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Gina Lynn
Gina Lynn

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Born: 2/15/1974
Aliases: Gyna Lynn

Birth Name: Tanya Mercado
Ethnicity: Latino
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico
Place of Birth: Mayaguez
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 48 kg - 106 lbs
Measurements: 34D-24-34
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Start: 1999 (Started around 25 years old)
Shoe Size: 7

Lynn's family moved to Jackson Township, New Jersey when she was five. She started working as a stripper in 1994 when she was 19 at HeartBreakers in Asbury, NJ until she was 22 then moved onto dance at Al's Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA.. Subsequently she expanded into modeling in men's magazines, posing for Cheri in 1997. Her exotic half Hispanic/half Italian look proved to be quite popular with photographers, and she was offered some work in all-girl porn videos. She accepted, and eventually broke into mainstream adult-films. In 1999, Gina appeared in her first adult film, in Vegas at age 25. Lynn also made an appearance in Eminem's "Superman" music video, and was an extra in the movie Analyze That. Also she appeared on HBO's hit shot Sopranos - episode 56 "All Happy Families" that aired Sunday March 28th, 2004 as the "Bada Bing Girl" (uncredited). Gina has been married since 1999 to Travis Knight, a fellow porn star. Lynn does 10 movies a year for her adult film company, Pleasure Productions and dances all over the U.S. at adult clubs. In 2006, she was featured in the Bill Zebub film Assmonster: The Making of a Horror Movie.


At the end of the first day of AEE, I'm sitting here with Gina Lynn. What are you doing these days?
I've got Gina Lynn Productions and have a contract with Club Magazine.
How long have you had Gina Lynn Productions?
It will be a year in September.
And how long have you been in the business?
It's been about five years.
How many movies have you made?
I don't have the exact number, but it can't be over fifty.
In five years that isn't too many.
Which is good.
Is that what you wanted?
Yeah. I don't want to be over-exposed.
You did most of those movies for Pleasure.
I was under contract with Pleasure for three years. I did an average of eight to ten movies per year.
Why did you open your own production company?
That was actually my husband's doing. He realized that having the name Gina Lynn was a draw. We knew that I was going to be doing my own movies when the contract was over so opened Gina Lynn Productions.
So we will be seeing more of you in front of and behind the camera.
Yes you will.
I've got a sampler here for your "Virtual Blackjack" DVD. Tell us a little about this.
It's a game where I am the prize. You have to win hands to get me naked, have me strip whatever you want. There is spanking, tickling and of course hard core sex.
So it's a virtual sex disc with a game twist.
Yes. It also has save codes so you can stop playing, enter your code and come back later in the spot. I believe there are also codes where you can cheat to skip to higher levels. You shouldn't do that though. People should earn it.
And that comes out in February?
Yes it does.
So just about the time this goes up it should be available.
They can pick it up at or or
Lots of companies have virtual sex discs, but this is something different. Whose idea was this?
This guy Evan approached me. He's patenting the idea and he's worked out all of the bugs.
There used to be some CD-Rom porn where we could play games and then see girls strip.
This goes farther. I am the dealer and interact with the players.
How long did this take to shoot?
It took about four days, but they were twelve hour days.
Is your husband the lucky guy who gets to work with you?
Yes he is.
Do you work exclusively with him these days?
No, we both work with other people.
Where are you from?
I am from Jackson, New Jersey. That's where I grew up. I live in Pennsylvania now.
So you haven't moved to the Valley yet?
You have to do more than ten movies a year to live out here.
You have to work every week to make it worth it.
What were you like growing up?
Quiet and shy. I went to a Catholic school all of my life. My senior year in Catholic high school I danced.
Danced for the school?
No, as a stripper.
So you were a high school stripper?
Yes I was, probably about twenty minutes from my school.
Did anyone find out?
Yeah. Some kids who had graduated before me saw me. Everyone was talking about it at prom. I didn't care. I was with this gorgeous older guy.
How did you make the jump from dancing to porn?
I started dancing in this club in Pennsylvania, Al's Diamond Cabaret. They had feature dancers come in. In New Jersey we never had any features. At Al's we would have features come in, porn stars or magazine models and they would tell me that I needed to go model. I started doing magazines, single girl and girl/girl. Then I did a Hot Bodies International shoot. They flew me to LA. That was my first big trip. It was a dance competition, kind of a Playboy-TV type thing. Topless and naked running around the beach. They asked me to do a solo video. I did that and then did my first boy/girl with my husband for Australian Penthouse. My first video was shot here in Vegas. It was called "18 in Vegas" It was easy and we had fun.
It must have been a little easier shooting your first scene with your husband, but were you nervous?
I had a little drink beforehand so I just got wild. We were still kind of new in our relationship.
Was that his first scene as well?
Yes it was.
You got into the industry together. At what point did you discuss working with other people?
I was offered contracts from different companies and they all included doing scenes with other guys. We knew we would have to face that. He did his first boy/girl scene and I was a little iffy about it.
You weren't sure about him working with other girls?
I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but I got over it. Then I did my first boy/girl.
Was he OK with that?
He is a lot stronger than I am when it comes to hiding his feelings.
But you're still together.
We are still together. We occasionally have our jealous moments.
If anyone hasn't seen your work, what are some titles they should look for?
Gina Lynn's Darkside from Jules Jordan. "An Intimate Affair with Gina Lynn" is my regular interactive DVD from Pleasure. "Top Notch Bitches" is the first title out through my production company and "Gina Lynn Reinvented" which is my first title from Club.
You mentioned Darkside which won several awards for Jules and everyone involved. That was a big step because contract girls usually aren't big on the interracial.
You know what? I am so glad that I was one of the first ones to take that step. I don't care. I thought that Lex was hot and why not do it with the biggest star out there. Now I look around and everyone is doing it. Janine is doing it so I feel like I started it.
I hear Jules is doing another Darkside movie.
Yeah, with Jenna Haze. I'm not sure what she is doing, but it should be interesting.
One theory is that doing interracial hurts a dance career or even a movie career. Is that true in your case?
Not at all. I gained a whole new fan base. It hasn't hurt me at all. I've had all these white guys coming up to me with Darkside. They loved the scene with Lex. It doesn't matter any more.
So you think that it's ridiculous?
I think it's completely ridiculous. It was one of the best I've ever shot. We had great chemistry.
Other than your husband, do you have any other favorite guys to work with?
I liked working with Michael Stefano, but that wasn't a full-on sex scene. It was for a magazine. I did a good scene with Mr. Pete. He was easy to work with. Pretty much any guy who can keep his dick hard.
Do you have a type of guy you like or is it more about chemistry?
I don't have a particular type. Not too pretty. I don't want them to be prettier than me.
You worked with Jean Val Jean though.
Yeah I did. He is pretty, but he put on a really hard core scene. I like him, but he's not one of my favorites.
Do you have a dick-size preference?
I like the seven inchers, average to above average.
So not generally the 11 inch tools?
No. I really have to prepare for those.
Was Lex the biggest guy you've had sex with?
Yes he is.
Is it really that much bigger than others?
Yeah it is. It's the girth too. It was so big I could barely get my mouth around it. I had to try really hard. Lex is really good putting a lot of lube on it. I also had to put a lot of lube inside of me to make it work.
I've seen the Lex toy. It's big enough to kill someone with.
It's huge. I think the next biggest guy is Ben English. That one scared me because I wasn't prepared for him. They just paired me up with him. I was giving him a blowjob and took it out of his pants. The director loved the look on my face. He actually hurt me. I needed time to prepare for something that big.
So it's possible for a cock to be too big?
Oh yeah. How can you enjoy it if you're in pain?
Can a dick be too small?
How small is too small?
Less than five. Most guys like that try to compensate by doing other things.
So if six is average, you like slightly bigger.
Yeah, six and a half works fine.
When does it start to be two big?
At about eight inches. Eight is big.
Do you have any favorite girls to work with?
My absolute favorite is Belladonna.
She is a sexual predator with women. When she's doing a scene she gets so excited that you know she wants you. We had a lot of chemistry. I believe that any woman who works with Bella will have better chemistry with her because she is so intense.
Have you done a scene with a girl who just doesn't like women?
Yeah a few times.
I would guess that it isn't a great experience.
It's kind of dry and boring. When that happens I get rough with the girls.
Have you worked with any who didn't seem to like girls, but by the end, were having fun?
I haven't worked with too many like that. I was on Strap-On Sally 17-22 and all he wanted me to do was strap it on and hurt the girls. I had a great time with Lanny Barbie though. At one point me and Tawny Roberts had fun together, but that was outside of the business.
Do you have more fun with girls outside of the business?
In the past I had more fun with girls outside of the business. Right now I like guys more.
Are you and your husband open to playing outside of the business?
No, it's strictly within the business. Once or twice before we tired, but it didn't work out well. The reason it didn't work was that the guy or the girl or both of them got possessive. Now we just keep it in the industry.
If you could call up anyone in the industry and tell them you want to do a scene with them tomorrow, who would you call?
Sandy Westgate. I would love to do a scene with her. I see her all the time in Club and I think we would look hot together.
Any guys?
Not really. Any guy who can keep his dick hard. I haven't done guys for a while. I haven't made any movies for Club because they aren't shooting.
Why not?
They aren't sure if they are going to be doing movies or just sticking with the magazine. They are basically paying me not to do anything.
That is the American dream. What do you want to do with Gina Lynn Productions?
I have to go over and do scenes. The two titles that I put out with me in them have had triple the sales of the other titles.
Obviously people want to see you.
Some of them have been disappointed when I'm not in the movie. I am always behind the scenes and the DVDs always have a photo gallery of me. People want to see me having sex though. I have some scenes saved up, but I have to decide when I'm going to be done with my other contract. I don't want to disrespect my contract with Club, but they know I'm not happy. They are paying me and that's great, but it's been so long that people think I've retired. Thank God for Jules' movie winning gonzo DVD of the year last year.
So you aren't retired, we're just waiting for Club to decide about their future in movies?
I am sure they will keep me on as a magazine contract girl. I love the people from Club. They are like family and I don't want to screw anyone.
Is there anything you haven't done on screen?
I haven't done anal.
Do you do anal in your private life?
No. I'm freaked out by it. I'm not scared of anal in general. I stuck my hands up Belladonna's ass, but the idea of having something stuck up my ass freaks me out and the pain factor is a slight issue, you know?
I understand completely. The idea of having something shoved up my ass freaks me out and the pain factor is a major issue.
When I do a scene I want to enjoy it. I want to be able to relax.
Is that something that you might work into?
Maybe. I would have to try at home. I have had a dildo up my ass before. My husband says that I didn't even know at the time.
How often does he ask for anal at home?
All the time. It's his dream.
That's every guy's dream.
I always tell him that he gets to do all the other girls so he's taken care of, but he wants my ass.
It's a mighty fine ass if I may say so.
Thank you.
Do you get asked more often for anal scenes from fans or for anal sex from your husband?
It's about equal. Fans ask all the time for my first anal scene, but my husband always tries when he thinks I'm drunk.
Have you tried the "I will when you do" thing?
I have yes. He has this thing where he makes all the girls eat the guys' asses out. We have a scene we shot together and he told me to eat his ass. I told him that he let me stick my finger in his ass then I would eat it.
Do we have a web site to promote?
We just launched I also have my own site,
Tell us something that nobody knows about Gina Lynn.
I'm shy and I'm just a normal person at home. Gina Lynn is a mode and a character I turn into. When the camera goes on, I become Gina Lynn, but at home I'm quite the opposite. I'm not prudish, but I don't stick my boobs out and show off.
You have probably done a lot of interviews during your career. What is the stupidest question anyone has ever asked you?
Are you related to Ginger Lynn? That's the stupidest questions anyone ever asks.
You don't even look like Ginger Lynn. Are you related to Cindy Crawford?
No, why would you ask that?
You look more like Cindy than Ginger.
It's just a stupid question from fans.
What is the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?
They say so many nice things. I can tell you the nicest thing a fan has done for me. When I didn't win an award that a fan thought I should have won, he made up his own award for me.
What a sweet thing.
It really was.
What award didn't you win?
Best oral scene for the 5 guy blowjob in Darkside.
That movie won so many awards that they were looking for ways not to give it more.
I worked my butt off on that scene.
How is it different behind the camera?
I am focusing on getting good shots. I want to make sure that everything looks good, the lighting is good and that we get enough footage. I just wish that the cameras were a little bit lighter because my arms start shaking. We just bought a new HD camera.
Do you think that being a performer has made the transition to director easier?
Yes. I keep thinking in my head of the things that camera guys said to me.
Have you shot a scene with your husband performing with another girl?
I have, several times. I don't do that any more. I'm at a mode where I just don't want to see it any more. There have been times where I needed to do it because we had no other camera operators or no other talent to do it. At that point I focus on getting the good shots and nothing else.
Has he shot you with another guy?
I think one time with Rich Roberts.
Was it fun to have him watching?
No, I felt a little uncomfortable.
For those who haven't seen you, how tall are you?
I'm five-two.
Blonde hair, beautiful big eyes, implants?
Yes, but very natural looking implants.
Did you get those before you got into the business?
Yes. I got my implants in 1995.
Did you get them for dancing?
I am known for my butt so back in the day I felt the need to even things out.
Everything looks nicely even now. Any tattoos?
I have no tattoos.
Any desire to get any?
No. My husband has a tattoo of me.
Where is his tattoo of you?
It covers his whole arm. You have to see it.
Did he talk to you about it before he did it?
He talked about it. I thought he was crazy. He went and did it on his own which surprised me.
Are you happy with it?
It's really nice. Everyone who has seen it thinks it's great.
Is there anything we didn't cover?
No, I think we talked about everything that we need to.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in front of the camera soon.

An Interview From Luke by Phone:
4pm PST. 5/31/05. By phone.

Duke: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Gina: "A veterinarian. Then I wanted to be a toll person. I thought they had the easiest job and great benefits. In my senior year at Catholic highschool, I was dancing the last six months [as soon as she turned 18] at a strip club. Then I went to six months of community college [and quit] for the easy money."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Gina: "I didn't hang out with anybody. They were rich down-the-shore kids [in New Jersey]. I always had an older boyfriend outside of school. He was seven years older. We were together four years. We got married in 1996 when I was 22. It only lasted a year.

"I lost my virginity to my boyfriend in eighth grade. I was 14.

"I was stripping in New Jersey. In 1994, I saw this club, Al's Cabaret in Pennsylvania, on TV. I went and auditioned there. I thought that if it made TV it must be a great place. That's when I first started seeing all the features and the porn stars. The first feature act I saw was Blondage. I was a house girl. A lot of them features gave me numbers for magazines.

"I did my first movie in 1999 with Travis Knight, who I'm still with. Eighteen in Vegas. It was for Mad Jack. I became a contract girl in 2000 with Pleasure Productions. They are based out of New Jersey. I was with them for three years. For the last 18-months, I've been with Club magazine. They started a DVD company. I've shot three or four features for them. I'm probably going to re-sign (the contract runs out this month). I'm in their magazine every month.

"I'm negotiating to be able to do a certain amount of scenes each month for my own production company -- Gina Lynn Productions. Exquisite (owned by Jerry and Alex at Juicy) distributes my stuff."

Gina's done about 60 movies in her career.

Gina became a big star in 2002. "I was in Analyze That. I did a music video with Eminem. He saw me in Analyze That. I did the Sopranos. I'm always going to New York doing auditions even if they don't want a porno star."

Duke: "How did you like working on Analyze That?"

Gina: "I was Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro for eight hours doing the bar scene over and over again. They were nice to me and very respectful. There were a lot of girls there. I made the number one cut. You don't know how much they're going to use. I was cast as an extra. They showed me for a good 30-seconds. My full body and everything. They used me in promotion for the movie."

Duke: "When you audition in mainstream, do people hold it against you that you're a porn star?"

Gina: "The casting directors take out my pictures when I meet them. About three times I got picked for stuff and they thought my name was too well known and got turned down. Or someone will say, you look familiar. It was easier for me to do stuff in 2001 when nobody knew who I was. Some people are open to it but a lot aren't. I earned my SAG card."

Duke: "Anyone try to put you on the casting couch?"

Gina: "That hasn't happened, thank G-d. Of course on the music video everybody was hitting on me. But that's music video people."

Duke: "What do you love and hate about your work in the porn industry?"

Gina: "I hate that everybody [outside the industry] disparages me. They think that all porn stars act like porn stars. But that's just in the movies. I live on the East Coast. My friends out here have normal jobs. They're nurses and stay-at-home mothers. Just certain people judge me on it."

Duke: "Do you find being a porn star socially isolating?"

Gina: "I'm a quiet person. It takes a lot of people to get into me. I'm naturally reserved. When the camera's on, I change into a different person. But I'm shy. If you ever met, you'd think I was a bitch or you'd understand. People don't know how to take me.

"Being a porn star expands my social world. People know who I am. When I'm in the city, I get into more events. Things happen easier. In mainstream, it can be both (confining or expanding). Back home I have my friends and my family who support me.

"If I go to a nightclub at home, I have to have somebody with me or I get bothered all night."

Duke: "How did your family react when you became a stripper and a porn star?"

Gina: "[In highschool] I made the mistake of leaving my answer machine up high and I had an agent booking me. My mom freaked out. She called the agent up and asked what was going on. But I was very headstrong. I said mom, 'I'm 18. I'm not going to stop what I'm doing. If you want me to move out, I'll move out.' She was more concerned about my safety. It blew over and now she completely supports me."

Duke: "When you were in highschool, did your friends know you were a stripper?"

Gina: "Yeah. They were weird about it. They thought I was a slut. When I took my boyfriend to the prom, he was 27."

Gina got her first breast job in 1995, moving from a B-cup to a C-cup with the help of saline implants. "You could see the rippling. Three years ago, I changed them to a full D-cup. Silicone is softer."

Duke: "Did breast implants change the way people reacted to you?"

Gina: "Being a stripper, I made more money. When I had the full Bs, they were nice, but the girls with the bigger boobs made all the money. It didn't matter if you were prettier. Nowadays it's different."

Duke: "Did you notice a difference in the way ordinary people reacted to you?"

Gina: "Oh yes. Even now I still try to hide my chest. I wear the tightest sports bra I can. I don't like attention unless I'm on stage or at a convention."

Duke: "What's important to maintaining a relationship in porn?"

Gina: "We understand it's a business. We're not perfect. We have our days because we both work with other people.

"I can't shoot for my own production company now because of my contract with Club. We're negotiating that.

"Sometimes I'll see a girl come in to work with Travis for my company and I'll think she's not up to par. I'd rather he worked with a hot girl. He tells me it doesn't matter what the girl looks like as long as she has a good attitude."

Duke: "Do you get jealous?"

Gina: "Sometimes I do. I think we both do. It lasts for about a day and I get over it."

Duke: "How do you like the AVN shows?"

Gina: "By the third day, I'm exhausted. It's fun to meet your fans and get good lines."

Duke: "How do you feel about getting older?"

Gina: "I feel good. I'm just glad that I've got a production company so that when I stop performing, I have that behind me. I'm 31. I look a lot younger than some of the girls I see who are 23. When I see a young girl, and I say, wow. I don't know if she's on drugs or if she's tired. I take care of myself. I go to the gym. I put sunblock on my face."

Duke: "How long have you been blonde?"

Gina: "In 2000, I was a redhead. Then it just got lighter and lighter. I naturally have dark hair because I'm Puerto Rican and Italian. The blonde hair works for me. I still have the exotic look. When I was feature dancing on the road, I swear my money tripled when I turned blonde."

Duke: "What do you do in your spare time?"

Gina: "I go bike riding. We live on three acres in the middle of nowhere. I have a little dog, a shiatzu, who goes everywhere with me. Yesterday I pulled weeds. I try to go to the gym four days a week. I'm on the road two-to-three weeks a month."

Gina wants to start a mainstream business, perhaps a restaurant.

Cindi Loftus From Xcitement Magazine Interviews Gina Lynn


Cindi Loftus writes: Gina Lynn is a busy girl. After several attempts to contact her, we finally hooked up early on a Saturday morning, and I don't usually do mornings. But talking to her was worth the wait and the missed sleep. She's a sizzling Spanish- Italian star with a hot body and a sexy voice. Sorry you can't "hear" the interview. Just use your imagination…

Xcitement: So you were born in Puerto Rico, raised in New Jersey and now you live in Pennsylvania, correct?

Gina Lynn: Yeah. I bought a house in PA. I'm putting in a pool right now which is why I wasn't here when you tried to call me earlier.

X: What made you decide on Pennsylvania?

G: When I first started dancing, I danced at Al's Cabaret, which is in Pennsylvania as a house dancer. I worked there for 5 years. I made a lot of friends here. I got sick of New Jersey, so I decided to move somewhere different.

X: Well you are going to be on the cover of the July issue, so tell us all how you are going to spend July 4th.

G: I'm so excited to be the July cover. I can't wait to see it! Around the 4th I'll be home. My pool will be done by then. There is so much construction being done to my house, my porch is being enclosed, the whole back yard is getting landscaped. The inside is mostly done. I still have to finish my basement. I'm making it into a game room. Oh back to the question, I am having a party! I am having my friends and my family over.

X: Do you still work at Al's when you are not on the road?

G: No, but I feature there once or twice a year. When I am home, I am on a break! I am on the road three weeks out of every month. I am either doing store signings, making movies out in LA, or in Florida..

X: You made a movie here not too long ago called P.I. Shagwell. One of the guys I work with was in it, Mike Wallerstein, do you know him?

G: I am not sure who he is.

X: He played the club manager. He came in and caught you doing something you weren't supposed to do and his big line was "Get the f--- out of here!".

G: Oh, yeah, I know who he is now!

X: You remember him. Well Mike, that was your fifteen minutes of fame! What's the best and the worst thing about being an adult star?

G: The best thing is doing all the scenes and having all the fans. I love going to signings. It is so exciting. I love all the attention I get. The worse thing is that it takes me away from my home and my pets and my family.

X: I know you have a dog. What kind of pets do you have?

G: An African Grey parrot, and a Blue and Gold Macaw. Right now they are staying at a friend's farm house.

X: They probably wouldn't like the construction noise.

G: They'd be looking out the window and screaming.

X: I know you just re-signed with Pleasure Productions.

G: Yes I just signed up last month for another year. They have been very good to me. They are out of the East Coast. I deal better with East Coast people.

X: I know they are located in New Jersey. Do you film the movies there?

G: No, they don't film in New Jersey. All the directors they use are in L.A. I'm going back soon to finish up my last two movies from my last contract with Pleasure.

X: What movies do you have coming out soon?

G: Inner Vision, Accidental Starlet, House sitter, Strap On Sally 17, and Jail Bait. The last one I am not sure of the exact name, but it is something like jail bait.

X: Who do you really like to work with on movies?

G: (directors) Nic Cramer and Jim Enright. As far as movie stars go, I prefer men, but I do work with some women. I worked with a nice girl named Kaylin out in California. I haven't worked with a whole lot of girls.

X: I heard you in an interview say "I was bi-sexual". Was?

G: I am. It all depends on the girl. At one point, when I was like 22, and experimenting, I got out of a bad marriage and I didn't want to be near any guys, because I was sick of them. All I did was have sex with women. I hung out with my girlfriends, and we just went to bars and then had sex. There are only a few girl/girl experiences that stand out in my mind.

X: I heard that you are going to be doing a promotion with my all time favorite star Ron Jeremy.

G: Yes, we are going to appear in New Jersey to host Miss Planet Surf. They had a huge turnout last year. So this year Ron and I are going to be the MC's for it. It's going to be cool, because I am going back home. People are going to be like, "Oh my God". They probably won't even recognize me, because I don't look anything like I used to.

X: What do you think of Ron?

G: He is very sweet. He's got a great personality.

X: Is there someone out there that you'd really like to work with?

G: I have been working with Travis Knight a lot. He's my favorite male to work with right now. I also worked with Dillian Day, Randy Spears, and Mark Davis.

X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?

G: Yes. I want to have sex on a golf course while it is raining. I have been offered the one in Hilton Head. They were going to clear off the whole golf course for me, but I was on a hectic dance schedule and I didn't have time to go do a photo shoot there. I'll fit it in sometime.

X: Have you ever had sex in a strip club?

G: Yeah, in the P.I. Shagwell movie.

X: What about in real life?

G: Well… in the dressing room with my roadie.

X: Have you had sex outdoors?

G: I had sex outdoors in Aruba in the water on the beach.

X: Was there anybody else around?

G: There was a lot of people around that was what was so freaky about it. I was really young like 20 years old. It was with a guy.

X: So do you have a boyfriend?

G: It's hard to have a relationship in this business. I have a male star I hang out with. We do scenes together. We also have sex off camera. Let's just say that I am never lonely.

X: I checked out both of your websites and they were both very good.

G: Yeah, I have my own, plus there is a lot of stuff about me on the Pleasure Production site.

X: I saw on your sites that you can win a date with Gina Lynn on Ebay!

G: They are trying that out. One of the guys who works for Pleasure Productions is a promoter and he saw a wrestler who put herself on Ebay. They thought putting a date with me on there would be kind of cute.

X: I think it's a great idea. It just needs some more promotion. I'm sure if all your fans knew about it they would be out there bidding. If I won the date with you, where would it take place?

X: What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you while you were working?

G: Well I have fallen off the stage, because of slippery shoes, but I think most dancers have done that. It's funny, because when ever I do, I just end up making more money. The guys are all like, are you okay? Here's some money. But the funniest thing was in a movie called "Sweet Little 18" I was having sex on a fork lift in a warehouse and I lost my balance and fell, one of the camera people caught me. I read a review of it and it said "she is flexible as a ballerina, and then she loses her balance"

X: Is the fall in the movie? G: There is the part where I was losing my balance, but they edited out the fall.

X: Was it embarrassing or were you scared?

G: It was funny. I was kind of embarrassed, but then I just started laughing.

X: Are you Pleasure Productions only contract girl?

G: No. They just signed Celeste Crawford. I can't wait to meet her. She is the total opposite of me. She is 5'10, Jamaican, Hawaiian and German. So she is different looking. It's good though. I need another girl to hang out with when I work for Pleasure. Vivid and Wicked, they always have 7 or 8 girls. I do like to be the center of attention, but I also wanted someone to hang out with when we are traveling.

X: If there are two of you, you'll have someone to share a room with, someone to go out with.

G: For a little while there, Pleasure had Sunset Thomas, but that was at the end of her contract. We had fun doing private shows, or little girl/girl things.

Gina Lynn Complete Filmography:

18 In Vegas 1 Midnight Video 1999
2'fers 1 Sin City 2000
Action Sports Sex 9 Vivid 2000
California Cocksuckers 20 Sin City 2000
Diamond Dog Pleasure Productions 2000
Four Finger Club 9 New Sensations 2000
Fresh Flesh 11 Odyssey 2000
Girl's Affair 42 Fat Dog 2000
Kiss of the Black Widow Pleasure Productions 2000
Live Bait 4 Pleasure Productions 2000
New Breed 3 Pleasure Productions 2000
Paige Shagwell P.I.: Undercover Lap Dancer Pleasure Productions 2000
Sex Deluxe Sin City 2000
Shock Therapy Sin City 2000
Soaking Wet Cotton Panties 6 CDI Home Video 2000
Suspended Disbelief Pleasure Productions 2000
Sweet Lil 18 8: Mariah's After School Special Sin City 2000
Wet Cotton Panties 13 CDI Home Video 2000
Accidental Starlet Pleasure Productions 2001
Buttslammers 21 B7 2001
Cruising with Nina Ferrari Pleasure Productions 2001
Cruising with Tabitha Pleasure Productions 2001
Dreamscapes Adam & Eve 2001
Gina's Very Merry Christmas Orgy Pleasure Productions 2001
House Sitter Pleasure Productions 2001
Inner Vision (II) Pleasure Productions 2001
Jail Babes 3 Pleasure Productions 2001
Naughty Nights Pleasure Productions 2001
Naughty Nights 2 Pleasure Productions 2001
New Breed 5 Pleasure Productions 2001
New Breed 7 Pleasure Productions 2001
Savage Security Pleasure Productions 2001
Strap-On Sally 17 Pleasure Productions 2001
Capers Pleasure Productions 2002
Crazy About You Pleasure Productions 2002
Cruising with Miko Lee Pleasure Productions 2002
Fairy's Tail Pleasure Productions 2002
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Strap-On Sally 18 Pleasure Productions 2002
Strap-On Sally 19 Pleasure Productions 2002
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XXX Video Factory Unknown 2002
10 Magnificent Blondes Pleasure Productions 2003
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Club Freak Adam & Eve 2003
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Naughty Nights 5 Pleasure Productions 2003
Private Reality 17: Anal Desires Private 2003
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Strap-On Sally 21 Pleasure Productions 2003
Strap-On Sally 22 Pleasure Productions 2003
Sweetest Thing Pleasure Productions 2003
Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 Pleasure Productions 2003
Celebrity Porn Stars Exposed Taylor Wane 2004
Close-up 2 Pleasure Productions 2004
Club's Room Service Club 2004
Flash 1 Club 2004
Flash 2 Club 2004
Gina Lynn Reinvented Club 2004
Gina Lynn's Dark Side Evil Angel 2004
Matrix Pornstars Matrix Content 2004
Top Notch Bitches 1 Exquisite 2004
Wild On X 1 Metro 2004
Wild On X 2 Metro 2004
Flesh Hunter 8 Jules Jordan Video 2005
Gina Lynn Gone Wild Pleasure Productions 2005
Gina Lynn Unleashed Exquisite 2005
Intimate Affair with Gina Lynn Pleasure Productions 2005
Lipstick Lesbians 3 Metro 2005
Porn Fidelity 2 Juicy Entertainment 2005
Sex Goddess (II) Pleasure Productions 2005
Tear Jerkers 1 Gina Lynn Productions 2005
Dirty Chicks Craving Meat Sticks Exquisite 2006
Double D's and Derrieres 1 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Double D's and Derrieres 2 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Drowning in Bitch Juice 1 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Flesh Hunter 9 Jules Jordan Video 2006
Fresh Breed 3 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Hand to Mouth 4 3rd Degree 2006
I Love Gina 1 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Jack's Big Ass Show 5 Digital Playground 2006
My First Sex Teacher 7 Pure Play Media 2006
Tear Jerkers 2 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Top Notch Bitches 5 Gina Lynn Productions 2006
Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn Exquisite 2006
Babysitters Digital Playground 2007
Black Owned 2 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Buttworx Jules Jordan Video 2007
Demons Within Gina Lynn Productions 2007
Double D's and Derrieres 3 Gina Lynn Productions 2007
Drowning in Bitch Juice 2 Gina Lynn Productions 2007
Fantasstic Whores 3 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Feeding Frenzy 9 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Filthy 2 3rd Degree 2007
Fresh Breed 4 Jules Jordan Video 2007
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Hot Rats 2 IFG 2007
Housewife 1 on 1 8 Pure Play Media 2007
Internal Cumbustion 11 Zero Tolerance 2007
Jack's Big Tit Show 4 Digital Playground 2007
Jack's POV 7 Digital Playground 2007
Licensed to Blow 3 Adam & Eve 2007
Meet The Fuckers 6 Zero Tolerance 2007
Naughty Office 7 Pure Play Media 2007
Oui Extreme Associates 2007
Pussy Meltdown Gina Lynn Productions 2007
Rossi's Revenge Vivid 2007
Taboo 23 Metro 2007
Tear Jerkers 3 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Top Notch Bitches 6 Gina Lynn Productions 2007
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Apple Bottomz 5 Zero Tolerance 2008
Big Tits at Work 1 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Bleached To The Bone 1 3rd Degree 2008
Control Freaks Vouyer Media 2008
Drowning in Bitch Juice 3 Gina Lynn Productions 2008
Fantasstic Whores 4 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Fresh Breed 5 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Interactive Gina Lynn Jules Jordan Video 2008
Jack's Big Tit Show 8 Digital Playground 2008
Lex The Impaler 3 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Massive Asses 3 Elegant Angel 2008
Monster Curves 2 Pulse Distribution 2008
No Man's Land Interracial Edition 11 Metro 2008
Not The Bradys XXX: Marcia Marcia Marcia Hustler Video 2008
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Pornstars Like It Big 3 Brazzers 2008
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Big Tits at Work 5 Brazzers 2009
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Fuck a Fan 1 Immoral Productions 2009
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Ultimate Feast 3 Gina Lynn Productions 2009
Big Tits in Sports 3 Brazzers 2010
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Dangerous Curves (II) Jules Jordan Video 2010
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Handjob Spectacles Juicy Entertainment 2010
I Love Gina 2 Gina Lynn Productions 2010
Laly's Angels Video Marc Dorcel 2010
Lex On Blondes 6 Mercenary Pictures 2010
Once You Go Black 5 Jules Jordan Video 2010
This Ain't Baywatch XXX Hustler Video 2010
Big Boob Blondes Penthouse 2011
Once You Go Black 6 Jules Jordan Video 2011

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