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Katja Kassin
Katja Kassin

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Born: 9/24/1979
Aliases: Katja Kassen, Katja Kassim, Katja Kassan, Kayla Kassin

Birth Name: Ute Anderson
Country of Origin: Germany Sachsen
Place of Birth: Leipzig
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Height: 155 cm - 5 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 48 kg - 106 lbs
Measurements: 34D-26-36
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Start: 2003
Shoe Size: 5
Tattoos: Cat with wing on right upper arm; winged tiger on right shoulder

Katja was born in the city of Leipzig in the German Democratic Republic, the former eastern communist part of Germany. She was 10 years old when the wall came down and Germany reunited. She was a waitress for 6 years during her high school and college time. In September 2000 she started working as a nude model posing for local amateur photographers and websites. Over time her modeling career became more professional and successful and she came in contact with German porn star Drew Berrymore who had been living and working in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles for several years. Katja was introduced to Mark Spiegler of the talent agency Spiegler Girls for whom she worked for three and half year. Recently she switched to the biggest talent agency in the San Fernando Valley `L.A. Direct Models` which is owned by male adult star Ben English. Before moving to the United States Kassin studied Political Science at the University of Leipzig in Germany. She has stated that she earned a degree equivalent to an Associate's degree. She also studied German Language and Literature. Kassin speaks six languages with "relative fluidity": English, German, Russian and three others. She adopted the first name "Katja" as her pseudonym at the suggestion of the photographer at her first nude shoot, after his niece. Katja started porn in March of 2003 when she first came over to the US, her first US scene was `Straight to the A 4` by Vince Vouyer for Red Light District. She permanently moved to the Los Angeles area in late 2004 and married male performer Sledge Hammer in January 2005. Katja`s specialty is rough anal sex, including double anal, though she has since ceased filming creampies after the HIV outbreak in 2004. She is well known for her derrière and face. In Germany Katja is known for her appearances at the German erotic TV show `Wa(h)re Liebe`. On June 1, 2007 she got breast augmentation surgery from Dr. Jacobs in New York City. The 350cc silicone implants were inserted through the nipple and under the muscle. Her first shoot after recovery was on June 26, 2007.









































Q&A with Katja Kassin
(from the upcoming book, Penetrating Questions with the People Who Turn You on, by Tom J and Dirty Dave)
By Tom J
 Tom J: Where were you born?
Katja Kassin: I was born in Leipzig, Germany. My home town is in the East of Germany; it used to be within the formerly communist East German territories. I was ten years old when the wall came down and Germany reunited in 1989.
TJ: How long have you been in the business?
KK: Almost four years now; I started in March 2003.
TJ: Why did you enter the business?
KK: Mainly for financial reasons, to pay my bills on time. But, I was always fascinated with the sexual attitude of the girls in the movies. I thought I could be doing this and be really good at it when I first saw a porn film at the age of sixteen.
TJ: How did it happen?
KK: I started nude modeling in Germany when I was twenty, and I got in contact with German adult star Dru Berrymore. She invited me to come to America and shoot porn movies. I had never done it before because porn actors are not paid very well in Germany. But, I took my chances and bought a plane ticket to L.A., and this is how it all started.
TJ: What was your first shoot like?
KK: My first nude photo shoot was strange. Not because I was shy, but because I didn’t know what to do exactly. I was really inexperienced and I didn’t know what the photographer expected of me. It turned out okay, and I really liked the pictures. My first sex scene was shot in Germany, before I went to America. I wanted to make sure I liked it. It was easy because by that time I had already done solo masturbation videos and many nude photo shoots. I was used to being naked in front of a crew. The fact that I had sex on camera didn’t bother me that much. The guy was very nice. I think I was a little insecure because I wanted to do a good job, but other than that it was fun.
TJ: Were the other cast and crew members helpful during your early scenes? What did they do to help you?
KK: The guy I worked with in my first German scene was very nice and he explained some things to me. When I came to the San Fernando Valley and shot my first scene here I pretty much looked into Vince Vouyer’s face which was saying “Alright, are you ready for two dicks in your ass?”
TJ: What made you decide to go back for a second scene?
KK: After that experience I went to America in March 2003 and in my first month I already shoot 25 scenes. It was crazy, I didn’t think I would be so popular right away. I realized everybody in the industry, my co-workers, directors, and fans liked me so I just stuck with it.
TJ: What do you think made you so popular?
KK: That fact that I was all natural with a big butt, did anal from the very start and didn’t mind working with African-American co-workers.
TJ: How do you prepare for a scene?
KK: I don’t do anything special. Take a shower, shave, wash my hair, pack the clothes they ask for in my suitcase, maybe go tanning the day before. I have an enema before anal scenes. But that’s it. No big deal.
TJ: If you were going to create a scene for yourself to perform, what would it entail?
KK: I’m very spontaneous, but it would have a nice and sensual blow job with a lot of eye contact, teasing and talking, passionate sex with anal, and a nice facial.
TJ: If you could change anything about the business, what would it be?
KK: I would put the legal starting age for porn to twenty-one, and I would enforce protected sex for any filming. It would also be great to have a porn actors union, but that will never happen.
TJ: If you were not acting, what would you be doing?
KK: I would be a secretary and sit in an office all day long.

Katja Kassin Interviewed

"I see someone beat them unconscious in a scene just to stand out, it makes me sick to my stomach"

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Katja Kassin, is interviewed on Kassin, 27, moved to LA and has done more than 400 movies since starting in the business about four years ago.

"I think I'm getting along pretty well [in LA]," she says. "I live in a two bedroom apartment, drive a nice car. I learned the language and I got over all the other little obstacles that come to you when you move across the world."

"I guess I'm most famous for my behind and my anal scenes," she goes on to say. Kassin grew up in Leipzig, Germany in the state of Saxonia. [Germany has a federal structure with sixteen states.]

Kassin's the oldest of three children. She has a brother and sister, and her family still lives in Leipzig where Kassin attended school and college. At the age of 18, Kassin left home and started with nude modeling to make extra money and pay her bills.

She had a normal childhood and best remembers times spent at her grandparents each summer where she spent time with her brother chasing butterflies and climbing trees.

"My sister was born when I was six, so most of my earlier childhood memories are with my brother," Kassin says. Though she didn't have her first boyfriend until 16, Kasson remembers having a crush on a boy when she was 14.

"But nothing ever happened, other than me starring at him from a distance," she says. "I was too shy." Kasson also recalls an instance in second grade where she crushed a boy's nose claiming that he deserved it because he was always pushing her around.

"He was a few years older and way bigger than me," she explains. "I wanted my mom to complain at the principal's, but she just told me that I was old enough to take care of my own problems. That's when I just got into a fight with that guy next time he mobbed me. I got a letter from my teacher, and my mom just congratulated me on my success."

From that moment Kassin realized that you have to stand up for yourself and not let anyone take advantage of you.Kassin also went to college for Political Science and German language and literature and got a 2 year degree for both majors.

"I didn't really like the folks I went to class with," she states. "They were all politically confused and I didn't really fit in. When they found out about me doing nude photo shoots, and porn movies I even became more of an outcast."

But Kassin also liked the fact that she could shock the students and professors though she realized she might have to take another career path. While nude modeling in Europe, she made contact with Dru Berrymore.

"She told me I should try to start shooting movies in L.A.," Kassin recalls. "Until that day I had never been in a porn movie, so I was a little concerned if it was even for me. For a porno scene in Germany I would have gotten paid about half of what I was making for a nude shoot so I never really pursued it. But Dru told me that the adult industry is really big in America, and she would introduce me to the right people. So that's when I bought a plane ticket and flew to L.A. in March 2003."

Kassin concedes that porn is a tough job.

"It's hard to make it in a profession where you are the product," she states. Many different people, distribution companies, agents, directors, photographers etc., tell you how you have to be in order to sell you as a product. Sometimes you are too short, too fat, to skinny, to flat chested, not pretty enough and so on. It takes a strong person to understand that this is not personal but business. It can get to you.

"Other than that porn is competitive and some people do crazy things," she continues. "When I see eighteen year old girls drinking their own piss or letting somebody beat them unconscious in a scene just to stand out it makes me sick to my stomach."

Asked about her famous ass, Kassin said you could attribute it to the local mountain spring water, but the fact is it was there as long as she can remember.

"When I was young I hated it," she admits. "I always wanted to be like Kate Moss. Everybody at school teased me for my butt. They called me fat ass and still to this date I don't understand what the big deal is. People sometimes act like I consist of nothing but ass and that bothers the hell out of me."

Kassin goes on to say that she adopted the name Katja because the photographer on her first nude shoot suggested that name, after his niece.

According to Kassin, interracial has never been a problem with her.

"I never excluded or preferred any male or female performer because of their looks or ethnicity," she comments. That being said, Kassin doesn't find interracial being a big deal.

"I respect everybody's decisions because I don't want anybody to tell me how to do things," she says. "And in no way would I ever suggest one should do anything they wouldn't stand up for. But if an actress won't work with another performer because of their race, she has racial issues in my eyes. I don't look at myself as the weirdo because I do IR movies, everybody else who doesn't obviously has a problem."

For her part, Kassin keeps in shape by working out four or five times a week. She has a personal trainer and maintains a low carb diet. Kassin loves meat especially sushi, chicken, and tuna but also enjoys lots tofu, fat free cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables.

"Most of the time I'm naked so there's nothing you can hide or disguise," she reasons. "I want to look good mainly for myself. Otherwise I wouldn't have a good time in my is my job, it pays my bills, so I have to do what keeps me in business." Kassin mentions that after she lost 20 pounds she felt much more comfortable with her body.

On the subject of anal sex, Kassin sees it as something special which takes skills.

"You have to get used to it, and learn how to do it," she says. "I always liked to perform anal scenes just because I'm good at it."

"Do you think your wide backyard has improved your popularity with anal aficionados?" she's asked.

"I'm sure but I'm really sick of questions like that," Kassin replies. "I mean its obvious. When I started I was young and cute and had a big round butt. I did anal with enthusiasm and I didn't back out of working with big dicks or African-American performers. That got me a lot of attention, a lot of work and a lot of money. It kind of stuck to me, but I think there are many things why people in the industry love to work with me."

In Kassin's opinion, the European market is even more competitive than the American one.

"It was amazing for me to see how much attention they pay to what award this actress won or how much press somebody gets," she says.

Earlier this year Kassin and Katsumi produced a movie together, but Kassin doesn't know what's going to happen with the project.

"Right now even big companies that are around forever have trouble selling enough copies and I just don't see how I would outdo them," she states realistically. Instead of running a production company, Kassin said she'll stick with performing and doing what she does best.

"I let the big distributors do their work and I do mine."

Kassin also says she's not one for sexual aggression and doesn't want to go home with bruises.

"For me its all about the basics: good old fashioned horny, steamy sex, nice blow job, horny fucking, some anal and facials," she says. Some of her favorite performers to work with are Jada Fire, Courtney Cummz, and Sandra Romain.

Kassin currently has a boyfriend and is happy with the fact that he's understanding about her job. Asked if she had plans on becoming a mother, Kasson said for now she doesn't feel like it and doesn't sound too excited about the future prospect.

"What would a man have to say to you to make your heart flutter?" she's asked

"Lets go sky diving together," she answers.

Freeones has Interview:
Exclusive interview with Katja Kassin
Katja Kassin interview So when was your first actual porn shoot?
It was back in Germany in May 2002 and I did it because I was planning on going to America to shoot porn. It was like a trial if I’d like it or not.

How was that? Did it feel weird or really good?
It was not a big problem for me since I did modeling work prior to that. I had been modeling for websites for 3 years when I shot my first scene. I mainly worked on solo photo shoots and softcore projects before I started doing b/g movies.

What made you decide to do porn?
The good pay and the chance of me having a career. I wanted to get out of where I was at that point in my life. I just wanted to do something with my life and not be stuck in the same small town in Germany.

What’s your favorite scene?
I don’t watch my movies and I’ve done so many of them I really lost track. But my fans usually like “Crack Addicts” or “Ass Worship 6”

How did you choose your name within the industry?
I picked up the name “Katja” at my first amateur photo shoot in 2000. The photographer suggested it. I didn’t even know that most models worked with a stage name. I added my last name later, I think in 2002 – I got the idea out of the phone book.

Did or do you have a role model?
I always liked Silvia Saint. She was my favorite model/ porn star before I became an actress myself.

How did your family and friends take it when you decided to go into the porn industry?
I didn’t ask them for their opinion, I just informed them about it. I would have done it, no matter what their reaction might have been. I was old enough to make my own decisions and I live my life the way I want.
At the beginning my mom was really freaked out about it. But now she understands that it’s a real career and I go about it in a professional way. My family respects me for being independent and successful.

Of course we want to know some personal information, what’s your favorite movie?
I like “Aimee & Jaguar”, “The Edukators” (“Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei”) and as far as American movies go “Memento”, “Butterfly Effect”

Favorite food?
Sushi, Haage Dasz Ice Cream (caramel cone)

Are you close with your fans? And what do you do for them?
I do write on a couple of online boards, I personally answer emails and I write a blog on myspace. I get involved whenever I can.

Do you remember your first kiss? And how do you remember that?
Yeah, it was when I was on a school trip at age 14 and it was horrible. I didn’t even like the guy – he just pushed it onto me.

What did you do before you started to work in the porn industry?
I was going to college and I worked as a waitress.

What do you do when you come home from work?
Watch TV (CSI Miami or reality series), hang out with my boyfriend Adam, go to the gym or go to the movies.

Do you have an active personal sex life? And does your work effect this?
Yes work does effect my personal sex life. I don’t have very much sex at home since I’m so busy performing.

Is the sex with your boyfriend different then when shooting for a movie?
Of course because I’m in love with him.

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?
Well I really think reverse cowgirl anal looks the best on camera but I’m not that crazy at home. I like cowgirl personally of missionary.

What is your limit with making porn?
I’m very experimental and open for may different things. I like to perform in fetish/bondage movies as much as I like to perform in features. Since the HIV outbreak in 2004 I don’t film creampie scenes anymore. I guess that’s somewhat of a limit for me.

Did you ever do something you now wish you didn’t do?
Yes, I wish I’d always have the guts to say “Kiss my ass”. There are situations when I really felt like walking off set but I’ve been too professional to do it.

Would you prefer lesbian or heterosexual sex?
Heterosexual. I like to perform with girls on camera but I’ve never had a lesbian encounter in my personal life. The fun about performing for me is more showing off, like “look how I touch her tits” and whatnot but I’m not bi-sexual.

Is there someone you really enjoy working with?
Jada Fire

What’s been your worst experience on the set?
When I had to pose outside in January and I was yelled at by the photographer for looking not too happy.

And the weirdest or funniest thing you experienced?
Working in porn is always kind of weird. There is northing normal about it, believe me. If you’d put a civilian on set and the gad to listen to the kind of conversations that are going on, they would be both shocked and amused.

And if there’s anyone you can choose to make a movie with, who would it be?
I would really love to work for Suze or Holly Randall and I would like to perform with Stormy Daniels.

Do you have any tips or advice to people who want to work in the industry?
They should know that their family and friends will always find out about it and they should tell them before a friendly neighbor drops one of their movies into grandma’s mail box

You have a new movie coming out we can all wait for?
My first movie that I directed for Kylie Ireland’s company “SlutWerkz” comes out in September. It’s called “To the hilt” and has Sandra Romain, Jayna Oso, Ashley Blue, Sophie Dee and myself.

Katja Kassin: An Asshole is Not a Pussy; You Cannot Just Stick It In

I like big dicks in my ass. The small dicks feel strange because the muscle doesn't stretch all the way.

--Gene Ross

Tom Byron was shooting copper-haired German beauty Katja Kassin Friday for a scene in Black Up That White Ass 2. Before Katja took it in the shitter we had the following conversation. Unlike Casey Kasem, Katja puts the accent on the second syllable.

KK: My first scene in the U.S. was shot in March this year. I had only done two scenes in Europe before that, before I came over here.

Gene: You live out here or travel back and forth.

KK: I travel back and forth for now. And now I will go back to Germany for Christmas and then I'll be back in January for the show.

Gene: How do you celebrate Christmas in Germany.

KK: The thing that is different is that I've never worn a bikini on Christmas. In Germany it's really cold on Christmas.

Gene: That's a shame. That covers up that butt of yours.

KK: LOL. We cook and we have a Christmas tree and get presents. I think it's pretty much the same as here.

Gene: What made you decide to come into the adult business?

KK: I started doing nude modeling, solo girl stuff and all the softcore things. I never thought of being in porn movies. In Germany I didn't have the opportunity to do it. I met someone who introduced me to my agent Mark Spiegler. I got on to a plane right away. I was a bit afraid because I didn't know if I could understand the language and people would like me.

Gene: You speak it very well.

KK: But you don't know that before you go to the country.

Gene: You must have been an athlete with those legs. Did you have sports in school?

KK: No, it's just there. I go to the gym a little bit if I have the time. But not like other people who go four times a week.

Gene: What were you doing before you got into the business.

KK: I went to school. I went to the university studying.

Gene: What.

KK: German language and literature and political science.

Gene: Were you going to teach?

KK: No. I wanted to write for magazines. Something like that. Or political research. But I'm not done with school yet. I'm going to finish.

Gene: That's something you're going to do after this business?

KK: I didn't have plans what I should do with my life and my studies. My parents pushed me into it. But it's not a bad thing to go to the university. I just did it and said let's see what happens.

Gene: What were you like growing up.

KK: I'm from a big family. So I learned early in my life to share things. Sometimes I got into fights with my brothers and sisters. I think that helped a lot. And I spent a lot of time with my younger brother. He's one year younger than me. We went out together all the time. I like being with people.

Gene: Were you sexually active in school?

KK: The first time I had sex was when I just turned 16. I didn't think it was early; I didn't think it was late, I think it's average. I didn't like it at all because I wanted to make it a special event. He lived a little bit away from me so we spent the weekend. He did sports, swimming.

Gene: Was he much older than you?

KK: He was three years older. He had a competition that day and he came home late at night and I was already asleep. He kind of pushed me into it. But I wanted to get it over. I didn't like it and said I'm never going to do this again!

Gene: But you wound up doing it again.

KK: Yeah, but I think it's the same with everybody. I know so many girls who said they didn't like it the first time.

Gene: Was this a steady boyfriend.

KK: I was with him four months before it happened. Later I spent one year with him.

Gene: Have you been with girls off camera.

KK: I've been with girls. When I was 18 I was with a girl. I met her on a photo shoot and I was kind of making out with her after that. Once you have sex in front of a camera you get close to each other so it's really not a problem to do it afterwards.

Gene: Who are some of the American performers you like to work with.

KK: There's so many European guys around so I don't even remember who's American. But I love the black performers like Daren James and Lexington. They're really nice.

Gene: What do you particularly like about them.

KK: I think they got a kind of rhythm and treat the girl like a queen.

Gene: Do you like big dicks, small dicks, in between dicks?

KK: I like big dicks. If I watch a movie and I've been watching movies a lot- I started when I was 14 years old- I always liked to watch big dicks.

Gene: What is there about a big dick?

KK: I think people have small dicks in their private lives so when thy watch a movie they want to see something special. It's like when you go to the movies and you see Bruce Willis. You don't want to see him sitting in front of the TV like you do all evening. You want him to fight and shoot. It's not real. You go to the cinema because you want to see the adventure. You want to see something you don't have in your life.

Gene: What does a big dick do to you, physically.

KK: I like big dicks in my ass. The small dicks feel strange because the muscle doesn't stretch all the way. And I know Belladonna thinks the same because I've talked to her about this issue. There must be something about it. And I don't like the small dildos. There's a certain size that feels good when the muscle stretches.

Gene: When was the first time you tried anal.

KK: I was 19 years old. It was in my private life with my boyfriend and I didn't like it. It was psychological and he didn't know how to do it to me at all. An asshole is not a pussy. You can not just stick it in. You have to like maybe use a dildo or fingers before to stretch it. I was afraid of it and that's why I couldn't relax. And it took me quite awhile before I could get comfortable with it. But I'm glad I had the experience in my private life and now I can do it in my scenes.

Gene: It seems like anal sex is second nature for European women. Why is it that European girls seem to be more into it than American girls.

KK: Maybe they are open minded or not ashamed. They're not ashamed to try it out. But I don't know. I can only speak for myself. I like it and there'd be something missing if I never did it.

Gene: Has the business been good for you so far.

KK: Yeah. I tried so many things that I would never have done if I wasn't in the business. I've been with more than just one guy. I've done double anal...

Gene: How does that feel?

KK: I have to start in reverse cowgirl. It's cool. It feel good. Now my personal sex life is different. When you used to junk food you always eat it and you don't know there's something missing. But when somebody takes you to a fancy restaurant and you experience what you can't get, you don't want to eat junk food any more.

Gene: You mentioned a personal sex life. Do you have one any more?

KK: Yeah, it's different. Because on the set there's a director that tells you what to do. And when I really like the guy I get so pissed if they make me look to the camera in the cowgirl and I just want to look at the guy. And when it's good they say, let's do the pop shot, we don't need any more. I'm like, on no, what's going on. I'm not done yet. Sometimes it's like that. So you have to have a private sex life.

Gene: Does your family know you're in the business?

KK: I told them when I started doing the nude pictures and I had a big discussion with them about the nude pictures. It wasn't really a big problem. And when I told them I did the movies they said it's my job and they accept that I earn my money this way. But don't tell us about it. We don't want to know.

Gene: But when you go home they're going to be asking you.

KK: They don't ask me about the job. They ask me is everything okay. Are you satisfied with what happened to you. They don't really want to know what I do in my scenes and stuff.

Good things come in small packages: An interview with German anal princess Katja Kassin

By Troy Michael

© 2006 IWAdult – Originally published in Genesis Magazine

Katja Kassin is the small German import that packs a lot of anal punch since she has been working in the adult film industry for the last three years. Kassin was born and raised in Leipzig Germany and since November 2004, she has lived in Canoga Park, California

The recently married 24-year-old, 5' 1” dark haired cherub has more then 300 films under her belt, 90 percent of which are anal. Kassin has a passion for taking one or more cocks up her ass and has accumulated a legion of fans because of it. She can take just about anything up her sweet ass stating, “I love to take two cocks up my ass at once because it feels good and the shock value is also fun.” She also can fist her own ass, a pretty impressive feat considering she is just barely over five foot tall.

Genesis: In January of 2004 you got married to a fellow porn star. Congratulations. How is that going?

Being married is good and good for me. I met my husband on set and we hit it off. Now we are like the homebody married couple away from our jobs.

Since you tied the knot, you have taken on a strict exercise regime. What’s that all about?

I am very passionate about working out now. I started over a year ago and it makes me feel so much better about myself. Some companies…well they weren’t hiring me because of my weight. Not that I was extremely overweight or anything, but I was thick compared to a lot of the younger girls coming into the business.

Did you start working out to spite the film companies that didn’t hire you?

No. I love working in porn, I don’t want to burn any bridges. I have done a lot of films and made a few really good friends…I love what I do. So if I didn’t lose the weight and tone up, then I wouldn’t be working in porn anymore. So I totally changed my lifestyle. I got married. I started working out because we have gym right in our house. I totally changed my eating habits. It is tough, but in the end it is worth it.

How has the exercising changed your outlook?

I feel way better about myself. At work I do the best I can, I don’t take it personal when people say bad things about me now. I know I am doing all I can to make good movies. Ultimately, I don’t want people to see me badly when I am naked.

In the last few years, your life has made drastic changes from getting married to coming to Porn Valley. Was it overwhelming for you coming from Germany to the United States?

When I came to the US, I never saw a seven-lane freeway or so many people in one city, or a super market with so much shit in it. Everyone spends so much money on food here. I learned you can’t put that shit in your body. It’s just not good for you.

Also, in Europe there is much distance between cities and communities, and it’s much darker. Everything in the States is so neon bright and flashy. It was really strange getting used to that. In Germany you feel very much alone. Here you can know everyone. You can have real true friends and people to hang with. People are always here to help you too. If you want to go out for drinks or to the club it is right around the corner. Or if you need a ride to a shoot your friends will drive you. It is really nice. Even if you just want to sit at home on the couch watching movies and have girl talk, there are always a couple friends up for doing that too.

Now you are fit and trim and ready for love. You are well known for your anal antics. When did you start this anal fetish?

I didn’t start doing anal until later in my life compared to these new girls coming in at 18 and 19-years old. It just takes practice, it is fun and it is what I am good at.

What is it about anal sex that you are so attracted to?

I think anal sex is kind of taboo, that’s why I like it. Other than that is just looks really beautiful and nasty at the same time. It excites me to know I push limits or go beyond what other people don’t even dare to talk about.

Have you ever done something in a film and thought to yourself “I can’t believe I am doing this?”

The scene from “I Wanna Get Face Fucked” with Tony T. I had fun doing it and everything was ok shooting it but when I watched it I really though it looked super aggressive and rough. Sometimes certain sex acts look more dramatic than they feel while you are doing it.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while on the set of a film?

I did a movie for Adam & Eve. It was a Nazi porn and they wanted everybody to say German dialog which turned out to be the funniest moment for me on set ever. I ended up trying to teach my co-stars how to say the lines but I must say it didn’t turn out exactly perfect.

What won’t you do in your sex life?

Of course everybody has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, but I don’t want to make a list. Some things just depend on the situation or the person you are with. I would say I’m a very open minded person. My motto is “I only do to others what I would allow them to do to me”. I have a hard time doing things to others that I’m not comfortable with myself. If you are asking about my private sex life, it’s very different from what you see me do on camera. I only have sex with my husband off camera and I’m not a swinger and I don’t want to hook up with other people. I would never share my husband with anybody when we are together and I want to be only for him. Sex in front of the camera is a performance and I do things there that I would find strange at home. At home I do whatever feels best and on camera I do whatever looks best.

How does the family feel about your fucking on film success?

My brother always calls me up and asks me to talk to his friends because they think he is lying about his sister being a porn star. So I talk to them and they seem to be speechless. I also get request from my brother through his friends to send autographs. It is quite funny.

How did this career choice sit with Mom and Dad? After all, there little girl is getting fucked usually in the ass by big cocks.

I always wanted to move away from Germany when I was younger, so getting into the adult film industry has allowed me to do so. I don’t hate Germany, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to experience something different, not necessarily porn, just different cultures and lifestyles. My parents knew that. So my parents accept it, they don’t like it, but they accept it. They know I’ve experienced a lot great things due to my job.

When you get to go back to your homeland, do you get treated like a star?

People don’t know who I am when I am out shopping or going to a movie. I have no make up on and I am wearing jeans and tennis shoes with my hair up. So it’s not like I am famous or anything. I don’t run around in corsets and g-strings. I look totally different from when I am on a porn set.

You actually don’t go home much to see your friends and family in Germany, why is that?

Well I only get to see my brother and parents about once or twice a year. It is difficult because of the hassles of immigration getting back into the United States. It is extremely difficult to get to and from customs because of my heritage. I have to re-file for a work permit and citizenship, get medical exam and finger prints for the FBI. Also I really don’t want to go back because of the cold weather.

Before coming to the United States to do porn films what did you do?

I was a nude model in Germany and I did print layouts. I was pretty well known for the modeling work. I was actually making more money for the magazine shoots then the porn stars were in Germany.

If you were a cartoon character who would you like to be?

I would be Cartman from South Park. He is so cool I wish I could be like him when I was a kid. He is so outspoken and funny. I was normal kid, a tomboy. I had a younger brother and we were best friends. We hung out with his friends so I was always doing boy things. I also got very good grades because I loved doing my homework.

Katja Kasin must have been doing her homework recently, as she took home an AVN Award in January for Best Solo Scene from the film “Anal Showdown” (Darkko/Evil Angel). With her new out look physically and mentally, you can bet you your ass (or hers) on seeing a lot more success coming for Katja Kassin.

Katja Kassin Complete Filmography:

100% Natural Wonders 1 Lethal Hardcore 2003
2 Dicks In 1 Chick 6 New Sensations 2003
6 Black Sticks 1 White Trick 3 Devil's Film 2003
Anal Expedition 2 Red Light District 2003
Ass Cleavage 3 Zero Tolerance 2003
Ass Stretchers 2 Mayhem 2003
Ass Worship 4 Evil Angel 2003
ATM Machine 1 New Sensations 2003
Babes In Pornland 17: Brunette Babes Puritan International, Ltd. 2003
Back 2 Evil 1 Evil Angel 2003
Barely Legal 45 Hustler Video 2003
Big Cock Seductions 7 New Sensations 2003
Big Wet Asses 1 Elegant Angel 2003
Biggz And The Beauties 4 New Sensations 2003
Blow Me Sandwich 2 Zero Tolerance 2003
Butt Cream Pie 1 Devil's Film 2003
Butt Quest 2 LeWood 2003
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 3 Evil Angel 2003
Crack Her Jack 2 Evil Angel 2003
Cum Dumpsters 4 Red Light District 2003
Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth 1 Jules Jordan Video 2003
Cumstains 2 Zero Tolerance 2003
Erotica XXX 2 New Sensations 2003
Feeding Frenzy 3 Evil Angel 2003
Hellcats 2 Evil Angel 2003
Hi-teen Club 5 Wildlife 2003
I Like It Black 4 Video Team 2003
I Love 'em Natural 1 Acid Rain 2003
Internal Cumbustion 2 Zero Tolerance 2003
Interracial Lust 1 Platinum X Pictures 2003
Interracial Nation 4 Visual Images 2003
Island Fever Private 2003
Jack's Playground 1 Digital Playground 2003
Joey Silvera's New Girls 3 Evil Angel 2003
Just Ass For All Evolution Erotica 2003
Katja Kassin's Fuck Me Harmony Films 2003
Lex Steele XXX 2 Mercenary Pictures 2003
Lingerie 2 Red Light District 2003
Look What's Up My Ass 2 Lex Drill Productions 2003
Manhammer 1 Mercenary Pictures 2003
No Cum Dodging Allowed 1 Jules Jordan Video 2003
No Limits 4 Sineplex 2003
Opera Elegant Angel 2003
Pink Pussy Cats 6 West Coast Productions 2003
POV Pervert 1 Jules Jordan Video 2003
Pussy is Not Enough 2 Platinum X Pictures 2003
Pussyman's International Butt Babes 7 Feline Films 2003
Straight To The A 4 Red Light District 2003
Truly Nice Ass 3: For Crack Addicts DVSX 2003
Un-natural Sex 10 Diabolic Video 2003
Up Your Ass 21 Anabolic Video 2003
Whores Inc. 2 Wildlife 2003
10 Man Cum Slam 7 Kick Ass Pictures 2004
2 + Me = 3 Exquisite 2004
5 On 1 1 Red Light District 2004
A2M 3 Anabolic Video 2004
Absolute Ass 2 Venom Digital Media 2004
Altered Assholes 1 Platinum X Pictures 2004
Anal Latex Whores 1 Pearl Productions 2004
Anal Nitrate Fever 2004
Anal Retentive 1 New Sensations 2004
Anal Retentive 4 New Sensations 2004
Anal Sluts And Sweethearts 11 Rosebud 2004
Anal Trainer 8 New Sensations 2004
Anything Goes Genesis 2004
Apprentass 1 Zero Tolerance 2004
Art Of Oral Sex Simon Wolf 2004
Art School Sluts VCA 2004
Ass 2 Mouth 2 Platinum X Pictures 2004
Ass 4 Cash 1 Exquisite 2004
Ass Driven 2 Madness 2004
Ass Fucked 1 Sin City 2004
Ass Obsessed 2 Red Light District 2004
Ass Obsessed 3 Red Light District 2004
Ass 'troyed Next Level 2004
Ass Worship 6 Evil Angel 2004
Assentials Evolution Erotica 2004
Azz Fest 5 Metro 2004
Backdoor Driller Lex Drill Productions 2004
Barefoot Confidential 33 Kick Ass Pictures 2004
Belladonna: My Ass is Haunted Evil Angel 2004
Best Butt In The West 7 Coast To Coast 2004
Bet Your Ass 1 Evil Angel 2004
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 3 Exquisite 2004
Big Butt Smashdown 2 Evasive Angles 2004
Bitches in Heat 1 Colossal Entertainment 2004
Black In The Saddle Again Zero Tolerance 2004
Black Up That White Ass 2 Evolution Erotica 2004
Camel Hoe's 1 3rd Degree 2004
Chapter X Metro 2004
Chasing The Big Ones 22 West Coast Productions 2004
Crack Addict 1 3rd Degree 2004
Craving Big Cocks 2 New Sensations 2004
Cum Fart Cocktails 1 Red Light District 2004
Cum Swallowing Whores 3 LeWood 2004
Dementia 1 Mayhem 2004
Double Impact 2 Fusxion 2004
Double Stuffed 5 Anabolic Video 2004
DP Wreckage 1 Maximum Xposure 2004
Droppin' Loads 3 Wildlife 2004
Droppin' Loads 4 Wildlife 2004
Fantasy Of Flesh Legend Video 2004
Filthy Things 3 Powersville 2004
Firebush 2 Platinum X Pictures 2004
Four X Four 5 Evasive Angles 2004
Fresh Ass Whores 2 Fatt Entertainment 2004
Fresh Meat 18 Evil Angel 2004
Gang Bang 4 Red Light District 2004
Girl Crazy 4 Digital Sin 2004
Girls of Sodom BadAss Pictures 2004
Give Me Gape 2 Acid Rain 2004
Grand Theft Anal 4 Zero Tolerance 2004
Grudge Fuck 2 DVSX 2004
Heavy Metal 6 Rosebud 2004
Hellcats 4 Evil Angel 2004
High School Teachers in Heat 2 Temptation Entertainment 2004
Hook-ups 5 Wicked Pictures 2004
I Wanna Get Face Fucked 1 Anabolic Video 2004
Interracial Sex Shooter 5 West Coast Productions 2004
Jack's Anal Initiations 1 West Coast Productions 2004
Jack's Teen America 2 Digital Playground 2004
Jewel De'Nyle's Last Movie Platinum X Pictures 2004
Just My Ass Please 2 Fusxion 2004
KSEX Games 2004 Adult DVD Empire 2004
Lethal Injections 1 Metro 2004
Lezbo A-Go-Go VCA 2004
Lighter Side Of Heather Wicked Pictures 2004
Load In Every Hole 9 Kick Ass Pictures 2004
Mr. Pete Is Unleashed 1 New Sensations 2004
My Milkshake is Thick and Double-Dicked 1 Evasive Angles 2004
Myne Tease 3 Fusxion 2004
Perverted POV 7 Diabolic Video 2004
Phat Azz White Girls 7 West Coast Productions 2004
Pole Position 2 Mercenary Pictures 2004
Private Xtreme 15: Ass Games Private 2004
Psycho Love Legend Video 2004
Pussy Party 1 CSI 2004
Rain Coater's Point of View 4 Red Light District 2004
Reality Porn 1: Summer Luvin' Phoenix Releasing 2004
Rectal Rooter 6 Northstar Associates 2004
Riveted Rectums Lethal Hardcore 2004
Semen Sippers 3 Red Light District 2004
Service Animals 18 Evil Angel 2004
She Got Ass 1 West Coast Productions 2004
Shove It Up My Ass 1 Temptation Entertainment 2004
Shove It Up My...2 Fusxion 2004
Slayer Unleashed 3 Exquisite 2004
Specs Appeal 18 Kick Ass Pictures 2004
Strange Love Legend Video 2004
Suck Fuck Swallow 1 3rd Degree 2004
Sweet Cheeks 5 Anabolic Video 2004
Teen Queen Pussy Futureworks 2004
There's Something About Jack 31 West Coast Productions 2004
Threesomes 3rd Degree 2004
Truly Nice Ass 6: Fun Buns DVSX 2004
Ultimate Asses 3 Red Light District 2004
Ultimate DP Gang Bang 1 Adrenaline Rush 2004
Uranus or Bust Seymore Butts Home Movies 2004
Wet Teens 5 Simon Wolf 2004
White Wife Black Cock 4 Smash Pictures 2004
Wild Side 1 BadAss Pictures 2004
Young Blonde Voyeurs 2 Nectar Entertainment 2004
Young Cheerleaders Swap N' Swallow 2 Evasive Angles 2004
2 Fast For Love Metro 2005
American Dreams Wicked Pictures 2005
Anal Incorporated Excessive Entertainment 2005
Anal Prostitutes On Video 2 Red Light District 2005
Anal Showdown Evil Angel 2005
Anal Sinsations Sinsational Pictures 2005
And The Envelope Please Tawny Roberts Vivid 2005
Apple Bottomz 1 Zero Tolerance 2005
Apprentass 3 Zero Tolerance 2005
Ass Factor 2 DVSX 2005
Ass Feast 2 Colossal Entertainment 2005
Ass Pumpers 1 Adam & Eve 2005
Ass Takers 1 Fusxion 2005
Ass Up Face Down 1st Strike 2005
Assault That Ass 6 Red Light District 2005
Assfixiation 2 Wildlife 2005
Assploitations 5 Sin City 2005
Asswhole 2 3rd Degree 2005
Bacchanales Video Marc Dorcel 2005
Barely Legal All Stars 4 Hustler Video 2005
Beef Eaters 2 3rd Degree 2005
Belladonna's Do Not Disturb Evil Angel 2005
Big Ass Orgy Adam & Eve 2005
Big Booty White Girls 3 Evil Angel 2005
Big Gulps 1 Adam & Eve 2005
Big Toys No Boys 3 Devil's Film 2005
Big White Wet Butts 2 Evasive Angles 2005
Black Boned 2 Excessive Entertainment 2005
Black In The Crack Black In The Back 1 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Black In White 3 Adam & Eve 2005
Black Magic Fever 2005
Blow Me 3 Demolition 2005
Bush Hunter 1 Mercenary Pictures 2005
Buttman's Vault of Whores Evil Angel 2005
Butts 2 Nuts 5 No Boundaries 2005
Cameltoe Perversions 3 Smash Pictures 2005
Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre Wicked Pictures 2005
Craving Black Cock 1 Triple Threat 2005
Crude Oil 1 Zero Tolerance 2005
Cum Buckets 2 Elegant Angel 2005
Cum Swappers 4 Hustler Video 2005
Cumstains 6 Zero Tolerance 2005
Day Without Whores Legend Video 2005
Erotic Cabaret 1 Mach 2 Entertainment 2005
European Mail Order Brides 5 CinemaPlay 2005
Fuck Doll Sandwich 3 Mayhem 2005
Fuck My White Ass 1 Black Ice 2005
Gag On This Acid Rain 2005
Girl Crazy 6 Digital Sin 2005
Glamour Sluts 1 Metro 2005
Goo 4 Two 2 Zero Tolerance 2005
Great Big Asses 1 Venom Digital Media 2005
Gutter Mouths 31 JM Productions 2005
Hand to Mouth 2 3rd Degree 2005
Hellfire Sex 2 JM Productions 2005
Her First Anal Sex 2 Pink Visual 2005
Hold Every Drop Then Swap Devil's Film 2005
Hooker Chic No Boundaries 2005
Hook-ups 8 Wicked Pictures 2005
Hos 4 Bros Venom Digital Media 2005
House Of Anal Vivid 2005
House Pets Tight Fit Productions 2005
I Got Banged 3 Demolition 2005
If It Ain't Black Take It Back 4 Metro 2005
In Da White Booty Venom Digital Media 2005
Iron Head 3 Mercenary Pictures 2005
Jack's My First Porn 3 Digital Playground 2005
Jack's Teen America 7 Digital Playground 2005
Kick Ass Chicks 22: Superstars Kick Ass Pictures 2005
Kick Ass Chicks 23: Anal Queens Kick Ass Pictures 2005
Kiss My Ass Defiance Films 2005
Lewd Conduct 23 Diabolic Video 2005
Lucky Bastard 3 DVSX 2005
Man's Best Friend Elegant Angel 2005
Many Shades Of Mayhem 1 Tight Fit Productions 2005
Mayhem Explosions 3 Mayhem 2005
Motel Freaks Juicy Entertainment 2005
Mouth 2 Mouth 1 Diabolic Video 2005
Ms. Violation Critical X 2005
Nasty Hard Sex 2 No Boundaries 2005
Next Exit Porn Valley Mach 2 Entertainment 2005
No Cum Spitting 2 Anarchy 2005
No Man's Land Interracial Edition 8 Video Team 2005
Nut Busters 6 Anarchy 2005
Nuttin' Hunnies 3 New Sensations 2005
O Zone Vivid 2005
Outnumbered 3 Jules Jordan Video 2005
Please Drill My Ass POV Style 2 Elegant Angel 2005
Searching For: The Anal Queen 2 ICM 2005
Semen Demons 2 Elegant Angel 2005
Shag VCA 2005
Share The Load 3 3rd Degree 2005
Shut Up And Fuck Me 2 Mile High 2005
Size Queens 2 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Ski Bitch Torrid Video 2005
Slick Chicks Black Dicks Defiance Films 2005
Smokin' Redhead Pussies Simon Wolf 2005
Squirting 101 7 Digital Sin 2005
Strap Attack 3 Evil Angel 2005
Stuck In The Deep End LFP Video Inc 2005
Surrender to Lust Wicked Pictures 2005
Taste Her Ass 2 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Tastes Like Cum Next Level 2005
Tear Me A New One 1 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Teenage Anal Princess 2 Fusxion 2005
Tex-ass Hole Em Colossal Entertainment 2005
Throat Sluts 1 Fatt Entertainment 2005
Top Porn Stars Metro 2005
Who Fucked Rocco Evil Angel 2005
Workplace Vivid 2005
69 Flava's 1 Red Light District 2006
American Daydreams 1 Pure Play Media 2006
Anal Addicts 22 Northstar Associates 2006
Anal Adventures 1: Sorority Sisters Danni Ashe 2006
Anal Renegades 2 Juicy Entertainment 2006
Anal Xcess 3 Mach 2 Entertainment 2006
Anally Yours... Love, Jenna Haze Hustler Video 2006
Are You a Buttman Maximum Xposure 2006
Ass Addiction 1 Digital Playground 2006
Ass Breath Smash Pictures 2006
Ass For Days 1 Diabolic Video 2006
Ass Masterpiece 1 Pure Play Media 2006
Ass Parade 6 Bang Productions 2006
Ass Takers 2 Fusxion 2006
Ass Whores From Planet Squirt 2 Heatwave 2006
Assfensive 6 Anarchy 2006
Asstravaganza 2 Digital Sin 2006
Assturbators 3 Taylor Wane 2006
Backdoor Desires Torrid Video 2006
Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 3 Evil Angel 2006
Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 1 Evasive Angles 2006
Black Cock Addiction 2 Evil Angel 2006
Black Domination Black Ice 2006
Black Label 41: God's Will Private 2006
Black Magic: XXX The Sexual Level Black Magic Media Group 2006
Black Men White Women Mile High 2006
Bring It Black 3 X-Cartel 2006
Bring Your A Game 2 3rd Degree 2006
Bubble Butts Galore 4 Pink Visual 2006
Butt Blast Adam & Eve 2006
Butt Gallery 5 Legend Video 2006
Culos Gigantes 1 Mercenary Pictures 2006
Cum Buckets 6 Elegant Angel 2006
Cum Swallow Venom Digital Media 2006
Cumstains 7 Zero Tolerance 2006
Custom Blowjobs Vivid 2006
Dark Side of Mya Luanna Hustler Video 2006
Delusions Tight Fit Productions 2006
Destination Dirtpipe 1 Elegant Angel 2006
Destroy The World 4 Wildlife 2006
Devinn Lane's Guide to Strap-On Sex New Sensations 2006
Disturbed 4 Fusxion 2006
Double D Babes 2 Metro 2006
Double Shocker 2 Adam & Eve 2006
DP Me Baby 2 Acid Rain 2006
Elite 1 Metro 2006
Erotica XXX 11 New Sensations 2006
Facial Frenzy 2 Anabolic Video 2006
Fucking in the Name of Science Hustler Video 2006
Gag Factor 22 JM Productions 2006
Girl Power Heatwave 2006
Girlvana 2 Zero Tolerance 2006
Girlvert 13 JM Productions 2006
Good Whores Take It In The Ass 2 Venom Digital Media 2006
House Of Ass 1 Evolution Erotica 2006
In My Butt Acid Rain 2006
Incredible Expanding Vagina Vivid 2006
Interactive Gangbang Kick Ass Pictures 2006
Interracial Original Entertainment 2006
Jack's Big Ass Show 3 Digital Playground 2006
Jack's Big Ass Show 5 Digital Playground 2006
Jack's Teen America 16 Digital Playground 2006
Janine Loves Jenna Club Jenna 2006
Katja Kassin's Foot Tease JB Video 2006
Little Cream Puffs 12 Gentlemen's Video 2006
Male Is In The Czech Vivid 2006
Maximum Results Black Magic Media Group 2006
McKenzie Illustrated Club Jenna 2006
Meat My Ass 1 Northstar Associates 2006
MILF Slammers 1 Pandemonium 2006
My Sex Tour 4 Pink Visual 2006
Neighbor Affair 1 Pure Play Media 2006
Nurse This American Hardcore 2006
Nurseholes 1 Powerhouse 2006
Nuts 4 Big Butts 1 Exquisite 2006
Pat Myne's POV Fusxion 2006
Penetration 12 Anabolic Video 2006
Plug My Ass in the USA Smash Pictures 2006
Power Bitches 2 JM Productions 2006
Pure Filth 3 Metro 2006
Ronnie James' Anal POV Adam & Eve 2006
Ronnie James POV Pussy Adam & Eve 2006
Sexecution 1 Juicy Entertainment 2006
Shove It Up My...4 Fusxion 2006
Slumber Party 20 Shane's World 2006
Sploshed Powersville 2006
Tailgunners Adam & Eve 2006
Thick-Azz-A Brick 2 Metro 2006
Thumb Suckers 1 Sex Z Pictures 2006
Triple Header Metro 2006
Triumph of the Tushy Excessive Entertainment 2006
Two In One Hole Hustler Video 2006
Vamp Juicy Entertainment 2006
WCP Ass Magazine West Coast Productions 2006
We Take It Black Elegant Angel 2006
Alone In The Dark 5 Red Light District 2007
American Dream Vivid 2007
Anal Recruiters 1 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Anal Ultimatimum Avalon Enterprises 2007
Analicious Sensational Video 2007
Around The World In Seven Days Wicked Pictures 2007
Art Of The Cumfart 1 Jules Jordan Video 2007
Ass Eaters Unanimous 14 Evolution Erotica 2007
Ass Everywhere 2 Evil Angel 2007
Asspocalypto Adam & Eve 2007
ATM On Demand 2 Pandemonium 2007
Belladonna: Manhandled 2 Evil Angel 2007
Belladonna: No Warning 3 Evil Angel 2007
Bend Over and Say Ahhhh Again Critical X 2007
Big Bubble Buttz 2 Sensational Video 2007
Big Wet Asses 10 Elegant Angel 2007
Black Bros And White Booty Ho's Mile High 2007
Boundaries 1 Triangle Films 2007
Bring Your A Game 3 3rd Degree 2007
Butt I Like It Wicked Pictures 2007
Butt Licking Anal Whores 7 JM Productions 2007
Chemistry 2 Vivid 2007
Chocolate Lovin' Moms 2 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Chocolate Lovin' Moms 4 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Chunky Butts Metro 2007
Come As You Please Diabolic Video 2007
Control 6 Digital Playground 2007
Cum Play With Me 3 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Cum Play With Me 4 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Dark Carnival Northstar Associates 2007
Deeper 5 Digital Playground 2007
Desperate MILFs and Housewives 1 Pink Visual 2007
Desperate MILFs and Housewives 2 Pink Visual 2007
Dirty Dozen Digital Sin 2007
Dirty Habits Wicked Pictures 2007
Double Bubble White Booty 1 West Coast Productions 2007
Double Violation Sex Z Pictures 2007
Dreamgirlz 1 3rd Degree 2007
Filth and Fury 3 Mach 2 Entertainment 2007
Girl Gangs Metro 2007
Glory Hole Jules Jordan Video 2007
Gluteus Maximass 1 Venom Digital Media 2007
Her First Anal Sex 11 Pink Visual 2007
Hit Me With Your Black Cock Metro 2007
Hotter Than Hell 1 Mach 2 Entertainment 2007
I Got 5 on It 2 Black Ice 2007
I Love Ashley New Sensations 2007
I Love Black Dicks Avalon Enterprises 2007
I Love Roxy New Sensations 2007
Intimate Invitation 6 Triangle Films 2007
Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman 2 Elegant Angel 2007
Jerk And Swallow 2 Metro 2007
Lex and His Women Sinteractive Entertainment 2007
Licensed to Blow 2 Adam & Eve 2007
Lord of Asses 9 Tom Byron Pictures 2007
Masturbation Mayhem 1 Pandemonium 2007
My Space 1 Wicked Pictures 2007
MyPlace 3 New Sensations 2007
Naughty Office 7 Pure Play Media 2007
Nautica Thorn: All Access Hustler Video 2007
Pantyhose Whores 1 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Please Help Me With My Tight Ass Sweet Pictures 2007
POV Casting Couch 22 Legend Video 2007
Pussy Cats 2 Zero Tolerance 2007
Rub My Muff 12 Demolition 2007
Sex Mania Adam & Eve 2007
Sexual Freak 4: Jana Cova Digital Playground 2007
She's Got It 1 Acid Rain 2007
Sick Chixxx Sex Z Pictures 2007
Slutty and Sluttier 2 Evil Angel 2007
Strap-On Addicts 3 Devil's Film 2007
Swallow My Squirt 5 Elegant Angel 2007
Tastes Like Cum 2 Juicy Entertainment 2007
Taunting Spice Studios 2007
Tea-bags And Tossed Salads Mayhem 2007
Tough Love 11 JM Productions 2007
Upload Sex Z Pictures 2007
V Word Sinsational Pictures 2007
Valley Whores 2 VXI 2007
Viva La Van Ethnicity 2007
Whack Jobs 1 Zero Tolerance 2007
Wife Switch 1 Pink Visual 2007
A Hole is a Terrible Thing To Waste Nasty Jack 2008
All About Anal 5 Sex Z Pictures 2008
All American Nymphos 5 Heatwave 2008
Anal Sex 4 Dummys Sinsation Pictures 2008
Ass on Tap Vivid 2008
Ass Parade 15 Bang Productions 2008
Award Winning Anal Scenes 2 Evolution Erotica 2008
Bad Azz Mayhem 2008
Bangin White Ass Black Ice 2008
Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 Evil Angel 2008
Big Boob Orgy 1 3rd Degree 2008
Big Butts Like it Big 1 Brazzers 2008
Big Fat Pussies Metabolic 2008
Black In My Crack Evolution Erotica 2008
Blonde Cum Fun DNA 2008
Bound 1 Powersville 2008
Butt Buffet 3 Hustler Video 2008
Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth and in Your Hands 2 Black Ice 2008
Craving Audrey Holllander Black Widow Productions 2008
Cum In Me Please Mile High 2008
Deep Anal Abyss 1 Evil Angel 2008
Dirty Little Secrets Penthouse 2008
Don't Look Now But There's a Cock in Your Ass Pure Play Media 2008
Double Anal Delight Pure Filth 2008
Double Decker Sandwich 11 Zero Tolerance 2008
Double Vision 2 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Fill Me Black Sweet Pictures 2008
Frosty The Snow Ho Wicked Pictures 2008
Handjob Heaven Juicy Entertainment 2008
Head Case 3 3rd Degree 2008
Hellfire Sex 12 JM Productions 2008
Hillary for President Sex Z Pictures 2008
I Like Phat Bunz 2 Exquisite 2008
I Love Big Butts New Sensations 2008
Lesbians Love Sex 1 Juicy Entertainment 2008
Load Warriors Evil Angel 2008
Medical Pain Sluts Allusion Studio 2008
Monster Curves 2 Pulse Distribution 2008
Monster Meat 6 Digital Sin 2008
No Man's Land Coffee and Cream 2 Metro 2008
POV Blowjobs 1 Metro 2008
POV Cocksuckers 6 Evolution Erotica 2008
Private Fetish 2: Nylon Nymphomania Private 2008
Squirt-Stravaganza Digital Sin 2008
Super Shots: Ass That Acid Rain 2008
Super Shots: Gimme Pink 2 Acid Rain 2008
Superwhores 13 Mercenary Pictures 2008
Swap Meat 3rd Degree 2008
This Butt's 4 U 4 Jules Jordan Video 2008
Tits And Ass 1 Exquisite 2008
Tits N' Ass Adam & Eve 2008
Top Ten 3rd Degree 2008
Watch Your Back 1 Diabolic Video 2008
White Bubble Butts 1 Extreme Associates 2008
101 Natural Beauties Video Team 2009
All Up in That Ass Platinum X Pictures 2009
Anal Payload Evil Angel 2009
Ass The New Pussy 3rd Degree 2009
Attack of the Great White Ass Evolution Erotica 2009
Big Ass Fixation 5 Tom Byron Pictures 2009
Big Ass White Girls 1 Black Ice 2009
Big Butts Like it Big 4 Brazzers 2009
Big Rack Attack 6 Zero Tolerance 2009
Big Wet Butts 1 Brazzers 2009
Blowbang Sexxxperience Loaded Digital 2009
Club Katja Juicy Entertainment 2009
Cock Tease 2 Digital Playground 2009
Cougar Sex Club 3 2009
Creamy Faces Metabolic 2009
Cumshots 11 Anabolic Video 2009
Cumstains 10 Zero Tolerance 2009
Dark Side of Marco Banderas 3 Mercenary Pictures 2009
Doggy Style Zero Tolerance 2009
Double Time 3rd Degree 2009 4 Reality Kings 2009
Hellfire Sex 14 JM Productions 2009
Hellfire Sex 15 JM Productions 2009
King of Coochie 2 Tom Byron Pictures 2009
Lesbians Love Sex 4 Juicy Entertainment 2009
Lisa Ann's Bases Loaded Justin Slayer International 2009
Lucky Lesbians 5 Pure Play Media 2009
Mandingo Goes Deep Jules Jordan Video 2009
Manuel Ferrara Unleashed Fusxion 2009
Masturbation Nation 2 Tom Byron Pictures 2009
Mean Dungeon 1 Kick Ass Pictures 2009
Motel Voyeur Score 2009
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 8 Girlfriends Films 2009
Tappin' That White Ass Black Ice 2009
Teenage Babysitters JM Productions 2009
Tinkle Time 3 Powersville 2009
Top Guns 9 Mercenary Pictures 2009
Tunnel Butts 3 Jules Jordan Video 2009
Tushy Riders 2 Legend Video 2009
Whatabooty 7 Red Light District 2009
White Kong Dong 3 White Ghetto 2009
All-Star Overdose Jules Jordan Video 2010
Gangbang Squad 17 Pink Visual 2010
Group Sex Junkies White Ghetto 2010
I Like Em White 1 2010
Interracial Anal Love 2 Shane's World 2010
John E. Depth Is A Pain In The Ass Juicy Entertainment 2010
Lesbians love sex 5 Juicy Entertainment 2010
Manhammer 9 Mercenary Pictures 2010
Masturbation Nation 7 Tom Byron Pictures 2010
Outnumbered 5 Jules Jordan Video 2010
Playgirl's Hottest Interracial 1 Wicked Pictures 2010
Big Ass Mommies Exquisite 2011
Bondage Girl-A-Go-Go JM Productions 2011

European Filmography:
40th Anniversary 1965-2005 alternative title for Private 40th Anniversary 1965-2005 (scene from Island Fever)
Ass Games 2004, Dir. Skeeter Kerkove
Bacchanales alternative title for Motel Freaks
The Black Box, Magic Moments 2007, Dir. Dennis Black Magic (scene from Triple xXx, The Sexual Level)
God's Will 2006, Dir. Nic Cramer
Island Fever 2003, Dir. Tom Herold
Katja Kassin's Diary: Teil: Crazy, Sexy, Juicy 2003
Katja Kassin's Fuck Me 2006, Dir. Gazzman R18
Katsuni - My Fucking Life 2008 R18
Mi Vendo alternative title for Motel Freaks
Motel Freaks 2005, Dir. Narcis Bosch
Nylon Nymphomania 2008, Dir. Tony Ward
Pénétrations sauvages alternative title for What Girls Like
Private 40th Anniversary 1965-2005 2005, Dir. Pierre Woodman, Frank Thring, Antonio Adamo, Xavi Dominguez, Gazzman, Max Bellocchio, and others (scene from Island Fever)
The Private Life of Lara Stevens 2006
Private X-treme 15: Ass Games alternative title for Ass Games
Der Schuh der Mona Q. Macht der Füße Part 3 Dir. Tom Herold
Der Schuh im Arsch der Mona Q Dir. Tom Herold
Triple xXx, The Sexual Level alternative title for XXX, The Sexual Level
What Girls Like 2005, Dir. Max Cortes
XXX, The Sexual Level 2006, Dir. Dennis Black Magic

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