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Tracey Adams

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Born: 6/7/1959
Aliases: Traci Adams, Tracy Adams, Debbie Blaisdell

Birthplace: West Severna Park, Maryland
Current Resident in California
Birth Name: Deborah Blaisdell
Assumed Aliases: Tracy Adams | Debbie Blaisdell | Deborah Blaisdell
Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Breast: 38

Tracey Adams was born Deborah Blaisdell, on 7 June 1958. She grew up in a small town near Baltimore, in Maryland, on the East Coast of the United States and came from a middle class family with liberal ideas, admitting: "I was not brought up a prude". She experienced her first orgasm by accident as a young adult: "I was playing & wrestling with another kid. We had all our clothes on. I didn't even know what was happening. This feeling came over me - it was the most intense thing. There wasn't even genital contact, but I had been pinned down. At that moment, I just felt an explosion; it was incredible." Despite this, she was not sexually adventurous as a teenager, eventually losing her virginity when she was nineteen.

After school she attended community college and became a radio disc jockey. In the hope of moving beyond provincial radio stations she relocated to California in 1981. There she attended broadcasting school and worked for a number of small stations, including the midnight to six AM stint at the University of California in San Diego. It was around this time that she also had her first lesbian experience. "I was twenty-two when I did it with a girl for the first time. We met at a lesbian bar. When I found out she was a total virgin, I just knew I had to have her. I figured that since she had never been with another woman before she wouldn't have anyone to compare me to, so I just went for it and started hitting on her. Needless to say, I got what I was after."

Hoping to make more money, Tracey took acting lessons, found an agent, and appeared topless in the B' movie 'Lost Empire' (1983) using her real name. To pay the bills though, she found herself doing a number of jobs: "I did everything from straight modeling in print ads to selling mobile homes to driving a limo." Despite having a boyfriend at the time, Tracey had been having casual sex with women since her first lesbian experience two years earlier. "I used to be a limousine driver... one night, I picked up people from all parts of L.A., and dropped them off at a club in Hollywood. When I was sure they were all out, I parked down this side street. I was listening to the radio and reading a book when all of a sudden, the center divider went down in the car. It scared the shit out of me. I turned around really fast, and found one of the girls was still in the car... She invited me into the back. I was wearing a pink tux with tails. She was in a flowing dress with spaghetti straps. She was starring at me and exuding sex. She was just complimenting me, and the compliments kept getting more personal. All the signals were there. It was getting hot, and I started to take off pieces of my tux. Then she helped me undo a few buttons. I soon found out she was wearing a garter belt and no pantyhose. It was nice. We made love a couple of times, had a few drinks, talked, kicked back and watched TV, and waited for her friends to come out of the club."

By 1984 she was modeling for men's magazines while also going to music school. "I completely saturated the skin magazines. I've been in all the European magazines and most of the American magazines. The readers had seen me enough. My hair had been three different colors; there's only so much you can do. And the Screen Actors Guild wasn't really paying the bills." "I was finally asked by a photographer to do a movie because I was going to MIT, the music school in Hollywood. I had run out of money for my tuition. When I was approached to do this [porn] movie, I said, 'No way!' I didn't think I would ever come anywhere near it, even though I was on the fringes by doing the magazines."

Although Tracey's boyfriend didn't mind her appearing nude in magazines, he did not want her appearing in porn films. At the time though, their relationship was falling apart. "I was living with this guy before I entered the industry and I told him, 'I'll make you dinner tonight. I have to go to the supermarket, it might take me a while because I have a few things to pick up.' Our relationship was deteriorating at this point anyway. In the supermarket, my intentions were so pure. But then, who do I see A guy I had been watching and in love with for a long time. We're talking, and we get to the parking lot, and he asks me if I want to get in his van. It was so obvious that we both wanted each other so badly. I put my groceries away, got in his truck, and we left. We went to this park, got into this grand make-out session, and one thing led to another. We had a really good time. He drove me back to the parking lot, and who is parked and waiting next to my car...; my boyfriend. That was a tough thing to explain."

Nevertheless, Tracey was still hesitant about moving from soft core to hardcore as at the time she thought pornography "was just dirt." But she needed to pay for her musician's course. "I wasn't really sure if I wanted to be in an adult movie. In fact, I debated it for so long that the movie had already been filming for a few days when I finally decided to do it". "When I drove up to the house in the middle of the desert to make the video, I was ready to drive away. Then Jerry Bronson, the director, came out and said very warmly, 'Tracey, I'm so happy you could show up.' I went inside and everybody was so nice... I had reservations about a lot of other people being in the room, watching. Well, I overcame that real fast because everybody was just doing their job."

"It was very tame compared to what I expected. However, before my first sex scene I was still very nervous. After all, it was going to be my first time having sex in front of an audience. Yes, sex is natural, but it isn't natural to have a bunch of strangers standing around watching you do it. You know what though I grew to love the exhibitionist element. It's a major turn-on." "It just felt good. It felt right. I felt that I was in complete control. I mean, there's a whole bunch of people telling me what to do, but I looked at it merely as suggestions, because no one ever demanded anything of me. If I was ever asked to do something that I didn't want to do, I certainly didn't do it."

"The two days I spent making the video were the most fun two days I'd ever had. It was just so neat! All my beliefs about the porn industry were dispelled... Then, when I got paid, I said, 'Wow, I had such a good time and you're paying me for this'" "That movie got me a tremendous amount of recognition... They were able to work me into two sex scenes, and I was such a hit, they put me on the box cover."

Despite the success of her first porn film, 'Make My Night' (1985), Tracey admits, "I didn't think I was going to do any more after that, but I have to say that money was the culprit here. You never know how long you can continue to make money like this - it could be stripped out from you just like that." She has always been very candid about her involvement in porn, and admits her main incentive has always been: "The money. A girl who says anything else is lying. All the other things that go along with being a porn performer are incidental. Sure, you get to have sex with great looking guys who are very adept at getting a woman off, but the bottom line is the money. For me porn was just another physical thing I did." Nevertheless, Tracey was also very professional, and her attitude was that if she were being paid to have sex in front of the camera, she would do a good job of it. She was realistic about the industry: "In this business, you're forced to be intimate with people who you might not be intimate with in your private life. As a result, you make compromises with yourself. I feel it's an important thing to do. For a lack of a better word, I'd say it humbles you a little bit." She also set down certain ground rules though, "Otherwise people take advantage of you. I will only do one sex scene a day. I don't want to be sore or exhausted. I insist that my partner be healthy and clean. When you put it simply and firmly, producers abide by your conditions. They are not uncaring, just busy."

Despite her realistic attitude towards the industry, Tracey admits: "I like it a lot. I've made better friends in the time I've been in this business than in my whole life. Which is not to say that I haven't met a few assholes, as well... there's an empathy felt amongst people in the business It's like we're all sort of outlaws, so to speak, and were all supporting one another. Our friendships are based on having to do this thing that normally would be a big secret in our lives. And we were doing it in front of everybody. We're bonded together by what we do."

Tracey quickly became one of the top porn stars in the industry. She was reliable, professional, attractive and by porn standards, a good actress. "I was brought into this business so gracefully. I came from legitimate movies, cable movies, so I was very familiar with the dialogue... I'm stressing acting because it's important to note that we are actors and actresses. Those people who have been in the business for five years or more, most of them come from the point of considering themselves actors or actresses, from a professional standpoint, from the guy being able to maintain an erection, to the girl being able to keep up with him... There's one [scene] that I did with Paul Thomas. We had a really hot scene because he was pissing me off to the max. He was throwing stuff into the dialogue that he knew, on a personal level, I really hated. I was getting mad, and I just kept going with it. After the dialogue he turned to me, smiled, and said, 'I love it when you're mad'. And then I realized that he was doing it just to get me going."

"I didn't become famous for sexual prowess. I don't think I did any sex acts deemed unusual. I stayed on the straight and narrow, so to speak... Nothing was ever too wild. So I think one of the main things I did become known for was my acting ability... One of the other keys to my success was that I had a certain look that caught on. There were a couple of adjectives, like elegant, ladylike, and classy, that followed me around for years, which I found somewhat hilarious. Basically, I was the first in a line of women in porn that could be the girl next door." Fellow porn actor Jerry Butler would later remember her as having "a really beautiful, classy womanliness."

As Tracey's fame within the porn industry grew, her parents soon became aware of what their rebellious daughter did for a living. Although they never approved of it, they decided that the best approach was to simply ignore the issue. They never lost contact with her, but they never discussed her career either.

Things were different with her boyfriend though, and they split soon after her first porn film. After that Tracey tried to keep her distance from serious relationships. "I really don't want a relationship... it would be dead weight. I date when I go to different cities because I travel a lot. So, you know, I might get a date in here and there and, you know, I take care of myself." "There are times when I want to go out, pick up the first guy who appeals to a certain indescribable sense in me, and take him to bed. That doesn't happen every day - maybe just once every three weeks... I don't feel the need to go and get emotionally fulfilled. I find fulfillment in other places - I don't need a boyfriend to do that for me... I think back on the relationships I have had and I see how much they sedated me and how much I didn't accomplish as a result of them. Relationships are like drugs: even when you know they're not good for you, you stay in them. If you have other goals, relationships can be a detriment."
According to fellow porn star Sharon Mitchell, though, actor Warren Beatty did have a relationship with Tracey Adams, "who he kept for a while." Mitchell also claims "Tracey had a gay relationship with the same woman for years." Tracey admits: "I do enjoy women. I really believe it's important in this business. It's vital and fun... The first woman I had to be with on film was Amber Lynn. Herschel Savage was the guy in the scene. It was a great scene. I really enjoyed myself. It was obvious Amber knew what she was doing and was not repulsed by the idea. It was a really even, smooth-flowing three-way."

Regardless of her private life, when it came to having sex on camera, "I'm more apt to like a scene with a guy better... I've never had a real bad experience in a scene with a girl. Nothing has turned me off to it. I like doing scenes with people like Jeanna Fine - she's a lot of fun. Nina Hartley, she's got to be one of the best in the business. My next-inline good buddy, I really like her a lot, is Amber Lynn." "I like working with Tom Byron because he has a very subtle sense of humor, and comes off convincingly as a nerd or kid... [People] who would be included in my fantasies: John Leslie, Paul Thomas and Eric Edwards - the veterans. They're more mature. You can look at them and see that these guys know what they are doing. They're sexy because they've been around and they're smooth." Generally, Tracey Adams considered herself bisexual: "I liked being fucked from behind while eating pussy. Straight up, give me a little doggy action with a pussy in my face and I'd come every time. I'm easy to please."

Jerry Butler, however, would later recall, "Tracey acts like she's involved in the sex. She'll lie on her back, open her legs, moan, and pant like crazy. But as soon as the camera stops rolling, it's like, 'Makeup Where's the coffee Can I have some ice for my pores My face is opening up.' She's a real businesswoman. If you ask her to do anal, she'll say no. Until you pull out your wallet, that is. Then it's, 'Should I use the Fleet enema now' Tracey's one of the most professional women in the business and treats pornography like a career."

Just as most European porn stars failed to make an impact in the US adult industry, most Americans also failed in Europe. Although Serena was successful in the late 1970's, Annette Haven and Desiree Cousteau were not. During the mid-1980's Amber Lynn and Jeanna Fine also attempted to make the transition, but only Tracey Adams established herself as a major star within the European market. "My first trip to Europe was in 1986 to accept an award. An Italian producer brought me and another girl over there, all expenses paid, for a whole week. Our only obligation was to show up for the awards program. While I was in Italy, I got asked to do a move, and seeing firsthand how popular porn was in Europe, I readily accepted. So I came back a few months later, this time all by myself... I spent two weeks there that first time and networked with a lot of the top European performers and directors."

Over the next four years Tracey worked in Germany with Terressa Orlowski, in Italy with Cicciolina, and in France for legendary director Marc Dorcel. It was in France that she really established herself, and she appeared in almost a dozen Dorcel films, alongside established European porn stars such as Rocco Siffredi, Tennesy and Laura Valerie. Tracey would later state: "Over there people have a lot more respect for porn. It's treated like a legitimate form of entertainment by the mainstream media because Europeans don't have their heads so far up their asses about sex and pornography like we do. The working conditions are splendid, if not downright elegant. Instead of some dumpy little studio, they shoot out of places like castles and mansions. The movies are generally shot on big budgets, so they have car and helicopter chases and lots of action."

By 1990 Tracey's voluptuous yet firm body had changed. She had put on weight, and her breasts had increased in size, leading to rumors that she had had implants. "When a lot of fans think of me now, the first thing that comes to mind is my boobs - which, despite the rumors, are natural. Because I didn't have big tits when I started in porn, a lot of people thought that I got implants at some point. The truth is that I just got bigger everywhere as my career progressed, and I'm not ashamed to admit that."

Nevertheless, she remained popular, and after seeing a clip of Tracey on her hands and knees with her ass stuck high in the air legendary porn maverick John Stagliano was inspired to create his character Buttman. "The shot only lasted a couple of seconds," Stagliano later said, "but I knew then what I wanted to do." According to Tracey, "John said something about it being heart shaped at a certain angle."

As is the case with most porn actresses, Tracey often toured the US strip club circuit. In 1991 though, things began to change. "I go on the circuit dancing around the country but I can't do this more than once a month because I have a knee problem I have to take care of, plus, I love to be home. I really love the home life. So I don't want to be out on the road. I've had enough of that." She also began to slowly retreat from porn movies. "I did disappear, probably because I really didn't like what was happening in the business... Walk into any video shop and the first thing you're met with as an average consumer, is just a sea, a swarming, seething sea of material. It's very confusing, very intimidating. You pick up a box and you like what you sea on the box. You get it home and maybe it has nothing to do with what's inside. It's all so deceiving... Also there's a lot of star attitude on the sets when after a few years of being in Europe and being treated so royally, I would come back, walk on a set here in the States and you get a girl who's done maybe two or three movies, maybe she's been on the box cover of all three. But, in her mind - and somebody told her - she's a mega star."

Despite retiring from hardcore, Tracey did agree to appear in a number of fetish films, but was unable to take them seriously. "It was definitely something different. I had already retired from porn features when I was approached to start doing fetish films. I naturally look dominant, so that's the roles they cast me in most of the movies. I look great on the box covers, but if you actually watch the movie you'll see that I'm basically a non-participant either standing in the background or just dictating to people what to do. Most of the scenes are really silly... Everyone else is all into it and I'm just standing there giggling."

In late 1993 Tracey eventually decided to return to hardcore porn films. "One of the last movies I did was 'Starbangers 4' (1993), and it was probably the wildest movie of my career. In fact I came out of a two and a half year retirement to do that movie because John T. Bone [the director] is a good friend of mine and I dig the hell out of him. Over the years I worked with him on a lot of projects where he poked fun at the diminishing porn movie budgets. We did a series of movies called 'Bimbo Cheerleaders from Outer Space' (1988) and 'Sex Sluts in the Slammer' (1988) that were deliberate jabs at how cheap porn was getting... Anyway, John approached me about doing a gangbang and the idea intrigued me. Having sex with eight guys was something everybody in porn thought I would never do."

Tracey soon realized, however, that the porn industry had changed since she originally retired, and it was slowly becoming extremely corporate. This was reflected in the people entering the business. "I was just over in Europe to accept their version of he Hall of Fame award... What I noticed about some of the American girls over there gave me every indication that something is seriously wrong with the type of people who are attracted to porn nowadays. There were three girls who were all up for Best New American Starlet, and I was staying in the same hotel, so we ended up hanging out together a lot. Right away I detected a tension between them. Before the show we were all sitting around a bar and they pledged to buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate for whichever one of them won the Starlet award. However, the girl that ended up winning was thought by the other two to be the least deserving because she only did girl-girl scenes. As the night went on and the booze flowed, true feelings came out. They told the girl to her face that because she doesn't suck dick and fuck men she doesn't deserve the award. Further words were exchanged, tempers flared and things escalated to the point of a small riot. The next day the damage was tallied at 2,000 dollars... That kind of shit never happened back in the eighties when it was Ginger, Amber, Nina and I headlining."

"I just thought, 'Look at the kind of girls coming into porn! More than that look at how much these awards mean to them... At the last awards show here in the States, one of the girls went on and on with a big acceptance speech thanking 'all the little people.' I couldn't believe how dramatic she was being. Come on honey, it's only porno. Don't take yourself so seriously. She had tears in her eyes like she just won a freaking Oscar, and there she was accepting an award for something like taking the biggest dick up her ass... Some of these girls walk around with such big chips on their shoulders and inflated opinions of themselves you'd think their careers effect world peace. It's ridiculous. They need to lighten up!"

"I guess the other thing is all the boob jobs nowadays. The size of the tits on some of these girls is mind-boggling. I don't think it looks very good either. They have tiny, tiny little bodies and those mega- monsters for mammary's. It's like a freak show. I guess they think it's erotic, but I equate it to the bearded lady at the circus."

By 1994 Tracey had decided she had had enough, and retired permanently from the adult industry. "Unlike some performers, at least I knew towards the end that it was time to move on and let a new generation take over. I look at some of the girls from my eras who are continuing to do movies and I feel sorry for them. I just want to go up to them and say: 'Give it up'. They are peeking in on forty and it is obvious to everyone but themselves that their prime has passed."

In a 1996 interview Tracey said: "I take voice, acting and writing classes. As far as my future, I'd love to be able to stay involved in some form of entertainment, but I'll just have to wait and see how the wind blows." She continued to live in West Los Angeles, and despite being in a long-term lesbian relationship, admits to still occasionally having sex with men. It has also been rumored that she currently escorts for $1,000 an hour. Having appeared in over 300 porn films between 1985 and 1994, she remains one of the most popular stars of her day. "Porno was very, very good to me. I had fun while it lasted, but I'm ready to move on. No more movies; no more dance tours. Tracey Adams is history. The fat lady has sung."

With her long-legged, incredibly voluptuous frame, it was inevitable that Porn Star Tracey Adams would make her name as one of the top performers in the world of big-boob specialty tapes. From the moment of her 1985 debut, Tracey Adams were among the most sought-after breasts in the business. Much more than just a set of jiggling jugs, though, she is also a quite respectable actress, given the chance. During the course of her carnal career, Tracey Adams grew from a shy, reserved young lady into a slightly thicker, full-bore sexual predator.

Tracey Adams left the business in the late 80's to try and break into the world of mainstream R-rated B-movies, but despite several quality performances, her 'legit' career just didn't pan out. She soon returned to the arena where she was a star and reclaimed her place as a top starlet. In flicks like 'Buttman's Big Tit Adventure' and 'The French Connexxion,' she showed that she hadn't lost a step. There's an air of class to everything this lady does, and her grace and style lend a touch of sophistication to even her raunchiest videos. Tracey Adams once again left the scene in late 1992, but occasionally turns up in one-shot sex scenes here and there. She's currently living the life of a confirmed lesbian and has been living with her Sapphic partner for the past eight years. She performed in over 200 films, often with many of the "legends of porn" of the time.

Although her breasts were of medium size during the early years of her career, they later grew to be quite large; Adams continually denied having breast enlargement surgery, claiming instead that a health condition resulted in her breasts expanding.

John Stagliano has stated that a scene showing Adams' buttocks raised in the air inspired him to make the Buttman series of films. Adams was known for her mature manner on film, and often played the older woman seducing a younger man or, on occasion, woman.

Much of the fame gained from her appearances in adult videos stemmed from an unusual trait that Tracey has, as she began her career her breast size was generally considered as average and of medium size, but as her career progressed the size of her breasts also expanded. That was a natural condition that had caused it and that she had not had breast enlargement surgery. In 1990 she also directed two adult videos: Aussie Maid In America and Too Hot To Handle, she did not direct anymore videos after this. Since 1990, the number of films she appeared in was minimal.

Despite of being known for her straight sex scenes while in the industry, Tracey Adams is actually a lesbian off-screen and has been with her current partner since 1998. She was also in a relationship with fellow adult performer Amber Lynn until they broke up due to Lynn's alcohol and substance abuse problems. It was also rumored that she dated a peer in the porn industry, star Ona Zee during the 1990's, although this has never been confirmed by either party.

Although receiving numerous offers throughout her career, Tracey rarely appeared in any adult magazines and even when she did they were usually very small features which promoted her most recent video release at the time. This may have been due to the fact that although she was a popular star at the time, many of the adult magazines focused on a specific niche (such as Juggs Magazine which focused only on large breasted girls) and it is doubtful that she fit into any single one of these categories and therefore would only be known for her appearances in hardcore videos and not in demand for photo shoots.

Tracey Adams never fails to turn the heat up a notch with her wild sexual appetites.





































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Hard Sell

Hard Sell

Hard Sell

Description: In the high-stakes world of real estate, sometimes it takes more than just a good head to clinch the deal. As Tracey Adams and her sexy squadron of angelic agents will attest, sometimes you have to blow the sale to make the sale, and they do! Runtime: 89 minutes

Stars:Tracey Adams, Peter North, Amber Lee, Cal Jana, Champagne, Jade East, John Dough, Raven Richards, Ray Victory, Rick Daniels, Staci Lords

Studio: VCA Classics



Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants

Description: An erotic feast for the senses. From the classic age of porn. Runtime: 70 minutes

Stars: Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Tracy Adams, Don Fernando, Megan Leigh, Staci Lords

Studio: Golden Age Media



The Golden Age Of Porn - Tracey Adams

The Golden Age Of Porn - Tracey Adams

The Golden Age Of Porn - Tracey Adams

Description: Appearing in over 200 films, this big busted beauty captured the industry for years. She's a true legend. Runtime: 57 minutes

Starring: Tracey Adams

Studio: Gentlemens Video



The Ultimate Thrill

The Ultimate Thrill

The Ultimate Thrill

Description: Do you like your sex hot, sticky and totally oral? Then drop your pants for The Ultimate Thrill! First, Gina Carrera tongues a rock-hard dick to new heights of spurting ecstasy. Then, Tom Byron and Bunny Bleu blow more than bubbles in the tub in an exotic eat-out orgy. Next, Steve Drake showers with two sizzling sex-strumpets. This awesome cocksman pokes, strokes and soaks the girls with a generous creme rinse. Later, Taija Rae gives Tracey Adams a luscious lezzie licking. And what oral film would be complete without Little Oral Annie? Two lucky studs get a taste of Annie's legendary skills. Plus, there's many more mouth watering encounters in this mega-suck-action spectacular. Runtime: 43 minutes

Stars: Tracey Adams, Tom Byron, Bunny Bleu, Gina Carrera, Little Oral Annie, Stacy Donovan, Steve Drake, Taija Rae

Studio: Caballero



The Whore

The Whore

The Whore

Description: Earthy and sensous, a spitfire named Gina flees to the United States when a Mafia war heats up in her native Italy. But the heat's just as hot at her uncle Johnny Lucano's. Yes, Gina's The Whore -- and she's caught in the carnal crossfire of an underworld power play that's perverse as it is passionate! There's no limit to the depths of degradation when two vice godfathers declare all out whore-fare on each other! Bordello orgies...kinky sex...and the kidnapping of beautiful gun moll are just a few of the dirty moves in this bowdy battle of lust and larceny. And lucky Gina has to have her cake and eat it too when she uses her sizzling skills to help her uncle out! Runtime: 87 minutes

Stars: Tracey Adams, Debi Diamond, Jeannie Pepper, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Blake Palmer, Lili Carati, Raven Richards, Steve Vegas

Studio: Caballero



This Is Your Sex Life

This Is Your Sex Life

This Is Your Sex Life

Description: This is a video unlike any other. Boldly, it presents the true, torrid account of one woman's private sex life. Nothing is left unrevealed. Starting from a video camera's intrusion into a woman's home, it flashes back to her first sexual experience; in the backs of cars and encounters with her classmates. We then see the woman as a student working her way through college as a hooker in Las Vegas. The memories keep entering the picture, and we see her in the throes of kinky leather sex, mud wrestling and every type of deviant situation. So, what we are seeing is real life sex as seldom seen on film or video. It's an experience you will never forget. Runtime: 88 minutes

Stars: Tracey Adams, Mike Horner, Shanna McCullough, Peter North, Tom Byron, Taija Rae, Tiffany Storm

Studio: Caballero



Tracy Adams Screws the Stars

Tracy Adams Screws the Stars

Tracy Adams Screws the Stars

Description: Watch the stars doing each other! Non-Stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before. Every scene a hit, every scene a classic! Runtime: 92 minutes

Stars: Tracey Adams, John Leslie, Peter North, Randy West, Tom Byron, Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Marc Wallace, Megan Leigh

Studio: Caballero



Tracey Adams Complete Filmography:

2002 : A Sex Odyssey Dreamland Entertainment 1985
Backdoor Club Caballero Home Video 1985
Balling for Dollars Spread Eagle Video Productions 1985
Campus Cuties Caballero Home Video 1985
Cherry Tricks Visual Persuasion 1985
Eaten Alive Video-X-Pix 1985
Late After Dark Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions 1985
Make My Night CDI Home Video 1985
Marina Heat LA Video 1985
Revenge by Lust VCR 1985
Sailing Into Ecstasy VCX 1985
Swedish Erotica 67 Caballero Home Video 1985
Visions Of Jeannie Vidco Entertainment 1985
Wild Sex Stories Unknown 1985
4 Adults Only Unknown 1986
69 Minutes Evening News 1 Gourmet Video Collection 1986
Angels Of Passion CDI Home Video 1986
Caught in the Middle CDI Home Video 1986
Chastity Johnson AVC 1986
Dangerous Desires Now Showing Inc. 1986
Depraved Innocent Vidco Entertainment 1986
Dirty Dreams Caballero Home Video 1986
Erotic Starlets 5: Tracey Adams CDI Home Video 1986
Getting Ready CDI Home Video 1986
Goddess of Love CDI Home Video 1986
Hot Seat AVC 1986
Hot Shorts: Tracey Adams VCR 1986
Jacqueline Vidco Entertainment 1986
Lottery Fever AVC 1986
Lottery Lust Penguin Productions 1986
Lover's Lane Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1986
Lucky In Love Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions 1986
Lust on the Orient Express Caballero Home Video 1986
Mouth Watering Vidco Entertainment 1986
Nudes at Eleven 1 AVC 1986
Peeping Tom Metro 1986
Pleasure Maze Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1986
Rears Vivid 1986
Revenge of the Babes 1 LA Video 1986
Revenge of the Babes 2 Pleasure Productions 1986
Scandals: Brittany Stryker Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions 1986
Scandals: Tracey Adams Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions 1986
Sex F/X Zane Entertainment Group 1986
Sex Line Catalina Video Distributors 1986
Shades Of Passion Caballero Home Video 1986
Swedish Erotica 70 Caballero Home Video 1986
Tracy Takes Paris Arrow Productions 1986
Turkish Delight Unknown 1986
Ultimate Lover Vidco Entertainment 1986
Ultimate Thrill Caballero Home Video 1986
Wet Dreams 2001 Vidco Entertainment 1986
Amanda By Night 2 Caballero Home Video 1987
Amazing Sex Stories 1 AFV 1987
Amazing Sex Stories 2 Superstar Video 1987
Amber Lynn's 976 Hot Line VCR 1987
Angel Gets Even Fantasy Home Video 1987
Attack of the Monster Mammaries LA Video 1987
Backdoor Bonanza 4 Wet Video 1987
Beat Goes On L.B.O. Entertainment 1987
Big Melons 10 CDI Home Video 1987
Breastogrophy 1 VCR 1987
Deep Inside Tracey CDI Home Video 1987
Deliveries in the Rear 2: Tailspin AVC 1987
Devil in Mr. Holmes Paradise Visuals 1987
Dirty Pictures Caballero Home Video 1987
Dream Lovers Caballero Home Video 1987
Flesh in Ecstasy 7: Brittany Stryker Gourmet Video Collection 1987
Flesh in Ecstasy 8: Traci Adams Gourmet Video Collection 1987
Flesh In Fantasy Gourmet Video Collection 1987
Flying High With Tracey Adams Leisure Time Entertainment 1987
Girls Who Dig Girls 4 Wet Video 1987
Grafenberg Girls Go Fishing Mitchell Brothers 1987
Hands Off Plum Productions 1987
Have Body Will Travel Spread Eagle Video Productions 1987
Hot Numbers Wet Video 1987
Introducing Barbii CDI Home Video 1987
Le Hot Club Western Visuals 1987
Love Probe Video Team 1987
Made In Germany Fantasy Home Video 1987
Mischief Maker Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1987
Monkey Business Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions 1987
Moonlusting Western Visuals 1987
Moonlusting 2 Western Visuals 1987
Nicki Vivid 1987
Night Games Western Visuals 1987
Pleasure Game Caballero Home Video 1987
Pretty Peaches 2 VCA 1987
Ramb-ohh 2 The Sex Platoon Paradise Visuals 1987
Rise of the Roman Empress 1 Paradise Visuals 1987
Sex Derby Gourmet Video Collection 1987
Sex Detective Gourmet Video Collection 1987
Sex World Girls Arrow Productions 1987
Sins of the Wealthy 2 Classic Editions Video 1987
Soft Warm Rain Vidco Entertainment 1987
Strange Love Western Visuals 1987
Talk Dirty to Me 5 Dreamland Entertainment 1987
Torrid Zone Mirage 1987
Tracey's Love Chamber Arrow Productions 1987
Tracy and the Bandit LA Video 1987
Weird Fantasy LA Video 1987
WPINK TV 3 Paradise Visuals 1987
Addicted to Love Vivid 1988
Air Erotica Caballero Home Video 1988
All The Best Nicki Vivid 1988
Amber Lynn Non-stop Vidco Entertainment 1988
American Nympho In London Vidco Entertainment 1988
Back to Rears Vivid 1988
Baroness Vidco Entertainment 1988
Beauty and The Beast 1 VCA 1988
Bimbo Cheerleaders From Outer Space Fantasy Home Video 1988
Built For Sex Fantasy Home Video 1988
California Native CDI Home Video 1988
Charmes secrets de Miss Todd Video Marc Dorcel 1988
Classic Pics Plum Productions 1988
Deep Blue Paradise Visuals 1988
Double Your Pleasure Leisure Time Entertainment 1988
Educating Kascha CDI Home Video 1988
English Girls Do Unknown 1988
Fatal Seduction CDI Home Video 1988
Femme en noir Video Marc Dorcel 1988
Gazongas 3 Leisure Time Entertainment 1988
Great Sex Contest Las Vegas Video 1988
Hard Core Cafe Vidco Entertainment 1988
Hot Nights Dirty Days Vidco Entertainment 1988
I Cream Of Genie Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1988
Invasion of the Samurai Sluts From Hell Fantasy Home Video 1988
Leave It To Cleavage 1 Erotic Video Network 1988
Lez Be Friends Western Visuals 1988
Mammary Lane Video Team 1988
Memoires d'une jeune servante Video Marc Dorcel 1988
Mr. Billion's Dollar Babies 1 VTO 1988
Mrs. Robbins Unknown 1988
Nina Hartley Non-stop Vidco Entertainment 1988
No Man's Land 1 Video Team 1988
Object Of My Desire Electric Hollywood 1988
On My Lips Paradise Visuals 1988
Oral Majority 6 Western Visuals 1988
Phone Sex Girls 3 Torrid Video 1988
Piece Of Heaven CDI Home Video 1988
Pleasure Principle Leisure Time Entertainment 1988
Pure Sex Fantasy Home Video 1988
Rachel Ryan RR Western Visuals 1988
Rhine Waltz VTO 1988
Samantha And The Deep Throat Girls Metro 1988
Sex Asylum 3 Vivid 1988
Sex Sluts in the Slammer Fantasy Home Video 1988
Star Cuts 122: Tracey Adams Filmco Releasing 1988
Talk Dirty to Me 6 Dreamland Entertainment 1988
Taste Of Tracey Adams Pink Video 1988
This is Your Sex Life Vidco Entertainment 1988
Vietnam Store 1 Mario Salieri Entertainment Group 1988
Vietnam Store 2 Mario Salieri Entertainment Group 1988
Wet Strokes Coastline 1988
Adventures of Buttman Evil Angel 1989
Army Brat 2 Vivid 1989
Backdoor Summer 2 Paradise Visuals 1989
Big Thrill Vidco Entertainment 1989
Blame It On The Heat VCA 1989
Busted Caballero Home Video 1989
Ceinture de chastété Video Marc Dorcel 1989
Clinique VCA 1989
De Blonde Evil Angel 1989
Deep Inside Barbii CDI Home Video 1989
Deep Throat 3 Arrow Productions 1989
Fantasy Couples CDI Home Video 1989
Fantasy Girls CDI Home Video 1989
First Impressions Unknown 1989
Flame L.B.O. Entertainment 1989
Fondle With Care Leisure Time Entertainment 1989
Gang Bangs 2 Evil Angel 1989
Girl World 3 Lipstik Video 1989
Girls of Double D 10 CDI Home Video 1989
Girls of Double D 7 CDI Home Video 1989
Girls of Double D 9 CDI Home Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 16 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 18 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 19 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 20 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Dig Girls 9 Wet Video 1989
Girls Who Love Girls 16 Vidco Entertainment 1989
Girls Who Love Girls 17 Vidco Entertainment 1989
Girls Who Love Girls 8 Vidco Entertainment 1989
Hawaii Vice 5 CDI Home Video 1989
Hawaii Vice 6 CDI Home Video 1989
Hotel Paradise Caballero Home Video 1989
Introducing Charli CDI Home Video 1989
Joys Of Sec's Leisure Time Entertainment 1989
Lacy Affair 3 Filmco Releasing 1989
Legends Of Porn 2 Metro 1989
Lips On Lips Lipstik Video 1989
Lust College Unknown 1989
Nasty Nights Pleasure Productions 1989
Passion Dance Unknown 1989
Pretty Peaches 3 VCA 1989
Racquel's Treasure Hunt VCA 1989
Red Hot Fire Girls Vidco Entertainment 1989
Sextectives CDI Home Video 1989
Splash Shots Coast To Coast 1989
Talk Dirty to Me 7 Dreamland Entertainment 1989
Taste Of Rachel Pink Video 1989
Unleashed Lust Unknown 1989
Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers Gourmet Video Collection 1989
Whore Caballero Home Video 1989
Wild Women 39: Rachel Ryan Western Visuals 1989
Wild Women 62: Tracey Adams Western Visuals 1989
X Dreams Caballero Home Video 1989
All The Right Motions Dreamland Entertainment 1990
As The Spirit Moves You Las Vegas Video 1990
Aussie Exchange Girls Marlowe Sales 1990
Beauty and the Beast 2 VCA 1990
Bi Bi Baby CDI Home Video 1990
Big Melons 31 CDI Home Video 1990
Blonde Ice 1 Executive Video 1990
Boobs Butts And Bloopers 2 Filmco Releasing 1990
Candy Stripers 4 Arrow Productions 1990
Cocktails Filmco Releasing 1990
Denim Dolls 2 CDI Home Video 1990
Eat Em And Smile Moonlight Entertainment 1990
Elle Prefere Les Vieux Video Marc Dorcel 1990
End Of Innocence Metro 1990
Eternity Sin City 1990
Girl Crazy CDI Home Video 1990
Girls of Double D 12 CDI Home Video 1990
Girls of Double D 13 CDI Home Video 1990
Hard Sell VCA 1990
Heraldo Gotham Gold 1990
I Ream A Genie Trans Global 1990
In The Jeans Moonlight Entertainment 1990
Introducing Victoria Paris Napali Video 1990
Killer Sin City 1990
Legal Tender VCA 1990
Licensed To Thrill VCA 1990
Monaco Falcon VCA 1990
Naughty Nineties Filmco Releasing 1990
Object Of My Desire (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1990
Porn On The Fourth Of July Metro 1990
Sex Machine LA Video 1990
Sex Terror Video Marc Dorcel 1990
Sleepwalker CDI Home Video 1990
St. Tropez Lust VCA 1990
Strangers When We Meet VCR 1990
Swinger's Ink VCA 1990
Taste Of Misty Pink Video 1990
Taste Of Nicki Charm Pink Video 1990
Too Hot to Handle Wet Video 1990
Toys 4 Us 3 Western Visuals 1990
Toys For Twats Vivid 1990
Victoria Paris Sizzles Napali Video 1990
All Night Long Nightwatch 1991
Best of Alice Springs Marlowe Sales 1991
Best of Buttman 1 Evil Angel 1991
Breakfast With Tiffany Filmco Releasing 1991
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 1 Evil Angel 1991
Chicks: No Dicks Erotic Video Network 1991
Dark Corners Las Vegas Video 1991
Dirty Little Movies Unknown 1991
Dr. Hooters Pleasure Productions 1991
French ConneXXXion Filmco Releasing 1991
I Want To Be Nasty Las Vegas Video 1991
Les putes de l'autoroute Video Marc Dorcel 1991
Lethal Passion PVX 1991
Napoli-Parigi: linea rovente 1 Black and Blue Entertainment Group 1991
Napoli-Parigi: linea rovente 2 Black and Blue Entertainment Group 1991
Oral Majority 8 Western Visuals 1991
Photos Passions Video Marc Dorcel 1991
Pleasure Principle (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1991
Private And Confidential Arrow Productions 1991
Santa Comes Again Trans Global 1991
Souris D'hotel Video Marc Dorcel 1991
Tell Me Something Dirty L.B.O. Entertainment 1991
Wicked Obsession Mira Video 1991
X-factor 2 Filmco Releasing 1991
Best of No Man's Land 1 Video Team 1992
Big Bust Babes 8 Zane Entertainment Group 1992
Confessions 2 Odyssey 1992
D-Cup Dating Service Moonlight Entertainment 1992
Deep Inside Shanna McCullough VCA 1992
Double D Dykes 2 Gourmet Video Collection 1992
Flying High With Rikki Lee Leisure Time Entertainment 1992
Hard Talk VCA 1992
Lesbian Pros & Amateurs 9 Gourmet Video Collection 1992
Mind Trips Factory Home Video 1992
Sex Soviet Style Erotic Video Network 1992
Sex Soviet Style 2 Erotic Video Network 1992
Swedish Erotica Hard 3 Odyssey 1992
Valleys of the Moon Sin City 1992
Adam & Eve's Guide to G-spot Orgasm Adam & Eve 1993
Big Bust Babes 13 AFVC 1993
Diamond Collection Double X 71 CDI Home Video 1993
Diamond Collection Double X 80 CDI Home Video 1993
Double D Domination Bizarre Video 1993
Double D Dykes 9 Gourmet Video Collection 1993
Gang Bang Cum Shots 2 Fantastic Pictures 1993
Gimme an X Vidco Entertainment 1993
Jet Stream Amazing 1993
Lottery Lust (new) Erotic Video Network 1993
Love In The Great Outdoors: Racquel Darian Vivid 1993
Nikki's Nightlife Metro 1993
Squirt 1 - Cumming Of Sarah Jane Arrow Productions 1993
Starbangers 4 Fantastic Pictures 1993
Swedish Erotica Hard 28 Odyssey 1993
Too Hot To Touch 2 Metro 1993
Toppers 13 Prestige Video 1993
Toppers 14 Prestige Video 1993
Toppers 16 Prestige Video 1993
Toppers 21 Prestige Video 1993
Toppers 22 Prestige Video 1993
Tracey's Love Chamber (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1993
Wild Bill's Big Butt Babes 2 Big Top Video 1993
Best Of Male Domination 22: Masters Of Pain Bizarre Video 1994
Big Bust Babes 20 AFVC 1994
Big-titted Tarts Pleasure Productions 1994
Deep Inside Keisha VCA 1994
Domination Of Summer 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Enema Bandit Bizarre Video 1994
Enema Obedience 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Gazongas 3 (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell Bizarre Video 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 3 Bizarre Video 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 4 Bizarre Video 1994
Spiked Heel Diaries 1 Bizarre Video 1994
Spiked Heel Diaries 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Toppers 11 Prestige Video 1994
Tracey Adams' Girls School Bizarre Video 1994
Tracey's Academy Of DD Dominance Bizarre Video 1994
Weekend In Bondage Bizarre Video 1994
Enema Bandit Returns Bizarre Video 1995
Enema Obedience 3: The Ultimate Punishment Bizarre Video 1995
Flame's Bondage Bash Bizarre Video 1995
Marathon Fat Dog 1995
Porsche Lynn Vault Mistress 1 Bizarre Video 1995
Porsche Lynn Vault Mistress 2 Bizarre Video 1995
Ultimate Submissives 2: Best Of Teddi Austin Bizarre Video 1995
Vivid's Bloopers And Boners Vivid 1996
Wild Wild Chest 3 Filmco Releasing 1996
Stiff Cocks, Juicy Cunts Metro 1997
Wall To Wall Watersports Bizarre Video 1997
Wall To Wall Watersports 2 Bizarre Video 1997
Wild Wild Chest 4 Filmco Releasing 1997
Entre femmes Video Marc Dorcel 1999
High Heeled Dreams Bizarre Video 1999
Big Tops 2 Metro 2000
Best of Alicia Monet Wet Video 2002
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 2 Caballero Classics 2003
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 4 Caballero Classics 2003
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 7 Caballero Classics 2003
Halloweenies And Wenches VCA 2005
Lisa Melendez Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2006
XXX Bra Busters in the 1980's 2 Alpha Blue Archives 2006
Swedish Erotica 103 Caballero Home Video 2007
Swedish Erotica 73 (new) Caballero Classics 2007
Swedish Erotica 84 (new) Caballero Home Video 2007
Swedish Erotica 97 Caballero Home Video 2007
Tom Byron Screws the Stars Caballero Home Video 2008
Bad Sex Unknown
Dick Tales Unknown

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