance of changing my life like she did with surgery. I could relate to her because in a way I was where she was before her surgeries thatís why she became such an inspiration to me and when I got to meet her around 4 years ago I discovered that she was not only a beautiful looking girly girl but was also an amazing person and in the past few years she has advised me on surgery and helped me in the final stages of my transformation and in a way if we play our looks up we actually look a bit alike!!! Itís cool!!!

Aside from me having numerous ďFeminizingĒ cosmetic procedures (the number is up to 25 I think!!!! Wink) Iím often contacted by other transgender girls or media about my facial feminization as Iím not a Dr ( thatís would just be too cool!!) but having been thru the procedures myself I can often give people a first hand experience from a patients point of view . And I donít mind sharing! I often feel that maybe my story will help a young girl out there! Like Cindy unknowingly helped me. Then all I have had to deal with has been worth itÖĒ

Gia Darling Complete Filmography:

60 Shemales Dressed For Sex Androgeny 2011
All About Gia Darling Gia Darling 2010
Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventures Avalon (YMAC) 2005
Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventures 2 Gia Darling 2006
America's Next Top Tranny Goodfellas Productions 2007
Beast Sin City 2000
Busty Transsexual Beauty Queens 2 Avalon Enterprises 2007
Charlie's Devils 1 Lipstik Video 2000
Education Of A Transsexual FYA Independent 2006
Fetish Zone 6: Tranny Domme FYA Independent 2006
Fetish Zone 7: Tranny Domme Law and Disorder FYA Independent 2006
Gia Darling Blonde Gia Darling 2007
Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass Third World Media 2008
Gia Darling With Love Avalon (YMAC) 2004
Gia Darling: Hall Of Fame Third World Media 2011
Gia Pets Gia Darling 2010
Gialicious 2 Gia Darling 2009
Hip Hop Heartbreakers Avalon (YMAC) 2004
Hot Chicks With Hung Dicks 2 Blue Coyote Pictures 2010
Naughty Transsexual Nurses Avalon Enterprises 2004
No Tell Motel Avalon Enterprises 2007
She-Male Championship Boxing Gia Darling 2003
She-Male Samba Mania 1 Gotham Gold 2001
She-Male Slumber Party Gia Darling 2003
Tranniewatch Avalon Enterprises 2005
Transex Domination Avalon Enterprises 2009
Transsexual Babysitters 7 Devil's Film 2008
Transsexual Beauty Queens 1 Fallen Angel 1998
Transsexual Beauty Queens 3 Avalon (YMAC) 1998
Transsexual Beauty Queens 4 Fallen Angel 1999
Transsexual Beauty Queens 5 Avalon (YMAC) 1998
Transsexual Beauty Queens 6 Avalon Entertainment 1999
Transsexual Beauty Queens 7 Fallen Angel 1999
Transsexual Beauty Queens 8 Fallen Angel 1999
Transsexual Beauty Queens 9 Avalon Entertainment 2000
Transsexual Beauty Queens Doing Couples 2 Avalon Enterprises 2008
Transsexual Beauty Queens In Leather And Lace Avalon Enterprises 2007
Transsexual Beauty Queens Perfect 10s Avalon Enterprises 2009
Transsexual Beauty Queens Topping Guys Avalon Enterprises 2008
Transsexual Beauty Queens Unleashed 1 Androgeny 2005
Transsexual Beauty Queens Unleashed 3 Avalon (YMAC) 2006
Transsexual Beauty Queens Wet And Wild Avalon Enterprises 2008
Transsexual Beauty Queens: Hung Honey's 9 Androgeny 2010
Transsexual Beauty Queens: Shemales On Females 2 Avalon Enterprises 2008
Transsexual Carnival Avalon (YMAC) 2006
Transsexual Celebrity Look-A-Likes 1 Avalon (YMAC) 2005
Transsexual Centerfolds 2 Androgeny 2000
Transsexual Cheerleader Search Avalon Enterprises 2003
Transsexual Cheerleader Search 2 Avalon (YMAC) 2004
Transsexual Heartbreakers 10 Gia Darling 2001
Transsexual Heartbreakers 13 Avalon Enterprises 2002
Transsexual Heartbreakers 16 Gia Darling 2002
Transsexual Heartbreakers 17 Gia Darling 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 18 Avalon Entertainment 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 19 Gia Darling 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 20 Gia Darling 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 21 Gia Darling 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 22 Gia Darling 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 23 Gia Darling 2003
Transsexual Heartbreakers 24 Third World Media 2004
Transsexual Heartbreakers 25 Gia Darling 2004
Transsexual Heartbreakers 26 Gia Darling 2004
Transsexual Heartbreakers 27 Gia Darling 2004
Transsexual Heartbreakers 28 Avalon (YMAC) 2005
Transsexual Heartbreakers 29 Gia Darling 2005
Transsexual Heartbreakers 3 Avalon Entertainment 2000
Transsexual Heartbreakers 30 Gia Darling 2005
Transsexual Heartbreakers 31 Gia Darling 2005
Transsexual Heartbreakers 32 Gia Darling 2005
Transsexual Heartbreakers 33 Gia Darling 2005
Transsexual Heartbreakers 34 Avalon Enterprises 2006
Transsexual Heartbreakers 35 Gia Darling 2007
Transsexual Heartbreakers 37 Gia Darling 2009
Transsexual Heartbreakers 4 Avalon (YMAC) 2001
Transsexual Heartbreakers 5 Darling Entertainment 2001
Transsexual Heartbreakers 7 Gia Darling 2001
Transsexual Madam Avalon Enterprises 2006
Trisexual Asylum 2 Third World Media 2009
Up Close and Virtual With Gia Darling Goodfellas Productions 2007

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