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Adrianna Nicole
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Adrianna Nicole

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Born: 3/25/1981
Aliases: Adrianna Nichole, Adrianna Stone, Petal, Petal Benson, Seven

Birth Location: San Francisco, CA

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 64 kg - 140 lbs
Measurements: 34D-27-37
Natural Bust: YES
Tattoos: Huge design on right hip; Lower back; Dragon-fly on each of her legs; Right Ankle

Adrianna Nicole (born in San Francisco, California, United States) is a pornographic actress.

She started in the adult film industry in 2000 doing bondage and BDSM work under the name of "Seven". She later changed her stage name to "Petal Benson" in 2002, when she was with noted BDSM artisan Simon Benson, as noted when she began working with's websites. As of 2006 when she and Benson went their separate ways, she no longer uses the alias of "Petal Benson", though occasionally still uses "Seven" for her straight BDSM work.

She later changed her stage name to "Adrianna Nicole" when she formally entered the "vanilla" adult film industry in around 2004, and has since appeared in almost 300 movies.

You might be wondering - is Adrianna Nicole a throwback to the golden days of pinup girls who moonlighted as bondage models, or is she a hardcore tart with the morals of an X-rated alley cat? Well, the answer lies somewhere in between - but it lies at both ends, too. After all, why can't a girl be both of those things? She says she's been in the adult business in one capacity or another since 2002, when she started doing BDSM modeling - a profession she got into because of her own personal proclivities (she says she used to tie up her sisters when they were growing up).

Adrianna's a statuesque tattooed platinum blonde, 5'9" tall with an all natural 34D-27-36 body and a smoky, throaty voice that sounds like sex in a nightclub bathroom, and she can look like a centerfold or a sexy ex-con. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, she lives in LA now but still visits the Bay frequently. She still likes the BDSM and models frequently for bondage websites, but she's giving her passion a hardcore twist these days, having gotten into the film end of the business in late 2005, since which time she's been in more than 60 movies. She says she still tries to bring a little of her love of BDSM to every movie she makes, and you can tell - check out Pushed - Catfight #1, in which Otto Bauer goads her into a slaphappy bitchfight with Annette Schwarz, or Nina Hartley's Private Sessions #20, in which a caged Adrianna begs for release in more ways than one, or her blistering solo scene in Slave Dolls #2]. And, as if her BDSM credentials weren't already good enough, she's got a role in the upcoming Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge - surely the Holy Grail for any BDSM-inclined performer.

Adrianna Nicole Adrianna Nicole

Adrianna's fantastic body is the focus of plenty of movies too, though - her gorgeous D-cups take center stage in Big Fucking Titties #2, Tits Ahoy #3 and Darkko's Boob Bangers #3. As wondrous as they are, though, you can't forget about her glorious round ass - check out Hustler's Buttfucked or Thomas Zupko's Butt Buffet. And it's not as though her body is the only reason to watch Adrianna. For one thing, even though she's only 25, she's so sultry and sexy that she's already the star of MILF movies like My First Sex Teacher #3 and MILF POV #3.

Adrianna does it all - interracial in Peter North's White Chicks Getting' Black Balled #16, DP in Hardcore D.P. #2, alt porn in Cum on my Tattoo #2 (in which she takes loads on the giant carp tattooed on her right hip AND the dragonfly on her ankle!), choking in Throat Gaggers #11, and much, much more. She's even taken a trip into the world of educational porn in Nina Hartley's Guide to the Ultimate Sex Party. So she's versatile, beautiful, and dirty as hell - what more could a porn fan ask?


* 2007 AVN Award winner – Best Group Sex Scene, Video – Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge
* 2008 AVN Award nominee – Unsung Starlet Of The Year
* 2008 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – Upload
* 2009 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – World's Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold
* 2009 AVN Award nominee – Unsung Starlet Of The Year
* 2009 XRCO Award nominee – Unsung Siren
* 2009 XRCO Award nominee – Superslut
* 2009 XBIZ Award nominee – Female Performer of the Year
* 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene – Party of Feet
* 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best Group Sex Scene – Evil Anal 10
* 2011 AVN Award nominee – Most Outrageous Sex Scene – Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 8
* 2011 AVN Award nominee – Best Oral Sex Scene – Fuck Face

























Interview Date: 08/07/2007

When you first lay eyes on Adrianna Nicole, you can tell there is something different about her. Beyond being taller and having a few more curves than your average porn slut, Adrianna Nicole didn't get into porn because of an abusive background or she needed the money desperately. She entered porn and found her niche by wanting to wake up every morning and enjoy her job. With an uncanny knack for shooting from the hip and holding nothing back, this blonde bombshell has lived and seen life that most of her porn counterparts can only imagine. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Adrianna Nicole discusses how a porn legend got her into the business, what t was like being in Manhattan during 9/11 and what it is like to find out her parents accidentally rented one of her porn movies.

Big D: You briefly went by the name Petal Benson earlier in your porn career. Why the name change and why do you think you have had more success with the name Adrianna Nicole?

Adrianna Nicole: Adrianna is actually my real first name. I used my real name for a couple shoots, especially some internet shoots. At the time, someone wrote in on one of the message boards and made mention about something about my family. I thought that was sort of weird and maybe I should go by something other than my real name. Eventually I changed it back to Adrianna Nicole because I was always more comfortable just using my name. I always thought I was more suited to using my actual name. I think that I am a lot more comfortable using my own name and more comfortable with what I am doing now. Of course my family knows what I do now so it is not an issue that I would have to use a stage name.

Big D: You mentioned that your family now knows when they didn't know about it when you first started out in porn. Was their finding out by design or were you forced to tell them because someone spilled the beans?

Adrianna Nicole: I've always been really bad at making shit up. For a while I thought that I should probably have a cover job. You know, some sort of second job that I could be doing for when my parents ask me what I have been up to I could say I was doing this or that. I was actually very up front with them about what I was doing. I think they were more comfortable with me making the transition to doing regular boy/girl porn than the bondage and fetish stuff. They just didn't understand that side at all.

Big D: In all honesty, a lot of the bondage and fetish stuff that is out there on DVD and on the net, there really isn't a lot of actual sex in there. It is more of a mental erotica rather than the boy/girl porn you are talking about is more hardcore sex with lots of penetration and rough sex. Maybe I am a bit more educated on the subject that say your parents but it just seems that bondage and fetish is a bit tamer than doing boy/girl porn. Is it because the images of your little girl being tied up and beaten with a whip is more jarring that having her get fucked on camera?

Adrianna Nicole: I think you are right that it is a bit more shocking to them. It wasn't from me doing a shoot but I just happened to have cane marks on my ass from going out and doing sort of like a 'personal scene'. My mom saw the cane marks on my ass and her question to me was, 'What's next? Broken bones?' She really didn't get it at all. Of course my parents wish I did something. I think the hardest thing they struggle with is what should they tell their friends when their friends ask what I have been up to. Other than that I am in constant communication with my parents. My mom and dad went to Vegas for their anniversary and she called me and left a message saying, 'Well, we saw you on TV and we immediately changed the channel.' (laughs)

Big D: You're kidding, right? So your parents were apparently renting porn in their hotel room and they came across one of your movies?

Adrianna Nicole: Yes. I called her and I asked her what TV show I was on, just to mess with her. She said, 'the one at the hotel.' I said to her, 'Well that will ruin yours and dad's porn viewing experience, won't it?' (laughs) She then says, 'Well, we're not coming here with any of our friends.' I asked her what movie it was and she tells me, 'It was anal something.' My response to that was, 'Oh mom, that really doesn't narrow it down. What outfit was I wearing?' My mom says, 'Well it was a head shot but I have to admit you looked pretty good.' (laughs) I have rather odd conversations with my parents about it and they will make jokes when we hang out. I generally do not go into deep conversation with them about work. If they bring it up I will talk about it.
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Big D: Which is stranger, the fact that you are having a conversation with your parents about their porn viewing choices or the fact that they are accidentally selecting movies that you are appearing in? Does it have that same creepy, weird feeling when you are a teenager and your parents walk in on you having sex with your high school boyfriend in your parents house?

Adrianna Nicole: It's really funny in that my mom would never admit to me that they watch porn but she acts as if it were just scrolling through on the regular, generic hotel previews channel. I just made the joke about ruining their porn viewing habits and then called it a day. She never said that they were out looking for a movie. I only thought about that last week that if they do actually consume porn it probably has changed the dynamic of things.

Big D: You made mention that your parents probably wish that their daughter was doing something other than porn? Have they tried to talk you into quitting porn?

Adrianna Nicole: As a parent you always want something better for your kids. What parent honestly wants their kid to be doing porn? I can't think of any parent that thinks that would be a good idea. My parents accept it and we pretty much agree to disagree on things in my family. Certainly they wish I had a different job.

Big D: What drew you towards this career choice?

Adrianna Nicole: I live my life for myself, I don't live it for my parents. They don't live their life for me, so it was never a consideration. For me it was something that I was personally interested in doing. I remember being in high school and thinking that the second I turn 18 I will be a stripper. I didn't happen that way but I had always been interested in porn and perhaps performing in it but I wasn't sure about the best way to go about doing it or getting into it. Obviously I didn't want to go about things the wrong way and fall into the wrong group of people. I didn't know how to pursue getting into it the right way. I didn't know that there were agents or anything like that. Eventually how it ended up happening was that through a mutual friend I ended up meeting Nina Hartley and her husband. We went to diner one night and I asked her, who are the people I should talk if I want to get into this, who should I steer clear of? I kind of took notes on our conversation and went about things that way. I ended up with agent Mark Spiegler. Initially I was with LA Direct Models. That's basically how I wet about getting into it from just shooting the bondage and the fetish videos.

Big D: How do you just randomly cross paths with someone like Nina Hartley? I heard you say it was a mutual friend but not many of us happen to have a friend who is friends with someone like Nina Hartley.

Adrianna Nicole: Someone that I knew through bondage and fetish was also friends with them. I was working in a retail store in San Francisco before I started shooting bondage and fetish stuff and Nina and Ernest (Greene) had come into the store I think it was the weekend they were getting married. Of course I was too shy to say anything to them at that time. I saw them buying all the extra small things for girls and I thought that since I am a bigger girl maybe I am too big for porn. I don't I was that comfortable in my own skin at that time to even approach them about it. I think the more I started to get to know people, the more I realized there really is a wide range of people in porn.

Big D: Why is it that you felt you wouldn't fit into porn just because you are not 5'2” and 105 pounds?

Adrianna Nicole: I've always been a really curvy girl and I just assumed that porn was only for girls that weigh 100 pounds and have fake tits or something. I felt that I didn't exactly fit that profile and I didn't know that there were a wide range of girls out there.

Big D: As you get further and further into porn there are all kinds of niches that serve anyone's tastes. Were you pleasantly surprised that you weren't forced into some of those smaller niches and even though you are not your cookie cutter porn star you still appeal to a broader range of porn consumers?

Adrianna Nicole: Oh definitely. For me it is a really great because I get to work with all different types of girls. It was a pleasant surprise for me and it has been a really fun and great experience. I have met a ton of really great people.

Big D: Speaking of the narrow niche and genres that porn seems to break into, what do you make of this MILF phenomenon that seems to be going on in porn these days? You are only 26 or 27 years old, yet you have been cast in a number of adult DVDs that are geared towards the MILF crowd. What is that all about?

Adrianna Nicole: I don't know. The MILF thing kills me. First of all, I have made the conscience decision to not have kids. I think it would be fine if I did have them and that would maybe some sort of a compliment but for me I really hate the term MILF. It seems that they book all these girls that don't have kids as MILFs and then some girls that already do have kids they book for teen stuff. It's kind of odd. I would much rather prefer the hot wife tag if I have to be headed in that general direction than to be classified as a MILF.

Big D: I think the internet has really fueled the flames of this MILF wildfire. Since everyone uses the term in search engines studios must think they need to use the term to capture those out there searching for it. You don't have any kids nor have you broken into your 30's yet but still you appear on the cover on Big Titty MILFs #3 from Devil's Film.

Adrianna Nicole: Yeah I think they put me in some tennis outfit for that one. They told me it was going to be a hot wife type movie so I said, 'oh, okay, cool.' I ended up working with Rick Masters who is way older than me so it was kind of a weird thing. With the MILF thing, it is not necessarily like they pair whoever their MILF of the day is with a really young guy. It just seems like it is all over the place. It's really weird to me.
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Big D: That opens the next line of questions regarding studios and producers trying to catch lightning in a bottle before the new, hot genre gets played out. While back it was anal and all movies had to have some anal or the movie wasn't being made. Interracial was really big for a while and now it seems like the MILF thing has taken its place. Do you find that the quality diminishes because these producers are just trying to get stuff out there and on the market before it dries up that they are willing to just put any old crap on a DVD and cross their fingers that it sells or rents?

Adrianna Nicole: I think with a good director the quality is not compromised. I definitely have really wonderful days at work and then I have the occasional day where it was just not a great production and you just know that is just not the best thing I have ever shot. For sure it is about putting together the right performers and the right scenarios and things like that but occasionally you are in a situation where you get what you pay for. If someone is trying to cut corners at every possible turn then the quality doesn't turn out so well. If someone is trying to bargain with you on your rate it starts things off on the wrong foot. You can get a gauge of what the production is going to be like if people are trying to cut a deal from the very beginning. If they are trying to cut corners from the start you just say to yourself that you should probably pack breakfast, lunch and dinner because it is going to be a long day. It will probably be shot in one of the porno homes that have been overshot to the extreme already that the people don't care about anymore and is in need of a good cleaning.

Big D: You have a rather large tattoo on your right hip and two dragonflies, one on each calf. Tell me about those tattoos and any plans for any future ink?

Adrianna Nicole: I don't have any plans for any future ink while I am still performing in porn. I got the tattoos that I have before I was taking my clothes off for money. I think that if I had a crystal ball and could look into the future maybe I wouldn't have gotten them at this point. I like them and I like tattoos but I do not have any plans for future tattoos at this moment. I think tattoos on the arms and wrist can be really sexy but it is not something I feel would be smart to do right now. As far as the tattoos go, the coy fish on my hip is actually… when I was a little girl my great grandmother and I used to go out and feed her coy fish in her pond. My mom now has a coy pond and my sisters both have coy tattoos. So it is kind of like a family thing. The dragonflies I just got because I like bugs. I have a collection of bugs in frames at my house. I liked them because they were insects and not so like a cartoon but more anatomical.

Big D: For fear of sounding like I am stereotyping, but you normally do not hear the words, 'I really like bugs' coming out of a woman's mouth. Normally I hear from women, 'I hate bugs, can you please kill it for me.'

Adrianna Nicole: (laughs) I don't think of them like a typical woman would. My friends were describing me this weekend by saying, 'this chick is so cool she is almost a dude.' (laughs) That was actually a really big compliment for me.

Big D: With that compliment being said, do you consider yourself more of a tomboy while growing up or is that description more applicable for your life recently?

Adrianna Nicole: I only hung out with boys while growing up. I had my two younger sisters and a whole neighborhood full of boys. Really until I started performing and doing stuff on camera I never really wore that much make-up. I definitely prefer pants to dresses. There are a lot more things that I am like a guy in other ways. In my thinking or attitudes that I have about sex or relationships are more like a guy.

Big D: Speaking of those attitudes on sex, who in the porn industry is on the same wavelength with you when it comes to shooting a scene?

Adrianna Nicole: I would definitely have to say Kylie Ireland. I would also have to say Manuel Ferrara because as a performer I think we really connect when we work together as performers. We have a lot of the same ideas of about what is sexy. Also, Ernest Greene when I do shoots for him and Nina Hartley it is definitely right there. Kylie Ireland is really fucking filthy and I love that. I think that I am super filthy and when I show up on her sets she lets me be as nasty as I want it to be. She tells me to go nuts, to do whatever I want and I love that. I love having that freedom. Normally you will sit down prior to the scene and get the ground rules as to what you can and can not do. Really I get to do what I really like to do when I shoot for her.

Big D: What are those things that you really like to do that you want there to no restrictions or no direction and you can go wild?

Adrianna Nicole: For me, generally it is anal and skip the vaginal sex if we can. Choking, spitting and occasionally, maybe there is pee involved.

Big D: Why is that that you like to dance on the edge of the extreme?

Adrianna Nicole: That's the kind of sex I like to have when I am at home. For me it is just really fun. If you are working with the right performer you can have a really amazing scene. If everyone is really on their game it can be really, really amazing and you can do it until the tape runs out.

Big D: You mentioned finding that right performer and it can really turn into a hot scene. You have already mentioned Manuel Ferrara but who else fits into that category that can essentially keep up with you?

Adrianna Nicole: Evan Stone for sure. I've been having a lot of really good and really fun scenes with him lately. I also like working with Mark Davis. I hadn't worked with him in a little over a year and I just did a shoot with Mark Davis the other day and it was really amazing and great.

Big D: Is there anyone out there that you have yet to work with that you have heard really good things about and you really want to work with them based on the word of mouth from the other girls in porn?

Adrianna Nicole: There's no one out there that fits into that 'word around the campfire' recommendation. I would like to work with Peter North. I don't think he is performing anymore but I would really like to do a scene with Peter North. I think that is because he was in the first porn I ever bought. I think it was New Wave Hookers #2. When I was in high school I had a fake ID so I could buy porn. (laughs) It wasn't so that I could buy cigarettes or alcohol but it was to buy porn. I think it was a shock to my mom when she found the porn when I was in high school. I'd definitely like to work with Peter North. I worked with Tom Byron once before but I would like to work with him some more.

Big D: I guess it is safe to say that you are a connoisseur of the adult industry if you are getting a fake ID to buy porn. Obviously you had a healthy interest in the smut business before you jumped right into porn as a performer.

Adrianna Nicole: (Laughs hysterically) Oh yeah, I definitely did. I thought the second I turned 18 I would get a job at a local strip club or something like that. I was interested in porn but I didn't know how to go about getting into it and hooking up with the right people.

Big D: Living up in San Francisco the opportunity to work in porn is not as prevalent as it is in Los Angeles.

Adrianna Nicole: No, it is not. I had even done a couple of bondage and fetish shoots in L.A. and the first few times it was always a disappointment. Things would fall through and I think it was just the nature of the people I was trying to work with. In bondage and fetish there is not that much work out there. A lot of people just want to do trade shoots for content. It was never really profitable for me to come to L.A. I knew that once I started doing boy/girl scenes it would absolutely make a difference for me to be here. When I came to Los Angeles two summers ago, I was house sitting for someone. My idea was to see if I noticed a drastic difference in how much I could work if I was here full time compared to just being able to travel in from san Francisco. I noticed the difference immediately. I just went home and grabbed my stuff and came here. For a while I kept my apartment in San Francisco just as my fallback or my contingency plan. I love L.A. It is sometimes hard to come back to San Francisco because of the weather. I was in San Francisco this morning and I had been there all this weekend and it must have rained last night. It was something like 60 degrees this morning when I left. There are things I miss about San Francisco. I miss my friends and family and stuff like that. That said, I am definitely a big fan of the weather here. Of course the work that is here is really good.

Big D: You were in New York City during the September 11th terrorists attacks. What was your experience as a person that was right there when it happened?
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Adrianna Nicole: I was there with a boyfriend of mine at the time. We were there visiting his family. We were out on Long Island visiting his parents for a few days and then we were actually headed into Manhattan when it happened. We were going to go stay with his brother for a couple of days. We were on the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) at the time that the first plane went in. looking at pictures from when that happened that we took were really kind of eerie. We were taking pictures from outside of a car. You go back and look at them after the fact and smoke in coming out of the building. I don't think the second plane had hit yet. We were basically in a parking lot on the BQE and there was a cemetery to the right. That was kind of creepy. We were able to get off in the Brooklyn-Dumbo area and park the car. I don't even think the parking attendant even knew what was going on at that time. We just walked across the bridge at that time because my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend was at their loft just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. We parked in Brooklyn and started walking towards Manhattan and everyone was heading out the opposite way, heading towards Brooklyn. People were saying to us, 'you're going the wrong way. You need to turn around'. You know that Japanese dancing, it's called Butoh Dancing? It's where they paint themselves white. I heard that the reason for that is it is a tribute to when we bombed Japan during the second world war. It recreates the ash and what people looked like. We saw people who were actually in the building completely covered like that. It just reminded me of Butoh dancers. They were completely white with dust and fine particles and some people were bleeding from their ears. It was really just a crazy, intense thing. That day it was kind of quiet because everyone was just trying to process what was going on. I just remember walking for hours with the group of people that I was with and we didn't even know what to say. I don't think I really processed everything for quite a while after it happened. There was a plane crash right after September 11th either in Rhode Island or somewhere on the east coast. I was sitting there watching the news and wondering what it would be like to see a plane crash. It was only then that I actually realized that I had seen planes crash. I don't know if you can ever get over seeing something like that. It took me probably a good year and a half to not constantly think about it. I don't think I would have faired well living in Los Angeles right afterwards because anytime I heard a helicopter or a siren it just completely freaked me out.

Big D: Had you begun working in adult at that time?

Adrianna Nicole: No, not at all. For me that was really a transitional time. At that time I was working for a tech company and I could tell that they were kind of winding down and wrapping up their business. After that happened I just wanted a job where I could be happy waking up every day and going to work. I did not want to feel like I was saying, 'Oh God, this commute is killing me' or 'This job is completely unsatisfying'. After things happened on September 11th I just thought life is really too short to not do something that you love. After the jobs that I had had ended I was really out looking for something that was not a job that paid a ton of money but a job that I could be happy with. I started working at a little retail store that sold latex and leather and bondage equipment. It was then that I was approached by a photographer and asked if I would be interested in shooting fetish pictures. That's kind of how everything started. When I got more busy with fetish and bondage shoots I quit that retail job and was shooting full time.

Big D: What do you see on the horizon for Adrianna Nicole in the future in porn?

Adrianna Nicole: I definitely want to stay involved in the industry. I want to keep performing as long as it is fun for me and as long as people keep hiring me. I am a big fan of when it stops being fun that is the time you should go. For me personally, I love it and I am having fun. I always tell people that as long as I am having fun is how long I am planning on doing it. I really like the industry so I think when I stop performing or maybe even a little bit before that I would lie to start directing. Definitely the plan is stay involved within the industry.

Big D: First job?

Adrianna Nicole: I was a babysitter at a gym

Big D: First concert?

Adrianna Nicole: Jimmy Buffett. It is amazing. I was into his music because my parents listened to it and we would always go to Jimmy Buffett concerts growing up. When I my friends up in San Francisco they were all big into Jimmy Buffett.

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Adrianna Nicole: Elton John and Aerosmith and Iggy Pop. The Kill Bill Soundtrack for the past few days.

Big D: Favorite food?

Adrianna Nicole: Sushi

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Adrianna Nicole: It was probably New Wave Hookers #2. I can't remember but that is the one that comes to mind.

Big D: Favorite position?

Adrianna Nicole: Anal doggy

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Adrianna Nicole: Movies. I am not into team sports. I am into group sex but not team sports.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Adrianna Nicole: My damn cell phone.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Adrianna Nicole: Gia Paloma just got me Shogun Assassin #2.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Adrianna Nicole: Got to be a hot weather beach. Probably Mexico. My idea of a perfect vacation is just naps, pool, beach and rum drinks. No sight seeing. More relaxation and sun.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Adrianna Nicole: Either Iggy Pop or Bill Clinton. I have some sort of weird Iggy Pop crush. I think Bill Clinton is super smart and I think he would have some interesting things to say.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Adrianna Nicole: Somewhere in Southeast Asia. I'd also like to visit Spain. I have been to quite a few places in Europe but I have never been to Spain.

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Description: Adrianna Nicole has a dangerous mind. It's full of dirty secrets, dark desires, and nasty fantasies—and she’s sharing them. See if one person can satiate her oral fixation, why money is a strange bedfellow, how a mean Mistress takes her to the edge, what happens when four men give her a workout, and what dangers lurk in a dark alley. She creates the scenes. She chooses her partners. She controls what happens. Watch as Adrianna shares her most intimate fantasies, tests her own boundaries, and rides the seductive line between pleasure and pain. Witness her explosive sexuality at its most extreme: raw, rough, and real.

Stars: Adrianna Nicole Director: Tristan Taormino




Femdom Facesittng And Footjob Cumshots

Femdom Facesittng And Footjob Cumshots

Femdom Facesittng And Footjob Cumshots

Description: This sexy, big-breasted blonde was simply minding her own business in her living room while wearing a brown bikini. Then, she found the delivery man jerking off underneather her couth while he was smelling her tiny, silky feet! Adrianna Nicole stepped on his face and his cock and balls while insulting him and humiliating him verbally. Then, she rubbed his dirty little cock until it spurted out a hot load of cum! She laughed at him and made him sit on the couch where she could continue to degrade and belittle him! Adrianna rested her juicy ass all over his stubbly face, and she grinded his face in her ass while giggling and making fun of him. Then, she made him lick her pussy, and she threatened to call the police if he didn't do exactly what she ordered. Next, she put on silky nylon stockings, and she rubbed his cock up and down while he was jerking it off. She claimed that he was too old and pathetic to cum again on her feet, but instead, he proved her wrong by cumming again after another footjob! All that foot domination drove him crazy, and he couldn't stop from cumming twice! Runtime: 32 minutes

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Head Game

Head Game

Description: We return with an all star cast of throat coaters in the third installment of Head Game. Adrianna Nicole and Charley Chase devour Shades' cock as if their very lives depended on it. This is one sloppy blonde and brunette tandem who don't stop until their faces are painted. Aurora Snow and Amber Rayne are canvassing the neighborhood seeking signatures for a petition in a crusade against porn. Nathan is the last signature needed for ratification and he damn sure makes these sluts earn his John Hancock by swallowing his cock. Nicki Hunter goes out for a night on the town with instructions to Jada Stevens of, "no company in the house". Of course Jada doesn't comply and calls Ken right over. When Nicki returns early she doesn't chastise, but instead joins in on the festivity of draining Ken's balls. Jamey Janes makes a rare interracial appearance to come over and swallow Justin Long's foot long anaconda with super teen slut Tara Lynn Foxx. These young lasses put the "spit" in spit shine. Lastly Richelle Ryan and Lexxxi Lockhart come by to choke on some soul pole as well. Deep throating, ball sucking, ass rimming, cum swapping and sloppiness all around!

Stars:Adrianna Nicole, Amber Rayne, Aurora Snow, Charley Chase, Jada Stevens, Lexxxi Lockhart, Nicki Hunter, Richelle Ryan, Tara Lynn Foxx

Studio:Black Market XXX






Description: Natalie Rosa is soooo sexy. She has a hot banging body that is out of this world. She also has a nice personality but that doesn’t matter because all I want to do is Fuck! Natalie and B. Pumper have fun exchanging bodily fluids and getting down with the business. Natalie sucks on B. Pumpers dick and Rico Strong hot wet cock in her mouth at the same time while they both destroy the back of her mouth. Then they switch positions and B. Pumper jams his dick inside of her ass and Natalie sucks Rico Strong’s dick and then they switch again. This girl is really enjoying fucking tow guys at a time. Next is the very beautiful and sexy Aurora Jolie. She is a black girl with all of the right curves. Her ass is fat, waist is slim, and plus she has a pretty face. Her fat booty is so fat that it is hanging out of her shorts and her breasts are very large. Aurora Jolie and Lexington Steele go toe to toe in a mouthwatering hot and steamy scene. She sucks his dicks then he turns her around and plows his huge rock hard dick inside of her wet slippery tight asshole. She yelps for mercy moaning loudly and begging for more. She is filled with joy as he slides his dick in and out of her ass. He fucks her so good that he busts nut inside of her ass. In scene three is Tricia Oaks. She is a wild girl with tattoos all over her body. B. Pumper enjoys watching her nice ass walk around all over the house. Then he gives her some toys to play with to warm up her ass hole to get fucked by a huge fat dick. He plows her asshole with his fat cock and she screams to the top of her lunges. He jams his hard dick inside of her ass back and forth, forth and back all over the floor. In scene four is the hot Desiree Diamond a beautiful naughty nurse and I think I am ready to get my temperature taken. She is a wild hot nurse who likes to slam dildos into her ass to get it nice and warmed up. Then she gets double teamed by B. Pumper and Rico Strong... Wow! And they tear the pussy up. She is a sexy black girl with a nice thick body and some huge “dick sucking” lips. They both fuck her mouth, pussy and anything else they can get their dicks in. B. Pumper and Rico Strong team up to rock this girl’s world in a very hot and steamy threesome. In scene five is Adrianna Nicole and Annette Schwarz is two blond hot chicks that want to get busy with B. Pumper. They both have on some sexy bikinis and some sexy high hills. From the start these girls are very kinky because they both have put plugs shoved up their asses and they are ready to fuck. They are so horny so they start getting freaky without B. Pumper, so they begin using the toys and stretching each other’s ass wide open with the butt plugs. Once B. Pumper lets the girls inside the home he immediately gets it popping with the two blonds. One of the girls start to suck his dick then he bends the other girl over and slides his dick inside of her ass. B. Pumper dick is hard with joy as he fucks the two blonds silly.Runtime: 255 minutes

Stars: Adrianna Nicole, Annette Schwarz, Aurora Jolie, Tricia Oaks

Studio:Freaky Empire Video



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