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Kaiya Lynn
Kaiya Lynn

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Born: 2/17/1980
Aliases: Kayla Lynn, Maya Lee, Kaiya Lee

Ethnicity: Asian
Country of Origin: United States CA - California
Place of Birth: Culver City
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 150 cm - 4 feet and 11 inches
Weight: 45 kg - 99 lbs
Measurements: 32C-23-32
Shoe Size: 6
Tattoos: Left hip; left ankle

From Fan Site:
Kaiya Lynn was born in Culver City, California and became a porn star in 2004 at the age of 24. She stands 4 feet, 11 inches tall, weighs 99 lbs, measures 32C-23-32 and wears a size 6 shoe. This Oriental babe has 2 tattoos: One on her left hip and the other on her left ankle. You can see this brown haired babe in Double Dose of Kaiya Lynn/Lucy Thai, Reign Of Tera 2, Cum Rain Cum Shine 2, Me Luv U Long Time #8 and Jack's Playground: Asian Adventure.

Did you know Kaiya Lynn was working for a vocational school at administrative department? She kept her job after she got into to Porn for awhile. Her first scene was with Tyce Bune.

"I was a little nervous at first, what made me nervous was that I couldn't take it back. Once it was done, it was out there forever. It was my first experience, i cant say it was eacy but it did not scare me, at least i did not leave the room crying or anything like that :) The first family member figured out that i got into porn was my cousin, he was a porn addict, and he did not react that much, he said it was ok :)

Favorites movies that i remember are Interracial Teens N Toys for NJ Films and Pervasion for Pulse Films. i have done more than 150 movies so far, and i stopped counting :)

Favorite male performers are Mark Ashley and Manuel Ferrara, They fuck really good, and they are big and Manuel has the biggest cock i have ever had. I like Tory Lane, she is really aggressive and i like that. I have had sex with girls before i got into the Business but i am planning to quit because there are a lot of girls who dont like girls and i dont like it, even it is for business.

I dont really watch porn, but on occasion i do watch playboy sometimes but it is too soft and little boring for me, i think i know more about porn now and it is not something enjoyable anymore.

And from now on i only do anal with my boyfriend and no one else...


Kaiya Lynn Interview 2004
Why don't you tell everyone who I'm talking to.
I'm Kaiya Lynn.
And you're fairly new to the business.
I've been making movies for about six months.
Where are you from?
LA. I'm Japanese though.
So you were born in Japan?
No I was born in LA.
So you're from LA, but you are Japanese.
That's correct.
Pure Japanese?
One Hundred Perecent.
When you were growing up, did you realize that the center of the porn world was right over the hill?
Not until I went to Cal. State Northridge.
What were you like growing up?
I was a pretty good girl until I was about fourteen.
What happened at that point?
I was just defiant and a brat. I was awful.
Were you a delinquent?
I didn't go to school, but somehow I graduated. I got my diploma.
You need that to get into Northridge.
Do you really? I thought you could get in with a GED.
No, that's at Chico. What did you study in college?
A lot of things.
Did you finish?
Do you plan to finish?
Yes. I do.
What is your major?
I have to pick one. It was Biology, but I had to change it because I had to take a Physics class for that.
You don't do well in Physics?
No, I just didn't master the math.
Why did you do the porn thing and just fuck the professor?
I want to earn my grades.
What a horrible answer to give in a porn interview.
You mean porn girls aren't supposed to be smart?
If you have to ask, then you're beyond my help.
I'll try and do better.
How tall are you?
You would be perfect for Bryan Xin's "Shorties."
I'm already in that one. I'm a little, little girl.
Little meaning tiny, not underage.
Oh no, not underage.
How old are you?
I'm twenty-four.
You got into porn a little later than some of the girls.
Yes I did. I had a regular job.
What were you doing?
I was doing administrative work at a vocational school.
How do you go from an office job to sucking dick on camera?
I knew someone who knew someone in porn. I talked to her and it was more money than I was making at the time. It made sense.
So it wasn't just some guy telling you that you were so good you needed to be in porn?
I had one guy tell me that.
Just one?
Yeah only one. I decided to give it a try and I liked it.
Did you quit your job before or after your first scene?
Afterwards. I kept the job for a while.
Who did you shoot your first scene with?
With Tyce Bune.
Were you nervous?
A little. What made me nervous was that I couldn't take it back. Once it was done, it was out there forever.
So it wasn't his massive cock that intimidated you?
(She laughs) No.
Is Tyce the sort of guy you were normally attracted to?
Is he the kind of guy you would ever have sex with without money being involved?
Was it a good experience?
It was my first time on camera.
Obviously it didn't scare you out of the business.
No. It takes a lot to scare me. It was fine. I didn't walk out of the room crying or anything like that.
When you were done did it still make you nervous to know that it would be out there forever?
No. People I didn't want to find out have found out.
How did they find out?
The internet.
Was this family?
One of them was family. I kind of thought that might happen because my cousin is a porn addict.
How did he approach you with the knowledge?
He called my friend. It was no big deal.
What was the name of the movie you did with Tyce?
I don't know. I don't know the names of the movies I've done.
None of them?
I know one. I was in "Interracial Teens N Toys" for NJ Films. I only remember that because we had to keep repeating it over and over. Oh and I was in "Pervasian" for Pulse.
How many movies have you done?
Around fifty so far.
How long did it take you to quit the office job?
About a month. I had done about six scenes by then.
Do you have any favorite guys to work with?
I like Mark Ashley.
Why him?
Because he fucks good. He fucks really good.
Anyone else?
I like Manuel. He fucks good too.
Those guys are both pretty big.
I know. What is it with me and big cocks?
Did you like big cocks before porn?
Yeah, but I like cocks of all sizes. I just like cock. Those two in particular get me going.
You like all sizes, but is bigger better?
Yeah. I like big 'uns.
Who is the biggest guy you have worked with?
Probably Manuel.
Is there such a thing as too big?
I don't know. I would have to see it.
When you were still working in the office, did anyone find out that you were a porn girl?
One of the girls I worked with found out. She was one of the people I didn't want to find out, but she did.
Did she cause any problems?
No. But she is a good Christian. Her boyfriend found out and asked if it was me. She kept telling her that it wasn't. I have a tattoo back here so she tried to ID me from that. They couldn't see, so she just asked me.
Do your parents know?
My mom doesn't know and my dad is deceased. I wouldn't have even tried if my dad was alive.
Would he not have approved?
No. I wouldn't want my dad to be that mad at me so I never would have done it. My sister knows.
Did you tell her?
Yes. She doesn't care.
Have you watched any of your scenes?
No. I will look at pictures, but I am afraid I will pick on my scenes too much.
What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to suck dick. I get all the extreme blowjob movies where all I'm doing is sucking dick. I'm good at spitting and gagging.
So you give a good blowjob?
On film.
Do you give a crappy blowjob at home?
That depends on who it's for. You don't pull out all of the tricks all the time.
So on a first date you aren't giving a great blowjob?
No, you give an average blowjob on a first date.
Then how do you get a second date?
Well you make it good enough that he wants to come back.
When do you give the grade A blowjob?
When you really want something or need to get your way.
When did you learn this lesson?
Early in life.
What is the best thing you ever got for a blowjob?
My own way. That's worth a lot. It is very effective, but it only works on certain kinds of guys.
Is there anyone in the business you want to work with, but haven't?
No one I can think of.
Is there anyone you don't want to work with again?
Yes there is, but I'm not going to feed into that by naming names.
Do you work with girls?
Of course. I was thinking of quitting girls for a while.
How come?
You just work with too many girls who don't like girls. The last two have been really good.
Did you have sex with girls before the business?
Yes. That is why it's so frustrating. When I see a girl who doesn't like girls I wonder why they even bother.
For the money. You work with guys you don't like.
Yeah, but I like guys in general.
Who are your favorite girls to work with?
I like Tory. She is really aggressive and I like that.
Are there any girls you would like to work with?
Not really. I have to see someone in action before I decide.
Do you watch other porn?
On occasion. It really doesn't interest me. I know too much about it now. It's not something enjoyable any more. I watch Playboy, but that is too soft and a little boring.
Are there any directors that you really like working with?
I like working for Bryan Xin. He is very easy going and I love him very much.
Are there any directors not currently in the room with you that you like working for?
I've worked for Quasarman a few times. He is easy going and I like his sets.
Do you prefer a director who just lets you do your own thing?
Yes because I like to just roll right on through.
Have you done a lot of features?
No. I like gonzo stuff.
You don't want to be an actress?
No. I don't want any words coming out of my mouth except directions on how to fuck me.
How should someone fuck you?
Hard, good…and that's about it.
So basically you should only be saying those two words?
No, I could say more good, more hard, harder, things like that.
What are your measurements?
32C chest and I'm not sure about the rest.
No, these are fake.
Yeah, they are pretty good huh?
They are.
Do you want to see them?
Of course I want to see them.
What do you think?
They look very real. Nice work.
Aren't you going to feel them?
Of course. I also understand that Bryan Xin has never felt an implant. Perhaps he could get a feel too.
Sure, why not. What do you think?
It's very good. Quite real to the touch.
I like them. Bryan's turn.
Oh this is fun. Now I get to sit and watch while Bryan feels your boobs. When did you get those?
A few years ago.
So you had them before you were in porn.
Oh yeah. I just wanted to have boobs. I knew in high school that they weren't going to grow. I was an A cup and these are C cups. They bounce when I'm doing reverse cowgirl.
Do you want them bigger or are you done?
I don't know. If I have to get them redone I might go a little bigger. I have gained some weight since I got these. I like to play with them all the time. They are fun bags.
Back to the interview. Have you done every possible Asian line in porn?
I don't think so. There are too many to ever get in all of them.
What is the strangest thing you have had to do for a scene?
I had to fuck in a tub full of noodles.
Were they raw noodles?
No, they were cooked. I also masturbated with a teddy bear. That was fun.
Have you had good experiences with male talent?
Yeah, I haven't had a lot of wood issues.
The drugs take care of that don't they?
No, some guys still have wood issues.
Like who?
Like… way I'm not going to tell you who. Oh, I also like working with Barrett Blade.
Good timing there.
That has nothing to do with the wood problem question.
Sure it doesn't. Do you have a boyfriend?
Is he in the business?
No, he isn't.
Did you have a discussion about this before you got into porn?
Not really a discussion. I just told him that I was going to do this and he could accept it or he could leave.
So you pretty much push him around.
I push everyone around. I'm little, but I'm bossy. I come from a long line of bossy people.
Have you ever been asked to do anything in a scene that you refused to do?
Is there anything you would refuse to do?
I don't like to be spit on. Not on the face anyway. I'm pretty easy going about that stuff.
Do the people you went to school with know what you are doing?
None that I know of.
Would they be surprised?
Not at all.
Did they all know you were going to grow up to be a huge slut?
Not a slut, a whore. I don't give it away for free. No one would be surprised. I was the girl who wore the least amount of clothes in school. I'm still that way. I did know one girl who was a bigger slut than me.
Just one?
Yeah, she was my best friend.
Do you have her number?
She's married now.
Have you done three-way scenes?
With two guys and you or two girls and a guy?
Which do you prefer?
Two guys and me.
So you can be the center of attention?
Yes and that way I'm always occupied.
Is that something you did off camera?
Yeah, I enjoyed that.
What about two girls?
Not off camera. My boyfriend doesn't get that. I'm enough for him.
Are you an anal girl?
I'm not doing anal for anyone but Bryan right now.
He must feel special. Is that something you do at home?
Only on special occasions.
What is the shortest amount of time you have waited to have sex with someone you weren't working with?
Same day, a few hours I guess.
On that note, are we done?
I think so. What else do you need to know?
I think that's it. Thank you.
Thank you.

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