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Leslie Bovee
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Leslie Bovee

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Born: 6/5/1952
Aliases: Leslie Boivee, Leslie Bovée, Leslie Boveen, Lesllie Bovee, Lesllie Bovel, Leslie Bovee, Leslie Dubuex

Born: June 05, 1952 Bend, Oregon
Height: 5 ft. 6in.
Weight: 126 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 34C
Waist: 26?
Hips: 37?

Leslie Bovee was born in Bend, Oregan, and began the 1970's working as a TWA stewardess. She soon quit her job with the airline to work as a go-go dancer and stripper because the pay was much better. In 1975 she moved on to porn films. By her own admission Leslie was an exhibitionist and did not find this transition hard. "Carl [her boyfriend] and I are into three-ways, two girls and a guy. We have a very open relationship."

Sultry and gorgeous, Lealie Bovee was one of the top stars of 1970's XXX erotica. She was a breasty little trollop and came across like a sexually available substitute teacher that you always dreamed would show up at your high school. She was definitely a fine example of the 70's liberated woman, taking control of her own sexuality without a hint of shyness or guilt. Leslie Bovee was into sex without strings, spouting a free love philosophy that she really did live by. She appeared in over 50 features between 1975 and 1980, reveling in group sex and huge studs.

Her big break came in 1976 when she starred alongside John Holmes in 'Eruption' (1976). Shot in Hawaii this was a porn re-make of the Barbara Stanwyk melodrama, 'Double Indemnity'. Leslie stole the film, and the opening sex scene on the beach between her and Holmes is one of the most erotic ever filmed. It's success soon led to further roles in movies such as 'Easy Alice' (1976) and Alex De Renzy's 'Femmes De Sade' (1976). In the latter she can be seen dripping in oil having sex with three men in what many consider the highlight of the movie. Legendary porn stud John Leslie later recalled: "In that scene she had me so worked up I jerked off in my car on the way home."

In a 1977 Playboy interview she said: "I don't intend to have a small career. I aspire to become a real actress and sex star". Her classic looks and insatiable appetite for sex ensured her status as one of the top porn stars of the late 1970's, ranking her alongside Annette Haven, Candida Royalle, Linda Wong and Samantha Fox. According to Bill Margold she was also "the best cock-sucker in the business."

Like Annette Haven, Leslie also had an idealistic side to her. "Carl and I would go to a porno house to turn on and walk away feeling insulted. They owe the audience more. A new way to see sex. Some enlightenment, instead of all the gratuitous bondage and discipline. I've turned down more than one film that I felt was based on the humiliation of women."

By 1978 Leslie had split with long-term boyfriend Carl and met New York bathing suite buyer Stuart Allen. "We went on one date and then she moved in with me," he later recalled. "She came for an evening and stayed two years." Allen soon quit his job to produce and market porn. Leslie continued to make classics such as 'Misbehavin' (1978) and the amazing 'Take Off' (1978).

In 1979 she joined Annette Haven, Wade Nichols and Eric Edwards in 'Love You' (1979), one of the most obscure yet interesting adult films made during the late 1970's. It was in fact the porn debut of mainstream director John Derek, husband of Bo Derek. Unlike most porn films the sex was not overly explicit - although nothing was hidden. John Derek shuttled his cast between Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hawaii in order to get the feel he was looking for, and the results are lush and beautiful. 'Love You' is not a typical porn film, and involves extensive dialogue as two couples come to terms with the notion of swapping partners. Although Bo Derek did not appear in the film she produced it and was constantly on the set with the four porn stars as her husband's consultant.

By the early 1980's Leslie had quit porn. "I had just broken up with the man who had helped me start in the business. I hadn't been enjoying the work as much as I used to - stardom can be very demanding - I did a lot of personal appearances, TV, and radio; then I got arrested and put in jail while doing a strip show tour. I started to feel cheap and and dirty and the feeling really got to me. Even today I don't tell a lot of people about my career. Don't get me wrong, the main reason I got into the business was that I was bored... bored with the straight life. This was a back door into acting, and an easy climb to stardom. I did it for the notoriety, some hot times and good money. I regret very much that I never got to be in a high quality film like 'Roommates' (1981), because one of my goals in the business was to be a pioneer."

She eventually established herself in San Francisco where she said she pursued "a sexually, politically and socially free lifestyle." Since then she has been inducted into both the XRCO and AVN Performers' Halls of Fame. According to her former boyfriend Stuart Allen: "When last heard of, in 1990, she wrote me to tell me she had just had a baby boy. I wrote back and that was it. If I had to guess, I'd say happy, healthy and living life in Long Island." Leslie Bovee remains one of the most famous and hottest porn stars of the Golden Age, and a woman that always enjoyed herself on camera.





























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A Coming of Angels

A Coming of Angels

A Coming of Angels

Description: You're in for a hot and juicy joyride of steamy, sizzling sex when you witness the amorous adventures of these three gorgeous angels. When one of their own is kidnapped by an insidious white-slaver, heavenly Annette leads the passionate pack on a randy rampage of undercover activity. These naughty nymphs have a shocking arsenal of torrid tricks to get what they want, and if they don't, watch out! From girl-girl encounters to the tenderest experience ever, you'll find these angels use their bodies just as well as their minds!

Stars: Annette Haven, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Leslie Bovee, Abigail Clayton, Amber Hunt, Eric Edwards

Studio: Caballero



Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Description: Here's two of porn's hottest classic stars, Leslie Bovee and John Holmes, together! Filmed in Hawaii, this is a hot and wild sexual trip that you won't soon forget. Runtime (Stream, Download): 122 minutes

Stars: John Holmes, Leslie Bovee, Eric Evol, Gene Clayton, Susan Hart

Studio: Blue Panther Films



Porn Star Legends - Leslie Bovee

Porn Star Legends - Leslie Bovee

Porn Star Legends - Leslie Bovee

Description: Leslie worked as a stewardess for TWA Airlines prior to starting out in the adult entertainment industry as a go-go dancer and stripper. Bovee first began acting in explicit hardcore movies in the mid 1970s. Leslie appeared in over 50 X-rated features before eventually retiring in the mid 1980s. Bovee reportedly got married and settled down in Long Island. She has been inducted into both the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame for her notable contributions to adult cinema during its Golden Age of the 1970s.

Starring: Leslie Bovee

Studio: Golden Age Media



Sensual Encounters of Every Kind

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind

Description: From the outer limits - to the inner depths. A mysterious amulet becomes a charm of incredible power as it's handed down through the ages. It seems that everyone who possesses it becomes able to perform the most intense sexual feats - fantastic orgies of uninhibited, insatiable passion. From luscious Leslie Bovee, who can't remember how she got the amulet, but nonetheless becomes too irresistible;e to her three gardeners who are driven mad by her charms when she takes them all at once - to the beautiful Serena, whose already enormous sexual appetite reaches orgasmic proportions. No one is spared, including the audience! From the non-stop parade of delightful sensual encounters made possible by this ancient charm, this gem is a classic presentation.

Stars: John Leslie, Leslie Bovee, Cris Cassidy, Dorothy LeMay, Georgina Spelvin, Jon Martin, Laurien Dominique, Mike Ranger, Richard Pacheco, Rick Lutze, Turk Lyon

Studio: TVX



Show Girl Superstars - Leslie Bovee's Fantasies

Show Girl Superstars - Leslie Bovee's Fantasies

Show Girl Superstars - Leslie Bovee's Fantasies

Description: We present for your enjoyment some of the most famous and beautiful women on the X-rated screen. Filmed in more erotic and outrageously sexual acts than you have seen them perform before. Fine direction, techniques and equipment were used to bring you this high quality movie of these super stars of sex.

Starring: Leslie Bovee, Cris Cassidy

Studio: LBO



The Golden Age of Porn - Leslie Bovee

The Golden Age of Porn - Leslie Bovee

The Golden Age of Porn - Leslie Bovee

Description: Leslie Bovee was a huge star in the seventies and eighties. She was famous for her ultra-hardcore scenes with some of the biggest names in the porn biz. This collection is a must have for any fan of Leslie's. Runtime (Stream, Download): 60 minutes

Starring: Leslie Bovee

Studio: Gentlemens Video



The Little Blue Box

The Little Blue Box

The Little Blue Box

Description: A self-described horny but faithful husband disappointed by his wife`s frigidity, tries to spice things up with the help of an adult home-movie system sold to him by the lovely Miss Azure, and featuring the mysterious "Channel 69." Several well-staged sex scenes, including one with the lovely Leslie Bovee, fleck this relic of the Golden Age of adult flicks. It's got an endearingly corny sense of humor, too. This one represents what it was like when porn was still film-making.

Stars: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Leslie Bovee, Gloria Leonard, Jennifer Welles, Ming Toy, Sharon Mitchell

Studio: Historic Erotica



Leslie Bovee Complete Filmography:

Baby Rosemary Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1976
C.B. Mamas Mitchell Brothers 1976
Carnal Haven Alpha Blue Archives 1976
Easy Alice VCA 1976
Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio Unknown 1976
Eruption VCX 1976
Femmes de Sade Mitchell Brothers 1976
One of a Kind HIFCOA 1976
Tapestry of Passion Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1976
Coming of Angels 1 Caballero Home Video 1977
Fantastic Orgy Unknown 1977
Lustful Feelings VCA 1977
SexWorld Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1977
Blonde Emanuelle Unknown 1978
Little Blue Box VEP 1978
Maraschino Cherry Video-X-Pix 1978
MisBehavin' Video-X-Pix 1978
Senator's Daughter Metro 1978
Sensual Encounters of Every Kind Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1978
Take Off Video-X-Pix 1978
Ecstasy Girls 1 Caballero Home Video 1979
Love You Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1979
New York Babes Arrow Productions 1979
Nurses Are Coming VCR 1979
All About Lesllie Xtra Vision 1980
Blue Ecstasy Caballero Home Video 1980
Champagne for Breakfast Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1980
Games Women Play Caballero Home Video 1980
Garters and Lace Excalibur Films 1980
Sugar Britches VCX 1981
Vanessa Del Rio's Fantasies VCR 1981
Best of Rafaelli 1 Diverse Maximum 1982
Best of Rafaelli 2 Diverse Maximum 1982
Collection 2 Caballero Home Video 1982
Cris Cassidy's Fantasies VCR 1982
Dirty Looks VCA 1982
Double Pleasure VCR 1982
Lesllie Bovee's Fantasies VCR 1982
Nasty Nurses VCR 1982
Starlet Nights X-travision 1982
Collection 3 Caballero Home Video 1983
Erotic Fantasies 1 Metro 1983
Erotic Fantasies 4 Metro 1983
Hot Pink: Best Of Alex DeRenzy 2 VCA 1983
Super Sex Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1983
Bizarre Thunder Ribu Video 1984
Blue Ribbon Blue Caballero Home Video 1984
Critic's Choice 1 Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1984
Critic's Choice 2 Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1984
With Love Annette Caballero Home Video 1985
Girls That Talk Dirty Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1986
Hot Shorts: Vanessa Del Rio VCR 1986
Only the Best 1 Metro 1986
Superstars And Superstuds Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1986
Legends of Porn 1 Metro 1987
Love Scenes for Loving Couples Metro 1987
Bitches in Heat 1 VCR 1988
Blue Vanities 58 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities 66 Blue Vanities 1988
John C. Holmes - The Lost Films Penguin Productions 1988
True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Golden Age VCA 1992
Blue Vanities 91 Blue Vanities 1993
John C Holmes - The Lost Films (new) Erotic Video Network 1993
Blue Vanities 271 Blue Vanities 1997
Top 25 Adult Stars Of All Time VCA 1999
Leslie Bovee Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Vanessa's Anal Fiesta Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Chris Cassidy Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2005
Linda Wong Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2008
Crazy For Love
Snow White Comes Off Age

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