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Britney Stevens
Britney Stevens

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Born: 2/24/1985
Aliases: Brittany Stevens, Brittney Stevens, Britney

Birth Name: Sherri Hoffman
Country of Origin: United States CA - California
Place of Birth: North Hollywood
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 57 kg - 125 lbs
Measurements: 36C-25-36
Years Started: 2006 (Started around 21 years old)
Tattoos: Three stars on left shoulder; skull with roses on right wrist; music scroll with name "Sherri" on back; small dice on wrist

Britney Stevens is the elder of the Stevens sisters by two and a half years. Sheís the one with the natural C-cup tits and the adorable lisp. Born in North Hollywood, California on February 24, 1985, Britney and her sister got into porn around the same time, and the two of them often perform not just in the same movies but in the same scenes. Britney stands 5í3Ē tall and weighs 125 pounds; her naturally bust sits atop a curvy 36-25-35 frame, and she has brown hair, a winning smile, and a willingness to do anal, double penetrations, squirting, girls, interracial, and just about anything else that comes up.


INTERVIEW: Whitney Stevens 2007

OK, who am I sitting with?
Whitney Stevens.
You look very beautiful today.
Thank you.
Youíre signing at the Anabolic/Diabolic booth. How is the day going for you so far?
Itís good. Itís fun. There are more people than yesterday.
Is this your first signing?
Your first time facing all these fans?
Is it fun?
Itís fun. Itís a lot of fun.
Do a lot of them know who you are?
A lot of them do. They bring my box covers and stuff.
So you have a lot of fans already.
How long have you been in the business?
For six months.
About how many movies have you done in that time?
Over a hundred.
That is a lot of work.
I know.
Since we are at the Anabolic/Diabolic booth, what are some movies you have done for them?
I did Spring Chickens 17, I did Teens With Tits 8, Lewd Conduct 29 and a few others.
Teens With Tits? You mean you have breasts?
(Laughing) Yeah, I do.
How old are you?
Iím nineteen.
So you are a teen and you have breasts that I am not noticing. They look to be large though. How big are they?
They are 34dd.
And natural.
They are natural, yeah.
Wow. When did you start growing those?
I was like fifteen when they started growing out.
Where they something you were happy about or were they just a pain?
At first I didnít like them, but then I got used to them and now I love them.
Now you love them. What is the best thing you ever got just for having those?
The best thing I got? I donít know. I get a lot of work because of them.
Work is good, but have you ever gotten out of a ticket or moved to the front of the line at a club?
Yeah, they let me in clubs and stuff.
So they are handy then and you want to keep them.
Yeah I love them.
A lot of girls want to get them smaller or bigger. Are you happy with your size?
Iím happy with the size yeah.
You should be. OK, youíve been in for six months, youíre nineteen years old. Were you nineteen when you got in?
So you were still eighteen. How does an eighteen year old fromÖwhere?
From Palm Springs.
How does an eighteen year old girl from Palm Springs get into porn?
Me and my sister both got in together.
And who is your sister?
Britney Stevens. It was her idea. She met this guy and he introduced us to our agent Joel. We did a scene and we liked it.
Are you twins or is she older?
Sheís twenty-one, sheís older.
Have you guys worked in the same movie together?
Yeah we have.
In the same scene together?
Yeah we have.
Was that the first time you had done something like that?
Yeah it was, well no not really.
So some time in real life you did that?
Yeah, we did it on and off camera.
Was it her boyfriend, yours, a friend?
A friend of ours that we met in a club.
Whose idea was that?
It was the guyís idea. Obviously.
You said yes to him. How many guys before that had you said no to?
A lot. A lot of guys out there want to have sex with two sisters.
Well sure. Who wouldnít. Would you ever want to have sex with two brothers?
Yeah I think it would be fun. Why not.
What were you like growing up?
I was kind of tomboy.
It canít be easy to be a tomboy with those.
I know.
You start getting noticed
I grew up in Palm Springs. Itís kind of boring.
Itís kind of a vacation community. A lot of old people and gay people.
A lot of golf.
Do you golf?
I have before.
Do your breasts get in the way when you golf?
Yeah. I like topless golfing.
Topless golfing? Do they allow that in Palm Springs?
They have a topless golf course.
Really? Is it mostly girls who golf there?
Itís people who just like to be naked in the sun.
Iíll bet they charge the guys more to golf there than the girls. In fact you probably golf there for free. Isnít that the best thing you get free for having great breasts, free golf?
I know.
They are great. Everyone should have breasts like that.
Thank you.
But if everyone had them you wouldnít get free stuff.
I know
So only you can have them. Were you very sexual before you got into the business?
Yeah I was.
Other than sharing a guy with your sister. So was it a big shock to get into porn?
No it was just kind of like whatever. It was fun.
What was your first scene?
My first scene was a Jules Jordan scene with Mr. Pete. (In Jules Jordanís Breast Worship)(Review of Breast Worship.)
Is Mr. Pete the kind of guy you would normally be having sex with?
Heís a cool guy.
Yeah he is.
Was it a pretty good scene?
Yeah it was.
Did you know when it was over that you wanted to do more?
Yeah. I had a lot of fun when I did it.
Do you still have fun?
I do. Sometimes it depends on the producer.
But when the mood is right, you still have fun. Thatís good. You arenít burned out yet. You arenít ready to retire at nineteen.
No, not yet.
Who are your favorite guys to work with?
I like James Deen. I donít know. I donít really have a favorite.
Do you have any guys that you havenít worked with, but want to?
What about girls?
No, I donít do girl/girl.
Only three ways with your sister and you guys donít touch each other.
We have before.
Really? We have to talk about that. How far have you gone?
Weíve done everything.
You had sex with your sister?
Yeah, but we were drunk.
That always helped. How long ago was this?
About two years ago.
You were young. So what, youíre hanging around the house drinking with no guys around?
No, there were guys around .It was us and three guys.
I see. Thatís a pretty hot story. They wonít have you do that on camera.
No. We havenít done everyone on film, but we have kissed and stuff.
I see. Do you have a web site?
Not yet. Iím working on one.
What else should we talk about. It is kind of tough to top that story. It was hard enough not to look at your boobs and now this. Who do you think is hotter, you or your sister?
I think we look the same.
Is she working as much as you?
Yeah she is. Her boobs are smaller.
So you have better boobs?
Does she have a better ass than you?
Yeah, she has a better ass.
So if you like asses, you like Britney if you like boobs you like Whitney.
Do you think you are equally hot as performers? Have you watched her scenes?
Yeah I have.
Have you watched your own?
What is something you have noticed that maybe you would change about your performance?
Where I look when Iím doing scenes.
What do you usually look at?
I donít know.
Where do you think you should be looking?
Not right into the camera.
Not the whole time anyway. The guys jerking off at home want you to look away sometimes or they get embarrassed.
I know.
All of these guys coming up to you with box covers go home and jerk off or have sex with their wives or girlfriends with you on the screen. How does that make you feel?
I think itís hot.
Do you want them to tell you that when they walk up to you?
No. I donít want them to tell me.
But itís nice to know that you are providing pleasure to so many.
Do you watch a lot of porn?
I do.
Who do you like to watch?
I like watching Olivia OíLovely. I like watching Taylor Rain.
Those are two really different girls. Olivia is bigger and Taylor is tiny. What type of girl would be looking for if you were looking to hook up here in Vegas?
I prefer someone like Olivia. I love brunettes.
With big asses?
Do you like big boobs?
Mmm Hmmm.
What type of guy do you like?
I like all types of guys.
Younger, older, taller?
Usually older guys. Not too old.
Youíre only nineteen so most of the guys around you are older. What is too old? Thirty?
Maybe forty.
Iím thirty nine, I barely make it.
But youíre hot though.
(Laughing) Youíre a liar, but thank you.
No Iím not.
Most of the guys you work with in porn are older. Who is the oldest guy you worked with?
I donít remember his name, but he was around fifty.
Did he do a good job?
Yeah, it was a scene with two guys.
Do you do anal?
Is that something you had done before the business?
I had done it before, but not really.
Itís different on screen though right? Everyone is prepared and you hope the guys know what they are doing.
Yeah and you can warm up before.
That is probably better than just sticking it in there and hoping you donít scream. Who is the biggest guy you have worked with?
Probably Shane Diesel.
That is a very big dick. Is that the biggest dick youíve ever seen?
I think so.
Did you see it before the scene? Did you know what was coming or was it a surprise?
I knew what was coming. I was kind of scared.
Did it hurt?
It did.
He seems like a good performer though. He could really hurt you if he wasnít a good performer. Did you do anal with him?
No, I donít think I would be able to.
If you could pick the perfect dick, would it be as big as Shaneís or maybe a little smaller?
Smaller. He is too big.
So what would be the perfect size?
Like eight or nine.
So bigger than average, but not a horse dick.
Shane is black, so you do interracial scenes.
Yeah I do, but not too many.
How tall are you?
Iím five three.
Wow, those boobs on five three. I will take pictures later, but I wish you guys could see what Iím looking out. Sheís freaking gorgeous. Really pretty, an amazing body and Iím just dying here. Anything more you want to tell people?
What is something that nobody knows about you?
I donít know.
You already told us you had sex with your sister, what could be left? Letís go back to that. When it was going on, were the guys watching or joining in?
They were joining in.
Do you think they appreciated what they were seeing?
I think so. They liked it.
That is the best story of the day. What do you get the most compliments on?
My boobs.
If the boobs were gone, what would be second? Your eyes maybe?
Yeah, usually itís my boobs and my eyes.
Thatís all we really need. With eyes and boobs like you have, you could have no ass, one leg and it wouldnít matter. You have beautiful eyes and those. Anything more?
No I think thatís it.
We will continue to look for you in movies. Hopefully you will have a web site soon. I there a way for people to contact you now?
Iím on MySpace.
Everyone rush right out to add her. Look at how hot she is. I think thatís it.

Britney Stevens Complete Filmography:

Abominable Black Man 3 Hush Hush Entertainment 2006
Ass Parade 9 Bang Productions 2006
Bangin' Whitey 4 Cutting Edge 2006
Barely 18 30 Sin City 2006
Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 6 Evasive Angles 2006
Big White Wet Butts 7 Evasive Angles 2006
Down The Hatch 21 Diabolic Video 2006
Fresh out the Box 5 Mercenary Pictures 2006
Fuck For Dollars 2 New Sensations 2006
I Film Myself 1 Greedy 2006
I Was Tight Yesterday 5 Lethal Hardcore 2006
I'm a Bucket of Cum Fifth Element 2006
Interracial Hole Stretchers 6 Platinum X Pictures 2006
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 2 Vouyer Media 2006
Oops I Swallowed 2 Anarchy 2006
POV Cocksuckers 3 Evolution Erotica 2006
Send It Down Platinum X Pictures 2006
Share My Cock 3 Newport Distributing 2006
Smothered N' Covered 1 Red Light District 2006
Sugar Butt New Sensations 2006
Teen Cock Rockers 2 Sex Z Pictures 2006
Thick-Azz-A Brick 2 Metro 2006
What An Ass 4 New Sensations 2006
12 Nasty Girls Masturbating 10 Madness 2007
13 Cum Hungry Cocksuckers 6 Madness 2007
A2M 11 Anabolic Video 2007
Abominable Black Man 9 Hush Hush Entertainment 2007
Addicted to Anal Red Light District 2007
Anytime Girls Tom Byron Pictures 2007
Bachelor Party Fuckfest 4 Hush Hush Entertainment 2007
Balls Deep 12 Anabolic Video 2007
Bangin' Big White Booty 1 Black Magic Pictures 2007
Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 3 Evasive Angles 2007
Big Phat White Asses Exquisite 2007
Big White Bubble Butts 2 Exquisite 2007
Big White Butt Lingerie Show Evasive Angles 2007
Billion Dollar Booties 2 Lethal Hardcore 2007
Black Guys Make Me Squirt Kick Ass Pictures 2007
Black Power 2 Evil Angel 2007
Booty Annihilators 2 Freaky Deaky 2007
Breaking and Entering Hustler Video 2007
Bubble Butt Bonanza 12 Hush Hush Entertainment 2007
Butt Licking Anal Whores 5 JM Productions 2007
By Appointment Only 6 Triangle Films 2007
Cum Fart Cocktails 6 Red Light District 2007
Dark Meat White Treat 1 Red Light District 2007
Dirty Squirty Sluts 1 Pandemonium 2007
Double Decker Sandwich 9 Zero Tolerance 2007
Dynamic Booty 2 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Face Fucking Inc. 3 Evil Angel 2007
Face Time New Sensations 2007
Flower's Squirt Shower 5 Elegant Angel 2007
Fuck Fiends 1 Red Light District 2007
Gape Lovers 2 Evil Angel 2007
Good The Bad And The Slutty 3 Platinum X Pictures 2007
His Ass is Mine 2 LeWood 2007
Holy Fuck It's Huge 3 Candy Shop 2007
I Got 5 on It 2 Black Ice 2007
I Like Phat Bunz 1 Exquisite 2007
Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman 2 Elegant Angel 2007
Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman 3 Elegant Angel 2007
Jizz on My Juggs Platinum X Pictures 2007
Lil' Bit Of Everything Combat Zone 2007
Love Squirts Adam & Eve 2007
Mandingo Taboo 1 West Coast Productions 2007
Midnight Prowl 10 JM Productions 2007
Mouth 2 Mouth 9 Diabolic Video 2007
My Girlfriend Squirts 4 Northstar Associates 2007
My Girlfriend Squirts 5 Northstar Associates 2007
My Girlfriend's a Vampire Adam & Eve 2007
My Mom Craves Black Cock 1 West Coast Productions 2007
Naturals Wildlife 2007
New Whores 6 Mayhem 2007
Nice Rack 15 Anabolic Video 2007
Old Men Make Me Squirt Kick Ass Pictures 2007
Oops I Squirted 1 Black Magic Pictures 2007
Otto and Audrey Out of Control Ninn Worx 2007
POV Squirt Alert 5 Mayhem 2007
Racial Violations 1 Elegant Angel 2007
Share My Cock 9 Newport Distributing 2007
She's Goin' Down Vouyer Media 2007
So You Think You Can Squirt 2 Elegant Angel 2007
Squirt Gangbang 1 Elegant Angel 2007
Squirt Girl 2 Anarchy 2007
Squirt on My Big White Cock 3 Devil's Film 2007
Squirt On My Black Cock 5 Devil's Film 2007
Squirt This 2 New Breed 2007
Squirts So Good 3 DVSX 2007
Squirts So Good 6 DVSX 2007
Storm Squirters 3 Evil Angel 2007
Super Squirters 4 Venom Digital Media 2007
Swallow My Children Metro 2007
Swallow My Squirt 6 Elegant Angel 2007
Swallow This 7 Northstar Associates 2007
Sweet Cheeks 9 Anabolic Video 2007
Sweet Young Things 2 Adam & Eve 2007
Teens With Tits 11 Diabolic Video 2007
Throated 9 Northstar Associates 2007
Titty Worship 5 White Ghetto 2007
Top Guns 8 Mercenary Pictures 2007
We Swallow 17 Exquisite 2007
White Chicks Licking Black Crack 3 JM Productions 2007
White Girls Gone Black Adam & Eve 2007
Young Squirts 4 Mile High 2007
40 Inch Plus 6 Vivid 2008
All About Anal 5 Sex Z Pictures 2008
Anal Acrobats 2 Evil Angel 2008
Anal Asspirations 8 Diabolic Video 2008
Ass Cleavage 9 Zero Tolerance 2008
Ass Eaters Unanimous 17 Tom Byron Pictures 2008
Beauties And The Beast 2 New Sensations 2008
Belladonna's Cock Pigs Evil Angel 2008
Big Boob Orgy 1 3rd Degree 2008
Big Booty White Bitches Critical X 2008
Black Cocks Tiny Teens 7 Pure Play Media 2008
Crude Oil 3 Zero Tolerance 2008
Cum Swapping Anal Whores Sin City 2008
Doctor 3 Brazzers 2008
Elastic Assholes 6 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Evil Anal 5 Evil Angel 2008
Fillin' Both Holes New Sensations 2008
Flower's Squirt Shower 6 Elegant Angel 2008
Frat House Fuckfest 8 Voodoo House 2008
Fuck My Tits 3 Elegant Angel 2008
Fuck My White Ass 4 Black Ice 2008
Fuck Team 5 1 Bang Productions 2008
Gapeman 2 Evil Angel 2008
Greatest Squirters Ever 3 Elegant Angel 2008
Hustler XXX 30 Hustler Video 2008
I Like It Black 8 Video Team 2008
iTouchMyself Sex Z Pictures 2008
It's Too Big 2 Wildlife 2008
Jack's POV 11 Digital Playground 2008
Jesse Jane: Fuck Fantasy Digital Playground 2008
Memoirs of a Gusher 1 Pink Visual 2008
Monsters of Cock 17 Bang Productions 2008
More Than A Handful 17 Metro 2008
My Big Fat Tits 2 Devil's Film 2008
My Daughter Went Black And Never Came Back 1 Juicy Entertainment 2008
Need For Seed 2 Diabolic Video 2008
Nut Busters 10 Anarchy 2008
Oil Overload 1 Jules Jordan Video 2008
POV Pervert 10 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Private Fetish 4: Prisoners of Sodomy Private 2008
Ready Wet Go 5 3rd Degree 2008
Real Female Orgasms 9 Elegant Angel 2008
Sex Ed Teachers in Heat 4 Temptation Entertainment 2008
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Sindee Jennings is Supersquirt Elegant Angel 2008
Slutty and Sluttier 5 Evil Angel 2008
Sperm Receptacles 3 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Squirt Gangbang 2 Elegant Angel 2008
Squirt Gangbang 3 Elegant Angel 2008
Squirt in My Gape 3 Elegant Angel 2008
Squirt Showers 2 Adam & Eve 2008
Squirtacious Sluts DNA 2008
Storm Squirters 4 Evil Angel 2008
Straight Fucking Hustler Video 2008
Strap Attack 8 Evil Angel 2008
Sugar Town Vivid Alt 2008
Superwhores 13 Mercenary Pictures 2008
Tits Ahoy 6 3rd Degree 2008
Tits And Ass 1 Exquisite 2008
Un-Natural Sex 22 Diabolic Video 2008
White Guys Between Black Thighs Critical X 2008
Ass Parade 19 Bang Productions 2009
Assploitations 10 Sin City 2009
Barely Legal POV 4 Hustler Video 2009
Battle of the Bootys Jules Jordan Video 2009
Best Queens Of Squirt Zaye Entertainment 2009
Big Butt TV Wicked Pictures 2009
Big Butts Like it Big 3 Brazzers 2009
Blow Bi Blow 3 Devil's Film 2009
College Wild Parties 13 Pink Visual 2009
Craving 4 Cock Wildlife 2009
Cum Fart Tsunami 2 Robert Hill Releasing 2009
Cum Hunters 1 Immoral Productions 2009
Extreme Cream Silver Blade Media 2009
Greatest Squirters Ever 4 Elegant Angel 2009
I Wanna Bang Your Sister 3rd Degree 2009
Not Monday Night Football XXX Hustler Video 2009
Pop Shots 10 Diabolic Video 2009
Pornstar Tweet Pure Play Media 2009
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Deep Throat This 43 Pure Play Media 2010
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Interracial Booty Patrol 9 Pink Visual 2010
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