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Anorei Collins
Anorei Collins

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Born: 6/16/1986
Aliases: Lexxxi Luxe

Country of Origin: United States FL - Florida
Date of Birth: June 16, 1986 (25 years old)
Aliases: Lexxxi Luxe
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 102 kg - 224 lbs
Measurements: 40L-38-48
Shoe Size: 7.5
Tattoos: Small footprint on left shouler top; centauress she drew herself on right shoulder back; red/black kanji on her lower back

Anorei Collins is from the USA and works as a phone sex operator. Anorei currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

In November 2010, Anorei became pregnant to become a surrogate mother for a friend and she began lactating in March 2011 and plans on releasing her first lactating shots and videos in April 2011 on her site. Her boobs have grown from her natural NN cups to a massive OO cup during her pregnancy! It seems like Anorei Collins restarted her adult career under the name Lexxxi Luxe, in fact she looks sexy than ever now, and I hope the 3 X's in the Lexxxi means she will do some extreme hardcore for us ASAP, I really want to hear her moan from joy while a big cock is giving her good times drilling her pussy. a known fact about her all natural L size boobs is that they don't stop grow, so we don't know how big she will get.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Interview with Anorei Collins

She's the young mammary marvel who has literally taken the Internet by storm ever since her initial appearances on a web cam. She is a stunning combination of beauty, brains, breasts and body and she is only getting started at the age of 24. She is someone who the Gallery has profiled before and are quite proud to welcome back to the mix. She is Anorei Collins.

Don Carlos: Hi Anorei...very much appreciate the opportunity to talk to you today.

Anorei Collins: Thanks! It's absolutely my pleasure!

DC: First off, I must ask the origin of your first is very unique.

AC: Well, it's actually of Irish origin. It's a bit odd.

DC: So what are your exact measurements?

AC: 58-38-48

DC: Mercy...and you are all of 24 years old, is that right?

AC: Yes! I just turned 24 on July 16th.

DC: Well, happy belated birthday to you! How much larger in the chest do you see yourself getting, eventually?

AC: Hopefully MUCH much bigger! I love having huge breasts, and I love even more that they're natural and rare.

DC: So where do you buy your bras?

AC: A few places, but is my favorite =) No-one really makes a 'NN' bra, but their M cup bra is about as close as it comes unless I want a bullet bra or something custom made =)

DC: So let's go back a lil ways. Where are you originally from?

AC: I'm from a small town in backwoods NY, haha =)

DC: What kind of kid were you growing up?

AC: Haha, I was actually the shy one who got good grades, didn't have many friends, and usually read a book on the playground.

DC: Were you a pretty good student?

AC: Straight A's my whole career as a student. Teachers always loved me.

DC: What did you see yourself doing when you grew up?

AC: Well, an actress, a novelist, first woman President, you know- normal, run of the mill kid stuff, haha.

DC: So when did your boobs start to appear for you?

AC: I was 12 when they started growing. They haven't stopped since!

DC: Do boobs of your magnitude run in the family?

AC: Sort of, my mom had them, but mine have even surpassed hers in size.

DC: How did everyone around you react to them at first?

AC: We all ignored them, pretended they weren't happening and I started wearing baggy everything to hide.

DC: Would you say it was easier or harder to attract the boys?

AC: HARDER. I was painfully shy to begin with, being the freak only made it worse!

DC: How many serious relationships did you have in back in the day?

AC: After I turned 16 I came into my own a little bit more, started dating older guys, and since then I've had 2 or 3 serious relationships.

DC: A friend actually gave me this question to ask: is it true that you had a period of lactation?

AC: It is. A few times actually.

DC: Was it due to pregnancy or a hormonal imbalance?

AC: Well, I've had great success with induced lactation. Any woman can lactate, regardless of being pregnant or any of that. It simply takes a persistent stimulus and a bit of tenacity!

DC: So your first foray into the adult business started where?

AC: It actually started several years ago because of my voice. I started as a phone sex operator, because everyone loved my voice. I honestly never thought anyone would actually want to SEE me, haha. After that, I started the cam shows in about August of 09 and haven't looked back since!

DC: Was it more of a curious thrill for you at first?

AC: Oh absolutely. It was something new, something exciting. I've always been a very sexual person, so opening up a new avenue to express myself in a sexual way was a gift!

DC: What was the initial reaction to your cam shows?

AC: It was a frenzy! I got thousands of emails, tons of offers to work for different sites, it really was much much more than I expected.

DC: And how did that make you feel?

AC: It felt amazing. It STILL feels amazing. I thank my lucky stars every day that my first audience wasn't just the hater crowd.

DC: Was there a moment where you sensed a possible career in this?

AC: Once I was offered my own website and actually started working on it with Liana, I knew it was a go. I probably wouldn't have turned it into a career if Liana and I hadn't clicked so well. She's such a strong motivator and she's just awesome.

DC: When you made the decision to make a website, what were some things you knew you wanted to do and not do on it?

AC: Well, I knew that hardcore was out of the picture, unless it was something with someone I was already involved with. It's always just felt like I don't belong in that part of the industry. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at porn, but I'm simply more inspired by the Pin-Up and burlesque side of sexuality and sensuality. I think that you can be sexy without showing sex.

DC: How many possible webmasters did you look at?

AC: Just two. I got my offer from one, and then I went looking to find the best I could.

DC: And of course, LushBoobs ended up as the final choice...what clinched it for you?

AC: She's ultimately just one of the coolest, most down to earth people I've ever met. She's got my best interest at heart and always looks for a way for everything to be the best for everyone, not just her own interests. I went to LA to shoot with her, met her family and friends, her pets, and I fell in love! haha. Not in a lesbian way or anything, but she's been adopted as my best friend.

DC: Was it an easy decision to relocate to Los Angeles for you?

AC: It wasn't. I left my entire life behind. I left my cat, my (now ex) boyfriend, my surrogate family and almost everything I owned, apart from a suitcase full of stuff.

DC: How much of a culture shock was it for you experiencing some of the things on the West Coast?

AC: It's a totally different world out here. I know a lot of people say that LA is very superficial, but I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin than here in Los Angeles.

DC: What have been some of your favorite sets/videos to shoot?

AC: Oh jeepers, I LOVED shooting the ropes set, because, well- I'm a bit of a bondage nut, haha, I also loved the St. Patrick's Day set, the corset set at the piano, hell- I love them all. Shooting with Liana is the best part of it all.

DC: Whose idea was it to use your chest as a living billboard and have bids for it on Ebay?

AC: It was Liana's! The woman is a marketing genius. We were out to dinner for St. Patrick's Day and I was wearing my 'Ireland' shirt and when we walked in, hordes of drunken guys and girls yelled out "Ireland!" as soon as they saw it across my chest and the idea was quick to launch!

DC: Has that done well for you and the businesses who have taken advantage of the service?

AC: It's done fairly well. We've done more private sales of ad space and there's always a boost in traffic and sales afterwards that we've noticed =)

DC: How many marriage proposals do you get in a week? LOL

AC: I'm not even sure I could count that high! It's funny, I get about 100 marriage proposals per one offer of 'Hey, let's go get coffee and see a movie sometime'

DC: Do you use fan feedback as an important tool in deciding what to feature on your site?

AC: We do. I love connecting with the members in the chat room connected to my voyeur cam, and when I'm not in there or I'm busy elsewhere, sometimes they just leave me lists of ideas of things to video and shoot, etc. I love the feedback and our members are who we're trying to please, so we listen to them as much as we can!

DC: Is it extra gratifying when you get a compliment on a body part other than your boobs or is it all good?

AC: I love all compliments that are sincere, but my favorite compliments are the ones that have nothing to do with my body at all. I love to write, draw, paint, sew, sing, read, everything! So a compliment on my taste in authors or my overzealous use of obscure vocabulary, haha- that's where it's at!

DC: What is you look for in a partner, male or female?

AC: I love someone who's funny, down to earth, sweet, caring. I like a dominant personality, but that doesn't mean overbearing, loud, demanding or any of that. I love confidence, and intelligence is a major turn on. Only other must is that you have to be a gamer, haha.

DC: Are any long-term relationships in the cards for you, do you think?

AC: I'd like to think so!

DC: So what does Anorei like to do on the rare day when she is not working on the site?

AC: I love going places. Going to the comedy clubs, going to the beach, going to San Francisco, it's all peachy! I do love to swim though, water is my favorite thing to surround myself with, so, chances are, if I'm out- I'm swimming! haha.

DC: Being in L.A., have there been any opportunities to appear on any TV shows or movies for you?

AC: I've not really been looking for those opportunities. I was in a music video about World of Warcraft by Jace Hall, but it was really nothing big, just fun!

DC: How long would you like to keep doing your site?

AC: 5-10 years, maybe more! But at least 5-10 years, I'm really enjoying it.

DC: How can your fans best keep in touch with you?

AC: My fans can keep in touch with me best via the chat room in the members area of my site (voyeur cam section) It's on 24/7 and I'm there often (it is my bedroom after all!)

DC: Is there anything else you'd like to say as far as parting words for this interview?

AC: I'd like to let people know that new and exciting things are happening on my site, so keep your eyes on! I'd also like to thank those fans and friends who've been supportive and friendly and welcoming in the past 12 months, you've really been amazing and I look forward to several more years!

DC: It's been a pleasure, Anorei...all the best to you!

AC: Thanks for this opportunity doll, it's been a blast! All the best to you as well!

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