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Chessie Moore
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Chessie Moore

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Born: 9/8/1959
Aliases: Chessy Moore, Vixen, Robin

Birth location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Measurements: 44H-26-36
Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Natural bust: No
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Alias(es): Chessy Moore, Vixen, Robin

I have appeared in dozens of magazines and videos over the years. The appearance in the Gent magazine is my first appearance in an adult magazine, I appeared many times from 1990 to 1996. I am a hardcore legend of a porn star with a fantastic personality to match! Give me a call to find out!

Gent April 1990.
Juggs September 1990.
Hustler Erotic Video Guide July 1991.
Bust Queen Special #1 1991.
Chessie appears on the back cover and in 32 pages of this 64-page special addition. The first half features Busty Belle.
Fling November 1992.
Fling January 1993.
Fling May 1993.
Juggs May 1994.
Big Fuckin' Tits 20.
Color Climax 151, July 1990.
Color Climax 158, June 1992.
Color Climax Exciting 60, July 1992. - back cover.
Color Climax Anal Sex 80, April 1994. - cover & back cover.
Color Climax Sex Orgies 48, April 1995. [reprint from Color Climax 151].
Color Climax HardCore 67, January 1997 - back cover. [reprint from Exciting 60].

As featured model only
Cheri July 1990.
Club September 1990.
Chessie appears as "Vixen" in this last oversized issue of Club.
Club December 1990.
Gent May 1991.
Juggs October 1991.
Prude 29. 1991.
Gent September 1992.
Genesis April 1993.
Fling May 1993.
Genesis May 1993.
Score May 1993.
Gent November 1993.
Gent Special #35. 1993.
Big Tops April 1996.
Best of Club 61.
Busen Extra 8.
Color Climax 166, November 1994.
Chessie appears on 14 pages with Rocco Siffredi & another male.
Girls 34.
Euroticon 1.
Chessie appears on 28 pages.
Private 118.
Prude 25.


Interview with:CHESSIE MOORE By Deke Richards

When Chesty CHESSIE MOORE, a li'l ol' country gal from Missouri, decided to enter the Big World of Porndom, she had no idea that, in many respects, it would be much like an ANAL ALICE entering a Wanton Wonderland.

Nor did she realize that her adventures in seamy Smutville would be as wildly wacky as the celebrated, and often censored, sex-capades of literature's most liberated hot haunched hump -- that carnal, cock-copping cutie, Candy.

Thus, this buxom blonde bombshell with the bodacious bod [48-FFF/28/36, 5-8, 130 lbs.] quickly wound up on her back spreading her crack in such scrotum sizzlers as Poor Little Rich Bitch; The New Girl in Town; Dirty Rotten Sleazy Scoundrels; and Cheeks III.

Not that it all was ecstasy.

Shucks, this lecherous LUCILLE with plenty of BALLs also found lust with lunacy, slapstick with semen, and a lifetime of lewd laughs. See, it's not only her mammaries that are humongous, but her humor as well.

DICKENS, with a dildo, would have loved her. Just as you will. Oh, will you ever!

Reporter: Back home, in the boonies, you did a lot of outcall bachelor parties. Tell us a little about them.

Chessie Moore: Well, the object, really, is for everybody to have a good time, and nobody to be offended or hurt. What I do, I can accept tips in a show.

The easiest and most fun for 'em is to put a dollar bill in their mouth, and I take it with my boobs -- squeeze their head with my tits and get the dollar.

It's fun, but the only thing is I get a lot of whisker burns. You can always tell when I've done parties, because my boobs have big red circles, you know.

Reporter: I understand that you and your hubby, Steve, are swingers. So you have an "open" relationship.

Chessie Moore: As far as "open" goes, everything we do, we do together.

Reporter: How many sex partners do you think you've had in your life?

Chessie Moore: Boy-oh-boy! Ummnn, I'd say two-hundred-and-fifty. That sounds reasonable.

Reporter: And what's the number of guys you've had sex with simultaneously in videos?

Chessie Moore: Well, I wanted to do five guys at once, but they all didn't show up. So I did three guys all at once, one in my pussy, one in my ass, and a nice big one in the mouth.

Reporter: Where did the guy with his cock in your mouth cum?

Chessie Moore: All over my face. He was the last one to cum.

Reporter: Hmmnnn, usually guys want to shoot their wads on the tits of a Busty Beauty.

Chessie Moore: Oh, he did! But he first hit my face, you know, and it splattered the couch, and my boobs, and all over the place.

Reporter: Who were the lucky three musketeers?

Chessie Moore: Oh, ANDRE and MARC WALLICE, who's got the knack in the back, and a German guy.

Reporter: Do you prefer that your lover have a huge prick, or you like something smaller?

Chessie Moore: Oh, it doesn't really matter at all. That's because there's so many different ways of using it! There are so many different styles -- that's what's so unique, you know.

Because I've been with guys that are huge, and they've accommodated with that, they don't really ram it in there. And then there are guys that, to look at 'em, I'd say to myself, This isn't going to be much, and they get inside my pussy, and they feel huge because they know how to use it, you know.

But I don't prefer dicks that are so big that you're scared. It's painful, and you wanna have some fun, but you can't relax because you think, "AHHHHH--H-H-H-H!!!"

Reporter: Do you like to be tit-fucked?

Chessie Moore: Oh, yeah!

Reporter: Are your casabas particularly sensitive?

Chessie Moore: I have real sensitive nipples; but for me, where I'm sensitive really, is kinda around my ribs.

And so when I get tit-fucked, the guy's right there against my rib cage, I put my hands together, I like to be touched around my ribs, and my back, so I get that stimulation.

And I just like to watch it -- I think it's real sexy, you know, to see it squishin' in and out of there! It's really pretty! I like it especially with black on white, I think that's just very beautiful.

Reporter: You mean a black guy fucking your mammoth mounds?

Chessie Moore: Uh-huh!

Reporter: I've got to ask you a very personal question now, so don't answer it if you don't want to. Are you naturally big busted, or have you had implants?

Chessie Moore: I had a problem -- I don't have it now, but before I had the worst problem that any woman can have. When I developed, I developed extremely lopsided. I started growing at an early age, and I kept growing and growing -- but nothing was happening with my left tit.

We went to the doctor, and even for awhile, in high school, I had a bra that was padded on the left side.

Reporter: But that's not that unusual, is it? Don't all of us have an arm, or a foot, longer than the other one?

Chessie Moore: I'll tell yah, when you're the only girl in the gym, you know, and you're getting undressed in the locker room, and you're the only one like that, you think it's damned unusual, and embarrassing.

But anyway, what I had to have done, I had to have two jobs to correct it. The first one was under the muscle, they made a big crease -- it didn't look so good, but it was better.

Then on the second operation, they did a little bit of lip-o-suction on the big one, making it the same size as the other one, so I would have the same sort of gravity goin'.

Reporter: And both mighty mams would match, be symmetrical.

Chessie Moore: Yeah, yeah. So now, they're kinda freakish because they're so large. But I'm -- I'm just tickled now, tickled cuz they're normal!

That stuff you know teaches you a lot of humility, havin' a body flaw like that, and goin' through all the high school embarrassment, and later surgery and stuff, all that really teaches you a lot of humility.

Reporter: How old were you when you got laid for the first time?

Chessie Moore: About fifteen. Fourteen or fifteen, like that.

Reporter: What was the situation?

Chessie Moore: Ummnn, I had the most cold fish boyfriend -- ever! -- for a first lover. He was a cold fish. It turns out [laughing], he was queer. [Still laughing] Parts of it were very funny, and parts of it were very sad.

But, ah -- I practically had to rape him!

You know, I knew he loved me, even though it's hardly love at that age. But he just wouldn't fuck me. We'd go so far, and it was like he'd just start pushing me back.

I thought, you know -- The hell with this! Because [cracking up again] all the other girls were doin' it, you know, and I figured this guy and me are gonna get doin' it, too!

Reporter: Hey, too bad you didn't know then, what you know now, or you could have strapped-on and fucked him in the ass --

Chessie Moore [cutting in and cracking up]: -- And he woulda been happy, and stayed a friend. Nah, he went on, and eventually did marry, and they had kids.

But I caught him in bed with his boyfriend, like, you know, that was a couple of weeks after I had raped him.

Reporter: What were they doing?

Chessie Moore: I don't know. But it was awful rambunctious. I think someone was gettin' fucked, and I got out of there.

Reporter: Didn't you recently do a bi-sexual shoot, or video?

Chessie Moore: I sure did! Oh, it was stupid. I was informed that there was gonna be a bi-sexual guy, and I said, "Well, okay." I thought someone was just givin' me that for my own information.

But, you know, when you first start doing porno, everyone's talkin' B/Gs and G/Gs and DPs -- and I don't wanna act stupid, you know [laughing] -- and I get in there, and I finally got the gist of what was goin' on.

I figured, well -- I'm very open minded, you know, anything, really. I think if you look at it in the right way you can get something out of it. And the guys were extremely nice.

The only problem, though, was I don't think we had bi-sexual guys. I think we had HOMO-sexual guys. Because what really made it hard for me -- well, I would try and get in there somehow -- but every time they would touch me, or see me, you know, as far as female anatomy went, they lost their erections!

And I wasn't really interested in what they were doin'.

Reporter: What were they doing?

Chessie Moore: A lot of head. Mostly head. I was hopin', you know, if we could kinda stick with the head, and leave the stinky part behind, maybe it'd be easier.

At first I couldn't even look. But I got to where I could look, and we got through it, mostly due to the cameraman, really. To add insult to injury, too, I had more scenes to do that day, and one of the gals that found out I had done that, didn't want to have anything to do with me after that.

And I'd really kicked my ass to get in there and go for this and make it work, and then to have someone treat yah like you're dirty, after yah did somethin' that yah didn't want to do, you know.

Reporter: But what did the guys do with you? You had to give head, do anal, what?

Chessie Moore: We tried! We tried, you know, kissing and that was not what they wanted. And titty-fucking [cracking up], you know, was horrible for 'em.

And one of 'em, I made him put a rubber on, and I tried a little head. That didn't do much. I don't know, I just kinda hung around [cracking up again], and tried to stay out of the way as best I could. It was hard, it really was.

Reporter: I heard an even funnier story about your breaking into the Jiz-Biz. It involves Ron Jeremy.

Chessie Moore [laughing]: Oh, no! This is bad, this is terrible. Because I try and eat things that are good for me and [Chessie cracks up again], and nobody can stink up a room like I can, I'll tell yah.

Reporter: You were farting?

Chessie Moore: Oh, wow, real bad. And I did a scene with Ron, and we were outside, you know, and you'd think that'd alleviate the problem, but we were doing anal, and that Ronnie --

Well, you know, it was just a mess! And it was like I could have killed him, because we're goin' along and I kept sayin', "Will you stop, jeez, will you stop, I wanna get rid of this. I gotta stop this."

And he said, "No-no, it's okay, it's okay! Just relax. Nobody will hear it"

And I'm goin' PHIZZZZT-T-T-T-T!!! [Cracking up] And he's telling me nobody will hear it!

Reporter: All the while he's fucking you in the ass?

Chessie Moore]: Yeah. And later on I asked the director, John T. Bone if, when the film comes out, is that gonna, you know, is that gonna be on the sound?

And he said, "Well, I don't really know how we could avoid it, because it was just so continual, you know." He wouldn't have any scene left if he cut every time there was THAT noise!

John now doesn't think my stage name is Chessie. He thinks it should be Windy.

Reporter: Maybe they ought to just title the show, The Sonic Boom. The story, though, I was thinking about which involved you and Jeremy was about how bad he wanted to work with you.

Chessie Moore: Oh, that one is the best experience I got out of the director called FABULOUS PHIL. When I first signed with an agent to do hardcore, I asked for RON JEREMY.

I had seen him in movies -- probably a long time ago, seven or eight years ago.

Reporter: About forty pounds lighter ago.

Chessie Moore: Yeah. But I always remembered him because he always talked nice to the girls. He always made it fun. Where the rest of 'em are just, "Okay, bitch, here you go," and this and that.

But Ronnie would kind of joke around with 'em, and stuff. So he always stuck in my mind, and I thought that if I ever did this, that I would want to do it with Ron.

The first director, JOHN GRAHAM, said, "No. You don't want him. He's a pig! He's disgusting." So I said, "Okay," and I got what I got.

But the second time I got FABULOUS PHIL, and I requested Ron again. Fabulous Phil, of course, is in for anything, any kind of laugh. He didn't think I'd like him, but he said, "Okay, and we'll play a little joke on him because he's so egotistical. He thinks everybody knows who Ron Jeremy is.

"So when he gets here, don't act like you know him. Act like, 'Who is this guy? He couldn't be a Porn Star -- he's too fat, and old.' Just kinda put him off."

See, Phil's plan was to make Ronnie think I didn't want to work with him, and then con him out of money. Yeah, I played the part pretty good. When Ron gets there, I said, "Well, who the fuck are you?"

He said, "Well, I'm Ron Jeremy, the famous Porn Star." I said, "Are you sure? Or are you just pullin' my leg?" I just played on and on with him.

And then came time for the scenes. Ron was supposed to have brought a girl that I was going to do a Girl/Girl with, but he didn't bring her. So now he says, "I can do it!"

So Fabulous Phil says, "If she has to work with you, she's gonna want more money to work with you -- because Fat Guys really turn her off." Ronnie said, "Okay-okay, give her twenty-five of mine." Phil says, "Okay, I'll try that."

Well, of course, it goes back and forth, and I'm still refusing to work with him. That is, until Ronnie says to Phil to forget even paying him -- that, instead, he, Ron Jeremy will not only forfeit his whole salary, but he'll pay Fabulous Phil twenty-five dollars if he can talk me into working with him.

Reporter: Is it true that to impress that he really was Ron Jeremy, he gave himself head -- yeah, sucked his own cock.

Chessie Moore: No, he did worse than that! He turned on the TV, somethin' with ARSENIO HALL, and some other tapes, and I was tryin' to ignore it all.

But, yeah, he did it. He wanted to do anal with me, and I said, "No, I wanna see you do yourself first."

Reporter: So you made Ron give himself a blow-job first?

Chessie Moore: Uh-huh, yeah! He did real good. He doesn't really like it, he really doesn't like it at all. In fact, he almost passes out cuz he sits, and goes down, and he almost cuts off his wind to do it, you know.

He was lookin' a little peeked [cracking up], so we moved on to the next step ...

Reporter: What's your feelings on golden showers?

Chessie Moore: Oh, I do that all the time. I do my own line of videos, like through mail order, and when I'm dancin' on the road a lot of times guys like to order 'em.

Yeah, that's no problem. I will give them! But I don't really know whether I want to get one. I took one, one time -- but I didn't ask for it.

This was a long time ago, and somebody just thought it'd be real funny, cuz I was trying to streak across, and get across the hall, without any clothes on, and I got peed on.

Reporter: What was this, a Men's Dorm, or something?

Chessie Moore: No, I'd joined the circus when I was sixteen, and I was cuttin' across, they have little tiny corridors -- the rooms are like two feet by six feet, and to get dressed was a real pain and I was just trying to get to the bathroom.

Reporter: So what happened?

Chessie Moore: Oh, this guy -- he was really a crazy guy -- I guess he had to go pee, too, and I cut out in front of him.

Reporter: And you're totally naked?

Chessie Moore [laughing]: Uh-huh! And he thought, Well, I'll fix her, you know! So he just pissed all down my back. I did not enjoy it.

Reporter: When you pee on guys, where do they most frequently ask that you aim your golden stream?

Chessie Moore: Oh, the face -- yeah! Almost always in the face!

Reporter: Mouths open, or closed?

Chessie Moore: Open!

Reporter: What do they do, lay down, and you squat over them, or what?

Chessie Moore: Well, you can either squat. Or lift your leg like a dog. Or I can even bend over and do it. If I drink enough beer, I'll do it [cracking up]! I'll stand upside down and do it!

I usually try and cover as much area -- like hit the face. I like to pee on their dicks, cuz a lot of times if you pee on their dicks they'll cum. And that's kinda interesting, I think, to watch, you know [cracking up again].

Actually, I think it's kind of -- oh, I can see where they're gettin' off on it. It's for people that really like to be humiliated and degraded. Then, besides that, you get the tactile kind of stimulation, cuz it's warm and it's wet.

But I found a guy out here I did that with -- cuz he's such a slave, you know, he's one of those kind of guys he'd let me run over him with a truck, if I wanted to.

Reporter: Please-please!!!

Chessie Moore: "Yeah-yeah, whatever you want to do to me!" he says!

Anyway, I did that to him. The problem is, after it happens, I have to order him to bathe, because he just loves it so much he wanted to go right out to dinner.

I said, "Ah, Aaron -- get in the shower!"

Reporter: What are these situations, like on dates?

Chessie Moore: Well, not exactly. You don't exactly date a slave, you know. You just kind of summon 'em. I just looked him up. I needed somebody for a film, and all my guys back home, for that, have a lot of limitations.

And out here [in Los Angeles] -- it's so wild, you know! So I picked up the L. A. Express, and this one guy -- he didn't really sound like he was submissive, he was dominant, too -- but I called him about doin' films, and this is a real turn-on for him.

He wants to be EXPOSED! He wants people to see him and know that he's done this.

Reporter: Ah, Dame Fame, the Evil Bitch lure.

Chessie Moore: Yeah.

Reporter: Your slave wants to be famous for being pissed on?

Chessie Moore: Uh-huh, whatever. So I been workin' with him a little bit, as much time as I have, I haven't had a lot.

Reporter: You then work on a regular basis as a Dominatrix?

Chessie Moore: Sure. Well, I'm kinda odd about it. Most Dominants are strictly dominant, and Submissives are strictly submissive.

But I go both ways. Sometimes I enjoy being submissive, and sometimes I enjoy being dominant. But I'm not one that this is my lifestyle, that I get up in the morning and order my slaves to make coffee, things like that.

It's just a game. And I especially enjoy being a dominant when I have PMS [Post Menstrual Syndrome].

Reporter: In your period, a little wacko.

Chessie Moore: Yeah. It's really a pressure reliever. And, you know, the slave gets a lot out of it.

Reporter: Particularly if you've had a couple of pitchers of beer. So does your hubby enjoy watching you work?

Chessie Moore: Oh, yeah, he loves to. Oh, I shouldn't say that -- sometimes he gets a little bored. [Still] Photo shoots can be particularly boring. And even, a lot of times, the sex scenes can be kinda boring.

Reporter: Speaking of boring, didn't you have a funny experience with DON FERNANDO, while he was balling you?

Chessie Moore: Oh, Lord, isn't he a cut-up?! He never shuts up. He's somethin' else. At the same time Fernando is screwing me, he'd be lookin' over and smilin' at Steve and stuff.

And Steve's sittin' there, tryin' to read somethin', and he finally said, "Would you please pay attention to her. You're makin' me feel funny."

And Fernando says, "Don'tcha like watchin' me fuck your wife?"

And Steve says, "No, I'd rather read my book." Fernando somehow figured what our situation was, with me and Steve, that he thought Steve would sit there and really get hot and horny, and jack off. And Steve is tryin' to read his book, and Fernando won't leave him alone.

Oh, boy, it was just disgusting. Sexually, though, we get along just great. The only problem is, he just has diarrhea of the mouth.

Reporter: He sure does. Fernando once asked BUCK ADAMS if Buck was fucking his own sister, AMBER LYNN.

So now that you been in the Smut Industry for a full month, what do you really think of it?

Chessie Moore: It's not exactly what I expected, but I'm having a great time, a lot of fun. But I sure could go for a beer now.

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